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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we can't really imagine a point where that this place don't exist. >> ashlea: why it's being considered for closure and what parents and students are doing to try to stop that from happening. >> larry: a firefighter's home has been destroyed by fire. we're talking with his chief about how his fellow firefighters are helping him loss. >> ashlea: fans are gearing for the big game. >> he was dabbing in the game and all that stuff. >> ashlea: tonight, we're talking with the store that's
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super bowl bound carolina
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fired in to the sign. >> i hope they find out who did it. which i don't know if they really can. i mean, if it was just a random drive-by shooting. >> ashlea: you're asked to call crime stoppers if you know anything about who fired those shots. an update in a car crash. 50-year-old johnny davis was the man killed in the wreck. he was from waynesville. it happened near the highway 74 exit. davis hit an embankment and was later thrown from his truck. he later died at the hospital. no other vehicles were involved and they suspect alcohol was a
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>> larry: don anderson said after he fell asleep, the alarm woke him up. >> do you think the alarm saved your life? >> yup. >> no question about it? >> no question. >> larry: stop by the fire station if you would like a free alarm for your home. kim bishop resigned from her position back in may 2014. she quit after it was discovered there were dozens of fraudulent checks from her office. they totaled more than $50,000. on monday, she was indicted on five counts of felony attempted embezzlement. >> ashlea: take a look at this. it's an aerial view of downtown hendersonville by a drone. the bulk of the snow was falling. more than 300 views on youtube. very cool video. it almost looks fake.
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will be on a two-hour delay because some back roads still have snow on them. we have all of tomorrow's school announcements updating on the bottom of your screen. the dot says five trucks had mechanical problems which put them behind on plowing. crews are still working on plow gravel and dirt roads. >> we're working around the clock to get these worked on and to try to get them cleared for people. it has been difficult due to the amount of snow we've had. >> ashlea: the dot says those unpaved roads should be cleared off some time tomorrow. >> larry: some school districts have announced make up dates. early release day on february 11th will now be a full day. transylvania county schools will make up days on february 15th and march 24th. in jackson county, the blue
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february 15th, may 25th and may 26th. smoky mountain district will make up days february 15th, june 9th and june 10th. this ford-250 came in to pro auto motive in asheville today almost totally rusted away. experts say you could keep your car longer if you're diligent about cleaning it. even before you buy a car, keep that in mind. >> take it to a trusted mechanic for an inspection. ask about the braking system. ask about the overall condition. >> larry: mechanics tell us could save thousands of dollars by avoiding damage from salt. hundreds of animals rescued from a place that's supposed to protect them.
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conditions those animals were found in. >> ashlea: and panthers gear is flying off the shelves. up next, we talk to fans who are buying it to support their super bowl bound team. >> jason: take a look here right now temperatures around the region, asheville sits at 30 below freezing. as well in brevard. all those cold valleys. right now watch for some black ice in the morning. 28 when you start the day in asheville. 44 by the lunch hour. chilly start as well in the upstate but not quite as cold. mid 30s down there.
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>> larry: right now panthers fever is sweeping the mountains and the nation. it's triggered a run on all things panther. >> ashlea: tonight we talked with fans and the guys in charge of keeping the shelves stocked. >> i've been a fan for 20 plus years. >> ashlea: finally it's here, the year the carolina panthers will play in the super bowl again. and jeff potts brought the family all the way from franklin to stock up. >> i'm a year round fan. i'm always wearing my jerseys. it's just another excuse to go spend some money. >> all kinds of stuff went out of here: hats, laniards, decals,
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whatever they can get their hands on. basket fulls, if i had baskets. >> ashlea: they're hoping for another shipment soon. >> everybody wants the jerseys, obviously. we had the big three. >> ashlea: but on wednesday, those jerseys were only in stock in kids sizes. there's been a series run on items here in the run up to the super bowl. >> i know monday i sold a bunch of those right off the bat just because he was dabbing in the game and all that stuff. >> i'm so super excited. you just won't believe it. everyone countydoubted us and here we are. >> ashlea: anything blue and black and panther. >> i've supported them since they were -- they started back in 2003. and i've stuck with them. i'm a die hard fan win or lose. but we're going to win.
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so i was in the shop about half a dozen folks stopped to pick up gear. it was a wednesday afternoon. we're sending a crew to santa clara to cover the game. >> larry: lucky guys. well the asheville humane society is helping rescue 600 animals involved in an animal cruelty case near fayetteville. an unlicensed animal rescue after getting several complaints of sick animals adopted from the facility. authorities found more than 300 dogs, 250 cats and 40 horses that were being kept in filthy living conditions. many of them with no shelter. >> you've got animals out here with open wounds. you've got animals that's got obvious skin conditions. animals that appear to be malnutritioned. different things like that. >> larry: well the owners of the facility were arrested on
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the asheville humane society will work with authorities in that county to help care for the animals until custody is determined by the court. >> ashlea: a north carolina central university employee is asking her school to pay up after ice gave her car a crushing blow. it happened in a campus parking lot shattering windows and costing thousands in damage. her car is now at a body shop with more than $5,000 worth of damage to it. her insurance won't cover it because it's more than the vehicle is actually worth. and right now, the school says they won't cover it either. >> one of my other co-workers yelled to come out that the ice was falling. their insurance policy doesn't cover that type of personal damage to the vehicle. only if like it was done by, you know, a person damaged. >> ashlea: brumel says she hopes
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of her co-workers if they have to brave another winter storm. >> larry: finally the forecast is looking good. >> ashlea: and the weekend will be a good time to do stuff outside. >> jason: this time last week we were talking about a major winter storm unfolding later in the week. this week, it's cold. but much better weather by the weekend. temperatures in the 20s now here in the mountains. mixture of 20s and 30s. upstate, still middle and upper 40s. what gives? i'll explain after the break. your tyson furniture bus stop forecast, 20s in the morning. we'll talk more about big changes for the weekend. stick around. >> larry: and a bizarre story involving a 99-year-old woman and an animal you've probably never even heard of.
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with this strang now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: i showed you before the break those big differences between the temperatures between the mountains and the upstate. cloud cover. you're underneath a thick blanket of clouds. hints of rain developing south of i-85. that's going to be the theme in the morning. 30 right now and partly cloudy
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mostly south-southeast winds at three. 45 and completely cloudy there in the upstate. you have a wind chill of 43 degrees. we have a belt of high pressure that starts way down here in mexico and stretches across the mississippi valley in to the virginias and that's kept things pretty quiet in those regions. this is not going to be close enough to us to give us any throwback moisture on the back side of it. but there will be enough moisture to give the beaches and areas in the middle of south carolina pretty wet weather. in fact, it's going to be rain for many locales between wilmington and savannah tomorrow. then we see it move east. this one is go g ing to be a weather maker for the mountains. in the weekend, it is just gorgeous. it should make you really smile when you see that seven day
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unless you're a snow lover. here's the future cast. 6:00 a.m., still mostly clear in the mountains. clouds advancing north ward. they'll start to wash up here in the mountains. a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. rain chances are best south of 85. we go back to that winter weather mode right along the tennessee border, some light snow possible thursday night in to friday morning. the rain fall amounts generally about a tenth of an inch. maybe getting up to a quarter of an inch south of 85 towards greenwood tomorrow. 40s and 50s tomorrow in the mountains. cool day, too, over the upstate. temperatures in the 50s in asheville. our temperatures will go colder. look at the pay off this weekend.
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same >> larry: a georgia state trooper and a suspect were shot after a chase in atlanta. the driver took off after the trooper tried to stop him for speeding. he jumped out and started shooting. the trooper was hit in the abdomen, just below his bullet proof vest.
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>> ashlea: and a 99-year old woman got quite a scare when she woke up to find a strange creature on her chest. this little guy. it happened in miami and the animal was a kinkajou. it's part of the raccoon family, if you didn't know that. when the woman screamed, it ran in to the attic. her daughter helped lure it out and took it to an animal hospital. >> larry: fans crowded outside of bank of america stadium in charlotte for hours today to wish the panthers good luck at their first practice since their nfc championship win. parents even took their kids out of school. they chanted mvp as quarterback cam newton ran in to practice. focused and they were hopeful to
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>> ashlea: nc state trying to
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duke. . >> stan: big south college hoops tonight. last trip there for a big south game. coastal leaving next year.
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their first place position. bulldogs down two now. time winding down. dylan smith shot. check out will weeks. no one blocks him out. at the buzzer. we go to over time. in ot, it was all about elijah wilson of coastal carolina. and one. the carolina native goes to 23. dogs lose a tough one, 68-66 at over time. next game on my40. nc state trying to move out from that tough loss. a one-two punch with abdull malik malik.
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puts it up and in. it's fun to watch abu. ends up being a five point play. tech goes up six. they win it. yellow jackets. two surprise acc teams squaring off. tigers come out smoking. jeron blossom, he had 22. 22-14 clemson. now from the corner is jordan roper for three more. he had 13. clemson builds an 18-point lead. tigers roll 73-60. richardson knows how important the super bowl is, especially to his employees. he's doing something you really don't see very often. richardson going to pay the way for all staff members and interns to travel to the bay
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bowl appearance. you saw the fans at practice. thomas davis broke his answer for critics that say panthers are just too showy. and the answer is stop us. >> larry: we'll show you. >> jason: can you imagine? broking arm? tough man right there. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. just barely. i think we'll get to that 50 mark and then we're down to the 40s friday as colder weather moves in. and then the pay off is the weekend. it looks good. low 60s saturday and sunday. >> larry: so good to hear. thank you for joining us.
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