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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>>holly: you have it all worked out for me. >>ingrid: we have a threat on the roadways outside. we had the snow melt the last couple days. what will happen is some of the water goes back into the road and refreezes because temperatures are below freezing from asheville, brevard, 23, 27 in cherokee, hendersonville 25, waynesville 26. another threat. freezing fog this morning. 10 a.m., 34 and 42 by lunchtime. but we will feel the 60s soon enough. but we have to get through the possibility of some snow first. so we have a lot to share with you in my full forecast. so, right now, let's turn to the traffic center. jaclyn, are there any problems besides that black ice? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there are no wrecks out there this morning, but of course take it slow on the roadways. if you are heading out soon, there is a construction project in transylvania county that is wrapping up. a portion of everett road is closed for bridge repairs but the plan is for that to finish up today. for the time being your best alternate route is to find heart road. there are detour signs in place for you to follow. getting a look at your i-26 travel time, this is your
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that's a nicec i will have another one for you back to you. >>holly: a chase that started in haywood county ended in buncombe county. >>jay: lauren brigman is outside mission hospital where the driver involved was taken after the crash. lauren, why were officers trying to stop the vehicle in the first place? >>lauren: jay, for speeding. i'm told the officers were trying to stop them in haywood county and that they were going about 80 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour. 80 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone. we are not sure exactly where this chase began, but we know it started in haywood county and ended in a crash here in buncombe county. we have video to show you from that crash scene on i-40 eastbound near the farmer's market exit there at brevard road. traffic was backed up for quite a bit because they had one lane closed there during this incident.
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with them this morning that four people were in that dodge dew ran go and as we said the driver is a tennessee man in his 0s. he was the only one injured in this crash and he was brought here to mission hospital. authorities say his injuries are nonlife-threatening. we are learning more from them this morning and we will continue to follow-up with the haywood county sheriff offense office as they continue their investigation. so, stay tuned for the latest, both on air and on-line at live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: we have an update on the former board of elections director in macon county. an arrest warrant has been issued for kim bishop. she resigned from her position in may of 2014 after investigators discovered dozens of frawjt ledge checks came from her office totalling more than 50,000-dollar. on monday she was indicted on five counts of felony attempted embezzlement. >>jay: new this morning republican candidate ted cruz
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his campaign announced congressman mark meadows is supporting cruz's run for the presidency. >>holly: ted cruz will be at the debate tonight but donald trump will not. >>jay: the gop front runner is speaking out about why he's not going and what he will be doing instead. >> the fox news donald trump debate controversy continues this morning. both sides engaged in a high stakes game of chicken. just hours before tonight's final debate. >> you're not giving them -- i was pushed away. i'm not talking away. trump defending his decision to skip out on the republican debate on fox news. >> i was not treated well by fox. i have zero respect for megyn kelly. e don't think she's very good at what she does. i think she's highly overrated. and the gop front runner counterparts, pouncing on his decision to be a no-show, particularly senator ted cruz. >> if someone did that, didn't show up at the interview, you know what you'd say?
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>>reporter: the texas senator also now challenging trump to a one on one debate. trump tweeting his response saying, "okay, can we do it in canada? ." on the democratic side e bernie sanders meeting with the man he would like to replace at the white house, bernie sanders and president obama long-discussed meeting was a way to show neutrality in the democratic race. back in iowa, former president bill clinton stumping for his wife ahead of monday's caucuses. >>reporter: donald trump says he will hold a fund-raiser for veterans in iowa at the same time as the fox news debate, literally, just two miles away. abc news new york. >>holly: a north carolina central university employee wants the school to pay up after ice damaged her car. it happened in a c cpus parking lot. kim bream mel was stuck on campus overnight last week during the winter storm. heroin does were shattered by the ice. her car is now in a body shop
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>> when my other coworker was wheeled to come out, the ice was falling. their insurance policy doesn't cover that type of personal damage to a vehicle, only if like it was done by, you know, a person damaged it. >>holly: her insurance will not cover it because it is more than the vehicle is actually worth. right now the school says they're not going to cover it either. >>jay: now to extreme weather. residents in florida are trying to pick up the pieces following tornadoes. some drivers in a truck were caught in the middle of it. they had to take shelter in an overpass on a highway. windies were up to 100 miles per hour, tearing through the college campus north korean. authorities say, quote, it's a miracle no one died. >>holly: today is the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. >>jay: that's right. the fateful launch took place on january 28th, 1986 in florida. 73 seconds into the flight, the shuttle exploded, killing seven people. the explosion was caused by a
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ignited the fuel cell. >>holly: today we are asking you to share your thoughts and memories of the challenger disaster on facebook. coming up in a few moments we will share your comments live. >>jay: this morning's news reel, a high speed chase turns into shots fired, hitting a trooper and killing the driver. >>holly: in georgia the high speed chase ended near atlanta. it's not clear how it started. the local t.v. station there is reporting the trooper and suspect had been shot. the trooper was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. in harris county, texas, a 17 year-old is in custody after police say he intentionally hit two 18 year-old students with his car. the victims, the male and female, were getting off the school bus and the driver rapid his vehicle into them. both students suffered minor injuries. police say the suspect told them he was tired of all the talk at school. no further information was released as to what he meant by that statement.
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after stealing a troopers car with a canine officer. the trooper asked to search the 23 year-old's vehicle and found several large bags of marijuana hidden in the truck. hinson was arrested and placed in the patrol car, that's when he made his move. the troopers say they will use this as a learning toooo >> it opens your eyes that this can happepe to anyone. >>holly: a six year-old boy is recovering from a wild animal attack. he was walking with his mother when a racoon started jumping on his back biting and scratching. a bystander heard the child screaming. >> he was crying, screaming. >>holly: the boy is being treated for fair and accurate cuts at an a hospital.
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>>jay: there is a two-headed turtle. the owner brought the animal to south miami hospital for a check-up and the vet says the six year-old turtle is surprisingly in good health, similar turtles typically don't survive. the turtle is now headed to a new life at a zoo in the philippines. >>holly: conjoined twins. jay: you want to add that to your animal collection? >>holly: no, i'm good on reptiles. i just like the furry little ones. a a popular asheville barbecue restaurant is opening a second location. >>jay: where and when you can enjoy it. >>ingrid: we have updates, you can find it at 28 for pickup time by drop off 50 degrees. coming up after the break, we will talk more about a quick start this morning and chance of snow and then a really nice weekend.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: good morning, everyone. and welcome back. take a look right now at the radar and satellite. now, we are seeing some areas of some fog. you can see that here indicated by the gray on your map. nothing too much back here in the asheville area. we will stay dry this morning. for our departure, we're in the positive territory, more than a tenth of an inch for the year. temperatures this morning, have been chilly. colder than yesterday in many locations. 27, normal for this time of year. 48 for the afternoon high. that's right about what you are going to see today. right now, 25 in the asheville area. 20 in burnsville. little colder there. 27 in bryson city.
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below freezing across western north carolina. 32 in forest city. 35 down into greenville. so, above that freezing mark, still in clemson, just under 40. 43 in greenwood. winds have stayedd pretty light and they will stay that way today. at 5 in asheville and 5 down into hendersonville. there is an issue that there could be some freezing fog. mainly in those areas where reduced visibility is evident on the map. look at this, our western zones below half a mile at times. showing clear conditions, 10. that's about as good as we can get in the asheville area. just keep that in mind. that is a threat and so is the chance for black ice. we are still, after almost a week, of the snow, being on the ground, still continuing to melt. we have roadways refreezing overnight and black ice is a threat this morning. looking at the big picture we will continue to see a few clouds stlowt the day but more sunshine than anything. these showers should stay south of the region today. lunchtime, showing some nice
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same thing through 4 o'clock. dinnertime, watch as we see changes through midnight and intro2 a.m.. snapshot right here does show some light snow possible on the tennessee line about a 20% chance in northern buncombe county. it's not too exciting of an event, and we want to make you aware of that event. how much snow? no advisories are out anything like that just showing a light dusting here and our minor league mountain regions overnight. back here today, that freezing fog threat, mostly sunny, 50 degrees in buncombe county. slight chance for snow tonight and winds will pick up just a bit. 28 degrees. greenville, 52. still mild and tonight, 33 but look at this seven-day forecast. we deserve it affidavit all the snow. 60s this weekend with sunshine. and a few showers into next week. upstate, seven-day forecast, shows middle 60s by the end of the weekend. >>holly: a popular asheville restaurant is on track to open a second location in biltmore park
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>>jay: the general manager of luella's barbecue says he expects to open by march. it's been a north asheville staple for several years on merryman avenue. the original restaurant was off hender son road in asheville. the gm says he has been itching to return to where it all started for a long time. >> >>holly: 6:14. big south college hoops. >>jay: how first place unc asheville played. >>holly: remember if you are on the go early in the morning you can still catch us by downloading the news 13 morning news app. you will get access to breaking news and you can watch us live. >>jay: no cost for that app. just search wlos a.m. in your
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>> >>stan: good morning, everyone. sports, big south college hoops, unc asheville on the road at coastal carolina, the last trip there for a big south game, coastal leading the league next year. they are out to win to make sure they stay in first place. asheville down the whole way but then kenneth rattles home a 3, shot clock expires and gets it within 2. bulldogs down late, time winding down. dylan smith misses but watch will smith, no one boxes him out, good at the buzzer we go to overtime. but in o. t., it was all about elijah wilson for coastal. pretty move here to the rack and 1, and north carolina native goes for 23 to pace the champs. 68-66 in o. t., high point winthrop one their game so they
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next game is saturday at noonno?nckp
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>> who knew all these carolina panthers victories could be so sweet or spicy? savory and down right good. >> people are calling, asking if we have them. people are trying to convince us to ship them out of state. here at amly's, the panthers ma karan ( ) leaves the youngest fans satisfied. >> it tastes blueberry and chock laty. the bakery joined restaurants across the state, hungry to show off their panthers pride. >> we're supporting the team and it brings everyone together. >> we have great work here and great pork and barbecue sauce. >> kind of like bad daddy's where chef tim cast laid out the makings of a unique mountain, it's over the top. no doubt. kind of like its namesake. >> panthers are not worried about getting a concussion. wham, bam, thank you for getting us into the superbowl. >> it's the wham, bam, thank you cam. >> the vegetables are part of my doctor yelling at me.
6:18 am
in concord, the ka ber ras creamery is serving up cardiac cream or bang bang burghs, vj out on the panthers burger or this piece of art from the myrtle beach restaurant, art with their own panthers burger complete with superbowl rings. >>holly: they look good to me. >>jay: that looks great. i'm with you. >>holly: some french fried onions on top of my burger, i'm happy. the greenville drive minor league baseball team will continue its affiliation with the boston red sox until 2020. >>jay: it comes after the two teams reached a deal this week. the single a. affiliate for the red sox began playing playing in greenville and since then the economy around the area has boomed. >>holly: a local real estate expert says keeping the drive down in greenville is about more than just the game. >> the construction that you talked about earlier, that we talked about earlier, wouldn't be there. and we continue. >>holly: opening day for the drive is set for april 7th at 4 field.
6:19 am
>>holly: you really enjoy going down there. >>jay: i do. i love mccormick field, too, because of the age but that's totally different. >>holly: you say it's huge crowd, too. >>jay: they fill it almost everything time. >>ingrid: if you do any outdoor activities playing sports, not a bad day. 50 degrees expected here in the asheville area. same thing down into greenville and in the foothills. low 50s even down into the upstate. slight chance for some light snow along the tennessee line this evening and tonight. 28 in asheville for a a low. maybe a few snow flurries. nothing too exciting. 34 down into the upstate. above freezing for the most part. right now, it's time for another check of the roads. jaclyn, there is a new wreck in west asheville? >>jaclyn: ingrid, this is a minor bump out if front of the ingals on haywood road. a wrecker is heading to the scene now so it should be out of the roadway for you shortly. if you arere heading out that way, just use caution there. and if you are heading out towards smoky park highway on your morning commute you might run into some delays, traffic is slowing approaching pisgah highway there, but overall, that
6:20 am
and of course like ingrid has been saying all morning, remember that black ice is a threat this morning. so, if you are heading out soon, take it slow on the roads. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a shot live.
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stay with us. >>jay: we have been talking about the challenger disaster that happened 30 years ago today. >>jaclyn: it appears several viewers actually witnessed it firsthand. angie says she remembered it that day. she was a senior in high school and she was watching a lift off from the window, one minute it was there and then, poof, it was gone. >>jay: angie and i are apparently the same age, i was a senior in high school as well. ian was living in deerfield beach, florida at the time. he said his school had open air hallways and he remembers two classmates seeing the cloud from
6:22 am
it was small he said, but visible. >>jaclyn: tricia says she was living in florida at the time and was watching it from her backyard. she said it was very tragic and something she will never forforget. >>jay: it is an image that sticks those of us who saw it. >>jaclyn: right. i can imagine. >>jay: very tragic day. 30 years ago today, hard to believe it's been that long. >>holly: changing gears in the "morning surf," it is a new year and many of you have had weight loss goals. we have not been helping. i know yesterday we told you it was national chocolate cake day. today we showed you all the panther pride burgers with fried onion rings on top. >>ingrid: this will make up for it. these are snacks for 100-calories that could be good for snacks or a meal. we posted the link to on our link. >>holly: i came across this on food, and it's a good list. you are always looking for the $100-calorie snack and a lot of times you can find the snack packs and they're full of
6:23 am
100 calories. low fat cheddar cheese, sardines. sardines? >>holly: i don't. i'm scared of them. i like dried figs, and if you pair that with goat cheese it's a very good healthy snack. five are 100-calories. broccoli spears, 12 brussel sprouts. >>ingrid: i love sprouts. shrimp. >>holly: you can eat 13 large shrimp for 100 calories. nuts are very good. they are high in calorie, so 15 cashews for 100-calories. >>ingrid: it's good fats. >>holly: 15 ribs of celery for 100-calories. >>ingrid: i will pass on that. >>holly: sun dried tomatoes. 21 unsalted mini ever pretzels. >>ingrid: i love those. >>holly: not going to east garlic plain, but roasted it's delicious. >>ingrid: do not eat those, holly, we have to sit next to
6:24 am
>>holly: 28 baby carrots or 31 asparagus spears. grapes, 33 of those. >>ingrid: really, you can eat a lot of this if you eat the vegetables. >>holly: this is only 100 calories. oh cra is on here. 50 raisins. radicchio leaves, 54 of them. ( ) 60 raw green beans and red kidney beans, and what i had this morning for breakfast, 100 raspberries. apiece. >>ingrid: wow. that's a lot. put that in a smothy. yum. let's take a look outside. you probably want something to warm you up, maybe a cup of hot chocolate would be good. there are some 100 calories packets out therere >>holly: by the time i put my marshmallow and whipped cream. >>ingrid: mix it with water it's 100. we will talk about threats this morning on the roadways. a quick snow chance in thee seven-day forecast, plus a warm weekend.
6:25 am
get at 6:30. >>holly: a chase ends in buncombe county. how it all began. >>jay: helping the homeless while local agencies are taking a snapshot of people who call the street home. >>holly: continuing counting the cost, the new legislation being offered in north carolina that could benefit teachers i want a grere shape. who doesn't? so i bike. i get all of my greens. and i try not to faint. this.. i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out. benefiber healthy shape.
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>>holly: many of us have never seen this before, gas at 39 cents a gallon. >>jay: people were lining up to get it at sun ray texas. it was part of a promotion for the farmers. >>ingrid: the last time it was 39 cents a gallon, the answer is 1969. >>jay: i remembered it 39 cents in 1971, too. direction that's cheap. >>jay: in spartanburg, i know that's crazy. i was only three years old but there was a big sign. right across from ourous. >>holly: bring it back. >>jay: that's it. good morning to you, thursday, january 28th. we have some school delays this morning. buncombe county schools are on a two-hour delay. no buses on icy roads. asheville city schools are on a two-hour delay. >>holly: henderson county schools on a 2 hour delay, henderson county 2 hour delay, no buses on icy roads. the list goes on and on. for the full list scrolling at the bottom of the screen, you can also go to >>ingrid: the reason we have
6:27 am
snow melt yesterday and the refreezing overnight because it is cold enough this morning. we are in the 20s across western north carolina. 23 in brevard. 27 in cherokee. hendersonville, 25 and 26 in waynesville. another threat this morning, freezing fog across some of our valley locations. so, please use caution out there. 10 a.m., 34 degrees. still warming above that freezing mark, by lunchtime 42 with sunshine. but coming up in a little bit, i will talk about when we will feel the 60s in our seven-day forecast. we do have one wreck to look out for this morning. jaclyn, it's pretty cleared soon? >>jaclyn: ingrid, a wrecker is heading to the scene now it's right in front of the ingals there on haywood road. that should not be a problem for you much longer. this is not a weather related accident but as ingrid mentioned black ice is a threat this morning. so, please take it slow if you are heading out the door soon. there is some construction wrapping up in transylvania county but i want to talk to you about everett road is closed for bridge repairs but the plan is
6:28 am
for now your best alternate is heart road and t tre is a sign in place for you to do that. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back over to you. >>holly: a police chase ends in a crash in buncombe county. >>jay: lauren brigman is outside mission hospital where the driver involved was taken after the crash. lauren, how many people were inside the vehicle? officers were trying to stop there. >>lauren: jay, four people were inside this dodge dew ran go that eventually crashed on i-40 eastbound. authorities tell me the driver was the only one injured in the crash. he was taken here to mission hospital. we know this all began in a chase around 11 o'clock last night in haywood county. multiple agencies became involved in this pursuit. and_w0xzs
6:29 am
rpume0`%ri>nj,pkle7ooe^y sticks were deployed. the driver is a tennessee man in his 30s and they were trying to stop him because he was speeding. officers say he was going about 8 to 0 in a 60 miles per hour zone. we are following up with the haywood county sheriff offense office, i spoke with him before 5 a.m. that's where the latest information is coming from we will continue to update you on the story, both on-line at and, of course, on air. live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: damages a home in weaverville, firefighters were called to the home on village park drive around 10:30 last night. our crews at the scene captured firefighters removing the bed. the weaverville fire department tells us the fire was contained to the broom and the woman inside and her dog made it out safely. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>jay: investigators are still working this morning to determine the cause of the house fire in candler. the blaze started around 7:00 last night on walter crawford road. crews quickly got the fire out. no one was hurt. >> >>holly: fire destroys the home of a volunteer firefighter in henderson county.
6:30 am
firefighter for more than 30 years. he was alerted on his phone about the fire at his address and rushed home. now he is devastated after losing everything. the chief of valley hill fire and rescue says it's especially tough to respond to a fellow firefighter's home. >> >> we wanted to do as much as we can possibly do and with it already being so far ahead of us as it was and not to be able to do more is just an emotional, it's physically draining and emotionally draining for him. >>holly: investigators believe an electrical issue may have started the fire. the valley hill fire chief is asking for people's donations to get hill and his wife back on their feet. for more information go to >>jay: a candler man and woman are charged in a hendersonville armed robbery. marlene allen is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and james allen is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. deputies say they responded to a house tuesday on asheville highway near clayton home. they found a victim was robbed of prescription drugs at knife point.
6:31 am
the henderson county jail. >>holly: >>holly: buncombe county authorities are asking for the public's help after shots were fired at a local housing department. it happened pine brook farm, pull lets pierced the metal sign and the walls of two occupied homes a. total of five bullets hit the signs. two of the bullets traveled through the walls of two separate houses. no unwith was hurt, but residents in the area are concerned. >> i hope they find out who did it. which i don't know if they really can. i mean if it with us just a drive-by random shooting? i don't know. it's very frightening. >>holly: authoritying are asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers at (828) 255-5050. >>jay: the asheville rescue is working with an animal cruelty case. there was an unlicensed animal rescue after getting several complaints of sick animals adopt from the facility. the authorities found more than
6:32 am
were being kept inilthy living conditions. many with no shelter at all. >> wounds? you have animals that have got obvious skin conditions, animals that appear to be malnutrition, different things like that. >>jay: the owner of the facility were arrested on charges of animal cruelty. the asheville humane society will help care for the animals until custody is determined by a court. >>holly: happening to day some residents in the mountains will be the first two experience the state's new mobile dmv office i. will be open from 9:00 this morning until 4:00 at the polk county license plate agency on walker streeee it's part of governor mccrory's initiative to improve customers and cut the long lines at the dmv. this is video from when the governor toured the west asheville dmv and made the announcement about the changes. >>jay: school districts announced makeup days for the winter storm. here is what we know this
6:33 am
make up days on february 12th and june 6th. also, the early release day on february 11th will now be a full day. a in transylvania county schools will make up days on february 15th and march 24th. in jackson county, the blue ridge district will make up days on february 15th, may 25th and may 26th. and the smoky mountain district will make up days on february 15th, june 9th, and june 10th. >>holly: we have continuing coverage over concerns a mountain elementary school may close. parents and students packed the cafeteria last night during a public hearing over central elementary school in waynesville. as we reported, the school board is considering closing it because of budget shortfalls. from virginia boon center less state funding and dropping enrollment. some suggested fund raising to keep the school open. even people from other counties made emotional pleas about why the school should stay. >> i think it would be a terrible mistake for the school
6:34 am
possibility of harming generations that you don't even know yet. >>holly: the school board could make a decision at the next scheduled meeting february 8th. >>holly: north carolina's public school superintendent is seeking pay raises for all teachers. june atkinson wants bonuses for experienced teachers who coach others or teach in low performing classrooms. the elected democrat told the committee they would define how many teachers would be eligible for the bonuses. lawmakers have raised teacher pay in each of the past two years, focusing on early career educators. >>holly: local agencies are taking a snapshot of holelessness in asheville as part of a nationwide effort of point in time counts. homeless veterans make up a large percentage of the local homeless population. organizers say the event helps them track where the veterans are located so they can help. >> it's really important that we identify how many homeless veterans are out there so that
6:35 am
reductions so that we can get to zero homeless veterans. this really is a very valuable piece of information to help us understand just where we are and the progress we are making year after year after year. >>holly: crews were on city streets to contact as many homeless people as possible for the count. >>jay: happening to day the public can learn more about the city's future plans for the aging storm water system in asheville. an information system will be held tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 at the national environmental modeling center at the grove arcade. the city says the meeting will help them identify, prioritize and plan for storm water projects over the next ten years. >>holly: you can enter to win our valentine's selfie contest. send us your most creative selfie of you and your valentine for a chance to win $150 pair of diamond earrings from allen's jewelry and pawn. >>jay: just go to and click on "contests" to enter. the winner will be announced february 9th. >>holly: carolina panthers
6:36 am
>>jay: what the crowd was
6:37 am
newton walked by. >>ingrid: welcome back. this is black mountain. this is an example of a threat this morning. it's not a great example i show, but we are still seeing some snow along the sides of the roadways. what happened, of course, throughout the day, it melts back into the road and then
6:38 am
so, black ice is a concern this morning for much of the areas below that freezing mark. also notice the radar and satellite some areas showing clouds but it's really fog picking up on the western zones. departure now, we have a positive territory of more than a tenth of an inch for the year. temperatures this morning, right about normal. 27 is typical. 25 is what we have gotten down to at the ashville airport. so far in asheville it's 26. make sure you bundle up this morning. 20 up towards burnsville to upper 20s in franklin, bryson city, 28 into andrews. look at the upstate forecast, shows 32 in gaffney, still above that freezing mark by a good amount into greenwood, 43, back up to greenville and spartanburg in the 30s. winds have stayed light at 5 and should remain light throughout the day. our western zones are the areas continuing to pull in low numbers this morning.
6:39 am
it's clear, 0.5 in franklin. we have that freezing fog threat this morning. look at the big picture here, we will see a few clouds throughout the day, but overall more sunshine in western north carolina, more clouds further south and then we see the rain mainly down towards columbia so the majority of our viewing area stays dry today. but, watch as we see some changes tonight. i will stop it here at 2 a.m.. very short period of time that we could see some light snow along the tennessee line and it's about a 20% chance down into the valleys. not going to accumulate to much, if anything. no advisories are out, anything like that. take a closer look though. this is our futurecast for snowfall. notice the areas here in white could pick up a light dusting at best. back here in the asheville area, today, that freezing fog threat, mostly sunny this afternoon, and 50 degrees for a high. slight chance of snow in asheville tonight down to 28. extended forecast shows 50s in greenville today and tonight, close to that freezing mark.
6:40 am
a slight cooldown and breezy as well. but, we will make up for it this weekend. sunshine, low 60s expected. still warm into next week. and by the end of the weekend and in the upstate, 65 degrees. let's get another traffic check with jaclyn. crews are still out on the haywood wreck? >>jaclyn: ingrid the crash is still in the clearing stages. it happen aid gain in front of the ingals on haywood road. there is a wrecker on the scene and it should be cleaned up in the next 10-15 minutes. this is not a weather related wreck but that is possible this morning as we mentioned black ice is a threat on the roadways right now. so, please take it slow on your morning commute. otherwise, the roads are lookiki good through asheville. everything is up to speed. you can see here on i-240, i-40, and u.s. 25, if you are heading out to any of the roadways you shouldn't see any problems out there. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: fans youd outside bank of america stadium for hours to wish the carolina
6:41 am
first practice since their nfc championship win. >>jay: some fans even took their kids out of school for a chance to be near the panthers. they chanted mvp as quarterback cam newton ran into practice. they were hope. to get a few autographs. >>holly: i'm sure they got a few and of course we are sendidi a crew of our own. >>jay: absolutely. >>holly: teams to california come superbowl so we want to know are you going to the superbowl? if you are, let us know. we would love to catch up with you either before or even over in california. >>jay: absolutely. >>holly: a three legged dog is being hailed a hero.
6:42 am
from an armed robbery.
6:43 am
from the north carolina education lottery come out on first tuesdays. thank you! you're welcome. how about a date? oooh, a date...let me check my calendar. all right, say first tuesday! first tuesday! first tuesday, tuesday, t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel? it's ok if you were. >>holly: we have an young date on the massive fire in new orleans. we told you about this yesterday. it was breaking news. police arrested a 25 year-old man in connection with that blaze. >>jay: we understand the man is apparently homeless.
6:44 am
accused of setting fire to stay warm. the four story building was empty. the fire chief says the fire grew unchecked for two hours until a window broke and someone called 911. >>holly: the leader of the armed group occupying the national wild life refuge in oregon wants his followers to leave. >>jay: amonobundy's plea for them to end the ock pay came one day after he and several followers were arrested under federal charges. >> please stand down, please stand down. >> >>reporter: an attorney reading bundy's statement asking followers to end their occupation at the national wild life refuge. >> let us take this fight from here. go home and hug your families. this fight is ours for now. in the courts. >>reporter: it came a day after protestor lavoie se me couple was shot and killed by police during the arrest of bundy and four of his followers. he led authorities toen a high speed chase, exited his vehicle
6:45 am
where he had a gun. that's when swath team members opened fire. two additional arrests were made in burns oregon and a third in arizona. as some protestors stayed at the refuge wednesday in defiance, others left, including three men who were arrested. while amonobundy wants them all to decamp, his father, nevada rancher and activist, clive, disagrees. >> that's the only thing that brings you guys out here is holding the refuge. >>holly: new developments in the criminal case againsted south carolina church shooter dylann roof. the south carolina state court will draw from a pull of 600 potential jurors for roof's state trial this june. roof faces 9 counts of murder in state court. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. he is accused of killing nine people and wounding three others last june at emanuel ame church in charleston. >>jay: the widow of the illinois police officer who killed himimlf five years ago
6:46 am
mel digliniewicz was indicted. authorities say her late husband's theft ofwtaqeim@ixe`?22yw$uvf pbw-eo the it look like he was shot by suspects he was chasing. he is accused of stealing $10,000 from a village controlled fund. >>holly: the u.s. army veteran who became the face of delays in care in 2014 has died. barry coats testified before congress he had to wait a year for a colonoscopy. coats eventually got the procedure, only to learn he had terminal colon cancer. his story led to a national controversy for lengthy waits at medical care at v.a. hospitals. coats was just 46 years old. >>jay: a couple is crediting their dog with saving them from an armed robber. >>holly: the dog even took a bullet from the intruder. the home invasion happened last week in wisconsin. the couple is still recovering from the shock. the couple forgot to lock their door. they were sitting at their table
6:47 am
>> the gun was drawn on us and demanded us to the ground and repeatedly asked where is the safe, and where's the money. >>holly: the couple's three-legged pit bull levi barked tat intruder. the intruder shot at him grazing his shoulder. the robber ran off. he is expected to make a full recovery. >>jay: a new gerber baby is crowned. >>jay: the 7 month old won the annual contest. the winning foe show shows the baby girl grinning. look at her. her photograph was picked from more than 170,000 entries by a panel of judges. the little girl is from michigan. her parents will receive $50,000 in prize money from gerber. >>jay: it's not without controversy. the winning baby initially was from columbia, had the check and bottle in hand and it was taken away. >>holly: it can't be two. there cannot be two either. super cute. a european business man is adding to his art collection. >>jay: how much he paid for
6:48 am
>>holly: first let's look at today's mind teaser. today is data privacy day. we asked you what year was it establishd? >>jay: we have the answer when
6:49 am
>> >>holly: 6:55. a recap of the local headlines. firefighters are investigating how a house caught fire in weaverville. >>holly: firefighters were called the the home on village park drive around 10:30 last fight. our crew at the scene captured firefighters removed the bed. the weaverville fire department tells us the fire was contained to the bedroom. the woman inside and her dog made it out safely. >>holly: a chase ends in buncombe county. it started in haywood county when the deputy tried stopping the vehicle. this all ended shortly after 11 o'clock last night. that's when the suspect vehicle crashed into a guardrail on i-40 eastbound in buncombe county near the brevardrd road exit. >>jay: we have an update on the former board of elections director in macon county. aparrest warrant has been issued
6:50 am
bishop resigned from her position in may, 2014, after investigators discovered dozens of fraudulent checks came from her office. they totaled more than $50,000. on monday she was indicted on five counts of felony attempted embezzlement. >>holly: now is the answer day's mind teaser n. honor of data privacy day, what year was this accomplished? >>jay: 2007. the council of europe initiated data privacy day. it's intended to serve as a reminder to protect and safe guard private data. how do we celebrate this day is my question? >>holly: stay off the internet or change all the your passwords. >>jay: okay. good advice. >>holly: how much would you pay more the picture of a potatoes? >>jay: how about $1 million? a photograph from a celebrity photographer sold at auction for more than $1 million, it's an organic irish potato. >>holly: it was sold to a european businessman, it will be the 15th most expensive photograph ever sold.
6:51 am
have been less if it wasn't an organic potato? >>holly: i feel like the organic is definitely helped. >>ingrid: great lighting for the potato. good morning, it's a little chilly. we have temperatures below freezing and we have a chance for freezing fog. and, also, some black ice this morning. other than that, we are looking at a nice day. 50 degrees this afternoon. a brief cool down friday, but i think we can hand l it. as soon as you look into the weekend you will feel better about this. 60 degrees both saturday and sunday with sunshine. enjoy that. >>holly: we know many schools still operating on a two-hour delay this morning. so, how is it looking out there? >>jaclyn: right now we are accident free but the black ice is a threat so be careful to out there on the roads.
6:52 am
gma is next on news 13. good morning, america. donald trump standing his ground
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