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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the city council being asked to delay its final vote until april. kimberly king joins us live from the site. you just spoke to pullham. what did he say? >> reporter: this is all about pushback from local residents who oppose this apartment complex. they feel traffic in this area is already bad enough. pullham does plan to push back as well. he has come up with a new plan. the site is a vacant building where plastic hangers used to be made. it is currently zoned industrial. pullham plans to come back in april. he'll do town halls and try to sell his idea to residents over the next few months. >> when they see our plan, they'll see why all the reasons why planning and zoning voted for us 6-1 is the fact that the apartment complex i'm proposing is one of the lowest traffic
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on this corner. >> in 2021, that's several years from now, five years, dot recommends widening of sweeten drive. he wants to propose breaking ground in 2018, finishing the project in 2020 six months before the widening project starts, he also says he'll improve infrastructure on the roads near here as well. he said other projects from a facility to a place for trailer rentals he says will bring in more traffic than an apartment complex he is proposing. once again, he will be coming before council in april to once again propose his plan. >> no recovery efforts. the art bus service got an earlier start. some of the first buses hit the road around 5:00. officials continue to monitor routes with icy roads. today there are a couple of routes impacted.
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by going to our website and clicking on news links. >> crews are working on clearing the secondary roads today. over the weekend they focused on priority roads like u.s. 25 and u.s. 64. since the start of the winter storm they have lost five trucks and are down to just 10. the dot is asking for patience from the public. they hope to make their way to neighborhood streets at some point today. >> missing snow days means a make-up day for students in one county. school will be made up on saturday january 30 from 8:00 a.m. until noon. breakfast and lunch will be served. haywood schools averages eight missed student days due to inclement weather. >> mother nature may help kids get back to class. >> we are above freezing in the middle 40's across much of western north carolina. franklin is showing a good bit
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that's going to hinder the snow melt throughout the afternoon. this is our lester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. radar and satellite shows we have cloudy conditions today in that french broad river valley into the upstate. our northern mountains and west of asheville is seeing light showers throughout the early morning hours and into the early afternoon hours. what about the rest of the region? 46 in asheville. brevard, 47. cherokee holding onto the 30's. hendersonville 43. 40 in waynesville. we'll likely warm to the 50's across the region here. with a chance of rain beginning in many locations later this afternoon our headlines indicate a cloudy day. coming up, i'll let you know how much rain is expected to fall. we have a rain snow issue to talk about coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> after this weekend's blizzard blanketed the east coast, the
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all that snow. chris welch reports 34 deaths have been blamed on the weather, many from people trying to dig themselves out >> reporter: millions are digging, bull doegz and plowing the snow away. the deadly winter storm caused crashes and roof collapses. new york is bouncing pack quickly. >> things are not entirely normal but a lot of the city is operating well. >> it is a different story in washington where the mayor warns the district will be dealing with snow all week. >> we have made some progress. there is still more to do. >> d.c. schools remain closed and federal buildings are shut down. the house of representatives cancelled votes for the whole week. meanwhile air travelers are feeling the pain as airports slowly return to life. 12,000 flights have been cancelled, including more than 1800 on monday. >> they have been rolling all the cancellations over.
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on time, heading back to new orleans. >> that was chris welch reporting. at least 42 people have died as a result of the storm. many of them from shoveling the snow. >> happening today, a pair of murder suspects in henderson county is expected to be in court. sean hallfield and savannah walker are accused of killing taylor in december. probable cause hearings are scheduled for both of them today. taylor was found dead in hendersonville. according to search warrants henderson's cousin said a drug deal was involved. >> also today the federal trial continues of a new voter i.d. requirement. u.s. justice department and the naacp said the law will make it harder fer minority voters to cast a ballot. supporters says it protects against voter fraud. it is not clear if the judge will make a ruling before north carolina's primary in march.
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the iowa caucuses are less than a week away and a new poll is shedding light on the republican nomination. >> reporter: the countdown to the iowa caucuses is being measured in hours. >> 171 hours, that's how long we have until the iowa caucuses, 171 hours. >> ted cruz seeing his poll numbers flip, urging voters to turn out. >> it is now or never. we can't get it wrong again. >> but wrong is what donald trump is saying about cruz, telling supporters the texan should run for the prime minister of canada instead. >> my battle with a gentleman named ted cruz because you have to speak the truth. he is a canadian. the man is from canada. >> speaking of truth -- on the democratic side bernie sanders
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will not. >> we will raise taxes. >> explaining how he would fund a single payer tax plan. >> we are going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >> hillary clinton also campaigning on healthcare in iowa. >> when i worked on healthcare in 93 and 94, i was trying to get us to universal healthcare coverage. >> reporter: trying to hold onto her six point lead in the hawk eye state. one republican debate remains before the iwau caucuses. donald trump threatens he may boycott the debate if megan kelly is allowed to participate. this is the third time trump has threatened to pull out of the debate. >> in other news making headlines, the search continues for three escapees in southern california. the investigation is focused on suburban communities where investigators say those men could be hiding among friends,
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they rapelled from the roof days ago. all were accused of violent crimes and at least one of them is connected to veet in a mean gangs. >> the pair behind the planned parenthood videos is indicted in texas. it is the first time anyone with the antiabortion group has been charged criminally since the undercoverage footage began surfacing last year. they are charged with tampering with a governmental record and purchasing human organs. the video showed planned parenthood discussing the tissue. >> winston state university on lockdown after someone displayed a gun on campus. a university spokesperson said it stemmed from an altercation 9:30. a lockdown was put into place. police say no shots were fired and no one was hurt. the lockdown was lifted after 1:00 this morning. >> the winter weather can have
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coming up in our health headlines, we'll look at winter and depression and how the two seem to go hand in hand. >> in the business report, looks like all day breakfast is paying off. what else the chain promises customers over the next decade. >> your mobile phone can be just as good for your tv. plus your real t time traffic updates.
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searching wlos in your >> winter can be a tough season emotionally especially with the fierce snowstorm we just saw. topping today's health headlines, some ways to fight the winter blues. >> even if you love the cold and
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admit this has been a tough season. not only is it brisk outside but shorter days and longer nights can bring on the blues. it is estimated at least 12 million americans suffer from a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder or sad. in severe cases, doctors say people with sad become depressed. mamy patients claim they can't function. that's because the brain goes through a chemical inbalance due to a lack of sunlight which can lead to a number of symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, oversleeping, difficulty concentrating and cravings for foods high in carbohydrates that can cause weight gain. there are ways sad can be treated. there are light boxes used to treat those with sad and if the problem becomes serious, some doctors will recommend antidepressants or psychotherapy
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dark days of winter. be with family. it is a perfect way to stay warm even if the temperatures outside are frigid.frigid. >> coming up, new images lead to a criminal investigation into camed water in the state of michigan. why some parents say their children are paying the highest price. >> we are still seeing the snow on the ground in rutherford county. it is 46 degrees so you can imagine what will be happening that snow will be melting. 46 degrees right now in asheville with cloudy conditions, winds at 13.
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talk about the timeline and when >> welcome back. good afternoon. let's take a look way up at
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great smoky mountains national park. a good amount of cloud cover. then it starts to clear out but still notice there is a good bit of clouds in the distance. also notice that the snow is still on the ground. same thing at balsam gap. still holding onto the upper 30's. i have been showing you this shot here for several days now. this looks much better. it does indicate we are starting to see the snow melt, you can see through the time lapse at the bottom of your screen. you start to see the grass beneath that snow. at unca, feeling pretty nice outside. a good amount of cloud cover to theeoutside. we don't have the snow, the warmer temperatures doing a decent job of that. radar and satellite shows the clouds across the french broad river valley and down into the upstate, our northern and western zones, seeing these light showers throughout the morning and now even past noontime in swain county, have not picked up any precipitation
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we'll have a chance for it, starting tonight and into tomorrow as well. temperatures this morning, they were funky, we started off cold, we warm to the 40's. so far we made it up to 46. that is right about normal. look at this, 48 is the normal high and 27 the low. seasonal conditions. 39 still in burnsville. 10 degrees warmer up towards newland and towards boon. 46 back in the asheville area. bryson. low 50's in gaffeny and upper greenwood. this model is pulling in 64 degrees down into columbia. feeling like spring. the winds have picked up a bit out of the south at 13 miles an hour. watching the front continuing to move through the region. 9 in boone. greeeewood. this is the big picture,
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these showers as this front continues to push through western north carolina. into the upstate as that happens into tonight. let's take a closer look. this is a snapshot at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon showing cloudy conditions across the region. no real thet for rain just yet. watch how closely we'll start to see showers develop. he's 4:00 p.m. and then 5:00, 6:00, eventually making it into the french broad river valley, down into the upstate through this evening. it does indicate we'll see a few areas of light snow up towards avery county. our earlier models were pulling it south. a rain-snow mix early through the morning hours, a slight chance for that. we want to make you aware, especially when school districts are trying to monitor the situation. 8:0000.m., still showing clouds. most of the rain has left the region. clear skies expected for the second half of the day. how much rain are we going to
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not a ton but a tenth of an ih to a third of an inch across many areas in western north carolina. 50 for a high in asheville today. clouds but rain late day and the mountain mix a possibility. clouds today in greenville. temperatures feeling pretty nice at 52 degrees. tonight, cooling back down to 40. rainshowers possible. the winds should remain light. extended forecast does show quite the turn around. look at this, friday into the weekend, sunshine, upper 50's in the mountains. low 60's in the upstate. >> i saw a 60 at the endend. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news about an active shooter. a shooter has been reported in san diego. we now have a live picture from the scene, we have no new details about any suspects or injuries at this point. we'll continue to update you, we
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picture on >> at least 2500 jobs across six
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the plan to cut more than $2 hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping,
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greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $23.17 on this week's groceries - that's 17%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. >> stocks are seeing a midday bump. let's get you to the board. at noon the dow was up at 16129. the nasdaq was up 29 points at 4547. sprint cut 2500 jobs at six customer service centers and at its kansas headquarters as part of its plan to cut two and a half billion dollars of cost. the wireless service providers said subscribers are using the sprint zone app. they are going online for customer care needs, a trend
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shares of the company are down 39% in fact last year after losing more than 12% in monday's trading. >> mcdonald's is crediting all day breakfast with increased sales by 5.7% in the quarter that ended december. the fast food giant is facing the challenge of changing diet habits and increased competition from casual chains focused on fresh foods. mcdonald's is looking to please customers by updating t t menu and committing to using only cage free eggs over the next 10 years. >> partners estimate there were 54 million amazon prime members in the u.s. at the end of 2015 or 21% of the u.s. adult population. that means close to half of u.s. house holds have a prime membership. the retailer doesn't disclose specific numbers. members spend an average of 1100 dollars a year compared to 600
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>> a dream come true for young panthers fans, still to come at noon, the links this child went to to get that touchdown ball. >> coming up tonight, eyeing a
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how doctors >> carolina panther cam newton handing game balls to lucky kids after every touchdown. >> he wasn't in the right place at the right time during a touchdown and he saw him give the ball to that girl. she is adorable. when he saw the move, he ran t to make his move and here's what he had to say. >> the first thing i thought of when i got back was thinking of how much my sister will be jealous.
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a good sport. >> she helped draw a picture of his day in the spotlight. >> a manhunt for three escaped inmates, where the criminals may have gone and who could have
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>> a suspect attacks a person
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