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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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galmore is charged with felony fleeing to elude arrest, reckless drivingdriving. thisegin 11:00 last night in haywood county when officer were trying to stop galmore for speeding. we have learned from an arrest warrant this morning that galmore was driving with a revoked license. we'll have another update at 12:30. >> dense fog may have contributed to a wreck in west asheville. police say the two cars collided as both were merges on i-40. the woman driving the black nissan told officers she could not see the vehicle in front of her because of the fog. the female driving the chevrolet was taken to mission hospital in stable condition. jaws of life were used to get her out of her car after it became stuck in a ditch. she was the only person hurt in the crash. >> that fog was thick this morning and not a lot of sun out
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>> let's look outside. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies to partly cloudy skies across the region. look at all the snow on the ground down there. this is taking so long for it to melt. it is still 34 degrees for now. we'll continue to warm up. radar and satellite, we are seeing showers into greenwood. the rest of us, we have stayed dry throughout the morning. we'll continue to stay that way through the rest of the afternoon. in asheville right now, still 34 degrees. brevard, 33. hendersonville, 34. waynesville 35 degrees. some of these clouds are stubborn across the region. areas with more sunshine continuing to warm up. we are forecasting it to be warmer throughout the afternoon. in fact, 45 by 2:00 bm. 4:00, 50 degrees. and back to the 40's by dinner time. if you didn't get enough snow
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quick shot at it coming up in the extended forecast. i'll talk about turning cooler and how warm we'll get this weekend. back over to you. >> today marks the 30th anniversary of the challenger tragedy. nasa held a tribute this morning for the crews of the challenger and columbia and other nasa colleagues during the agency's day of remembrance. seven members of the challenger crew died on the morning of january 28, 1968 when a booster engine failed causing the challenger to break apart just 73 seconds after launch. >> we invited you to share your thoughts on the disaster on the face book page. tricia a id i lived in florida and was watating in my backyard. will never forget that image. greg said, i can still hear the words, go throttle up. i was home sick from school. i was in the seventh grade. doug said i was a private in the army watching tv in the
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go to germany. watched it happen, very sad. >> crystal binder steven said, i was in eighth grade shop class listening to it on the pa system. >> gop presidential front runner donald trump will be a no show at the republican debate hosted by fox news. kenneth reports the debate fiasco was playing out four days before the iowa caucuses. >> trump debate boycott. >> i get on the stage on the first debate, i get an unfair question, we don't even talk about that. >> instead he talked about it on thth network he is in a bitter feud with, taking on bill oriley on the oriley factor.
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kelly out. >> no, no, no. if you are a christian -- >> trump's biggest rival in iowa ted cruz is demanding trump debate him one on one saturday. >> i don't think he is afraid of megyn kelly. i don't think he is afraid of me. i think he is afraid`of the people of iowa. >> for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistic tie in a new poll. sanders is back in iowa after his white house visit with president obama. >> the energy, the enthusiasm, the momentum is with us. >> the signs of momentum for sanders can be seen throughout iowa. the clinton campaign is watching. >> if they let sanders win iowa, he'll win new hampshire and then this race totally resets and it is in a different territory than they ever thought. >> as for trump, his supporters are sticking with him on this
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he has a dueling event tonight. >> more americans have health insurance thanks to obama care. for millions it costs more and covers less than ever. this week's cover story on full measure additionnto the rising cost for healthcare for the insured insured. >> the trend is more people are carrying around insurance cards in their wallet which is one way to measure success of obama care. unfortunately, the cost is going up dramatically for millions of americans who are paying higher premiums, higher deductibles, what they are paying out of pocket is unaffordable for some. they have insurance but it is not covering with a they need. >> if measure airs at 10:30 on abc 13. >> in other news, with the virus spreading across south and
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looking at how it could impact the u.s. they are wondering whether it is inevitable the virus will become an endemmic hire. new figures find fewer cases in brazil than first fear. they are calling for more research between zekea and birth defects defects. >> police make more arrests in the oregon standoff as the leader of the antigovernment protesters issues a new message. he called for the remaining militia members occupying the refuge to go home. >> three more protesters under arrest and each facing a felony count of conspiracy. to those occupying the land of oregon, a message from the group's leader now speaking out from jail through his attorney. >> i love you. let us take this fight from
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please stand down. >> bundy and seven others taken into custody yesterday. another member was shot and killed by law enforcement following a traffic stop. >> it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> authorities so far giving no details about the shooting but this morning conflicting accounts emerging about how he died. >> he had his hands in the air, they shot him. >> he was not on his knees. that was a miscommunication. >> with remaining militants surrounded by agents, local
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his supporters. >> the cdc says one in six children is obese. to help fight that growing epidemic, a program aims to educate kids on reading food labels. martha shade takes us to a class making all the difference. >> if you are going to have a rainbow, what do you have to have a lot of on your plate. >> a lot of fruits and vegetables. >> these kids are getting a crash course in nutrition called kids and fitness in las vegas. for six weeks the kids spend 90 minutes a week learning how to live a healthier life style. >> they are learning to read labels that is meaningful. they go on a grocery store tour.tour. >> today's lesson focuses on sugar and to identify how much they are consuming. >> all the information corresponds to one serving size. people are eating many servings. they don't know you have to
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many servings you are eat. >> the program stresses exercise and encouraging each other during workouts. some kids say that is the best part. >> my favorite part would be going down and playing games because i like to move and mot just sit down. >> i have a lot of movementmovement, not just sit around all day. >> eating foods rich in flavonoid may help to combat weight fwan. flavonoids are natural compounds that appear in produce. the study found those with diets rich in flavonoids maintained their weight better. some even lost a little weight. the study focused on produce, flavonoids also appear in red wine and chocolate. >> it turns out older americans aren't just forgetting where
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neglecting to tell doctors about memory loss. only about one in four adults report having a discussion about their memory loss during their last routine checkup. >> coming up, clean-up begins in broward county. a look at twister that flipped a vehicle and left some people with minor injuries. >> this is our lester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. most of the snow has melted in rutherford county. in asheville, struggling with temperatures. right now, 34 degrees. coming up after the break, we'll talk about a quick shot at snow and jus how warm we'll get for the weekend.
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sp >> we have been struggling this
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this is likely part of the reason. still seeing a good amount of cloud cover outside. this is the research institute, 2,000 feet. the news 13 skycam network. we had more snow on the ground we are starting to see it melt. we have a foot if not more in many locations. it does take this long in many areas to melt. it is going to be a week tomorrow which is hard to believe. we are seeing the snow on the ground and starting to see some of that blue sky. radar and satellite has filled in with clouds. notice that the lht showers have really stayed further south of greenville, just some light rain. if you are traveling that way, keep that in mind. speaking of precipitation, we haven't had any in our rain
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let's talk temperatures, 75 degrees. that's our high temperature record in 1914. we are not going to be that warm this weekend. we'll return to the 60's in many locations. 25 is as cool as we got down to since midnight this is the box where we put how warm we have been. only 34 degrees in asheville. 30 inburyson city. greenville, 42. 45 down into greenwood. still in the 30's in the foothills and up towards burke county. so they will pick up. it will make it feel cooler too. we are continuing to watch as the next front moves through the region. it is going to increase our chances for mountain snow, quick opportunity for that and increase our wind everywhere. at 2:00 this afternoon, it is showing cloud cover but we'll
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temperatures back up to the 40's and 50's. starting to see the blue popping up, especially yancncey, mitchell counties we could see a light dusting in those highest elevations. that could mean another delelay possibly, maybe cancellations for schools. we'll have to keep a close eye on that. down into the valley, a slight chance for flurries. snowfall not showing much in the way of accumulation. slight chance for that snow tonight down to 28. still mild in greenville at 52 degrees. we are still in the 40's. give it time here, tonight back down to 33 with chilly conditions. the forecast does show a cooldown tomorrow. it will pay off, i promise, 60's for the weekend. just beautiful conditions, better on sunday. we'll hold onto the 60's into
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chances for rain slightly by monday. and wednesday. into the upstate, cooler the next couple of days compared to the weekend, middle 60's by sunday. >> the fcc wants to totally
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>> the proposal that and the >> stocks are seeing a gain from midday trading. let's get you to the boards. the dow was up at 15991. the nasdaq was up 43 points. the governor wants to the make it easier for you to buy and use cable boxes from companies other than your cable provider. the federal communications
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price of cable boxes has gone up 185%, while the price of 90%. the proposal paves the way for more modern smart devices to become available. the commission will vote on february 18. >> facebook continues to break records, reporting 5.84 billion dollars in fiscal fourth quarter revenue and its first 1 billion dollar quarterly profit, beating analyst predictions. the giant is benefitting from a strong product mix and a strong management duo of mark zuckerberg. as yahoo and twitter struggle, facebook has two and a half million advertisers amazon is making a super bowl advertising debut with its first game day ad.
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with a party fro marino. the federal trade commission is suing devry for allegedly misheeding students about their job prospects after graduation. the agency said as claimed 90% of people who graduated since 1975 have found jobs in their preferred field within six months of completing their studies. they claim students have income 50% of all other colleges and universities a year after graduating, claems that the ftc says are deceptive. >> working to make super bowl 50 stadium football ready. still to come, the things workers are doing to improve the field. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, questions about a construction compmpy that move into the mountains.
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our area. >> work continues on the super bowl stadium for next month's big game. >> workers are using paint cans and air brushes to add low goes and hash marks and other emblems to the field. turning the stadium into the place to host the league's biggest sporting event. the denver broncos take that field february 7.7. no doubt there will be a lot of eyes watching. >> so exciting. can't wait. >> a man is behind bars now in buncombe county after a high-speed chase. coming up in our next half-hour, new details about that driver. >> spreading awareness of the importance of privacy and
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>> welcome back, everyone. 12:30 on your thursday afternoon. this is our camera on top of hotel indigo. traffic looks to be fine this afternoon. >> it certainly does. the sun is trying to come out. it has been gloomy all day. >> it wants to. 36 degrees, it tells me, i guess. lester carpet sales skycam network. it is cloudy in waynesville. 33 still in cullaway. franhlin, 34.
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in the 30's in weaverville.
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