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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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went viral. >>jay: the parents were in a rush after mom and dad left, sutton decided to pray on her own. the video was recorded on the family baby monitor. >>ingrid: she calls out the names of the people she is praying for including her parents, grandmother and, get this, even santa claus. >>holly: i thought i heard that. >>jay: that's what i thought she said. gastric exactly. >>ingrid: that is adorable. >>holly: you have to pray for santa claus. that's good person to have on the list. >>ingrid: all yearlong. good morning, let's look outside. we have light rain falling across the southern portions in the polk county and into the foothills. and notice along the tennessee line there, we are seeing some colder conditions on the cloud tops. i have not had reports of snow falling to the ground this morning because we are just above freezing every where, brevard, cherokee, 37 in hendersonville, waynesville, 34 degrees. and by lunchtime, back up to the low 40s. but we will be talking about 60 degrees days in the extended forecast.
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happens in just a little bit. >>holly: dot crews in henderson county are asking people there for patience when it comes to clearing the roads. the dot has some equipment problems. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman is live from the dot office on mt. road in hendersonville and, lauren, those problems have left them short several trucks. >>lauren: yes, in fact, they have had lost five trucks since the beginning of this winter storm. so, they are down to 10 to use across the county. so it's putting them a little behind when it comes to clearing roads. our news 13 crews caught up with them a couple days ago to check in on the progress and as of yesterday they were making their way to those secondary roads. they hope to finish those yesterday and, in fact, we traveled across henderson county this morning from mills river to flatrock and i can tell you roads like haywood road and greenville county were looking good, just wet because we are seeing rain but the temperatures are above freezing. so, still a possibility of black ice of course in some spots but they are hovering just above the freezing point.
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continue to melt off that snow. they were hoping to make their way to some of the neighborhood streets as of yesterday. and so that's where their focus is now, is to completely continue and wrap up, hopefully, these cleanup efforts. but it is taking longer so they are asking for patience if you live in henderson county. viewers reached out to us on facebook and we checked out some of the roads like school road earlier this morning. that road looking a lot better than when our viewer posted that photograph on facebook. we are checking in with dot officials here. i will have another live update coming up at 6:30. we are live in hendersonville, and now let's check in with. traffic center. >>jaclyn: thank, lauren. the side roads might be a problem not just in henderson county but all across the area this morning. you may be seeing patchypots of black ice so, of course, use road. we are seeing improvements over in haywood county. highway 276 is back open near the blue ridge parkway. this road was closed over the weekend due to that snow and ice in the roadway.
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right now, getting a look at some i-26 travel times for you. there are some slowdowns here on i-26 eastbound between the tennessee border and highway 19. so keep in mind if you usually drive. i-26 is looking better closer to asheville. that's a clear -- about a 10 min minute i-40. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by solution. back the to you. >>holly: exdespite overnight rain experts say it's a good idea to wash your vehiclele because the salt that was put on the roads to melt the snow can cause major damage. a thorough car wash will get rid of salt in places you can't see like in the undercarriage. >> because it causes damage and rust, mess up your paint job and everything. and i advise you get it as soon as you can. >>holly: the staff at shammy's on henderson road expects long lines.
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endorsrs a property on haywood street into a park across from st. lawrence basilica and the u.s. cellular center. during the city council meeting asheville's planning and economic development committee recommendedrecommended that a park committee be createdf. >> i thihi the committee decided on a full public engagement process for haywood street and that's something we look forward to, to working with the community on developing an overall vision for this area. >>holly: at this point, council has not officially voted to build the park. >>jay: local teachers administrators could soon be allowed to carry guns in south carolina. two upstate representatives are among those cosponsoring the school protection officer act. it would allow school employees to come to work armed. an upstate antigun activist is speaking out against the proposed legislation. we have the possibility a child could grab the officer's gun. then the gun can accidently go off if the officer were to make
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accidental death. >>jay: any school employee could potentially volunteer for this responsibility. but would have to go through mandatory training. four people were arrested during a meeting at unc chapel hill. demonstrators protested the hiring of former u.s. education secretary margaret spellings to head the university of north carolina system. they objected to spellings work for president george w. bush and the work for the parent company of the for profit university of phoenix. the protestors were charged with disrupting an official meeting and resisting an officer. >>holly: suspects are on the run and the deputies need your help this morning to find them. in "fugitive files" we team up again with the mcdowell county sheriff offense office. joining us this morning is detective jason grimes. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. we have james minor wanted for burning certain buildings. next up is joel smith. he is wanted for felony breaking and entering. and finally, it's mr. joshua
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counts of driving while license revoke and failing to report an accident. these individuals should be in the marion area. >>holly: and this morning you can call anonymously by calling the crime stoppers number 652-2237. again, 652-2237. or, you actually have a new way to be able to send your tips to the mcdowell county sheriff offense office? >> that's right. tip submit, it's the county crime stoppers new app you can download on any device. also, on-line, go on-line to submit your tips and get a reward there was those. >>holly: you said you are especially hoping students and maybe high schoolers and young kids will use this? >> absolutely. high school kids, anything they see at school or any individual they see on the street that they are aware of that may have warrants on or anybody that they see this morning, they can send >>holly: okay. and again you can possibly get a reward. to see all the suspect pictures we have been showing go to the "fugitive files" section of and we will join you in the last half hour. jay, back to you. >>jay: thanks so much. donald trump is shaking up the
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this time saying he will not take part in tomorrow night's debate on fox news. the network issued a statement mocking trump for his ongoing attacks on moderator megyn kelly. trump fired back calling it a quote pathetic attempt to build up ratings, end quote. trump says he has other plans. >> i won't be doing the debate. i'm going to have something else in iowa. we will do something where we raise money for then>mj'x&e$zfsx oz5 vux;x; vj _&^i586 committee has yet to give its approve for that event. >>jay: news reel, investigators have an idea of what caused a deadly railroad crash.
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the amtrack engineer was distracted by radio chatter from other train operators. the ntsb is expected to release new detaiai on the accident february 1st. this includes dispelling rumors that engineer brandon boston was using his cell phone at the time. that crash killed people and injured more than 200 others. >>jay: authorities are investigating a traffic accident in massachusetts. a motorist died after a tire fell off a pickup truck and struck his car. a 19 year-old woman was driving the truck southbound when the tire came off and went over thehe barrier, struck a vehicle and then another traveling north. the man in the second car was, in fact, killed. >>holly: a burglar in coral gables caught on surveillance video. check it out. he was wearing a santa hat when he broke into the plastic surgery facility. police say he use add crowbar to get in and grabbed the garbage can. instead of money, he left with thousands of dollars worth of botox. >> that person knowing what they wanted. we had iphones.
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none of those things were touched. they came straight for the refrigerator where we have our botox. >>holly: officers are still looking for the botox bandit. >>jay: and now my favorite story of the morning, u.s. customs arrested a man who tried to smuggle live birds in his pants. he was a passenger on a flight from cuba to florida. officials say the passenger was concealing six exotic birds in a fanny pack and three more in his groin area. the birds were turned over to the department of agriculture's miami quarantine station. it's a violation of federal law to smuggle live animals into the u.s. >>holly: so many comments from you in the news room . . . >>jay: this i can say, it's not clear if the birds were you coos, but the man was ( ). >>holly: you kept it so clean for us. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: not one of those birds, just pointing that out. we are giving away a free one month family member to any ymca of western north carolina location.
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just go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock this morning and, remember, you can take your whole family. >>jay: winter storm cleanup. what some cities are using, other than the obvious, to help clear the streets faster. >>ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." , we have delays and closures once again this morning, a full list at but, for the majority of us, seeing clouds throughout the day. and staying above freezing. we will talk about the chance for a mountain mix this morning. i will show you the live radar, when the rain ends and turning cold to much warmer, the 60s
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>> >>holly: we are seeing light showers around forest city down towards polk county and maybe a few lingering showers up towards burke county as well. and our northern zone, really, this is not much of anything. we are showing some blow which can mean snow in the darker areas, highest elevations, but no reports of snow this morning. temperatures are realry on our side. they stayed above freezing because that's really helped with things. black mountain camera does show visibility issues. we have seen some fog out there so keep in mind. 2/100ths of an inch of rain at the ashville airport. just since midnight. not much at all. 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year, so 37 degrees is as cold as we have gotten. so, good news there. no real threats for slick
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isolated zones could be below freezing. but, all in all, not too bad. below one mile, vilt in morganton, so foggy conditions expected there for the forest city. below a mile in anderson and 9 down into greenwood. talk temperatures from boone to burnsville. staying above freezing. 38 degrees in asheville. 38 in bryson city. 42 in franklin to upper 40s down into the upstate. 45 in gaffney. 50 degrees down into greenwood. so, all across my map, we have stayed above freezing this morning. so, good news there. 15 miles per hour wind in asheville makes it feel a little colder. so keep that in mind were you head out the door. contain you yes, i doing to watch this front move through the southeast, and we are seeing lingering precipitation across some portions of the region. but not a lot to speak of in the way of rain. in fact, 8 a.m. showing partly clear skies. same thing through dinnertime. and we will see a little bit more clearing into tonight. so partly clear temperatures will drop back below freezing,
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concerns again thursday morning. maybe a stray shower further south into the upstate throughout the day, but all in all, we should stay mostly dry. this model pulling in the possibility of just a little bit of precipitation early friday morgue we will keep a close eye on that, see if we could see that fall in the way of a mix of maybe snow and rain. 44 degrees for a high temperature in asheville today. so, light rain early, cloudy day, and then some gradual clearing through the afternoon. tonight, back below freezing in the 20s. 52 degrees in greenville today. and 33 tonight. look at this extended forecast. big difference from last weekend. we are talking about a foot of snow. now we are talking about sunshine and 60s into the upstate. low 60s for the weekend. >>holly: some trucks in washington, dc are still making the rounds trying to clear the snow. >>jay: they arrived in groups and were filled with snow by trucks. despite their efforts there were
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the city said they are clearing in sections. the city acquired a snow melting machine to help out. >>holly: that's smart. unc asheville tries to keep its share of first place in the big south conference.
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presbyterian at >>stan: good morning, everybody. in sports, four way tie for first in the big south in women's hoops going into last night's action, two in the court
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the top a at kimball arena. presbyterian at unc asheville 7-2 and guard ner webb and liberty. mark kirkpatrick and the bulldogs ready to play, and play they did. second quarter kayla webb finds tory major and knock down 3 of her 20, asheville up 19-12. later in the game, se norra van dunk l drives into the lane, good and the foul finishes for the 3 point play. tory major again from way outside, another triple. asheville wins 68-59. they are tied for first with liberty. they beat gardener web last night, they hosted web the 13th. live in virginia at wake. wake is hot, up 12. they get the field and in the black, a jam on the other end, wake forest loved it. they love this even more. 1:25 to go, wake up 7, there's devin tom marx up 10.
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the corner down to 4. now broad another deep 3, one point lead, he had 28. here comes uva end of the game, darius thompson a shot at the buzzer, oh my, i can't believe that went in. from that weird angle. he banks it. what a killer for wake. it's 11th ranked virginia stuns wake forest, wow, 72-71. not many prep games played but swannanoa, the private school league, christ school and asheville christian academy two games behind the greennies and they lost at the greenny dome in december. two great players, john fulkerson of christ and james madison joining a.c. a. another third quarter, shepard in the lane and 55-45. couple plays later the crowd goes crazier because shepherd drives again and kicks to alec cash, he knocks down the 3, that cuts the lead to single digits. but the fourth quarter belonged to the greennies.
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fulkerson who lays it down for the jam. christ school starts to pull away. couple plays later it's fulkerson again down low. he will put it up. he is going to miss it. but look what he does when he gets it back. jams it home. christ school wins it 76-66. prep basketball affected in buncombe county, asheville, and henderson county schools were postponed, smoky mountain boys and girls bead 66-44, 89-47, tommy britton had 22 and cherokee sweeps hazel 37-31, the girls game, and 109-80 boys game. that's sport this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great wednesday, everyone. >>holly: this morning things are looking better outside. it's actually raining in most of the areas, ingrid, or it has been. >>ingrid: we saw light rain overnight. we are seeing it wrap up in the southern mountains seeing that right now. 44 in asheville for a high temperature. 50 forest city. low 50s gaffney to greer. clemson 53.
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little bit of rain and then some clearing into tonight and that will help our temperatures drop back below freezing before turning a chance for black ice, across the region, 33 down into greenville tonight. right now let's get a traffic update with jaclyn. we are accident free. >>jaclyn: ingrid, the roads are in good shape right now. if you are heading towards merryman avenue on your morning community you shouldn't see any problems out there. a nice easy 7 minute drive from i-240 over to glenn falls road. remember, a.p.d. traffic safety unite will focus on kimberly avenue this week so just remember to use caution if you frequently take that route on your morning drive or any drive rather. checking back on i-26, near the tennessee border, everything is back up to speed here on the eastbound side. just in time for your commute. all the earlier delays are now cleared. it is a clear drive from the state line over to highway 19. that's ooh look at your on-time
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>>holly: new orleans, a massive fire is burning at a hotel. >>jay: this is video into our news room of the fire at the roosevelt hotel on canal street. dozens of firefighters are on the scene. so far it is not clear what started the fire. or if there aref a9$g_@;a wsy/dwxhnu ]ey1hf surf" we are celebrating national chocolate cake day. mmmm. >>ingrid: mmmm. >>holly: if you're not hungry, you will be in a moment. >>holly: we are look at delicious chocolate cakes and posted the link at >>holly: so the clock hat molten lava cake, you have seen these? >>ingrid: i have never made these, it looks too complicated, but at fancy restaurants i get it. delicious. the german chocolate? >>holly: this is touted as the best chocolate cake ever. whoa. we should taste test these. that's what i'm voting for. >>ingrid: me, too. >>holly: black magic cake. >>ingrid: i wonder if it's
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>> you know, all the folks started their diets for the new year and we are tempting them. >>holly: i have a great web site for tomorrow, full of 100-calorie snacks you can do so you can have your indulgence and do some other thing. how about one with marshmallows on top? >>ingrid: it's okay. it looks easier. >>holly: moll ten chocolate? >>ingrid: very pretty. >>holly: very pretty. this one has red wine in it and a raspberry butter cream. >>ingrid: mmmm. >>holly: ras ber ris and dark chocolate go well together. >>ingrid: what about caramel? ( ) i want to try that, i love salted caramel. >>holly: the brownie inside that's so good, the nutella fans out there. >>ingrid: you like nutella? >>holly: i like it okay. i don't really buy it. >>ingrid: people love that stuff. they make a whole cake out of it? >>holly: put it on waffles. maybe you're having it for breakfast. put it on your toast. >>ingrid: okay.
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let's look outside, everyone. final time this half hour, shows 38 degrees and winds out of the north in asheville. we will talk about a mountain mix this morning. when the rain ends for the valleys. and when we turn colder back below freezing but then much warmer. it will feel like spring soon enough. >>lauren: dot crews in henderson county continue to work around the clock to clear the roads. coming up live, we are talking with the county's maintenance engineer finding out why it's anticipated. >>jay: the one thing that's hurting parents when schools are closed or delayed due to >> >>holly: some parents are trying to keep an elementary school from closing. what they are planning to day to
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>>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >>jay: yes, indeed. we are giving away a free one month family membership to any ymca location, valued at 200-dollar. go to 13 to enter. >>ingrid: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock this morning. you can burn off all that chocolate cake we saw. >>ingrid: that's what i was gogog to to say. it's fine, just go to the y. after. >>jay: you can have mine. >>ingrid: you don't like chocolate? >>jay: i don't.
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>>holly: it makes a burning sensation. >>jay: i'm serious. it feels like i have eaten hot pepper. >>holly: especially since you eat all those m&ms in the news room. >>jay: that's a different. that's milk chocolate. you got me. all right. >>ingrid: we have been tracking school closures because of the weather and delays this morning. those are all scrolling at the bottom of your screen. in a moment. let's look at the satellite radar showing some light showers across the eastern zones and our northern mountains here. showing a light bit of snow. so, just keep that in mind in those zones. the majority of this is not falling as snow because temperatures are too warm. in fact, 37 in asheville, brevard 36, cherokee 38. hendersonville 37, waynesville 34. looking at the next several hours, low 40s by lunchtime. coming up in my full forecast it will start to feel like spring in the coming day. i will tell you when 60s return to the forecast in a bit. >>holly: it is taking some extra time for henderson county
6:27 am
>>jay: this morning, news 13's lauren brigman is checking in with dot officials on their progress. she joins us now live from the dot office on mountain road in hendersonville. >>lauren: good morning, jay and holly. yeah, we have traveled this morning since 5:00 from mills river to flat rock checking out road conditions for you. i can tell you that dot crews have been working around the clock since this winter storm hit. but they ran into a couple of difficulties so we are talking with roger airs, the henderson county dot maintenance engineer. so tell us about the challenges you all have faced as far as your equipment and the conditions. >> well, we started out with 15 trucks, snow plows, five of those broke down and that left us with 10. and that makes it difficult when you don't have the equipment to operate in a big county like this. and we have got -- we had three graders as well.
6:28 am
we got two more from another county, and we have five of those now that we are working with. we did get three trucks from neighboring counties to help us to -- with our lack of trucks that we have because we broke down. >>lauren: and you already get helm from the other counties but you are asking for people to just be patient as yo done you to work through because crews are out there working as we speak. give an update, you know, henderson county schools closed to day. a lot of people wondering why because from what we saw the secondary roads looked mainly wet but where are the problem areas that you all are seeing today? >> right now, we do have our main secondary system in pretty good shape. our subdivisions are the ones that still have snow cover on them, ice cover that we -- that people going in and out pack it down into ice.
6:29 am
we will be in those real hard today to try to get all those cleared off. >>lauren: you are hoping the warmer temperatures and the rain may help a little bit, right? >> the rain helped us a lot. it helps loosen the ice up so we can get it pushed off the roads. >>lauren: thank you for giving us the update. you heard it straight from the officials as they continue to work through clearing all of those neighborhoods streets, working their way to clear all the roads in henderson county so you can have a safe commute and keep the buses and the children, the school children safe, of course that's a primary concern when the school system makes that decision. reporting live in hendersonville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jaclyn: let's look at other roads in the area. some secondary and neighborhood roads may be a problem across our areas not just in henderson county this morning. dispatchers in mcdowell county mentioned to me their back roads might be especially slick so remember to take it slow. if you are driving on a side road this morning. we have been seeing improvements in haywood county, u.s. 276 is now open near the blue ridge parkway.
6:30 am
due to snow and ice in the roadway. that is no longer an issue for you. right now let's get a look at your travel time along i-40 from old fort to asheville, give yourself 20 minutes to make that commute. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back over to you. >>holly: haywood county school announced a 2 hour delay, no buses on icy roads. >>jay: officials made the decision over concerns of last night's rain refreezing. >>holly: students will have saturday school from 8:00 to noon to make up for the snow day. so far the school system has had five so far this year. >> when you can make one up on a saturday, that feels real good in may and june because you're -- you have an not extended the year. >>jay: if parents feel their students cannot get to class this saturday, school leaders say they will make every reasonable effort to code absences as excused. >>holly: more delays in the mountains are have parents left
6:31 am
parents say they love being home with their kids but they can't afford to miss any more work. >> i love spending time wither he, i really do, but not being able to work, it's hit hard. >> for a small business, that's -- it makes it a little tough. it's not impossible, but tough. >>holly: day cares have also been closed for three to four days in some area, forcing parents to stay home. >>jay: happening today, waynesville parents will stage an awareness walk this afternoon in downtown waynesville against the haywood county school plans to possibly close central elementary school. the school has had falling enrollment and a budget shortfall. people say despite the school's age, central is a quality school that should remain open. >> it's definitely understandable closing the l scoo, it makes sense, but at the same time i'm not sure it was the only answer. >>jay: if central closes, most kids would go to either hazelwood or junaluska
6:32 am
both are about 2 miles away. today's walk starts at 5:30. followed by the public hearing at the school at 7:00. the school board is set to vote on the closing at its february 8th meeting. >>holly: we have new information this morning about a deadly wreck in haywood county. we first told you about it last night at 11:00. >>jay: highway patrol tells us 50 year-old johnny davis of waynesville was killed near the clyde exit off highway 74. troopers say just before 9:00 last night he hit an embankment and was thrown from his truck and later died at the hospital. >>holly: troopers say no other vehicles were involved and they do suspect alcohol was a factor. >>jay: we have an update this morning on a henderson county couple charged after a toddler was shot and killed in their home. james and heather step pleaded guilty to storage of a firearm with access to children, a misdemeanor. the pair was originally charged with involuntary manslaughter for two year-old abigail newman's death in october. district attorney says newman was shot with a shotgun that was left on a kitchen table at the
6:33 am
>> this is something that both families are going to have to deal with for the rest of their lives. clearly the parents of the child and clearly the steps. this is just something that is tragic. they did not intend to happen. >>jay: the sentences were sentenced to 45 days in jail which was in fact suspended. they must each pay a $200 fine in court costs. their guns have also been forfeited to the sheriff offense office. >>holly: suspects are on the run and deputies need your help tracking them down in this morning's fugitive files we team up with the mcdowell county sheriff offense office and detective james grimes for coming in. who are our final suspects today? >> kimberly mccool, probation violation. next is mr. matthew english, he is wanted for obtaining property by false pretense and felony breaking and entering. and finally middle school patricia bean. she is wanted for obtaining property by false pretense and exploit an elderly person. all these individuals should be
6:34 am
we know you get a lot of tips from the viewers through seeing the folks on t.v., but you also have a new tool, an app actually? >> yes, it's called tip submit. you can download it on your mobile device, also go on-line to submit your tips for the crime stoppers and also the folks at the high schools, any school, if you have a smart phone there. you can submit tips that you see or if you see these individuals that we have had on "fugitive files" this morning. you can also send those in and get a reward. >>holly: so not just looking for adult tips but also maybe some teenagers who have good information that may help out. to see the list of all the fugitives we have shown you this morning, go to the "fugitive files" section of and the number to call if you have any information is (828) 652-2237. again, 652-2237 and don't forget to download the app. jay, back to you. >>jay: thank you so much. also for you this evening no, the public gets a chance to
6:35 am
to switch over its lake julian plant from coal to natural gas. the hearing by the state utilities commission lasted more than four hours. duke's $1 billion proposal would be made up of two natural gas unites but the company wants to make a third backup unite for the future. that's because duke says power demand is expected to go up 15% over the next 10 years. >> taking on huge costs to transition to natural gas makes no sense. when cleaner, renewable technologies are ready now. and will continue to become more cost effective. >> we don't build power plants. these large capitol project, we don't just build them for what we are seeing today. so we have to build these plants projecting a little bit out into the future. >>jay: the utilities commission is expected to make a decision about the third unit by march 1st. >>holly: we are learning details why a developer wants to delay a proposed apartment complex in south asheville. rusty coleman told city council members he wants to break ground on the complex in 2018 and finish building them by 2020.
6:36 am
scheduled widening of the roads for that same area. he believes that will resolve traffic concerns raised by those living near the proposed site. >> when they see our plan, i think they are going to see all the reasons planning and zoning voted 6-1 is the fact that the project i'm proposing to do is one of the lowest traffic impacts that can ever be built on this corner. >>holly: he plans to present the new plans in march you can enter to win our valentine selfie contest. send your most crealtive selfie for a chance to win $150 earrings from allen's jewelry and pawn. >>jay: go to and click on contest to enter. the winner will be announced february 9th. >> >>holly: here are some examples of valentine's day selfies, mark from old fort sent this great shot of himself and a very special lady. >>jay: lauren from asheville
6:37 am
snowy heart in the background. she captioned it valentine, i dig you. >>holly: clever there. great pictures. keep sending them to us. coming up, the voice of nascar has died. >>jay: coming up, how driver
6:38 am
remembering barney now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. greenville does show that the
6:39 am
but, look at the temperature. 48 degrees. so, no real issues there for any black ice. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. and across much of western north carolina, we did see some light rain, but really that's starting to wrap up. only seeing 2/100ths of an inch since midnight at the ashville airport. let's talk temperatures though. because it is above freezing. thankfully, because we have this rain. that could have been really dangerous this morning. the freezing rain advisory that was out last night, they actually pulled that back and expired it early, because temperatures have been in our favor here. 27 is typical. 37 is what we have got down to since midnight. 33 now in newland, so hovering around that freezing mark, but not quite there. 37 in morganton to 40 in forest city. upper 30s from bryson city to andrews, to 47 down into greer. clemson 48 and a comfortable 50 degrees to start off your day in greenwood. go ahead and make sure you have the umbrella with you this morning.
6:40 am
just a few showers lingering across the morning hours. about a 30% chance. wind right now out of the north in asheville at 14 miles per hour. so that will make it feel a little bit cooler in the french broad river valley you be it is calmer in the foothills and down into the upstate at 3 in graphny. an issue this morning is patchy fog, anderson pulling in a value at 2 right now. 7 in forest city, below a half mile visibility at times. up into burke county. this cold front continuing to move through the southeast. let's get a closer look at if we will see any more showers today. snapshot, 8 a.m. just showing partly clear skies through lunchtime as well. then we start to see skies clearing. 44 degrees for a high temperature. light rain early on. cloudy conditions throughout the day. and then actually some clearing into the overnight hours, and temperatures will be back below that freezing mark, 28 degrees in asheville. greenville, 52 with a few showers early and then 33.
6:41 am
much nicer than last weekend. and i know a lot of folks like the snow but a lot of folks are hoping for spring already. here you go. 60 degrees saturday, sunday 62. into the upstate, a gradual warm up as well with sunshine. low 60s into the weekend. the road are getting busy right now, jaclyn, there are delays to look out for on smoky park highway? >>jaclyn: traffic is very slow moving on the smoky park highway between rutherford road and i-40, the good news is the congestion clears up as you head towards i-240. a.p.d. traffic safety unite will focus on one spot this week, that's kimberly avenue. so use caution if you are usually taking this route on your commute. and remember, slick neighborhood roads and side roads may still be an issue in your a area. mcdowell county dispatcher mentioned their back roads are especially slick and the same for the rutherford county area. so, keep in mind your morning drive, take it slow. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>
6:42 am
legendary nascar broadcaster and north carolina native barney hall has died. >>holly: hall was a commentator for the motor racing network for more than 50 years. many fans and drivers including dale earnhardt junior took to twitter to post their sympathies for the man they called "the voice of nascar." >>jay: espn reports he died yesterday from complications following a recent medical procedure. hall is from el. >>karen l0):, a small town outside winston-salem. >>holly: a big superbowl rally for the panthers is is planned for charlotte. >>jay: it's friday at rah employer park, organizers expect a big crowd. >> we expect the park to be full. i mean, we are guesses there will be thousands of people in the park for this really. >>jay: some details are still being worked out, like which panthers players will take the stage to fire up the fans. >>holly: don't forget news 131 sending a crew to the superbowl. luke notestine and photojournalist andy coats will send coverage starting next week. exciting for everyone. >>jay: absolutely. >>holly: we will, of course,
6:43 am
on news 13. affluenza teen ethan couch could be heading back to the u.s.
6:44 am
to say about >>holly: we continue to follow breaking news out of new orleans where a massive fire continues to burn right now. >>jay: earlier we reported it was at the roosevelt hotel at canal street, officials say it's a commercial building near the hotel. you can see the flames shooting from the roof of the building. >>holly: right now there are no reports of injuries or what might have started that fire. stay with news 13 for updates. a developing story out of seattle. police are still looking for the person accused of killing two people and injuring three others at a homeless camp. >>jay: it started last night at a long standing encampment known as the jungle. they believe the victims were targeted and do not think other homeless people are at risk. the jungle is located just a
6:45 am
where the seattle mariners play. >>holly: continuing coverage in the deadly shootings in burns, oregon. just a few hours from now fbi and law enforcement officials will hold a press conference. >>jay: absolutely. armed protestors have been occupying the wild life refuge for four weeks. reed banion reports the shootout erupted between police and protestors. >> honestly, there are things more important than your life. freedom is one of them. >>reporter: a protestor telling next news that he would rather die than be arrested. tuesday night, one was killed as they arrested am monday bundy and several people occupying the wild life refuge. officials say it started with a traffic stop and that fin me couple and bundy's brother ryan refused to surrender. the bundy claimed said that he had his hand up and was shot three times. officials have not commented much beyond saying it's not clear who shot first. ryan bundy suffered minor
6:46 am
he had been one of the most outspoken members of the group that took over the refuge to protest federal land policies. >> hello, america. this is the roycy any couple. we are not going anywhere. we are here to do a job. >>reporter: tuesday's incident ended with amonoand ryan bundy arrested under felony conspiracy charges. three other activists were arrested separately. i'm reed banion reporting. >>holly: an attorney for the so called affluenza teen ethan couch could return to the u.s. soon. >>jay: the attorney says couch wants to drop his appeal and be deported from the mexico. couch and his mother tanya were found in mexico last month, weeks after a warrant was issued for his arrest. possible probation violation. tanya couch is back in the u.s. and charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. >>holly: a high school student decides to play a piano inside a mall. >>jay: he he mastered the
6:47 am
>>holly: first tody's mind teaser. what year was nascar broadcaster barney hall inducted into the nascar hall of fame?
6:48 am
>> >>holly: let's get a quick recap of the local headlines. repairs will continue on a mountain church that suffered damage during the snowstorm. >>jay: it was the candler house of prayer, flooding the entire chir. with 3" of water. the pastor mag come mccarson and his congregation are determined to make sure the church bounce back. this sunday's service will be held in the building next door. >>holly: more closures has schedules. they love being home with their kids but they can't afford to be out of work. day cares have also been closed for 3-4 days in some areas forcing parents to stay home. now here is the answer day's mind teaser.
6:49 am
broadcaster barney hall inducted into the nascar hall of fame? >>jay: the answer is 2012. >>holly: a high school student of attention. >>jay: the 18 year-old was captured on video inside a mall in lancing playing a piano. >> this video was posted on facebook of montel west and so far it has been like and shared by hundreds of thousands of people. >>holly: get this, wes says he has never been formally taught how to play. he doesn't even read musicicnd doesn't have a piano at home. he said he learned on an electronic key board and watching youtube videos. >>jay: now he says he is receivingreceiving offers for free itself. >>holly: isn't that wonderful? >>jaclyn: good for him. >>holly: you you can find anything on youtube and there's probably an app for that. we have a winner in the "early
6:50 am
randolph. >>jaclyn: you won a free one month family member to any ymca. >>ingrid: and we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. congratulations. a final look at weather outside, we are above freezing across the region. 44 for a high today with only a 30% chance for rain. tonight though, look, back below that freezing mark. so, with some of that snow still could happen for thursday morning. but, 50s, thursday. 40s friday. and look it, next weekend, or this weekend, 60s expected with sunshine. so, a big difference from a week ago. and a few showers by the beginning of next week but still relatively warm. in the upstate early, otherwise expect gradual clearing tonight and we have to look forwawa to the weekend, too. we will talk low 60s. >>holly: this morning we have issues on secondary roads. >>jaclyn: right the neighborhood roads might be slick. we had a viewer calling in
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