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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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encouraged the posters next listing to include a roof that doesn't melt. >>jay: said nothing about the need for a bathroom or running water. >> >>ingrid: you can melt the snow and you have water and you can go outside. >>holly: there you go. >>ingrid: problem solved. >>holly: think outside the igloo here. >>jay: you sold that one. >>ingrid: there you go. >>jay: yeah. good morning,. >>ingrid: let's look at weather outside, everyone. we had, of course, some snow melt yesterday so we have refreezing this morning. same thing as yesterday morning. slick conditions expected, plus, satellite radar shows some light rain now from cherokee to graham, swain county, haywood county, maybe into madison county. it look like this is all falling as liquid precipitation, but some of the zones cold enough it can fall as freezing rain and drizzle so be mindful of that as you head out the door there. 44 by lunchtime so the snow will continue to melt but we have a chance for some wintry mix. i will tell you when that comes in just a little bit. black ice is a threat for many side roads, but jaclyn,
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primary roads. >>jaclyn: this is a problem in haywood county, highway 226 is shut down near the blue ridge parkway. it's not drivable because after snow and ice. i checked in with dispatchers and they are not sure when it will reopen so if you live in haywood county in that area avoid that spot if you can. now, there are some areas of slowing, too, i want to talk about in asheville if you are ed haing out towards i-240 eastbound on the morning commute. watch out for slowdowns there as you head into the downtown area. also, another problem spot is here on i-40 east through asheville. we are seeing some minor delays between hendersonville road and sweeten creek road. so, keep that in mind for your morning drive. that's look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solution. jay and holly, back the to you. >>holly: parking fees in downtown asheville resume following the weekend snow. >>jay: absolutely. news 13's lauren brigman is live in downtown asheville with the update. lauren, folks can expect to pay at metered spots as well? >>lauren: yeah, grab that
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door if you plan to park in downtown asheville this morning. that's because they have most of their, more than 700 spots down here, clear of snow now. they have been working around the clock to get these streets in downtown asheville as well as the parking spaces clear. but, folks were encouraged to park in the downtown parking decks while they did that. and they cleared the street. but, beginning to day, fees will resume at the parking decks as well. if you have your vehicle in one of the decks you need to have it out of there by 10:00 this morning unless you want to pay and if you enter any of these decks starting at 8 a.m., you will have to pull a ticket. now, if you are curious whether the street in your neighborhood will be cleared any time soon, city crews are now turning their attention to those. they, of course, were focused on the main routes first. on your r reen now, you will see a couple of numbers where you can call if you see large patches of ice or snow that need tention, need to be treated, in fact, by the city. now, from parking to trash
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the art bus service scheduled -- we have links to the update from the city of asheville posted on our web site. that's we are live from the asheville transit station, coming up at 6:30 with that update. live in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: the city of asheville has used about 1,000-tons of clear. that's roughly half of what they have stored in the building off charlotte street. it will cost the city nearly $100,000 to replenish what they have used so far. comfortable. we don't feel like we are this event. and we have already placed our orders to replenish our stockpile. >>holly: the street services department is still within its budget. the dot says salt supply is not a concern at this time. >>jay: many businesses closed because of the snow and that's having a financial impact on some workers. play tee's closet opened in west asheville after being closed friday, saturday, and part of sunday. that's a substantial hit for
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up the lost wages with vacation days. some people turned to eblen charities for help, paying energy bills and rent. >> you know, one day is not that bad, two days is not that bad, but any time they miss could mean no groceries or it could mean no heating in their home. >>jay: terry sawyer of asheville came to eblen for help with his rent. the roofer says he slipped on ice saturday and cannot work for six weeks. >>holly: new this morning, police give winston-salem state university the all-clear after the school was on lockdown overnight. they have a photograph from the scene. police say someone displayed a gun on campus during an altercation. no shots were fired and no injuries were reported. it's still not clear if anyone's been arresesd. >>jay: we have new information this morning about a man accused of shooting at police outside a mall in gastonia, then jumping off a 25-foot wall to try to get away. the suspect has now been identified as ja moral hill, he remains in serious condition after the jump.
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they responded to a report of a stolen car at east ridge mall over the weekend. he will be charged with attempted first degree murder, assault on an officer, and more. >>holly: happening today, the federal trial continues over the north carolina voter id requirement. the u.s. justice department and the naacp say the law will make it harder for minority voters to cast a ballot. it requires voters produce one of six accepted ids to vote. supporters say the move protects against voter fraud. it's not clear if the judge will make a ruling on the case before north carolina's primaries in march. >>jay: now to the latest on campaign 2016 and the race for side. it's trump versus cruz. and for the democrats, clinton never says sanders. in the final days leading up to iowa. >>holly: lana zak says the campaigns are striking hard trying to capture final votes. >>reporter: the countdown to the iowa caucuses is now being
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that's how long we have until the iowa caucuses. 171 hours. >>reporter: ted cruz seeing his poll numbers slip in recent days urged voters to turn out. >> it's now or never. we can't get it wrong again. >>reporter: but "wrong" is what donald trump is saying about cruz, telling supporters the texan should run for prime minister of canada instead. >> my new battle is with a gentlemen named ted cruz. because, you got to speak the truth. you have t tspeak the truth. the canadian, the man from canada. >>reporter: and speaking of truth . . . >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders saying what politicians usually will not. >> we will raise taxes. yes, we will. >>reporter: explaining during a town hall in iowa last night how he would fund a single payer health plan. >> we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >>reporter: hillary clinton
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>> when i worked on health care back in 1993 and 1994, i was trying to get us to universal health care coverage. >>reporter: trying to hold on to her 6 point lead in the hawk aye state. >>reporter: just one republican debate remains before the iowa caucuses but donald trump threatens he may boycott the debate if fox host megyn kelly is allowed to participate. this marks at least the third time trump has threatened to pull out of a debate. lana zak, abc new, washington. >>holly: new this evening no, officials in thailand say debris found last week is not part of missing malaysia flight 370. >>jay: last friday a fisherman found a piece of curved metal. both official and tai officials found it does not apply to the missing plane. the flight 370 disappeared in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. >>holly: they believe possibly it was part of a rocket. >>jay: this morning's news reel, investigators in california say two base jumpers are probably dead.d.
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recovered video from a helmet camera that one of the victims was wearing. authorities are not releasing the video, but police say it shows kate connell climbing on the concrete guardrail then jumping off. the man wearing the camera recorded her jumping and then he jumped tryingg to help her. >> the video tracks, you can see it going 300 feet to the beach below. she is seen making a successful landing onto the surf at the mouth of the big sea creek. several large sets of waves appeared to overtake her within seconds. >>holly: deputies say the search has been temporarily called off due to surf conditions. >>jay: and in rhode island three people are recovering following a bus crash there. witnesses say the public transit authority bus jumped a curb, plowed through a snow bank, and slammed into a building. the impact was so hard that it lifted the building's roof. the bus driver who officials say was experienced, was hospitalized along with two passengers. >>holly: you can enter to win our valentine's selfie contest.
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creative selfie of you and your valentine for a chance to win a $150 pair of diamond earrings from allan's jewelry and pawn. go to and click on "contests" to enter. >>holly: the winner will be announced during our morning show february 9th. a doctor makes sure he can treat patients during the snowstorm. >>jay: the unique way he is getting to the office. >>ingrid: here is our "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." full update at a lot of delays still and temperatures below freezing for some. but the 40s by drop off time for the kids that are going to school. a chance for a wintry mix coming up right around the corner. we will talk about nice and warmer conditions for the weekend. how warm we will get, i will
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back. a couple threats this morning. first, we have a snow melt the last couple of days. still seeing some of it stacked up on the side of the roadways, but the thing is, it's below freezing in a couple locations, refreezing overnight and slick roads this morning. also, look at our satellite radar. we are showing rain from cherokee county, graham, swain county, all the way to northern haywood county into marshal and even burnsville at this point. so yancey and mitchell. it's staying green, so that's a good sign. it means that likely it is falling just as rain. but, that threat for it to freeze is there because some locations cold enough that it's falling as rain and could ice once it hits the ground. it's freezing rain, not good
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so keep a very close eye when you are heading out the door. check the temperature where you live and i will show you what we have going on in seconds. we have a chance for rain today into tomorrow. we will see our observed category and precipitation, not aen to of rain expected but enough to make a difference here. 27 is as low as we have gotten since midnight. but, look at current conditions now in the french bruise river valley. 40 degrees outside. yeah, pretty interesting. northern zones, 23 in burnsville, so that's an area where if you see some rain, that could be falling as freezing rain. morganton, 26. still looks like we are above freezing in bryson city and franklin. down into the upstate, it's actually colder, 33 in greer, 32 in anderson. take a look at the big picture here. we have this low spinning to our north. great lakes seeing a good amount of snow right now. we are just going to see some rain as this front moves through the region. closer look at 8 a.m., it does show not very much rain, but we will see the chance for scattered showers throughout the day.
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day scenario, about 4, 5, 6 o'clock start to see showers move through and into tonight, rain into the upstate. but, notice, a mix and snow in these northern mountains i. will be very quick and very light in nature. that's 2 a.m.. then, by about 5 a.m. it's out of here. but, that could mean some delays, maybe tomorrow in the northern zones as well. and, it looks like partly clear throughout much of the day on wednesday. so, the rain will be for the first half of the day, and then we will see some of that sunshine. futurecast for the rainfall? it doesn't show a lot of precipitation. about a third of an inch here in the asheville area. pulling in from this model. our western zones could see a tad more. so, some of the snow will melt today. continuing to see temperatures above freezing. 50 degrees for a high tonight. valley rain, that mix in the mountains in the greenville region. few more clouds today. you will notice that. a a few showers late day and into tonight. but look at this seven-day
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upper 50s and 60s in the upstate. >>holly: a west virginia doctor wasn't going to let a little snow keep him from his job. >>jay: no, he hopped on his tractor and drove it through three feet of snow to get to work at the medical center. he even picked up a few coworkers along the way. >> hey, to do this stuff, to do disasteru3r =#/ k 6 :15, this bask baffle texas a&m heads to miami. >>jay: stan tells us if the devils build on momentum from saturday's victory over north carolina state. >>holly: robe if you are on the go early in the morning you can catch us by downloading the
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search wlos a.m. in your app >>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, good news for duke, no weather problememlast night. they were playing at miami. that was the bad new, too. the devils were hoping a win over north carolina state, they are still ranked but they get by the hurricanes on the road? alex rodriguez in the house
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lob inside by rodriguez to mcclellan, but brandon comes right back through that defense and rocks the rim. he had 19, but inside again jaquon newton drops it off to ka marry murphy and it was jam city last night ( ). duke tries the outside, matt jones in the corner for three, and duke down 4 at the break. second half, grayson allen goes all the way. he is terrific has been all year. nice layup for the sophomore, 2 of 17, after that all miami, same play. mcclellan slams it home, 21 for him. duke didn't have the bodies personally inside, they fell 80-69, they fall and both wins go against duke. >> many games postponed last night and games that are set for tonight, tuberculosis a., we are not sure if they will play or not. smoky mountain and franklin set tuesday. mountain ter damage and their top ten girls team in owen tuesday.
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schedule for tonight's games from schools in most areas are out again. here is the schedule time change, we have tuesday's night cruise christ school at asheville moved from 6:30 to 7:30, we could have a lot more makeups on the weekdays. hopefully it won't cost us can ference tournaments next month. >> panthers and broncos february 7th, panthers anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 point favorites. carolina panthers' only concern the status of thomas davis, he had surgery yesterday and he says there is no doubt he will be ready to play in the superbowl. panthers as a group are wide open and loose bunch and juan rivera wants this i'm to stay that way for the superbowl. >> i think it's important that our guys understand what we are capable of. and i think more so than anything else, think i it's important that they understand and they continue to keep their personality and who they are. that, to me, is important. it's funny, you start talking to people about, you know, how do
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and people start to say we shouldty about doing this or that, and it's like wait a minute, guy, let's stick to where we are. that's what got us to where we are. >>stan: sounds like a good plan to me. that's sports this evening no. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great tuesday, everyone. >> >>holly: let's see if it will be as warm as yesterday. it actually ended up being a nice day. >>jay: it really did, ingrid. >>ingrid: we have more clouds and temperatures are comfortable, 50 and 42 and low 50s in the upstate, we will see showers in thundershower northern zones. across the rest of the region late day and into tonight, too, with a chance for a wintry mix and just or four then mountains. we shouldn't see that in the upstate or in asheville. 34 for a low in buncombe county tonight and 40 in greer. right now, let's turn to our on-time traffic center where jaclyn is t tcking icy spots. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: heads up for those in henderson county. there are icy patches reported along butler bridge road, especially in the area of glen
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stake it slow if you are heading out in that area this morning. over in haywood county, highway 276 is shut down near the blue ridge parkway because of snow and ice. unfortunately, there's no word when it will reopen. and, also, dispatchers in mcdowell county mentioned to me the roads are very icy this morning. so, if you live in any of these areas or are taking any side roads on your commute, try to take it slow if you can. checking back on i-240 in asheville, we are still dealing with those delays on the eastbound side. speeds in the area slowing to 24 miles per hour. so, keep that in mind on your morning drive. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a shot of jordan. >>jay: looks cloudy and foggy,
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>> we will be right back. >>jay: many kids are out of school today because of the weather so we are looking at ways to enjoy the snow day. >>ingrid: we post add link to
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we have done the sledding. went outside and got cold and warmed back up, all that jazz. but something else that might be fun. >>jay: hoop it up. that's a good idea. hula hoop contest to see who can last longest or stand up the longest. shake it up. >>ingrid: what is that? >> put a toy inside with baby oil and make a homemade snow globe. >>ingrid: how clever. there. a play mobile, one or the other. next, cool critters. i kind of like that. >>ingrid: you can upstate animals. >>jay: sure. next up -- >>ingrid: probably enough snow on the ground for that. for the birds. >>jay: hollow out an orange, fill it with seeds. feed your featerred friends and go inside and watch them. >>ingrid: that's fun. make a up can of hot chocolate. look out the window at the >>jay: there you go. ice maker.
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bubbles and watch them freeze on the lawn. >>ingrid: kids would love that. >>jay: i never thought of that. that's a good idea. >>ingrid: malay die might like that. >>jay: no. remember, ethiopians don't like snow. that's from him. snow graffiti, give them spray bottles full of water tinted with food coloring to decorate the white canvas in your backyard. that's neat idea. >>ingrid: that is a neat idea. >>jay: i would take photos of that. >>ingrid: for adults that would be fun. >>jay: you got it. tick tack snow ( ) and finally for the birds, stringing cranberries an other i'm items and watch it from afar. >>ingrid: i like that. let's talk weather outside. we have had an interesting morning. we were below freezing. now we are at 40 in the asheville area. the winds picked up at 8. it is cold. because of the snow it take as while to melt and black ice is a threat for now. a wintry mix, i will tell you when that will come and then
6:22 am
it will feel like spring. >>lauren: city buses are already hitting the roads this morning. the earliest they have in days following that weekend snow. we have the latest on the asheville recovery effort coming up live. >>holly: dot crews in henderson county are working to get the roads cleared. what's happened that may have put them behind. >>jay: services delayed, what
6:23 am
postal workers stop by your >>holly: many schools remain closed including asheville and buncombe county. >>jay: some businesses are also closed or will reopen at a later time. >>ingrid: you can find the information on our web site, we also scroll all this information at the bottom of your screen throughout our news cast. >>jay: just go to your computer. and earlier you were asking me, did i have a computer at home? >>ingrid: you always struggle talk about how you struggle at the computer and if you had one at home you could practice. >>jay: i still have the commodore 64, and i works great. >>ingrid: i don't know what that is, but apparently it's an old computer. >>jay: i don't have a mac, but i have a laptop at home. >>holly: is it still in the bubble?
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the bubble. one day i will figure this thing out. >>holly: good morning, it's tuesday, january 26th. thank you for waking up with us. >>ingrid: you're good at facebook. >>jay: well, with help. >>ingrid: a first look at weather, everyone, 37 in cullowhee but colder in forest city. and in the 20s, franklin in the 30s. lake toxaway, weaverville, in the 40s. 20s across some portions of the region means we have a chance for some freezing rain this morning. let's take a look at this. northern zones starting to see some precipitation falling especially in swain county. haven't had any reports of freezing rain but if it's cold enough, when that rain falls, it will turn to ice and speaking of ice, we still have black ice from all the snow melt yesterday. so, please use caution. 44 by lunchtime. will help continue to help melt the snow. cloudy conditions today, but we have another chanceor wintry mix. i will tell you when in just a few minutes. slick conditions are a problem on side roads this morning, jaclyn. some main roads are also seeing this issue?
6:25 am
hikeway 276 is still closed this morning near the blue ridge parkway because of the snow and ice on the roadway. there is no word when the road will reopen, but if you live in haywood county, that could be a problem for you this morning. we are also dealing with this issue on a main cut-through in henderson county. there are icy spots reported along butler bridge road, especially near glen marlow elementary school, mcdowell county dispatchers are also mentioning to me the roads are very icy throughout the county as well. so, we are heading out this morning, main roads and especially the side roads, take it slow. now, getting a look on i-240 eastbound, we have been seeing some slowdowns all morning on the eastbound side, heading into downtown. so you will need to pack your patience if you are heading out towards 40 east on your morning drive. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. holly and jay? >>holly: the art bus service in asheville got an earlier start as snow recovery efforts contain yien. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman joins us live in the asheville transition state and,
6:26 am
normal schedules today? >>lauren: yeah, jay, buses began rolling outzkl?&:y2%lp;`;c+ay
6:27 am
they are now focusing on those in your neighborhood. so, if you see a large patch of ice or snow that is an issue here in the city. we have a couple numbers up on your screen right now. you can call those to report one of those large patches of ice that may need treatment. call one of those numbers again on your screen. now, from trash pickup also being affececd by the snowstorm, those operations have an altered scscdule this week. you can log on to for information on that as well. live in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jay: leaving that behind you, thanks lauren. dot crews plan to finish clearing secondary roads they plowed priority records like u.s. 25 and 64 over the weekend. since the start of the winter storm, they have lost five trucks and are now down to 10. the dot is asking for patience from the public. they hope to make their way to neighborhood streets today. >>holly: the snow is still impacting mail delivery and trash collection in haywood county. trash pickup resumed in
6:28 am
maggie valley, but some smaller operators are still having a hard time getting through the snow that was piled up by the plows or driveways that have not been cleared. the post office asked folks to make sure snow is cleared six feet on either side of your up. >>jay: if you have not cleared off your sidewalks in asheville, serious cash. the city gives property owners 48 hours to clear sidewalks. then, the city can begin fining people $100 a day up to $5,000 if they are not cleared. when news 13 showed up at preferred properties on woodfin street, they immediately got out their shovels. >> it was like the last thing on my list today, like my list was i had to get my clients back up and, you know, taken care of before i thought about, oh, god, the sidewalk. >>jay: a couple of businesses told us they did not know a aut the ordinance. it went into effect in 2010. and if you are a renter, check your lease agreement.
6:29 am
responsible for clearing sidewalks. >>holly: interesting. hazardous weather conditions are making it difficult for food delivery drivers. asheville pizza and brewing is one of many companies across the mountains whose drivers are dealing with the dangers. and they are going on side roads and streets that haven't seen much or any attention from snow plows. tracy thompson has been making deliveries for asheville pizza for seven years now. and knows the risks that come with winter weather. >> a couple years ago, i slid down a as you sit here today street and dumped into merryman and if any cars had been coming, they would have hit me. >>holly: tracy says asheville pizza leaves the decision to drivers. if the drivers don't feel safe because of the conditions, management will suspend delivery. >>jay: we have an update this morning on a catawba county man accused of killing a good samaritan who tried to help him during the snowstorm. marvin lee made his first court appearance. he did not say a word as the judge told him he was charged with the murder of jefferson
6:30 am
deputies say heatner and others tried to stop and help him friday when he got stuck but called the sheriff offense office because he appeared intoxicated, that's when he got out of the car and shot heathner several times. >> all he did is stop and see if he needed any help and everything went wrong. you can't help nobody today. >>jay: deputies believe lee fired between 8 and 11 shots. they say more charges could be filed in this case. >>holly: happening to day a pair of murder suspects in henderson county is expected to be in court. sean hollyfield and savannah walker are accused of killing dequon taylor in december. probable cause hearings are scheduled today. he was found dead along ninth avenue in hendersonville. taylor's cousin told police a drug deal was involved in the case. we have another update on body cameras in the asheville police department. the department is work with the city attorney to develop policy from the video for them.
6:31 am
considered public record. the city's new policy says the chief can allow an individual to view a recording if the person is filing a complaint against the officer. the plan is for officers to use them by this summer. >>jay: a concern with the public is being delayed t. city council was supposed to vote on the project today but developer rusty coleman asked voters to delay the vote until april. the 250 unite flex would be built on an old site. the dropper says he isilling to wait two years before building to ease concerns about traffic. >>holly: about 200 people are affected. a small crew of workers will maintain that plant during the idling period. no word when that will end. >>jay: asheville art museum is
6:32 am
and renovation project. the museum kicked off the project with a party. work will begin this month on a new glass entrance from pack square. gallery space will triple. and the museum has raised $18 million for the project so far and will continue to fund raise during construction. >> we will be able to show so much more of our collections. and we will be able to invite exhibitions to come. >>jay: the entire renovation is expected to take two years. >>holly: happening to day, you can help support henderson county public schools by going out to eat. it's the first food for thought dine out for education. 28 restaurants will donate at least 10% of the proceeds to the henderson county education foundation. to see a complete list of restaurants all you have to do is go to a young panthers fan receives a gameball.
6:33 am
was when he got >>ingrid: good morning. we are still waiting for the snow to melt. what did melt yesterday we have been talking about all the morning. it did refreeze overnight. slick condition, it looks just black on your morning commute. clear and that could mean ice in some locations. especially the secondary roads, the sidewalks, especially. satellite radar shows some changes this morning. so we are starting to see a few light showers here.
6:34 am
now most of the areas are above freezing. those areas that are not, this rain can be falling as rain. but once it hits the surface, it freezes. that's freezing rain and this is very dangerous. so, please, use some caution if you live in these zones and you are seeing any of that precipitation. speaking of, we will see our fair share of some precipitation, it's not aton, but enough to increase the rain gauge a bit. look at this, 27 is typical for this time of year, but that's our low since midnight. now, we actually warmed up in asheville. we are at 41 degrees. 10 degrees cooler in forest city. 20s up towards burnsville. so, a mixed bag this morning. and our western zones, it looks like we are still above that freezing mark, which is a good sign. 33 degrees in greer. 32 in gaffney. but 38 in clemson. so, snapshot this morning shows anywhere from below freezing to the 40s. now, throughout the afternoon, we will continue to see our chances for rain increase as the front makes its
6:35 am
we will see a few light showers this morning, but really the bulk of the rain is not going to be a lot, as i mentioned, it will be after lunchtime. before dinner. we will start to see some of the showers here in the asheville area and tonight in the upstate. but, look, the wintry mix in the northern mountains. that's 2 a.m. wednesday. it will be out of here by about 6 a.m., 8 a.m., looking to actually clear skies throughout much of the day on wednesday. so, how much rain are we talking about? this model indicate as third of an inch here in the french broad river valley. so, not significant rainfall, but our west enzones, could see a little bit more. we will notice that the clouds have moved back in, so that will hurt our snowfall chances or melt chances rather. rain late day, as i mentioned, this mountain mix, valley locations likely staying above freezing, 34 for a low. what about greenville today? not too bad. 52 degrees. make sure you have an umbrella because we will see a few showers tonight. but look at this seven-day forecast, showing beautiful
6:36 am
temperatures returning to the 50s, upper 50s in fact. even the 60s expected upstate. heads up if you are taking i-240 soon. a disabled motorist might slow you down, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there is a disabled vehicle on i-240 eastbound at haywood street adding to the john jetion we are dealing with in that area. be sure to give yourself some extra travel time if you are driving through the spots soon. black ice is a threat this morning, even on some of the rain roads. highway 276 in haywood county is closed near the blue ridge parkway because of these slick conditions. this is also a problem on a main cut through over in henderson county. icy spots are reported along butler bridge road, especially in the area of glen marlow elementary school. mcdowell county dispatchers mentioned their roads are icy throughout the county. so no matter where you are heading out across western north carolina, remember to take it slow this morning on your morning drive. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions.
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condition, cam newton handing game balls to lucky kids in the front row after every touchdown. >>jay: jonah was not in the right place at the right time during an earlier touchdown when he saw ted gin running towards the end zone, harwood made his move again and lo and behold, he was able to get the panthers football. >> the first thing i thought of when i got back was thinking of how much my sister will be jealous. >>jay: but alexia didn't hold it against him ( ), she helped draw a picture of his day in the spot light. >>holly: good for her. >>jay: that's neat. >>holly: spoken like a true brother. rub it in. >>jay: absolutely. >> we are paying for this water and this water is poison. >>holly: a cry for help. what the attorney general in
6:38 am
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>>holly: new developments this morning in the search for missing prisoners in california. >>jay: officials are now looking into whether they had help with their elaborate escape plan. >> >> we are in a position where we absolutely need the public's help. >> a manhunt underway in california. after three inmates broke out of the orange county central men's jail friday. >> these three are extremely dangerous felons and need to be apprehended and brought back into custody immediately. >>reporter: two of the men facing charges of murder and attempted murder and are thought to have ties to vietnamese gangs and a third already convicted of murder now charged with kidnapping and torture. officials say the inmates first cut through a quarter inch metal ate. then squeezed through cramped, unsecured plumbing tunnels to the roof. using bed sheets and towels to rappel some 50 feet to the ground. >> they are in a pod in an orange county jail. there is constantly laundry call, where people are turning
6:41 am
really easy to accumulate bed sheet, pillow cases and such. >> the inmateses cleared three security checkpoints undetected, emerging to freedom from the concrete facility. >> several other security breaches occurred. we are talking about breaching in some places significant amounts of steel, rebar and metal. >>reporter: officials say it's not clear ifhe inmates had help but they believe a fight that broke out friday night may have been staged to delay discovery of their escape. reed banion reporting. >>holly: president obama wants to ban solitary confinement for juvenile and low level offenders in federal prison. the news came in an op ed piece the president wrote for the washington post . obama said solitary confinement diminishes chances for successful rehabilitation. his decision came after review by the justice department. solitary confinement, he wrote, should be a last resort used for inmates that pose threats to themselves or staff members. >>jay: harris county grand jury drop add bombshell in the investigation into planned parenthood.
6:42 am
national headlines. antiabortion activists accused planned parenthood of selling fetal tissue. a grand jury in texas cleared planned parenthood and instead charged the activists who went undercover and recorded videos. one doctor believed the videos for what prolifers need and what the grand jury said is criminal. >> you are trying to get planned parenthood to commit a crime and in the same time you are committing a crime yourself. >> it's hard to close your eyes and ignore that this is a child that is being dismembered. >>holly: governor greg abbott says there is still a state of texas investigation into flood. >>jay: major developments out of thrint michigan. the attorney general is launching an investigation into contaminated water there. >>holly: this comes after long lines of young children are being tested for lead testing. meanwhile parents say they are still paying for contaminated water. >> i would certainly not bathe a
6:43 am
in this bad water. >>holly: lawyers representing residents of flint over the toxic water s&ped governor rick snyder. >>jay: several dogs and puppies are safe following a house fire in california. >>holly: the fire started in the garage and forced 8 people from their home in sacramento. the woman suffered smoke inhalation but she is going to be okay. firefighters rescued three dogs and this basket full of puppies. >>jay: the dog's bathroom break turns into her big break as she unknowingly makes a half marathon. the bloodhound turned up at the starting line of the altamont half marathon in alabama. the dog trotted along with runners for the entire 13.1-mile. >>holly: she completed without a human or leash and finished in seventh place. her owner who was not a runner didn't know about her celebrity dog until friends called her and filled her in. she was given a finisher's medal for her accomplishment. >>jay: that's impressive.
6:44 am
made friends, mom let her out for exercise and she took off. i bet she had a nice long nap after that. >>jay: don't you know. coming up next, we are taking a look at viewer photos from the winter storm. >>holly: first let's look at today's mind teaser. carolina panthers juan rivera is the second latino to coach a team to the superbowl.
6:45 am
>>jay: i think i know5?+'>holly: 6:54 on tuesday morning. let's get a quick recap of the load call headlines. dot crews in henderson county plan to finish clearing secondary roads. >>jay: after plowing priority roads like u.s. 25 and 64 over the weekend. they moved to secondary roads yesterday. since the start of the winter storm they have lost five trucks and are down to 10 so dot is asking for patience from the public. they hope to make their way the neighbors streets at some point today.
6:46 am
used 1,000-tons of salt to help get the roads clear. that's roughly half of what they store in the building off charlotte street. it will cost the city nearly $100,000 to replenish what they have used so far. the street services department is still well within its budget though. the dot also says its salt supply is not a concern. >>jay: hazardous weather conditions are making it difficult for food delivery drivers. asheville pizza and brewing is just one of many companies across the mountains whose drivers are dealing with the dangers. they are going on side roads and streets, but have not seen much or any attention to snow plows. if their drivers do not feel safe because of weather conditions, the management will suspend delivery. >>holly: now here is the answer day's mind teaser. carolina panthers head coach ron rivera is the second latino to coach his team to the superbowl. who was the first? >>jay: tom flores, he took the raiders to the superbowl in 1981. >>holly: we are still getting some pretty cool viewer photos from the winter storm. >>jay: absolutely. a lot of you put your art skills to the test and made some really
6:47 am
let's take a look at a few of them. this photograph comes to us from lindsay marlow. she made a snow turtle. >>holly: look at it. that's really cute. and next we have a boy and his snow dog, both are smiling. crystal sent us that one. >>jay: here is a picture of a dog and a snow dog. they both are posing for the camera right there. >>holly: g gat picture. mike and mary chris. can you see what that is? >>jay: ufo. a lot of effort in that. >>holly: it's cool. it's her table. >>ingrid: oh, i see. >>jay: a lot of cups. >>holly: and she put candles in the cups. >>ingrid: fun. people were definitely snowed in, they have some time on their hands. that's a fun way to use it, too. let's take a look outside, everyone. we have some showers in or
6:48 am
locations seeing some black ice this morning. we have some of that snow melt yesterday. we will have more of it melt today. but, another chance for a wintry mix, mainly to the northern mountains overnight tonight into wednesday morning. down to the valley, just some light rain expected. back to the 40s through friday. but look at this weekend, sunshine upper 50s, surely by then, most of that snow will have melted. and into the upstate, going to be a return to the 60s. feeling like spring out there. >>jay: it will feel like summer after what we have endoured. >>holly: mid summer. this morning it is still winter and especially on the roadways. >>jaclyn: right, as ingrid mentioned, black ice is an issue on main roads and side roads. we have the problems posted on county on >>holly: it almost seems work yesterday morning. yesterday we had ice and snow. >>jay: i agree. >>holly: and now today it's just solid ice. it's very
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