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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> not yet, holly. i spoke with the assistant superintendent just about 11:30. he says they are waiting to make a decision first about whether or not to have school tomorrow. then they will determine how they are going to make up the four days they have missed so far. as you can see behind me, the henderson county school bus set, ready to roll. school leaders say until all routes are scraped, they won't be going anywhere. it has been a week since schools have experienced a full school day due to the recent storms. officials say they understand that dot crews are working hard to clear all of the roads and the safety of the students is a primary concern. >> thfr that's sometimes the toughest thing to do. that's why we want to make sure the roads are good before we start running the buses. >> this morning, we saw icy neighborhood streets across the county.
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concentrating efforts today pause main routes are clear. henderson dot has also experienced some equipment malfunction that have put them behind. now. that will hopefully help these roads to melt off as well. henderson county wasn't the only school system close. as well. you can get the latest on all of the possible closings and delays as they begin to come in. log onto >> haywood schools had a two hour delay. students will have school this saturday from 8:00 until noon to make up a snow day. that school system has had five missed day. >> in buncombe county, this school career will be extended to monday june 6. that's due to school cancellations on january 22 and the 25. they will also p made up by the february 12 optional teacher work day, now becoming a regular attendance day for students.
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students originally scheduled for february 11 has been rescheduled to a full regular attendance day. ingrid, we are still seeing the trickle down effects from all the snow. >> it is hard to believe, especially when the bulk of the snow fell friday and saturday. here we are on wednesday, still talking about the snow on the ground. kind of unbelievable. this is black mountain, we had a foot in many locations, seeing sunshine here and really even the tops of the mountains as we wait for skies to clear. starting to see the brown. most of the snow has melted. 39, this is the research institute. this is transylvania county where schools were closed. you see in the distance, lots of white still. that snow will continue to melt, especially now that we are seeing the beautiful blue sky.
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started off the day very cloudy and rainy. it wasn't pretty. now we see skies clear and just high thin clouds across much of the region. 2-100ths of an inch of rain. that's all we picked up at midnight. not much rain at all. it was pretty good timing with the precip and the temperatures. we did not drop down to freezing at the asheville airport. 27 is normal. right now, we have warmed up a few degrees, not much. 40 right now in asheville. 30 still in burnsville. 40's in our western zones. 46 in franklin. look at the upstate right now. shows a comfortable 50 in greenville and warmer in greenwood at 58. 60 down south into columbia. the winds have picked up a little bit here, knoxville at 12. 13 in andrews. 10 in asheville and into the upstate. this is behind this front that moved through the region earlier today and we did see the lingering precip.
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we'll show you here at 4:00 this afternoon, we'll see some clouds, also some clearing across much of the region through tonight. a few showers possible down south, mainly south of 85, south of greenville. tomorrow morning, we are seeing partly clear skies, it will be cold. throughout the day tomorrow, we can expect nice sunshine through the afternoon. this does show -- temperatures will be below freezing in zones. the slightest chance for precipitation in the northern mountains. we'll continue to monitor that. throughout the day, we'll see the sun shine on friday. we are forecasting it to be cooler that day into the 40's. just wait for it. this weekend is going to be wonderful. a big difference from a week ago. partly cloudy, some clearing. 44 degrees. tonight, dry and chilly. 28. of course, with the continued snow melt today, the chance once
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52 degrees in greenville today and right around freezing tonight. look at how warm it gets into the weekend. we go from the 40's friday to the 60's saturday and sunday, gorgeous conditions. we are holding onto that into next week with a few showers chances. in the upstate, we go to the 50's through friday and then low 60's and sunshine saturday and sunday. >> dot presidential front runner donald trump is once again shaking things up, this time by pulling out of tomorrow's debate saying he'll hold his own event. apparently, he is not joking, donald trump campaign says he is skipping the next gop presidential debate this thursday. just days before the first votes are cast in iowa. >> today on good morning america, trump campaign saying it is an issue of fairness, claiming one of the debate
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somebody like that in the debate. >> trump reigniting the fight he had with megan kelly after the first debate. he posted this message on social media -- >> megan kelly is biased against me. she knows that, i know that. >> h seemed caught offguard by the sarcastic response issued by fox news which said, we learned from a secret channel planned to treat trump unfairly. >> i don't know what games roger ellis is playing. >> on the democratic side, a new abc news washington post poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders nationally, 55 to 36 percent. sanders has cut her lead to the smallest it has been. >> what a turnout! >> overnight, people showed up to see the senator in minnesota. >> this is the campaign that has
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way to the white house. >> bernie sanders will get a taste of the white house today. he'll meet with president obama for a private informal meeting before traveling back to iowa.iowa. >> coming up in the carolina kitchen, we are live in the studio making a delicious pulled pork biscuit and honey with
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st >> without the bees, we wouldn't have many of the food we have today. to celebrate, hosting the international black jar honey contest. we are whipping up an inspired honey dish with rich and andrea from the hotel.
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honey inspired in. >> a house made biscuit. we pulled the pork in-house as well, used hoof traditional spices. we finish with honey and roast it in the oven. you are starting to get the honey right off the bat. the next step was we added brie brie to it. that will soften it up. >> you don't think of pulled pork with cheese on it. >> it goes well with the slaw that we have. i'm going to use honey three ways. i do the pork, the slaw, i did apple honey sauce. tried to get colors involved, red pepper, cabbage. this is obviously a vinegar based slaw. no mayonnaise. lastly, i whipped a little bit of butter to go with it.
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it shows you the different ways you can use honey to build flavor. add sweetness with flavor and so on. >> honey is the star of this entire event. >> what they have done, they have asked people internationally to send in samples of honey. we have 27 samples. as far as south africa from washington from all of the united states. we had a winner last year from south africa. the flowers they are tasting are the ones to flavor the ney. we'll do that for three hours. there are nine judges, we are >> ok. >> it is free to the public. if you want to be a sample judge you'll be able to sample honey
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>> this is a great event, something kind of different, very asheville i would say. >> absolutely. >> you guys have bees on the top of the hotel. >> we are working with the center. that's who it belongs to. we are partnering with them. that's who is putting the event on. we are looking forward to getting the name out there. >> that has been instrumental for you because you have the honey off the roof of your hotel. >> afternoonville is about local and fresh. what is fresher? >> be a honey judge, who would have thought. go to the rider bistro and enjoy fantastic dishes. all the information on the black star -- >> international black jar, find out their website, it is easy at
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if you didn't get that, we'll link it to our website. thank you both for coming in. >> are you looking for a new best friend? coming up, time to meet the star of today's pet pals. >> find out more about this sweet hound. >> later, parents in waynesville walk to raise awareness about the possible closing of central elementary school. why they say the school should stay open. >> saving one of the world's most sought over plans. tonight in our reality check,
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poachers >> welcome back. it is time to add to your family. we have an adorable hound dog ready to come home with you. >>or welcome to today's pet pals. skroind by tom. we have a sweet girl here named
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what do you know about this dog? >> judith was found as a stray. just a mellow girl. she loves to snuggle. she is a couch potato. just looking for a good home to provide a lot of love to just about any age. >> get them up to speed with their vaccinations. she goes ready to go. >> she is ready to go. totally up on her vaccinations are complete. she is microchipped. she is looking for a good home to share a lot of love, spend loov time with family or individual of any ageage. >> not sure hold she is. she is so mellow and so sweet. we need a home for judith.
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with the blue ridge humane society? >> they can call the humane society. just outside hendersonville. you can talk to anybody there. they'll guide you in any direction on how to get to the location. introduce you to her, answer any questions you may have. >> you can join us on thank you for coming in. >> judith may be the perfect
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up next, l >> we are giving you a head start on an awesome idea for valentine's day. fran si black is here to talk about three appsapps. they are all at a great place. they make fabulous valentine's
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other special occasion. each of these companies come at it from a different perspective. they are all at a great price point. which one should i use? the first one is free print photo >> they kept it simple with the name. the whole idea is you get one free photo book per month. you just pay for the shipping which is $7.99. each photo book is 5 by 7. it is 20 pages long. it is high quality print. the idea is you can do these once a month for a great price. >> this one is hard book. the $7.99 is a hard back. i was a beta tester. i love these, it is a great price. you can do it monthly. if you add more pages, then you pay extra for that. the base price is awesome. >> ok.
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perspective is something called groove book. >> i have this. i have many groove books at my house. >> the whole idea behind groove book is that you get 100 photos every month and it is a great way to document your life. >> everything in your cell phone, to get those pictures, just stay there and it is easy, you just tap op all of them and upload 100 of them. >> they don't come with a photo on the front. they come with awesome patterns. the idea is you put them on your shelf. you have them marked whatever year it is. you have your whole year documented. i love groove book. >> it is $3 a month. >> the last one is called mosaic. it is a little mosaic. this is a higher end quality photo. they are ok. >> they are not great. >> they are not the highest
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options had higher end photos. this is $25 per photo book. it is not on a subscription basis. it is always 20 pages. it gives you this mosaic cutout. your picture shows through to give you the uniqueness about it. these come in beautiful packaging. those are called mosaic. it is high quality printing. three great options foror valentine's and beyond. >> most have these photos on your phone. it is easy when you use an app like this to upload these. >> all the apps are easy. select the app, upload them to the layout and it is back in a few days and you have awesome beautiful books. >> if you think i don't need it every month, i have had my family accepted me photos to put together a group when we didn't have enough photos, $100 a
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you can actually just have other people send it to you. >> or give them away as gifts, have duplicates made. >> some great ideas for valentine's day. if you want to learn more about the apps, go to her website. you can also go to the tech time section of wlosom and sign up for your free news e letter with tips for everything under the sun. >> speaking of photos, you can enter to win our valentine's day selfie contest. send your creative selfie for a chance to win $50 pair of diamond jewelry. go to and click on contest to enter. the winner will be announced during our morning show on february 9. coming up, we'll show you some of the photos that have already been sent in. we will do that throughout the week. >> we actuay showed some of
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photos of people with valentines. a valentine doesn't have to be another human. they can send pictures of whatever. >> how about you and your kitty cat? >> they are my valentine's every day. >> let's take a final look at weather. this afternoon, we are seeing temperatures warming to the low 40'sith partly cloudy skies. no threat for rain in the forecast for awhile here. sunshine through tomorrow and back to the -- a brief cooldown for 42 degrees. look at this coming weekend. i'm so excited. it is only wednesday, sometimes we need help to get through the week. think about this, what you can do this weekend outside, not in a foot of snow. 60 degrees. saturday 62 on sunday. into the upstate, fantastic, low 60's expected. >> it is going to be a much different weekend than last weekend. >> thanks so much for joining
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