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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ashlea, crews still have a ways to go. >> ashlea: yes. we're in south asheville. this is azalea road. as you can see on the street there is inches of snow and slush covering the roads. dot officials said today if you're dealing with something like this, sit tight, they haven't forgotten about you. >> we're working 12-hourr shifts. we're going around the clock and we continue to be working. >> ashlea: this weather event isn't over yet. >> just be patient. we're working to get through all the roads throughout the county. to do that as expeditiously as possible. >> ashlea: the dot breaks buncombe county in to nine sections. in any given time right now, there are about 35 trucks crawling all over each one. but it's a slow go to clear a
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it usually takes two passes by a plow and then a salt truck. in fairview, crews still have a ways to go. >> it's treacherous. i mean, there's snow and slush andering andering and everything. >> royal pines drive, which i live on is actually still pretty bad. >> ashlea: dustin ducker's road was an ice slick this afternoon. he said this morning a neighbor got their car stuck on the street. just a couple blocks away, a plow did hit justin lockwood's neighborhood and cleared the snow right in to his driveway. >> yeah. i was so happy to see the plow coming up the street. and then it left me this huge present right behind our car. a big old pile to try to get out of here. it's all good, though. >> ashlea: tonight, officials
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bit of help. they say if you're parked on the road on the side of the street, if you could move your car. it's a lot easier for their equipment to get around and clear these streets without vehicles. reporting live in buncombe county, i'm ashlea surles, news 13. >> larry: this historic snow in the city of asheville roughly half of what they store charlotte street. it will cost the city close to $100,000 to replenish what they've used so far. >> for this event we're certainly comfortable. we don't feel like we're anywhere near a shortage for this event. >> larry: despite the recent snowfall, the state . >> darcel: with most school
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remaining closed today, the snow days are beginning to add up. news 13's karen wynne continues our live team coverage. karen, some school districts have already called off tomorrow. >> karen: yeah, darcel and you can see why. we know that both buncombe county and henderson county schools are closed for tomorrow. now some districts already have plans for make-up days. others don't yet. it's both a snow day and a school day for 8th grader josie seymour. >> it's actually very easy. the teachers are online a lot. you can ask them a question and they'll reply. >> karen: they're part of transylvania county's new virtual days. older students will take their computer home.
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read 20 minutes. >> i mean, it's great if they can make it up right now while they're in the middle of all this snow and the miserable weather out there vpt much better than having to make it up in the sunshine and 70 degrees. >> karen: transylvania county schools are looking at making up its next snow day on president's day. schools like reynolds high remain empty, while maichbt nance workers stay busy clearing storm. >> the truth is we have to wait and see what the rest of the week is going to look like. >> karen: all buncombe county schools have used up the two snow days built in to the school year. and erwin and north buncombe districts are their third. henderson county school leaders say they have snow days built in to the end of the year.
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pushing their last day of school on june 9th. madison county superintendent says they had their last day of school back from may 26th to june the 1st. you can log on to and get those closings and delays. and of course we're going to be running them at the bottom of your screen during our newscast. >> larry: along with schools, some businesses are closed because of the snow, which can have a big financial impact. play-doh's closet was closed in asheville. it's a substantial hitor employees. some of them turned to eblen charities for help playing energy bills and rent.
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not that bad. two days is not that bad. but anytime they missed could mean no groceries. it could mean no heating in their home. >> larry: the roofer says he slipped and won't be able to work. >> darcel: rex, trash pick up is resuming and the mail is coming, but what can residents do to help? >> rex: i can tell you that all 10 of haywood county's convenience centers are back open now.
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clyde and maggie valley. clearing the snow would make a big difference for them. >> everything will be double when it melts. >> rex: delivery of mail from still snowy post offices is getting on track. to ensure you get mail, the postal service remains you to clear your mailbox. carriers are not allowed to get out of their vehicles. the postal service says you got to dig out your area six feet. reporting live tonight from waynesville, rex hodge, news 13. >> larry: a spot in our own backyard took a brunt of that storm.
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jason boyer has more. >> jason: leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. first our sunset. clouds overhead. and the snow is very deep. you cannot really tell from our view. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network up there in mount mitchell. 41 inches coming on saturday. there you go. 66 is a lot of snow, folks. that's more than the blidard of 93 by 16 inches. and boone. watch out, though, these freezing. 50s over the upstate for places like clemson and anderson. you've seen some pretty decent weather today. down to freezing in asheville by 11. i'll show you the bigger changes that are coming with rain and
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stick around and see when. >> darcel: a marion man accused of setting his wife's home on fire last month now faces a new charge of arson. jonathan set fire to a camper on highway 70. his wife and son weren't home at the time. stroud faces child abuse for an incident last february. >> larry: a pedestrian in mcdowell county was struck and killed. this is near the clints cross community just outside marion. troopers say nathanial webb was struck twice. he was also wearing dark clothing. no charges will be filed. >> darcel: a river arts district staple has been sold. next two plans to take over the
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>> paint what you feel. >> larry: and next in never stop learning, students use paint to
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and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back. let's not overthink this. >> darcel: a studio in the river arts district is sold. >> larry: he plans to convert the space. >> darcel: he says he's proud of things going on. it was listed in february for more than $2 million. >> larry: the horse head corporation says the shutdown comes amid a zinc price at a
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>> darcel: no word when the period will end. >> larry: here's something i think a lot of us like to do. using music to get in touch with our emotions. >> darcel: and then putting those feelings on paper. tammy watford explains in her never stop learning report. >> tammy: guys, it's a way for students to express themselves while learning about an african american man . >> that's a trumpet. >> tammy: i imagine it's the kind of trumpet louie armstrong paid. arts teacher robby light encourages her students to listen to his music and paint what they're feeling inside. >> learn how to be creative of
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>> i see a drum. >> tammy: where's your drum? >> right there. >> tammy: what is that right there? >> the sound. >> this is music. this is the instruments. and this is the grass. >> tammy: cut out a trumpet and covered it in gold glitter. it will be beautiful refrigerator art to share with their family. >> darcel: well it was nice to see the sun today. >> larry: jason, what a difference in just a couple of days. >> jason: absolutely. temperatures got in the 50s today, guys. we started out in the teens. we saw about a 33 jump in temperature. we'll take that. a big melt off today. and a refreeze overnight tonight. no rain or snow today. we have about three and a quarter inches of total liquid for the month. down a little bit for the year.
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and now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: so where does this storm exactly fall within all of the heavy snow events in history here in asheville? well here are the top six and it doesn't even fall within the top six. the blizzard of 93 still by far number one at 18.2 inches. we had 13 and a half inches at the airport friday and saturday. that puts us 8th after all time in terms of snow events. it was a big event for much of the nation here. at least the east coast. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network hendersonville. look at the beautiful sunset happening here with the high cirrus clouds. 40 degrees north of hendersonville. 42 in asheville with a light wind out in the southeast. it was gustier here the last hour.
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degrees. it feels chilly. here's the situation across the lower 48. we have high pressure off the coast. around that, our winds are coming from the south and west. that's the warmer weather we're enjoying now. clouds out ahead now. it's a weak one but it has enough oomph with it. mostly rain with this system coming through. but there will be just enough cold air kind of cutting in to this. now the back side of it come late day tuesday in to wednesday, we'll have a chance for light wintery weather going on. mountains will be favored than any other locations because it will be colder. i'll show you more details in just a bit. this system is also getting our attention. it's off the coast of florida and georgia by thursday afternoon. some of the models, i want to bring this father inland. if
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mix in there for thursday. do keep in mind that that may completely be ruled out. first and foremost the clouds coming in overnight tonight. mostly cloudy tomorrow. here come the showers afternoon and evening. mostly to the west. eventually spreading overnight wednesday morning. they're still over the areas. rain mostly. moderate snow fall up in high elevations of swain county, east tennessee, madison, yancey. some of that may clip off the northern end of buncombe county. so it's not a very long term event. it's kind of a quick hit. the rainfall, first of all, quarter to half an inch for many of us. snow fall potentially to an inch. dusting down in the valley floors. a quarter inch at best in asheville.
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and 30s. highs will melt off more snow. 40s tomorrow. 40s again wednesday and thursday. those will be colder days. we'll get back to the 50s. how about almost 60 degrees in your weekend. what a gorgeous weekend it will be. >> larry: one bad moment in the panthers nfc championship win. the injury. stan tells us if a broken arm will keep him out of the super bowl. next in sports. >> darcel: the roads aren't the only issue left over from the snow. a lot of sidewalks are a mess.
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coming up new at >> stan: carolina is still celebrating the panthers dominant performance that puts them in the super bowl. they'll face denver in super bowl 50. that will be february 7th. the only downer appears to be thomas davis. he suffered a broken arm in the win. but he says there's no way he's missing the super bowl. after all he's come back from
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>> the understanding is if everything goes well, it is something he'll be able to play with. we're excited about that possibility. he'll see the doctors and trainers tomorrow morning. we'll see how it comes wednesday, thursday, friday. >> stan: last night panthers clubbed the cardinals early and often. cam newton to corey brown. he has all day to throw. watch brown. he shakes the defender. 86-yard touchdown. that made it 7-zip. they really put the dagger in in the fourth quarter. luke keekly. his second playoff pick six this year. 49-15. it was time to think super bowl. luke notestine was on the field as the panthers and the fans celebrated the nfc championship. >> luke: the panthers are heading to the super bowl.
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the next stop for the carolina panthers cam newton and company will be santa clara. >> it's a dream and it's become a reality. i'm excited for my team that we can do something special. >> this is as fun as it gets. running around that stadium, holding up that trophy. it's special. it's a special moment right now. we're going to enjoy this one tonight and we've got two weeks before the real biggest game. this week one and in two weeks it will be the biggest. >> luke: the carolina panthers did everything they could to deliver on the football field. what a performance. the next stop february 7th will be the super bowl in santa clara.
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>> stan: latest ap polls out. oklahoma-36. unc 29. a & m fifth. duke is 24th. those two play tonight in miami. >> larry: it would be a shame if thomas davis doesn't play in that game. >> stan: he's a georgia boy. of course he'll play. >> jason: we have some rain in play on tuesday. even a little wintery mix. it's going to be a minor event. 50% chance of it wednesday. finally getting warmer by the end of the week.
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