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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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road. as you can see, this road looks mainly just wet and now temperatures are helping, the sun helping to melt that from roads like this. the trouble spots are going to be getting out of your neighborhood and the possibility for refreezingrefreezing. ingrid will give us a better picture of what the forecast holds for the next couple of days. we'll show you again coming up at 12:30. we soak with a couple who actually ventured out for the first time today since this snowstorm because of road conditions. you'll hear from them coming up at 12:30. new at noon, emergency crews respond to an accident in asheville this morning. a pickup truck overturned in the westbound lanes near the asheville outlet. injuries. it is not clear if weather was a factor in the crash. high winds brought down a tree that nearly crushed a disabled man in his home.
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johnny bland who recently had neck surgery was sitting in a chair when the roof fell on the -- tree fell on the roof. >> i was underneath itit. i had to climb out from under there and crawl to the kitchen part. >> glen's daughter who was on the other side made it out safely as well. the red cross is helping the family as bland looks for another place to live. >> the blizzard of 2016 left a lot of problems in its wake. power and road crews have been working non-stop from the carolinas to new england. some places buried in record snow fall. >> 80 million peopleen the east coast buried by the blizzard of 2016. >> i was in complete panic mode.
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breaking snow that left major cities including philadelphia, d.c. and new york city paralyzed. >> a lot of clean-up to do. it is not going to be entirely safe. >> we are working very hard to get d.c. government open tomorrow. >> 29 in baltimore and in one town in west virginia, 42 inches. the storm being blamed for more than 30 deaths including a new jersey mom and a 1-year-old son lost to carbon dioxide. the snow created a travel nightmare at the airport and on the highway. >> we have been stuck for 13 1/2 hours. >> for some the wait was 30-year-old before heading home after being stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike. thousands are cancelled or
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residents are dealing with chunks of ice. >> this storm shattered records in so many. even with all this, it turns out we missed breaking the all time snowfall record by one-tenth of an inch. >> we thought we had it bad here, nothing like that. how warm will it get to help with the rest of our snow melt? >> we are still freezing at black mountain. most of us will see temperatures in the 40's and 50's. that will help with the snow melt. you can see the crews still hard at work trying to clear not only the roads but also some sidewalks. this is our golf club shot. you can see through the time lapse down there on the green, it starts to melt a little bit but still almost completely covered with snow. 38 degrees there. cullaway, forest city not too bad.
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low 40's in franklin. lake toxaway. weaverville still above freezing. 2:00 p.m., 48 degrees. back in asheville maybe a few more clouds. low 50's expected. that will help with the snow melt. so will that bright sunshine. and by dinner time back down to 46 degrees. back to the 50's for >> the snow did make for some beautiful scenes across our area. here are some pictures. julie posted this. the snow culture looks like she is from the disco era. vicki took a beautiful picture of a deer in the snow. oh, look at that. that is right in her front yard. keep those pictures coming. you can post them on our
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upload us, send it on >> new at noon, a marion man accused of s setting his wife's home on fire is facing a new charge of felony arson. detectives say 30-year-old camper. his wife and son were not home add time. he is facing a charge of child abuse for an incident last february when the boy showed signs of being beaten. >> authorities are investigating the discovery of what appears to disaster. late this morning, a japanese rocket maker said the debris is part of a rocket that launched and not the missing plane. we have more from the scene. >> the authorities have arrived, taking photographs, taking pieces and putting them in
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they are taking particular interest, these barnacles, these can tell oceanic experts how long this has been on the sea floor and which it might have been. they are also seen taking photographs of serial numbers lined up around here. the team pointed out a few others we spotted when we arrived last night. they have taken particular interest in. airline officials that can help them identify this. it was a serial number they could match to their records and to manufacturers records that confirmed it was from the missing plane. they have now started measuring the piece. this will help them identify whether this is from an aircraft. earlier they took particular interest in these rivets.
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of time taking photographs and discussing them. an expert tells us only on the frame, not on the external fuselage. a short while later, thai aircraft accident and the airport investigation teams arrived to inspect the debris themselves. it was loaded to a military truck and flown to bangkok for further analysis.analysis. >> the recall of the japanese air bags are expanding. regulators are adding 5 million more vehicles to the list. deaths have been linked to the faulty air bags. the company shares plummeted at
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tocatta has struggled since its inflators were found to be defective. >> a manhunt is under way in california. officials say three inmates broke out of a maximum security jail in santa ana on friday. they managed to cut through steel bars in their cells and sneak through plumbing tunnels. they reportedly used sheets to rapel four stories to e ground. we are in a position where we need the public's help. there are people who know these people are, we are asking for phone calls, whether it is any piece of information you may have. investigators are relying on information. >> police are investigating how the inmates managed to pull off the escape. >> is your child getting enough sleep. why lack of sleep is contributing to more health
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>> coming up, tax deductibles that will save you money after the first of the year. >> your one source for news, weather and sports, get real
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search wlos in y >> the number of children fighting obesity continues to concern doctors. numbers are not yielding encouraging results. holly explains why kids are setting themselves up for health problems later in life even
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>> in 2012 more than one third of children were overweight or obese. a study in the journal of pediatrics found a contributing factor is lack of sleep. >> sleep is important for so many things ranging from growth, helping your immune system, good behavior and the ability to focussed on concentrate and learn well in school. not enough sleep may mean not suppressing the appetite, taking in more calories as well as carbohydrates in general. >> that can cause a whole host of health problems. >> too much eating eventually along with obesity can cause problems with heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes. everybody is interrelated. we want everything to be in balance, that includes your nutrition, your sleep and your exercise. we do recommend that kids get the right amount of sleep recommended for their age, at least an hour of exercise and to eat a healthy diet. >> how much sleep do children need. according to cdc, newborns
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to 18 hours a day. preschool aged kids, 11 to 12 hours. school aged children should sleep about 10 hours a night. doctors say one more thing, make sure to monitor what your children are eating. no amount of sleep can battle the bulge if they are not getting a healthy diet. >> coming up t winter storm impact on airline and the ripple effect it is having on fliers across the country. >> and the snow is still melting across western north carolina, including at wuc where it is 34 degrees. 43 degrees in asheville. coming up, we'll talk about how warm we'll be this week and when
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does it come as rain >> let's talk snow one more time. we have the sunshine thankfully and the warmth, 45 degrees. we'll start to see the snow melt across the region. a foot of snow in many locations. it is going to take awhile for all this to melt. give us time on the roadways too. this is our carpet sales news 13 skycam network. this is rosamond, about 2,000 feet. this is a little higher. feeling this throughout the morning, throughout the whole snow event. this is a major road. it has been clear. this is a secondary road finally starting to get clear. a lot of these royce are pretty bad, even into this afternoon. radar and satellite does show we are dry. we have seen a satellite picture throughout the day and throughout the afternoon. that will continue. we have picked up precip. our departure is in the positive category. and temperatures this morning
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19 degrees, our low at the asheville airport. unseasonably cool, if you have the wind like we had over some portions of the weekend. that made it feel brutal overnight. burnsville in the 40's, 45 in newland. 43 towards boon. 40 in bryson city. look at the upstate, not bad at all. 50 degrees from gaston to greer and greenwood at 51. looking at the big picture, high pressure controlling our weather, a front will move through beginning tuesday. we'll have a chance for precip through thursday. then a drier trend again into the weekend. we'll take a closer look. this is a snapshot at 2:00 this of sunshine. this will help with that snow melt, keep in mind, a lot of shaded areas on those secondary roads will be slick tomorrow morning. 6:00 p.m., a few more clouds into the region, going to stop
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precipitation as this happens especially in the high mountains, temperatures will be cold. the chance for spotty rain tomorrow morning. most of us won't see that, into the afternoon, we'll see our shower chances go up, especially into the evening and overnight down into the upstate, with a slight chance lingering into thursday morning. that's when we have a chance for mixed precipitation, temperatures again will be cold. looking through the time lapse, we'll pick up likely about a tenth to a quarter of an inch across the region according to this model. obvious, we are a little bit out here, we could up those numbers just a little bit. mostly sunny, 51 degrees. the snow will continue to melt. back down below freezing means slick royce again tomorrow. 55 degrees in the upstate today with some clouds overall warmer and partly cloudy and slightly above freezing tonight. that chance for rain-snow comes wednesday and thursday. mostly sunny, friday, saturday,
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50's. today sunshine will help, warming to the 50's.
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has more people >> 12:22. let's get you to the boards. the dow was down to 16039. the nasdaq was also down at 5466. more than 40 companies in the s&p 500 are scheduled to report numbers. amazon, facebook and apple, analysts are forecasting companies to report lower
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it would be the fourth straight quarter of lower revenue. >> airlines are faced with a challenge of getting back on track. more than 12,000 flights were cancelled when that storm dumped ice from the carolinas to new england. jfk, la guardia, newark, charlotte lost a full day of flights. d.c. and reagan national saws flights delayed for 48 hours. airlines have one hub at those airports causing a ripple effect across the country. >> home sales back on the rise, december sales rebouned making 2015 one of the best years. economists ajob growth and low mortgage rates helped. >> it is time to file taxes. it may be too late to take advantage of some deductions, there are still some you can get. you have until april 18 to contribute to certain types of accounts that will earn a deduction.
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ira, simple ira and solo 401k's. >> still to come at noon, declaring war on winter. how the snowball fight broke out the inner geek in people in our nation's capital.
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find out what has some residents >> the winter storm is a headache for a lot of folks. some look past the problem and have fun. >> hups of people participated in a fight in washington, d.c. >> the washington, d.c. snowball event. it was called snow wars, the snowball strikes back. there is an association. >> i guess in d.c. you get so much snow that you can have such a thing. i guess what social media, you get all those people out there. >> need you to bring us more snow. >> that was enough.
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how the team is reacting to last >> welcome back. a couple of moments before 12:40. the jeff bowen bridge looks pretty clear. >> actually dry for some folks. that can change as everything else melts on the sides and then refreezes. you know how this works. let's talk about what it is like right now at black mountain. i want to show you this. i have been showing this to you the last several days to show you the changes here. you couldn't even see this asphalt the last several days because there was so much snow. that began to melt. temperatures are above freezing. they'll stay there throughout tafrn, warming to the 50's even by 4:00 p.m. the sun starts to go down. temperatures will drop once again that will lead to more slick mornings.
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in my seven-day forecast.
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