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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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in the 30's in weaverville. coming upn a bit, we'll talk about a quick snow chance in the next 24 hours. when we turn even cooler and then much warmer for the weekend. >> a high-speed chase ends with a crash. news 13 lauren brigman joins us live outside the detention center. what have you learned so far president driver. >> he is 30-year-old billy galmore from tennessee. he was taken to mission hospital last night after this crashsh for non-life threatening injuries. we have video to show you from the crash scene last night on interstate 40 i asheville. deputies deployed stop sticks on i-40 eastbound. then galmore wrecked. three people were inside his doblg durango. they were not hurt. the incident backed up traffic
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galmore is charged with felony fleeing, reckless driving to endanger, and for damage to property. the chase began in haywood county around 11:00 last night. authorities there tell me they were trying to stop galmore from speeding. when he resed to stop, that's when the chase began. we have learned he is being held here at the buncombe county jail under a $12,000 secure bond. >> duke university suspends all sporting activities. that story starts today's newsreel. the suspension comes after an alcohol related incident happened during the rush event tuesday night. according to an e-mail sent out by campus officials, a new sorority member was hospitalized in critical condition. the student is expected to recover. officials have partially lifted the ban to allow sisterhood events, chapter meetings and community service activities. texas police arrest a
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hitting two 18-year-old students with his car. the victim, the male and female were getting off the bus and the driver rammed his vehicle into them. those students suffered minor injuries. police say the suspect told them he was tired of the talk at school. a woman in michigan is asking for $50,000 after an august traffic stop in which she says the officer asked her to shake her bra. the routine stop turned into a search for contraband. a passenger reportedly admitted having a small amount of marijuana. the woman says the experience left her feeling degraded and believes the officer handled the situation improperly. >> tonight in iowa, the last republican debate. while ted cruz will be there, donald trump will not. the gop front runner is speaking out about why he is not going and what he will be doing instead. >> the fox news donald trump
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both engaged in the high stakes game ofchicken. >> trump defending his decision to skip out on the republican debate on fox news. >> i was not treated well by fox. i think megyn kelly is highly overrated. >> if someone did that, didn't show up at the interview, you know what you would say? you are fired. >> t texas senator also now challenging trump to a one on one debate. trump tweeting his response saying, ok, can we do it in canada? on the democratic side, bernie sanders meeting with the man he would like to replace at the white house, president obama and sanders meeting was a way for the president to show neutrality
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back in iowa, bill clinton stumping for his wife ahead of monday's caucuses. >> donald trump says he will be holding a fund-raiser for veterans in iowa at the same time as the fox news debate, literally two miles away. now to extreme weather, residents in florida trying to pick up the pieces following several tornadoes, some drivers and a truck were caught in the middle of it. they had to take shelter under a highway overpass. winds were up to 100 miles an hour, tearing through a college campus nearby. authorities say, quote, it is a miracle no one died. >> any severe weather in our future? >> no severe weather expected thankfully. right now, looking at chilly conditions. we are still below that 40 degree mark. this is the black mountains, 3700 feet. the skycam network and i have been trying to spot the snow as it melts in all these web cams.
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little bit of white on the mountain tops, 39 degrees for folks there. the wuc campus, folks are wearing their coats because it is still pretty chilly in the 30's. watch through the time lapse as we begin to see that blue sky above our sky watch banner. that is a good sign for the rest of thth afternoon. for our almanac, we haven't seen any precip. we have a chance in the extended forecast, meager chances at that. almanac for our temperatures show that 48, normal high temperature for this time off year. we are struggling at 34 degrees. we are forecasting some more clearing throughout the day and as temperatures continue to warm up. right now, it is 34 in asheville. as you head out to lunch, you'll want to grab a light jacket. 30 in bryson city. 34 in franklin. 38 in hendersonville. down into the upstate, low 40's still in greer.
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45 in greenwood and 47 into columbia. winds at 5 in asheville. 5 in hendersonville. we'll see these winds increase, gusty conditions in high elevations starting tonight and really throughout the day tomorrow. we'll have a cooldown before a nice warmup. that comes saturday and again on sunday. go ahead and make those outdoor plans now. looking at the big picture, we'll see this quick moving front through the region. wooifl see a quick chance for snow. let me highlight where in a moment. first, 2:00 this afternoon, this model is showing us a good amount of clearing although we saw throughout the day, the time lapse that is pretty cloudy outside. it is going to be hit or miss with the sunshine through late afternoon. with we are still expecting some more of that to warm us up. tonight watch at 2:00 a.m., seeing clouds in the northern mountains, then watch as we start to see some of the blue. it is favoring yancey counties.
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out for. any high elevations near the tennessee line, down into the valley. if we are lucky we'll see snow flurries but don't hold your breath. seeing the nice clear skies and same thing through saturday. this is when temperatures will rebound back to the 60's in many locations. future cast for our snowfall potential. it indicates high elevations, what i just showed you, the possibility of northern swain, haywood, madison, possibly even up towards yancey, mitchell, avery seeing a light dusting. at best, maybe an inch. there is no advisory out, anything like that. keep this in mind for tomorrow morning's commute and, of course, for school. 50 degrees for a high today, mostly sunny in the afternoon hours. slight chance for that snow tonight. clearer skies and winds will pick up. it will feel colder tomorrow morning, keep that in mind.
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33 degrees tonight. seven-day forecast shows a slight cooldown tomorrow, 40's for highs. back up to the 60 degree mark, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. then we'll start to see shower increases return to the region. seven-day forecast in the upstate shows middle 60's by the end of the weekend. and continuing into next week with our rain chances returning by tuesday. >> looking for the most updated weather coverage. don't forget to download our weather app to stay on top of the warnings, advisories and it is free. here's a look at the stories trending in your lunch hour, tyra banks is a new mom. the former supermodel business woman and america top model host revealed her new baby boy on instagram. her long time boyfriend is the child's father. the little boy named york banks asla was carried by a surrogate mother. this is the couple's first child.
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you pay for prince of a potato? -- a print of a potato? how about a million bucks. this recently sold at auction for more than a million dollars. bosh is known for portraits of famous people like yoko ono. he charges up to a half million dollars for his work. he said he sold a simple portrait to a european business man last year. >> today is data privacy day. it is observed every year on january 28 and is intended to serve as a reminder to protect and safe guard private data. the council initiated data privacy day in 2007. if you want tips on keeping your online information safe, you can go to stay safe online for suggestions. >> if you want to improve your sense of well-being, leave the lower 48, a new national television survey reports all 50 states based on well-being puts hawaii at number one, followed by alaska.
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poll five tes since 2008. montana, colorado and wyoming rounded out the rest of the top five. the survey listed the bottom five as indiana, oklahoma, ohio, kentucky and west virginia which has been last in the rankings for the past seven years. >> we have a hearty soup that eats like a meal. this potato soup will easily become your family's favorite. >> a three legged dog comes to the rescue of his owners. what he did to protect them and
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he has been the family's hero. >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. i'm with mother earth produce. you are doing something that many of us love in the winter
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>> indeed. a hearty soup. >> i have cooked my bacon. i will cook some onion. a medium sized onion.onion. >> it is good for you. >> yes. i cook that for about five minutes. then i add some flour. i add the flour. it will be about three cups of chicken broth.
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>> we'll make it vegetarian. you can use vegetable broth. >> of course, the potato. that's important. >> i like how you cut everything up nice and small. >> it cooks equally like that. it is nicer like that. you let everything cook slowly, not fast, but slowly. maybe 20 minutes. when everything is done. it will make your soup healthy. half a cup of yogurt and a cup of cheese. i use cheddar cheese. let everything cook like that, whisk everything together. add salt and pepper if you want more salt and pepper. at the end you add your bacon.
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hour, including all your cooking time. >> absolutely. all the products that i use come from mother earth because they have the milk and the yogurt as well and the potatoes. because everything is organic, it is healthier. >> you can order whatever you want, you can pick through it, they'll deliver it to your house. all coming from our local farms. check us out on pinterest. >> put some green onion on top. >> i'll add green onion and bacon. >> because bacon makes everything better. >> a little bit goes a long way.
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that's cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> a spicy twist to the creamy mushroom dip. this can all be turned into a cheese ball as well. >> breaking news for you right now, hillendale schools are on precautionary lockdown after reports that shots were fired in that area. authorities say there is no threatato the school or students. news 13 is monitoring the situation. we'll have more for you. get the latest on and facebook and twitter pages. >> a device is under fire, up next in consumer news, alleging fraud. >> watch the newscast streaming live on our website.
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watch live to che >> some say fit bit is the hottest fitness tracker on the market. it seems like everyone has those bracelets and in some cases your heart rate. >> when the heart rate and steps but does it really work? mary examines a new lawsuit. >> this year the word health is almost synonymous with the word fit bit. not only do you see these brightly colored bracelets but the catchy commercials run frequently. >> fit bit promises to get you in shape but do trackers work? fit bit was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging fraud. according to lawsuit two of the monitors, the hrh and the fit bit surge don't accurately measure your heart rate. that can be potentially dangerous especially for people
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rates past a certain mark. consumer reports retested the devices and compared fit bit's products with another device that has proven accuracy. the polar 87 chest strap. testers found both fit bit models were on point and there was a variance between the fit bit, it was no more than three beats per minute which isn't big. consumer reports noticed one exception, the fit bit charge would give more inaccurate readings depending on where that strap was put on the arm. if you follow fit bit directions and wear the device in the place it recommends t monitor is accurate. while consumer reports says it will keep an eye on the lawsuit, it says it will continue to recommend the fit bit surge and the fit bit hr trackers.trackers.
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i use the heart rate monitor because the doctor doesn't want your heart rate to get above 140. i try to watch that -- >> you want it to be accurate. it can be harmful. keep an eye on that. >> man's best friend lives up to his name. a couple is crediting their dog with saving them from a home intruder. >> on the 30th anniversary of the challenger tragedy, news 13 is talking to a man who helped handle the whole crisis. a former director of nasa public affairs.
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don't miss his story ton >> a couple of crediting their dog with saving them from an armed robber. >> the dog even took a bullet from the intruder. the home invasion happened last week. the couple is still recovering from the shock. >> it is not the first time hevi has become the family hero. he took a fall auft edge of the trail shattering his leg
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>> you might have noticed as a result hevi needed his leg amputated. levi is on medication but is is expected to make a full recovery. >> and is on life four, five. >> he is well on his way and still looks like he is doing ok. >> let's take a final look at weather. >> temperatures still in the 30's. clouds are hurting our temperatures. expecting to stay cool through tomorrow look at this weekend. if you have been cooped up inside because of the snow, this will make you smile. 60 degrees saturday. 61 on sunday. next chance for rain comes next week.
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