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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 25, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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in my seven-day forecast. >> the storm has passed and drivers continue to feel the impact on the roads. lauren joins us live. refreezing on those roads made for a tough morning commute. >> yeah, we are having a bumpy ride. that's the case here especially in those shaded areas. the sun is definitely helping us out, helping to dry off some of these roads. we are on glen ridge road southeast here in south asheville. the roads are looking good right now, very bumpy rough conditions because there is still a lot of snow and ice, left to melt off the roadway where there are shaded areas. you'll see my photographer is having trouble holding to the camera. that's because before the sun came up, we have icy conditions on several secondary roads. you can see that avery creek
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and treated but refreezing left dangerous travel conditions. in east asheville, we saw a few cars traveling. some were making tracks on old farm school road, still coated with a thick blanket of snow. we even caught up with others who have stayed put inside their homes because of road conditions until today. >> we haven't been able to do much of anything. >> even with four wheel drive, there is too much ice. >> extra caution in the parking lot was also a must as the couple made they way into waffle house. an appointment brought them out of the house. otherwise, they would have definitely stayed homehome. with all this melting and refreezing, something you can expect, long lines at the car wash coming up because this will leave a thick layer of salt on your car as well.
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>> the massive east coast blizzard is over. some of the biggest cities encouraging people to be patient. >> it will not be business as usual monday as east coast cities like baltimore, philadelphia, new york and the washington, d.c. area continue digging out from the region's major blizzard. on sunday, the baltimore mayor said the clean-up will take time. >> i'm asking for residents to continue to be patient. >> in philadelphia, the airport resumes service sunday and officials said most mass transit will slowly get back online throughout the day. >> we haven't operated these trains for a couple of days now. we are doing what we can, bringing people in early to make sure they will operate. it will be a slow start. the new york travel ban was lifted and rail lines will run
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but the mayor encouraged people not to drive. >> though they didn't get much snow, some residents said they saw damage from the storm worse than from superstorm sandy in 2012. >> there was more debris than there was from sandy in the streets. >> here in the washington, d.c. area, the federal government as well as maryland and virginia state government are closed beginning today as officials continue clean-up efforts. >> this was a major event. there was a tremendous amount of snow. i caution everybody. it is going to take awhile to remove all this snow. >> the winter storm caused the in. the national weather service put preliminary snow totals for fredericksburg at 17 inches. that's where the shopping center is located. no one was hurt in the collapse. the storm also burst a bubble for the washington redskins. the weight of snow on top of the indoor practice facility caused
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it left only part of the team name visible. the space can be rented out for special events. the team said once conditions improve, it will be reinflated. >> folks are trying to get back to normal. the sun is helping. >> it is helping. when we have this much snow on the ground, it does take awhile for it to melt off. crews are hard at work clearing many area roadways. 43 degrees. the skycam network, you can see the path to the top of the rock is coated with a good layer of that snow. nice clear skies. want to show you the franklin camera, this is a nice shot. can see a lot of sky over the mountains. it is partly cloudy to mostly sunny across the region. as the sun starts to come up, you can see the bright white down there over franklin. radar and satellite shows we have a few clouds throughout the morning and into the afternoon. all in all, enough of that sun to really start to see that snow
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our departure looking good, we are in the positive territory. temperatures have been cold this morning. we were in the teens in many locations. this is the category where we put how warm we have gotten so far. 43 degrees. i think we'll likely exceed this 48 which is normal for this time of year as we head towards late afternoon. a current look at temperatures. 40 in burnsville. 43 back into asheville to upper 40's in bryson city. 42 still into franklin. low 50's in gaffeny. 10 degrees warmer there. 50 from greenville to spartanburg. high pressure controlling our weather. we'll have a front coming through tomorrow increasing our chances for precipitation through thursday. we'll have a drier trend into the weekend. snapshot at 2:00 this afternoon shows nice beautiful sunshine. same thing through 4:00.
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clouds into the region. temperatures below freezing tomorrow morning. we have a chance of these western and high mountain zones to the see precip. it could fall as freezing rain in spotty locations. we'll keep a close eye on that for you tomorrow morning. by lunch time, starting to see some of these showers move through the region. further south down into the overnight hours. possibly into wednesday morning when we see the chance for a wintry mix. not a good chance but it will be light in nature. this model is not wanting to give us much at all. around a quarter to a half an inch across the viewing area. 51 for a high temperature in asheville with that snow continuing to melt. refreezing tonight down to 31. into greenville, middle 50's today and low 40's -- 30's tonight. so the chance for the light mix wednesday and thursday early on.
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the 50's, even 60's in the upstate. >> looking for the most updated weather coverage, all you have to do is download our weather app. it doesn't cost anything. it is free in your app store. >> new developments this noon in the race for president. former republican candidate rick perry says he'll endorse ted cruz. he dropped out of the race in september. he said cruz is by far the most conservative candidate left in the race. >> with a week to go before the first big contest, all the candidates are making their final push in iowa. >> with the iowa caucuses fast approaching, the presidential primary campaign is seeing key endorsements and confident rhetoric on both sides. the des moines register endorsed hillary clinton for the democrats and marco rubio on the republican side. >> we are pleased. any time we get people to ratify what our company is about. >> clinton picked up another endorsement from the boston
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glen beck endorsed ted cruz. donald trump raised eyebrows with this comment -- >> i could shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it is incredible. >> the billionaire business man gave a far more cordial news that michael bloomberg is considering an independent white house bid. >> i love the competition. i'd love bloomberg to come in. >> clinton brushing off any notion that she would be threatened bloomberg run. >> bernie sanders using it to further his pop lus message. >> if donald trump became the republican candidate, a multibillionaire and michael bloomberg became an independent candidate who was a multibillionaire, it will tell people what i have been saying for a long time, this country is
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>> the carolina panthers are heading to super bowl 50. >> we have been doubted, all of the above. when we have turnouts like this, they make it worthwhile. >> cam newton and the panthers defeated the cardinals last night for the nfc championship. they are heading to super bowl 50 to face peyton manning and the broncos. >> before the game was final, panthers fans began celebrating. there were lots of cheers, dancing and panther pride filling the downtown streets. >> the super bowl is sunday february 7. ryan looks at how the panthers stack up to the broncos. >> this morning, peyton manning heading back to the super bowl for a fourth time after winning
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onfield rival, tom brady and the new england patriots. >> their afc championship game sunday night, the 17th meeting of the two super bowl winning quarterbacks quarterbacks, an instant classic. the broncos defense doing the talking in this slug fest. the most hits on any quarterback in a game this season. even denver police poking fun at the patriots, tweeting out a missing person notification on the patriots offense. >> down by 8 points, 12 seconds to play, brady fighting back. >> throwing this touchdown strike. strike. >> the broncos clinching the win. >> this was a heck of a game.
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>> the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> the panthers losing only one game all season. dominating a 34 point win over the cardinals sunday night. >> cam newton is dancing his way into the end zone twice. now as they get ready for the biggest game of all, versus one of the greatest. >> here's a look at some of the story trending in your lunch hour. changes coming to the oscars to promote more diversity. the academy of arts and sciences voted to double the number of women and minority numbers by 2020. the oscars have faced a lot of backlash because all of the oscar nominees are white. some hollywood heavies like spike lee and jada pinkett smith plan to protest because of it.
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james packer asked the singer to marry him. they were spotted getting cozy on an italian holiday seven months ago. they have known each other for a couple of years. carey told a u.s. talk show they met in sgievenlths. >> fey resurrected her role of sarah palin and she didn't skip a beat. >> americans are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory, reality shows about alaska, we have seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crime. >> tina f coming up, bruce brown joins
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doe >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. bruce brown is here with us. thank you for having me. >> what are you making? >> avocado egg salad, something different. i remember you love it with the asparagus. this is different. just used some different ingredients that you are not accustomed to. i'll have holly start of the dressing. i have zested one whole lemon. that will put the zest of the lemon and the juice of a lemon in with the mayonnaise with salt
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while she is doing the dressing, i have eight eggs that i hard boiled and then i took two of the yolks and gave them to holly to mix in with the dressing. it will thicken the dressing a little bit. all of the rest of the eggs are chopped up. to this i'll add one cup of diced diced avocado. don't leave it sitting too long, it will brown on you. a quarter cup of finely diced up red onion. mix those all together make sure you have it pretty well mixed up together. that looks good. a little bit of pepper. a little bit of salt. >> there you go. you don't need a lot of salt,
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putting into this. we'll scrape this into the egg mixture. the lemon in this will keep the avocado from turning color. look at the color on this. you have the green, you have the red. it is real pretty. what i like to do is grab a small salad plate, put julienne leaf lettuce on the bottom. top it off with tomato slices and then put a scoop of this, just off center of the tomato. and sprinkle a few almonds on it. guess what, that's an avocado egg salad ready for your lunch. it is nice and healthy. it is simple but good stuff. it is a way to give you something different for lunch. >> a lot of protein. >> and low carb.
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on the carolina kitchen link or send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive you can check us out on pinterest. >> thank you. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> security is being tightened in egypt. why visitors of the country should be on high alert. >> you can watch our newscast streaming live, also your mobile
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watch >> security is being tightened in egypt five years ago today. protesters launch an uprising in ththe square. >> the promise of democracy has
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>> arab leaders quaked at the sight of tarrier. a force for change, demanding a better life. that was 18 days in 2011. the masses returned to do it again in 2013. shortly after the new government cracked down. police arrested people during a protest, charged with threatening national security, saying we are concealing the student's identity, he is afraid for his safety. they electrocuted me with two wires. i was screaming in pain. the electricity was weak, plug it into the ac. ucef languished in prison for over a year. >> how did you deal with the torture? >> i cried hard. i felt weak. i broke a piece of glass and felt i wanted to end all this.
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cnn can't independently confirm the story but egyptian human rights lawyers say his story is not unique. one reporter detailed the police abuse in 2015. nearly 500 people died. 700 cases were documented. >> activists tell us the government is cracking down on any perceived threat including making arrests as well as raiding cultural centers and homes. >> there is an attempt to send a message to anyone that would consider protesting that it won't be tolerated this time around. >> egypt's minister defended his tactics as legal on state t.v. >> questions are being raised. they are necessary because of the reality we live in.
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of terrorism egypt hasn't witnessed in modern history. >> isis in egypt has killed over 1,000 people including hundreds of civilians. but ucef sees the government tactics as counterproductive. >> they don't give the young people a way to vent their anger. >> for many, the hope has been replaced by despair. kids aren't the only ones enjoying snow days. >> how the panda at the national zoo spent time in the blizzard. >> later, how social media led to an unlikely reunion between a family and their long lost pet. >> susan celebrates one of
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with no obligation. >> many of us take advantage of snow days by playing in the snow. many have done that the last couple of days. the same goes for the male panda in washington, d.c. smithsonian zoo. take a look, etn woke up and frolicked in the snow. >> he is the father of bebe and bow bow, both giant pandas who also lived at the national zoo. loving the snow. look at this guy. pretty cute. they got record snowfall. i'm sure it is not melted, he'll be able to play in that for a couple of days. >> we broke a record on friday at the airport. 10.67 inches of snow and it is still on the ground in many locations. >> the sun will help to melt the snow, so will the 50's across the region. a look at spotty rain tomorrow morning. make sure you are live with that.
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day. it is going to take awhile to melt the snow. thankfully afternoon high temperatures will be above freezing. >> get out there before it is all gone. you have time and you don't have to be freezing when you come in. >> true.
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