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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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everybody. >> darcel: warmer temperatures helped melt a lot of the snow. but a lot of roads are still an issue tonight. we're talking with those who live on secondary roads still covered in snow and ice. >> larry: and the roads are not the only safety issue tonight. >> that was the last thing on our list today. >> larry: sidewalks are still covered in snow. efforts to get them cleared so pedestrians can walk safely. >> the side streets, some of them are pretty gnarly. >> larry: and tonight, how those in the pizza delivery business are staying on top of the snow that will take a while to melt. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11.
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of a wintery mix in the forecast forecast. >> darcel: luckily it won't be anything like we went through. jason boyer is tracking a system that will get here tomorrow, jason? >> jason: yeah, mostly dry until then. a lot of the moisture is going to come in late in the day tomorrow. a lot of us are going to miss out on this wintery mix. pretty minor event. clear skies turning cloudier overnight. look at temperatures, we went down to 34 in asheville. 32 in cherokee. 33 in hendersonville. you're 29 out there in haywood county and waynesville. we have temperatures in the the 30s over the upstate. 30s and 40s throughout the tennessee valley from chattanooga to knoxville. the system we're watching way up here, it's spinning out. wisconsin and now in to michigan. the cold front trails behind the system.
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reach us in time to really produce wide spread wintery weather. all right. slim chances of anything happening in the morning. it's late in the day our chances of rain will go up. 60% by 5 o'clock in the evening. dry but chilly in the morning here in asheville. around freezing or below. our temperatures will get in the mid 40s by lunch hour. when i see you again in a few minutes, we'll talk about wintery weather in the mountains and big time warm up. stick around. >> darcel: dot crews have been working non-stop. >> larry: news 13's jerrika insco joins us live in henderson county in our mobile tracker. where are you right now, jerrika? >> jerrika: we are north of hendersonville on brookside camp road. right now this is what we're seeing. some of the road is clear but
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come across an icy patch. the problem with this is it could refreeze and create more problems. highways aren't the problem. it's what's in between the highway and your home that's causing drivers grief three days later. >> i did make it to work. thankfully i made it. >> jerrika: one driver even warned us about getting out on these secondary roads. >> be careful getting out of here. >> jerrika: dot crews started the snow with 13 trucks and now they're down to 10. >> we started with those and as things happened, things break. and they're not easy fixes. >> jerrika: even with those technical problems, crews have been working around the clock since thursday evening. >> tomorrow we'll probably get on some of our minor secondaries. and then of course after that we'll move in to subdivisions,
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henderson county. and then we'll move to our unpaved routes. >> jerrika: dot has been receiving phone calls about roads like these. right now, these crews are asking for the public's patience. >> we'd like to get out quicker but there's a lot of roads in the county. so we kind of understand. >> jerrika: until a plow truck can make it to you, use precaution on what could refreeze overnight. >> i'd say just drive slow. take it slow. even if you do lose control, if you're going fast, there's no hope. if you're going slow, you have a little bit of hope of at least stopping before you hit a ditch or tree or something. >> jerrika: now their goal on tuesday is declare more secondary roads just like this one. snow. but underneath that is ice. so they're going to tackle those secondary roads. and also neighborhood roads tomorrow. reporting live in
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>> larry: this historic rounds of snow cut in to the city of asheville's supply of salt used to keep the roads safe. about 1,000 tons. that's about half of what they store in this building in charlotte street. >> for this event we're certainly comfortable. we don't feel like we're anywhere near shortage of this event. >> larry: despite the recent snowfall, the street services department is well within their budget. the dot says its salt supply is not a concern despite the heavy snow. >> darcel: if you're waiting for the city to clear your sidewalk, sorry, it's not going to happen. according to asheville's ordinance, sidewalks need to be clear 48 hours after a storm and that's where we are now. news 13's aaron adelson continues our live team coverage of the impact of the storm outside asheville's streets division.
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not taking care of this? >> aaron: darcel, the city can fine people $100 a day up to $5,000 total because property owners are responsible for cleaning their sidewalks. now for city properties, this means the city will clear the sidewalk. on charlotte street, no sidewalks have been touched. we saw a guy walking and said he almost fell multiple times. people need to do their part. >> it is a side of the street that you walk. sidewalk. it's pretty good. yeah. but right now it's like, yeah, a slippery death trap full of toxic sludge. >> aaron: a couple businesses said they were unaware of the ordinance that went in effect in 2010. the ordinance says the city can also hold tenants liable.
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lease to see who is responsible. >> darcel: the winter storm damaged the roof of a sports complex in fletcher. excel sports plex says the weight of snow and ice did damage to the gym. excel says that area is closed off for repairs. the rest of the facility is open. >> larry: many people were stuck for days inside their home because of the snow not able to make it in to work. but others who cater to the snow bound didn't get a day off. frank kracher joins us live in asheville. who are we talking about, frank? >> frank: well the people who pack up the car with pizza and head for your home. now if your street looks anything like this one right now, well you just might want to consider that delivery driver a hero. a great night for preparing pies, asheville pizza and brewing is cranking as fast as possible. it's warm in the kitchen on a cold winter night but someone
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>> i'm driving around everywhere. so we should probably call it pretty soon. >> frank: tracy thompson is staying at it. a driver part time for asheville pizza about seven years now. tracy knows what can happen. >> a couple years ago i slid down a side street that dumped in to merrimon. if any cars were coming then they would have hit me. i've only had one really scary encounter. the side streets, some of them are pretty gnarly. oh boy. here's a good one. yeah, right now i'm like barely getting any traction. >> frank: many of the side streets are still in bad shape. have gotten little if any attention from a power blade. >> i see kids looking around excited. here we go. these look like our customers. hi, how's it going? >> how are you? >> i'm good.
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good attention from customers. >> i think it's wonderful. it's great. we've been out of school all week and the kids were finally wanting some pizza. i'm happy not to cook. pretty heroic? >> i think she's awesome. saved my night. >> usually it's like that. part. my tips as well. yeah. >> frank: we talked with a ups driver tonight. couldn't appear on camera because of company policy. now imagine you got a big brown truck and the problems he's going through. he says he's turning around with packages back to the warehouse and trying again tomorrow. >> darcel: buncombe and henderson county schools are closed again tomorrow. after a long period of time without any snow days, for those districts and others, they're
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8th grader josie seymour and her younger city macy are two transylvania county students enjoying a virtual day. the older students take home school computers, while the younger kids were given assignments in blizzard bags. josie says she likes the virtual days. >> we have had to go on a saturday before. it was only a half day, though, and it really sucked. >> darcel: how do you really feel, josie? today was the final virtual day. the superintendent says the next snow day will probably be made up on president's day >> larry: significant developments in the planned parenthood case. why those behind the video that started the investigation are in trouble themselves. >> darcel: plus if you're thinking of turning something
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a story coming up that can hel >> larry: developing tonight, a grand jury investigating the undercover footage of planned parenthood has found no wrongdoing with planned parenthood, instead the ones involved in the making of the video have been indicted. those videos showed planned parenthood discussing the handling of fetal tissue from abortions and the group claims they were selling fetal tissue. planned parenthood denied any wrongdoing and said the videos were misleadingly edited. >> darcel: it takes a lot of courage to start a new career, especially when it means sacrificing job security. practicing a hobby while getting paid. sheila gray met someone who took the leap in tonight's family 411 report. >> reporter: brian douglas is starting the new year with a new
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>> i've shot ever since i've been a kid. i love photography. >> reporter: but it was always a hobby. when his kids went to college, he decided to . >> i decided to look in to what it would take. >> reporter: what he really did was a lot of research on what it would take to be a unit still photographer. >> you pick up a dvd box and see photos on there. or entertainment weekly and see a photo in there. i'm the only cameraman allowed onset. craft. maybe shadow someone or take a job. >> try it out in a way that you can put one foot or one toe out there. >> reporter: career expert julie says start doing your homework
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find someone objective to coach you through the process. >> talk to somebody who has either tried it and stepped back. done it and done it successfully. or anybody who has experience doing something similar. >> i was dumb enough or bold enough to say i'm thinking about doing this. any words of advice. great advice. >> reporter: on top of knowledge, brian and julie agree, you need some faith in yourself. >> a lot of prayer and i just have a great belief in my abilities. it's not cockiness. i'm confident in my abilities. how's that? >> reporter: it's paid off. so far brian has been on movie sets with bruce willis, don cheedel, mariah carey.
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perfect. >> larry: new tonight, the asheville art museum held a party to kick off its expansion and renovation project. work starts this month on a new glass entrance from pack square. there will also be three times the gallery space. they'll continue to fundraise during construction. tonight's event was more than a decade in the making. >> we'll be able to show so much more of our collection and we'll be able to invite bigger touring exhibitions to come. >> larry: the renovation project is expected to take two years. >> darcel: with all this snow on the ground, you don't want to really think about more. >> larry: no. but there's more that we're going to get. it's nothing to really worry about, right? really nothing significant >> jason: tonight, black ice is the bigger deal by far. temperatures are freezing or below in some cases. and the big melt.
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it may be slower tomorrow. but the wintery chances are there. i'll show you when and more spring like temperatures. here's your tyson furniture bus stop forecast. we'll stay in the upper 40s through the afternoon. pretty dry until then. i think showers may pop up. i'll show you where most of them will fall, next. >> darcel: and later, a disturbing story about a man
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: sub freezing temperatures already in many mountain communities. that means black ice will become a bigger issue as it already has. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network drying out mostly. notice these edges, the sidewalks and some of the parking spots still have piles of snow. of course they melted earlier today. and then you're going to find some patchy black ice near and along those sidewalks. so watch out. clear skies. a calm wind. 64% humidity. the wind chill nonexistent. a little more of a wind chill down in the upstate. your air temperature is 37 degrees. here's the big picture. we got a cold front on the move. this is going to move east rather slowly initially and
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as some rain for the area. mostly rain. higher elevations you may squeeze out light snow showers from this. really i'm thinking the rain is going to be the bigger issue across the mountains the next 24 to 36 hours. once that front moves east, we will begin to dry out. that happens early on wednesday. we'll watch the system along the gulf. the models are having a little bit of an issue. whether or not this is going to stay closer to the coast line and kind of ride up the coast. if it does that, there would be more moisture in play for much of the carolinas. if it's cold enough, we would weather. really the idea is that the chances are so slim at this point that they're really not going to call for anything down the road. future cast. tonight. by morning, showers off to the west. by lunch hour, showers moving in
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by midnight tomorrow night, we have a decent shot of showers coming through. clearing out in to the afternoon wednesday and thursday. here are the rainfall totals a quarter inch in asheville. you may find a little more half inch. no snow in the forecast. this computer model indicating a very quiet scene the next 24 to 36 hours. 20s for lows tonight with 30s mixed in down south and east. highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 40s. not a bad day above average. seven days down the road our temperatures will be in the 40s again wednesday. thursday 40s. temperatures warming up the bit on friday. look at that weekend. saturday and sunday, upper 50s with sunshine. just gorgeous saturday. still nice in to sunday. we'll start to see the clouds increase on monday. but our chances of rain around 30%. same in the upstate. your temperatures will go a little bit cooler gradually in
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eventually you're going back to
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it will be ni . >> darcel: a man helping someone
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he was shot while helping a man who swerved off an icy road. he called the officers he was arrested after a swat team responded. >> larry: a man accused of shooting the man ran out of the mall and fired a shot at him. the officer was not shot but the suspect fell 25 feet while trying to escape. he's in critical condition. >> darcel: some stores in charlotte opened their doors early this morning so panthers fans could grab nfc gear. the gray locker room gear is what team members wore during the celebration last night. shoppers were there at 6 this morning trying to grab up team
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>> larry: duke taking on 15th
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stan shows us if the >> stan: good news, no weather problems tonight. the bad news
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state hoping to get momentum from that. they had a special visitor, alex rodriguez in the house cheering on the kings. jakwon newton drops it off to kamari murphy. he slams it home. matt jones in their corner for three. duke down four at the half. second half, they start to get a little closer. grayson allen goes all the way. lays it in. two of the 17, cuts it to two. after that, all miami. same play. he had 21. duke didn't have the body. they fall. miami 2 and 11. both wins came against duke. oklahoma one, carolina two. iowa three.
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but they lost tonight. prep hoops tonight. many games postponed. tonight our tdas. mountain heritage and their top ten girls team at owen also tuesday. schools in most areas are out again. here's the scheduled time change. christ school moved from 6:30 to 7:30. a lot more make ups. hopefully it won't cost us tournaments next month. panthers anywhere from three and a half to five and a half point favorites. the status of all-star linebacker thomas davis, he broke his forearm. he had surgery today. and he says there's no doubt he will be ready to play in the super bowl. coach juan rivera wants them to stay like that for the super bowl.
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our guys understand what we're capable of. i think it's important they understand and continue to keep their personality and keep who they are. that to me is important. you start talking to people about how to do things the next couple of weeks. people start to say yeah, you should think about doing this and doing that. i say, wait a minute, guys. let's stick to what we've done. >> stan: they play the broncos. by the way, the patriots, you know, brady was knocked around all day. their offensive line coach fired today. >> jason: it didn't look good. the extra point. all right. let's talk about what's going on here tomorrow. we have a 50/50 shot of rain. most of that is coming late day. we'll get you back in to cooler weather then.
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