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tv   News 13 Sunday at 7am  ABC  January 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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but first, an exciting sunday for panthers' fans. >>zack: that's right. >>evan: and patriots fans. >>zack: there we go, thank you, thank you. that is the first shout-out i have gotten for you all football season long. >>evan: well, you know,2 a team . . . >>zack: they are going to denver, it will be wicked cold. i said " "wicked," i'm from new england, i'm a fan of boston, we say "wicked," the sun will be shining and we will see clear conditions out there today. you saw it on the i-26 cam. 10 degrees right now in black mountain on the leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. going to be cold day across the board. especially through the morning hours, but a thaw is going to be on the way. i will let you know when the temperatures are warming up in your skywatch forecast. for now, we will send it back to evan.
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are wet and possibly slick in many locations. hope hanselman is monitoring it for us and has live team coverage from buncombe county. good morning, hope. >>hope: good morning, evan, it's "wicked" cold out here, too. can't we use some recognition? i will use that term all day just because zack used it. so, temperatures are frigid out here. that is frozen over. all of those roads that got any sort of melting yesterday, and we are on sand hill road right now in buncombe county. where it meets sar disroad. we came ear to show you just because some of the roads are first priority for the county doesn't necessarily mean they are totally out of the woods. these are some patchy areas you are looking at right now as our photographer ken is walking down the road. we are seeing traffic moving pretty well on the main roads for the majority, but those secondary roads are a real problem today. that's what is causing so many closures for churches around the area.
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you are seeing it scroll at the bottom of your screen. but, also, check our app before you head out the door, just to make sure the churches are still open. city bus service is starting back up today at noon, but they are limiting some of those routes. so you will also want to check that. and then, third try, the city of asheville is concerned that as we get the warmer temperatures as zack is promising us, they are heading our way, we may have more people out and about walking. well, sidewalks, most of them have not been touched so that's up to the property owners and businesses. please make sure that your sidewalks are cleared. for pedestrians or anyone trying to use the city bus service, we want the make things easier on folks. we don't want anyone walking in the roadway, especially when they are already very slick. we will check in with lauren brigman, too, in henderson county. i'm hope hanselman, reporting live in asheville, news 13. >>lauren: good morning, hope. it's "wicked" cold out here,
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though i'm a southern girl, myself, i like that, zack, myself. here in fletcher i will tell you what happened minutes ago. right behind me at the intersection of south maple road and asheville highway on the other side of the snow bank a driver was stuck. she was sitting there for 15-20 minute, her name is hillary hume, she said she lives on south maple road. she got stuck yesterday trying to get out of just her driveway but you know she had to get to work this morning and thought that the road were okay because she was hearing the snow plows right here on asheville highway. but, when she got down to the end of the road she got stuck on actually a little small bank of snow that the plow, of course, push odd the side of the roadway. she was not expecting that. that's her advice to everyone who plans to hit the road today. again, use caution. if you don't have to be out, certainly stay at home. but in her case, she had to get to work. and, of course, she wasn't expecting to get stuck just here at the foot of her road. but, again, we talked with her. we have video of the nice driver
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out. she was okay. and now she is heading to work. coming up at 7:30, we will show you that video of what happened here at this intersection on asheville highway. live in fletcher, lauren brigman, news 13. >>evan: thousands of car accidents and abandoned vehicles plagued north carolina roads throughout this storm. governor pat mccrory held a press conference in raleigh saturday to address those issues. he says despite the dot's best efforts, the roads are still in very tough conditions right now. and this storm continues to be a deadly one. >> since our briefing yesterday, sadly, there's also been two fatalities, two additional fatalities, which means that the totals are up now to 6. which is a fairly high number compared to previous storms. our prayers and condone doe lances are with those families. >>evan: a college student had their car overturned and a young boy were the latest facilities. today can be the busiest day
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comes to storm-related injuries. they expect more people in the emergency rooms with people navigating icy sidewalks or playing in the snow. hospital launched its emergency plan on thursday including bringing in extra staff and keeping them in the hospital. >> we have people sleeping in every open room. they have got meals. we bedded 500 staff here in the hospital last night. we have had about three times the number of physicians staying in the hospital thank we usually do so people are assured they are here. >>evan: the hospital cafeteria has also been very busy, part of the emergency plan includes feeding county workers who are out clearing roads. the winter storm that hit us here in the mountains headed north and blasted the northeast. new york is slammed with at least double the expected amount of snowfall. 27" in central park. that's near an all-time record. it prommed officials shut down
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on streets and hikeways and bridges. the mayor of new york said police will enforce the ban. if you have taken your car out for any reason, turn around and go home right now. people in the washington, dc and virginia area got 3 feet or more snow accumulation. five states on the east coast declared states of emergency because of this winter storm. we will continue to run all the closings and cancellations we have at the bottom of of juror screen throughout the news cast. most events like concerts and shows have been postponed. so, if you have plans this weekend, it is a good idea to call ahead. news 13's keeping you up to date on every moment of the storm. after the show we will continue to track slick road conditions. we will also post updates to the forecast on you can go there as well to sign up for text alerts. you can also get weather, school and church closings and you can always get that information through our facebook and twitter pages. so, zack, what are we
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>>zack: cold this morning. winds still whipping around just as much we saw yesterday. so, if you are heading out the door on the thermometer you may see one readout and the temperatures is 10-15 degrees cooler than that but clearer conditions are back with high pressure and a chance of thawing, i think it will probably start more so tomorrow as the 50s are returning to the forecast. you can see that last line, that next chance for rain and snow, when is it going to be? i will let you know coming up
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: welcome back. good sunday morning to you all. looking at clear conditions across the board. we have not heard those words for a few days. after a lot of snowfall, not going to be the case this morning. but, still a few flakes flying around the highest elevations. the brunt of the storm now moves far off to the north and east but not without leaving devastating impacts from dc all the way up through new york city. delaware as well as new jersey, parts of virginia getting absolutely devastated with extreme snowfall. not going to be the case today. the flurries are now pushed off and for those in western north carolina it's the cold icy and blowing snow conditions that we are going to still be dealing with. take a look at the temperatures. we are in the single digits right now in morgue and asheville is 18 degrees but the winds are whipping around. we saw gusts at 40 miles per hour yesterday.
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i think we will will be hovering around wind at 10 miles per hour but you see it sustained in asheville making it feel like a chilly and balmy 2 degrees. wow, that is a cold morning for all of us for across the board, even down into the upstate. it's feeling like the mid teens. so, the high pressure is returning. sure, the sunshine is around but don't expect too much warmup. grab the heavy jacket, the hat and gloves. make sure the pets are not outside too long. it is just too frigid out there. but, the thaw is going to be coming as the sunshine is going to remain in place for the high pressure. for the next day or two. but, then, an area low pressure that's right now situated far off to the northwest is going to come sweeping down towards our region and that's when we start to see the next chance for rain and possibly some flakes mixed in of snow bringing us into wednesday morning. overall, that is a very short stint in terms of the system. not a whole lot to be speaking of in terms of impact either. bringing us into lunchtime today, clear conditions and that's going to be the case all day long leading us through the afternoon hours.
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be averaging around our average for the time of year, rather, and we will keep the clear conditions on the way for tomorrow morning. i'm thinking much more of the same in terms of that chill bringing us into the start of our work week. but, then you start to see a bit of a mixup. there grow, tuesday, more so in the afternoon hours for our rain chances. as we transition into wednesday morning, we are going to drop below freezing. i do think the cooler air is going to be in the upper level phs of the at mosser foo. we will probably see some flakes flying around. it will be very wet and very dense snow. could actually increase some of those issues on the roadways, but again, it is a short stint and then we will start the see temperatures rebounding and a little more sunshine on the way for thursday and friday. certainly going to be seeing sun today. thin high level cloud, mid 40s in the mountains, 50 degrees mark in the upstate. there you go. 52 in charlotte. i know a lot of folks are focusing their eyes there on the steve screen later on this afternoon. we are going to be back into the 50s monday, tuesday, getting a drop in our temperatures for the middle of the week with those slight rain chances. but overall, we will rebound
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conditions by friday afternoon. >>evan: each week we partner with chideo to bring you news stories about cause and giving. this week the chideo cause wire looks at an innovative new video game that tells one family's touching story. >> how can someone explain what it's like to be the parent of a child with cancer? ryan and amy green believed they have conveyed some of that experience in a video game, created in memory of their late son, joel. >> somebody toll me it feel like a diary. i think that interactive media is a way in which i can create a world and i can ask you, the player, to live in it. and then ask you to love my son. >> the game is called "that dragon, cancer" launched in january on what would have been joel's seventh birthday. it's meant az a tribute and emmersive way for others to understand the journey ( ). >> it's a different way of interacting with a story, you are there.
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>> on-line retailer razor car text will donate all proceeds to cancer charities. learn more at "that dragon" >> we get to change the world by building things. >> marina was one of five girls in her engineering class, determined to inspire others she started "robo gal" within hope of steering more girls towards engineering. >> you can use technology and create a huge impact on the world. that's what inspired me. >> robo girls" ( ) is hoping to inspire girls in new york city this year, that's your chideo cause wire. >> >>evan: to learn more about the charities today we featured go to and click on "news links." >> it really makes me very aware of every present moment. >>evan: coming up in our
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instructor fights for life.
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i think this is a pretty good place. is folgers in your cup >>evan: a west asheville man devoted most of miss life to helping others and now he he and his family need the support of the community more than ever. in today's klein moment, news 13's john lee tells us why there is a priceless motivation for the fight of his life.
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>> things are truck chew waiting constantly. >>reporter: when life moves you around, it take helps to take a breath. >> yoga helps me endure what cannot be cured. >>reporter: ryan conrad needs a moment of clarity, measuring time in moments. >> life can certainly be very finite. >>reporter: his eyes give you the perspective of a man whose world has been turned upside down in so many ways. >> it makes me very aware of every present moment. >> >>reporter: constant change. >> he is learning how to roll over. >>reporter: and brook, their son harper. >> he is a yoga instructor and physical therapist. always the healthy one, until a few months ago. >> so i started getting very juan disy and really yellow. and i was having quite a bit of pain.
7:17 am
the normal folks who get pancreatic cancer. >>reporter: ryan's worst fear. nobody seems to get it under 40. >> he is only 37. >> this is such an individual story. ryan is atypical. >>reporter: all those years of clean living, now up against an unhealthy reality. >> the community is rallying to his support, including an on-line campaign that's raised more than $90,000. >> out of something that's very, frankly, tragic, it's been incredible. >>reporter: some day he hopes to teach yoga to his son, see him graduate and get married. >> it's my main motivation to make it through this. >> i don't want him to miss out on a thing, even the smallest thing. >>reporter: he is about to begin six weeks of chemo and radiation and it's only natural to want to cry. >> i got cancer. you have to take him. >> but sometimes you have to laugh. the roller coaster to duke cancer center begins now.
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>>reporter: the send off no one saw coming. >> see you next week. we love you. i love you. >>reporter: kissing motivation good-bye, until they meet again. loved ones count the hours, the minutes, and the moments until he returns. >> in west asheville -- >> let's hope he comes back well. >>reporter: john lee, news 13. >> >>evan: ryan says he was road yeary and nauseous but happy to be home for the weekend. if you would like to find out more on fund raising efforts for ryan go to and click on "news links." the carolina panthers ready to play for a spot in the superbowl. the one thing cam newton says has been a key ingredient for
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>>zack: good sunday morning to you all. a quiet and, yes, clear start to the day. sun rise going to be official in just about 10 minutes. and we are looking at the leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. connestee false golf course covered in snow and that is going to be the case all day long. a chilly start to the day, 18 degrees right now in asheville. you see the winds whipping around 20 miles per hour make it feel like low single digits. much more of the same in the upstate, expect chilly conditions throughout the morning hours today. low and mid 40s later on this afternoon with plenty of sunshine and the 50s are going to be returning to our forecast by tomorrow. >>luke: unc asheville men's basketball team had so much to play for on saturday. if the bulldogs could beat presbyterian, the national would take over the big south standings all by themselves.
7:21 am
ready to play at kimball arena and it showed. kevin van dialed up from long 20-10. little bit later in the game, they keep it going, ahmad thomas finds sam hughes down low, a nice short jumper off the window to keep the bulldogs lead at 10 points. mcdevitt liking what he seize so far. dan weeks to sam hughes against with a bucket with the left hand points. dylan smith scores 17 as asheville beatz presbyterian 67-55. even the defending nee champions go through a rough patch. duke who won thes the national title last year entered with a three game losing state. they are against the blue devils saturday. wolf pack to in full force in raleigh and early on the home team catches fire from the outside, cody martin buries the triple from way downtown. they lead 43-46 at halftime.
7:22 am
the second half, brandon ingram with an old fashioned four point play and a foul, he scores 25. then gray son allan, the nice finger roll, high 28 points as duke snaps the losing streak, beating north carolina state, 88-78. we started off really well and we have not done that all year. there's been times we have come out flat in the second half and today we wanted to come out firing. >> we had a hard time guarding off the dribble in the second half. the dribble penetration and the three point shooting, i thought, were quite a difference. >>luke: the next game for the duke blue devils is monday night at miami. meanwhile the unc tar heels made their case to be not only the best team on tobacco road this season but also the best team in the acc. carolina a perfect road of 6-0 in conference. next game for the heels is later this afternoon at 3 o'clock at virginiatech. unc is having the best start to the season in conference play since the 2001 season.
7:23 am
carolina is the no. 2 team in the country and they could move up to no. 1 as early adds next week. of course the carolina panthers ready to host the nfc championship game for the first time in franchise history. the only thing standing in the way of a trip to the superbowl for the panthers is the arizona cardinals. even the panthers couldn't avoid the winter weather this week. but that didn't keep them from practicing outside as they continue to prepare for that nfc title game. it will be panthers versus cardinals for the chance to represent the nfc in the superbowl. cam newton says his approach to every game this season has been consistency. >> it's the mentality you will bring each and every day, you will finish no matter what the circumstances are. you are going to put yourself as well as others in the best situation to keep fighting. >>luke: and, of course, that game will kick off later today at 6:40 p.m. it will be the first time in bank of america stadium ever hosted the nfc championship game. and that's your look at sports. have a great start to the day,
7:24 am
i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >>hope: these are definitely the worst conditions we have seen all day in this west asheville neighborhood. coming up, i will explain what kind of trouble even we had getting up i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13
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emergency you should not be on the road. >>evan: great advice from new york to north carolina. this historic winter storm wreaking havoc all over the east coast. we have a live look for you right now. this is times square. let's -- it's getting better there. when we saw the picture an hour ago ark lot more snow was covering the road. obviously, trucks have been out clearing downtown manhattan all day. just like they are here in the mountains. >>zack: you can still see slippery conditions out there. it will be much more of the same here as well. we saw that ice on the bottom portions of the road, where the surface and snow is, on top. it will be slick conditions all day long. >>evan: that's right. last check, minimal power outages here in western north carolina. only about 250 spread around this area. the story of the day, obviously, icy road conditions. >>zack: yeah, i know me coming in here today, we were drifting a little bit. had a little bit of a concern. but, overall, the main thoroughway is the way people are most worried about. it seems like we are clearing
7:27 am
we have live crews out there this morning. news 13's hope hanselman and lauren brigman have been monitoring the roads since 5 a.m., but first, we will take a look right outside and the leicester carpet sales skycam network out of black mountain. single digits right now. you see one of the back roads there. the slick roads, you have those covered by snow with some of the blowing conditions. we are still seeing wind above 20 miles per hour. so, it is a very chilly start to the day. but, we want to get those girls in nice and warm so we will send it back to evan and bring it out to live coverage. >>evan: the roads are wet and possibly slick in many locations. news 13's hope hanselman has been out monitoring the road conditions for us live all morning. good morning, hope. what are you seeing now that the sun is up and maybe drying out a little bit? >>hope: yeah, we can give you a better picture and really a broader picture of what we are dealing with around buncombe county. throughout the day, we have shown you some of the main roads; brevard road, sardiss, sand hill, they are looking
7:28 am
but by no means would i go full speed on that road. any of those roads. because they are -- they do have some very patchy spots. we found this west asheville neighborhood just off sand hill school road. this isnar beth road where it meets bear creek. look at how covered in snow this is. i doubt this has been plowed. at least in the last 24 hours. even some of these driveways over here, so deep that it's likely you are going to get stuck if you don't have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. we took our all-wheel drive subaru up the hill and it's so little bit. stuck. but, luckily, we didn't and, luckily, it's all downhill from here. but, gosh, i'm going to regret this, i know it, but i just have to do a snow angel here you guys because this is the perfect weather for it. if there is anything you can enjoy about these freezing temperatures, hopefully it's a
7:29 am
let's check in with lauren brigman in henderson county. lauren, how are you doing out there? >>lauren: i wish i could see your snow angel, hope! out here, we have actually encountered a few problems in the last few minutes. we actually ran into a driver here. we stopped to make sure she was okay because she was stuck here on south naples road. as you can see, it is very snow packed but then underneath that is a layer of ice. she actually got stuck right over here, she was trying to make her way on the asheville highway. one of the snow piles over here, you know, she said she saw -- heard a plow coming through this morning. we have brand new video to show you of what happened out here. she lived just up south maple road. she said she heard the plows out here all morning and thought she could make it into work. she had to boo into work by 6:00 and then she made it out of her driveway, down here. but when she tried to turn and got stuck on one of the snow piles, luckily, another driver passing by, someone with a large truck stopped to help her out
7:30 am
asheville highway to safety. and so, she was able to get on her>hope: also, while we were out here, hendersonville police as well as highway patrol stopped by to make sure she was okay. but, as you saw, that other kind driver stopped to pull her to safety and she was able to proceed on her way to work. but, again, that's the lesson this morning. if you have to be out somewhere, it's not just the ice as we have been telling you all morning that may cause issues, you but watch out where the plows come through, they create the snow piles. if your car is not tall enough toic ma it over them, you may
7:31 am
so, again, use caution on the roads. if you absolutely have to be out today, best case scenario, of course, is to stay home as we have been telling you all weekend. but, there is just another example of what can happen here out on the roads. very blood that driver is okay. live in fletcher, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jay: city crews and dot continue working and treating roads this morning. most of the interstate is cleared of the major snow. but, lot of that standing water has frozen overnight on secondary roads, causing some black ice conditions. we did talk to some drivers who did venture out and you heard from some of them there. others said the roads were pretty difficult to navigate. >> i see people in the ditch. i see people having to get rides. but, i also see a lot of people out for a sunday stroll. >>evan: city crews plan to start removing the snow from the downtown area in just a few hours. mission hospital says today could be the very busiest day when it comes to storm-related injuries.
7:32 am
to walk on sidewalks and having sledding and snow-related injuries. hospital launched its emergency plan on thursday. bringing in extra staff and keeping them on hand. >> we have people sleeping in every open room. we are providing them meals. we bedded 500 staff here in the hospital last night. we have had about three times the number of physicians staying in the hospital than we usually do. so that people are assured they are here. >>evan: cafeteria in the hospital has also been a busy place. the emergency plan at mission includes feeding county workers especially those out clearing the roadways. we will continue to run all the closings and cancellations we have at the bottom of your screen throughout the news cast. most events like concerts and shows have been postponed. many churches are closed this morning. so, definitely a good idea to check those or our web site and always call ahead if you have other plans. this morning, the massive bliss ard blanketing the east
7:33 am
deadly storm left behind a record amount of snow, dangerous condition, and power outages all over the east coast. kenneath moton has the latest from washington, dc. >>reporter: this morning, blizzard 2016 proved to be one for the record books. >> oh, yeah, it's no fun. >> no fun at all? >> no, it's not a winter wonderland. >>reporter: the massive storm and understanding winds crawl up the east coast, dumping more than 2 feet of snow in some parts, crippling major cities like dc, baltimore, and philadelphia. in new york city, a travel ban was in effect to clear the roads. >> unless it is truly an emergency, you should not be on the road. >>reporter: but the worst of the storm damage is happening right now in the jersey shore. >> oh my god, the winds are horrible. it's cutting you up, the sand and the rain. >>reporter: more than three years after super storm sandy devastated communities there is major coastal flooding. in ocean city, chunks of ice floating in the street. homes underwater in atlantic city.
7:34 am
and just like sandy, the storm was also deadly. many of the deaths on icy roadways. in pennsylvania, an 86-mile stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike was closed. hundreds of vehicles stranding, including a bus carrying the duquesne university basketball team. now, crews are working to dig out roads, airport, up and down the east coast, and cities buried by historic snowfall. exact snowfall totals are coming in but they are expected to be record breaking. right now cities like dc are trying to figure out if they will be up and running for the work week. washington. >>evan: news 13's been keeping of the storm. after the show we will continue to track slick road conditions, posting updates to the forecast on we will also have text alerts and weather and school and church closings there. you can also find information on our facebook and twitter pages. that was a really adorable
7:35 am
>>zack: she is. she is coming back. i know folks will try to do the same today. >>evan: yeah. >>zack: err on the side of caution. >>evan: do that instead of getting out on the road. zack knows about that snow angels stuff. >>zack: oh, boy, there we go. gosh, we are just calling people out this morning, aren't we folks? let's get over to the picture now. clearer skies this evening no. 8 degrees right now out in rosman. that's absolutely gorgeous photograph but a very chilly start to the day. bit of sunshine on the way. chance of a thaw with 50s returning to the forecast. and then our next chance for rain and snow, when is it going
7:36 am
all coming up in your skywatch now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: welcome back, a quiet start to the day. we have not heard those words for the past few days. but, a lot of snow on the ground. it's already going to be impacting us, but the flurries have come to an end. still a few flakes flying around the higher elevations across the north carolina and tennessee border right through swain county. but, nothing at the lower elevations. the brunt of the storm now moved far north to the north and east but not without leaving devastating impacts as we just mentioned prior to the break for those in washington, dc up towards new york. but even areas as far north as new england, seeing some of the heavy accumulation. parts of the virginia, even upwards of 40" at times. an absolutely incredible amount of snow dumped in a very short
7:37 am
temperatures, wind, cold, that's what we will be dealing with for the next day or so. 18 degrees in asheville but look at this, for burnsville at 8 degrees, morganton also there. bryson city met with franklin at 11. and it's not going to be much warmer as we make our way further south. everyone below the freezing point, even into the low and mid 20s, but watch this. as we whip around those winds at 20 miles per hour in asheville, wind chill values down into the low single digits. it's feeling like 2 degrees right now in the city. 1 degrees out in morganton. take a look at boone. we saw wind chill valueless below zero yesterday and i think that can be the case this morning with some of the clearer conditions. high pressure is going to dominate today as well as tomorrow. so, we will see a little more sunshine, a little more blue sky. certainly more than what we saw in the past two days but an area of low pressure with a cold front is sweeping towards our region and that's going to bring in a little bit of rain, a little bit of snow on the way for tuesday and wednesday. but, little in terms of accumulation and little in terms of impact.
7:38 am
of the problems especially on the roadways. if you head out the door in the early morning, we have been talking about it all morning long, maybe you want to hunker down for one more day because the icy and snowy conditions are going to make travel hazardous and unmanageable at times. going through the rest of the day, clear skies are going to continue heading into the afternoon hours. don't expect much of a warmup, but just hovering around the average for this time of year. overnight bringing us into tomorrow morning. we keep with the clear skies and that will be another chilly start to the day. the winds are not going to be as imparissive as what we have seen this morning and yesterday, but overall the heavier jackets are certainly going to be needed as we kick off our start to the work week. and by tuesday, that's when we will ramp up those storm chances overnight lows going to be dropping below the freezing point from tuesday into wednesday morning. so, we could mix in a few flakes once again but it will be very wet and dense snow if we see any at all. so, it's all about little impact for that quick stint and then by thursday and friday, the sunshine is going to return and we will be seeing that today as well. your seven-day forecast, trying
7:39 am
and tuesday. you see that quick little issue with the system for tuesday and wednesday morning. but then we are back in the mid and upper 40s for the
7:40 am
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>>evan: injuries during snowstorms like this come down to the three s., sledding, slipping, and shoveling. as news 13's john lee reports, each year, thousands of injuries are linked to sledding alone. >> i just love it. it's a beautiful place. >>reporter: baby, it's cold outside. which makes some throw caution to the wind, at strauss park. >> snowday! >>reporter: most folks won't do a back dealership in the snow of course but nathan johnson will take his son for a thrill on the hill. >> what is your favorite part, buddy? >> sledding and snow boarding.
7:42 am
something so fun can go downhill in a hurry. >> i hit a bump and, like, i fell off and it was like a hard area. and so, like, it left a bruise on my knee. >>reporter: often such injuries requiring a trip to the hospitalf pi think yesterday one of the busiest days we saw in the e.d. are sledding accidents. >>reporter: there were six people treated for sledding related injuries yesterday. dr. susan mimes urges you to use your head and head gear. >> i encourage folks to wear a helmet sledding and to know where they are sledding. >> we take expra precautions, helmets, gloves, try to keep them hydrated and just have fun. >> another hurtful part of the snow is shoveling. often causing back injuries and heart attacks. but, we often forget that sledding can be so compel rating it hurts. and keeping safety in mind is a slide in the right direction. >> just don't do anything dangerous out here. >>reporter: each year some 20,000 people are treated just
7:43 am
and as for shoveling, another 11,000. in brevard, john lee, news 13. >>evan: time is 7:49. let's look at today's mind teaser. what is the lowest known point on earth? whether on land or in the ocean. we have the answer for you after
7:44 am
>> >>evan: slick roads this morning as more people are getting out of the house and get out on the roadways. news 13's lauren brigman and hope hanselman have been monitoring those conditions for us. let's get one last check in with hope. >>hope: thank you, evan. just to recap what we have seen so far today, these are some of the worst neighborhoods that we have seen. this is west asheville. just off sand hill school road. it's not looking too good out here. definitely not been plowed. very thick, very icy. underneath all of this. secondary roads are the biggest concern in buncombe county.
7:45 am
other main thorough fairs, brevard road, sar dis, sand hill, interstate, all looking for the most part pretty good. but, all of them have icy patches so we want to ask you to drive slower than normal if you have to leave the house today. obviously, some folks like the ones who live around here, are best just staying home. we have got lots of school closings, excuse me, lots of church closings on the sunday morning. you can check those at the wlos app. city bus service in asheville starts again at noon today. but some of the routes are limited so check that before you head out the door, too, and the city is asking you to clear sidewalks near your house. as more people get out with the warmer temperatures coming our way, we want the make sure they are not walking in the roadway. so, property owners and businesses make sure you clear the roadways too. here you go. there is the end result from my snow an jeel. i did it, lauren. i know you can't see it but i
7:46 am
i recommend trying it myself. trying it yourself. we will send it out to you in henderson county, lauren. how sit looking out there? >>lauren: hey, hope, take a picture so i can see it and everyone else on took and twitter. hope, we have been out in henderson county as you have been out since 5 a.m. this morning and we have traveled across the country and this is what we are finding, even some of the main routes like the asheville highway continue to be slick. snow, ice covered and areas even butler bridge road was worse compared to this. but there was an intersection of south maple and asheville highway where a driver was stuck as she was trying to get to work this evening no. we have that new video to show you from that incident here. she says, you know, she lives on south naples road. hillary hume is her name. she was kind enough to talk to us when we stopped to make sure she was okay. she said she was trying to get to work and didn't expect the pielings of snow would be too large for her car to pass over.
7:47 am
the night so she anticipated she would be able to make it to work and she got stuck. but then a kind man passing by with a big truck was able to stop and help pull her to safety. we also saw hendersonville police and highway patrol stop here to make sure she was okay. once she was pulled out on the asheville highway she was able to proceed to work. and go about her day. thankfully, she was okay. but again, another lesson learned. the ice is not the only issue on the road this morning. also, these small piles of snow that you can get stuck on just as easily. so, use caution if you are heading out anywhere today. lauren brigman, live in fletcher, news 13. >>evan: the lowest known point on earth? >>zack: the answer is the challenger located within the mariana trench of the pacific ocean ( ). >>evan: before you get to your very last weather forecast, i have something for you and also for cam newton today. >>zack: for me? >>evan: i want to see this here, panthers. >>zack: there it is. there it s.
7:48 am
>>zack: you know what, it's cold. it's could out there today, too, guys. we are talking winds whipping around. it will have single digits wind chill values. so bundle up as you go make snow angels in the snow. >>evan: hashtag snow angel. thanks everyone for joining us.
7:49 am
go good morning, america. happening now -- the blizzard of 2016, one for the record books. three major cities paralyzed. in new york city, the travel ban. the orders -- stay off the streets. >> you should not be on the road. >> even new york's governor pitching in. and look at this. philly, the car crashes. crews working round the clock and the major pile-ups on this highway in pennsylvania. 500 vehicles stranded.
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