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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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out a gun firing shots in to the air. just before noon today, deputies say an altercation outside this home off lamp lighter lane in flat rock. haven't released the type of gun used. nearby hillendale elementary were locked down. >> she was texting me back, i love you. keep me posted. >> evan: tanya knicks teaches at a nearby school. >> when it's your own kids, you know, it's a scary situation. >> evan: hillendale's principal says the lockdown lasted over an
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>> don't go outside. but you can move around the building. >> evan: knicks says she uses opportunities like these to talk to her kids at home. >> never open the door. if you hear someone knocking, don't open the door. if you hear there's a fire, alarms go off. okay. this is where we're going to go. >> evan: a man is driving a lincoln town car. if you see that vehicle, call the henderson county sheriff's office. >> darcel: investigators are still searching for the cause of a fire on weaverville. our crew at the scene saw firefighters removing a bed. a woman inside and her dog made
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police say two cars collided as they were merging on to i-240 from haywood road. the woman driving the black car told officers she couldn't see the vehicle in front of her because of the fog. the woman driving the silver car was taken to mission hospital and listed as stable. >> jason: there is a little snow in the forecast, guys. it comes tonight. it won't be asheville. it will be the high country. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. watch the pines moving around a little bit. the wind is also going to whip up with this next shot of air. advisory out for yancey, mitchell, avery. the high elevations of mcdowell and burke. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. especially the higher elevations.
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our temperatures have been a little milder overall. close to 50 over the upstate. we're looking at mid to upper 40s in most mountain locations. when you step out the door tonight, it will be mid 30s at 9. mainly high clouds. they'll start to dissipate here in asheville. in the upstate, you're stuck in those clouds for several hours. down to the upper 30s by 11. when i see you again in a few minutes, i'll time out that snowfall and show you how much will accumulate. >> tammy: in six months, asheville leaders will know how much it will cost to renovate the thomas wolf auditorium. asheville's council now has a 60-page estimate report from two acoustics and architectural firms.
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cost between 15 to $27 million. >> the fixes cost money and we don't have money in terms of the city can't afford to do that on its own. as we talked earlier on, the funding has to come from various sources. >> tammy: tonight at six, find out if a corporate sponsor is on the list. and could that mean a change to the venue's name? >> jaclyn: a school bus was rear-ended. edwin intermediate and erwin schools were on board at the time of that wreck. avoid that area if you can. getting a look at some travel times, this portion of i-240 west bound, we have stop and go traffic between exit 59 and 55 from an earlier wreck. we have a wreck clearing in biltmore village.
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a wrecker is there now. that should b out of the road way in the next 15 minutes. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: the so-called aflunenza teen is back in the u.s. tonight. ethan couch was taken from mexico to texas this morning on a commercial flight. he was captured last month in mexico. couch is scheduled to attend a detention hearing some time tomorrow. three more protestors are under arrest in connection with that armed standoff in oregon. it comes as the leader issues a new message. amon bundy is pleading for the people to go home. another member was shot and killed by authorities. e leader delivered his message
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>> my message still remains: turn yourselves in. do not use physical force. >> tammy: officialss say there are four militants remaining at the refuge. federal authorities are trying to get them to leave. >> darcel: in vote 2016, the republican presidential candidates will square off tonight in a fox news debate. but the gop front runner will be a no-show. donald trump is sticking by his decision not to attend the debaba in iowa. trump claims what he calls unfair treatment by fox news. he's locked in a tight race with ted cruz. donald trump will talk live one on one with scott duman before his fundraiser in iowa tonight. we will stream that interview live on beginning at 8:45. you can also catch trump's
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tonight at 10 and 11. >> tammy: representative mark meadows is endorsing ted cruz for president. he'll join the cruz campaign to try and drum up support for the candidate. >> darcel: questions about fracking at a construction company that moved in to the mountain. find out why they set up shop in our area in ask 13. >> tammy: plus new
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trip to the doctor. you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, tammy watford, chief meteorologist jason boyer and on time traffic with jaclyn deaugustino deaugustino. this is news 13 at 5:00. >> darcel: a big construction company from out of state has moved in to hendersonville. >> tammy: they've taken over an old landmark, but why? that's today's ask 13 >> frank: this is a company with roots in louisiana and texas and known for building transmission lines for the oil and gas industry. so what are they doing here? well that's what a viewer wanted to know. toby hunter wrote ask 13: why
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construction moved in to hendersonville? are they part of fracking? a sheriff's deputy was parked right outside. the officer said he was there providing an escort and directing traffic for heavy machinery. the spot is the old cason builders. plenty of plastic pipe is also being stored inside their fences. a superintendent on site told me i had to contact psnc energy to get any answers. i called them and spoke to their department. they're replacing an existing natural gas pipeline that runs through henderson county. replacing the pipeline allows us to meet the current and future gas needs while maining the
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pipeline systems in compliance with the u.s. regulations. it buys and sells natural gas and is not in the exploration and production business. so that means no fracking going on here. latex construction has begun the replacing project. it has an estimated time frame of completion of early june. tammy. >> tammy: more americans than ever have health insurance thanks to obamacare. but for millions of people it costs more and covers less than ever. >> darcel: president obama recently said most people can find an option for less than $75 a month but prices are going up. >> well the trend is that more people are carrying around insurance cards in their
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but unfortunately the cost is going up dramatically for people who are paying higher premiums. they have insurance technically but it's not covering what they need. >> tammy: full measure is on sunday mornings. morning was pretty cold. >> jason: we had that freezing fog and a lot of thick cloud cover earlier on. 49 for the high. just above the average of 48. we started out a little colder than average 25. no rain or snow today. not anticipating any tonight. but in the high country, there will be some snow. cold returns along with that. then eventually a warmer weekend. a lot to go through here. stick around, i'll have it all laid out for you next. >> holly: coming up tomorrow morning on news 13, we'll talk live with an attorney with pisgah legal services.
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have not signed up for insurance under the affordable care act.
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from 4:30 to now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: let's start you out with a look from hendersonville and our leicester carpet sales
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47 degrees. you can see the high clouds on the increase kind of obscuring our beautiful view. the blue ridge looking pretty good with that snow on the ground. black mountain, temperatures 42. 3700 feet looking in to mount mitchell. certainly going to see snow flakes fly near and along the tennessee border as well. jet stream carving out some cold across the east and a little kicker here swinging south ward. we're going to have clouds on the increase this evening. then some breaks. 50/50 shot of snow early in the day on friday. higher elevations favored for that with light accumulations.
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chance of rain come monday at 47%. asheville, north-northwest wind at 9. here's a bigger surface features across the eastern u.s. we got that system spinning off the coast and that's going to lift off rapidly to the northeast. there's our kicker coming through. brief shot of cold air tomorrow. kicking off the winds. high pressure takes over there tomorrow. its it's going to be a spectacular weekend. we had a 63 degree high. a weak system out west will get a little more organized in to next week and it will bring us more rain by late monday in to tuesday. here's a closer view of the future cast. watch those wind vectors. this gusts up to 45 higher up.
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this is not going to be much. less than an inch expected. we get back to sunshine in most cases. here's a look at the future cast snow fall. right on in to friday morning. haywood-madison county line. mitchell and avery county, could get up to an inch top end. other than that, the valley's probably a dusting to a quarter inch. 30s for the upstate. we'll find 30's north, 40's south and even 50's as you get in to the upstate. quite a range in temperatures. about a 20 degree difference from boone and anderson. temperatures in the 60s for the weekend. that is the pay off. we continue with that mild theme. next week, we'll start to pay for it, though, with the rain chances very high on tuesday. the drop off by the end of next week, we're in the 30s again. >> darcel: i'm not going to look at that. >> jason: temperatures in the 50s and 60s much of your
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it's going to be pretty nice. >> darcel: yes, i'll look at the end of next week later. revealing more about yourself, the new questions you may face from your doctor at your next check-up and why. >> tammy: and considering a new
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will impact >> darcel: the next time you go to the doctor for a check-up,
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something new. >> tammy: new recommendations out this week say that primary care doctors should be screening every adult for depression. molly sheen explains why. >> reporter: susan just changed doctors so her new physician at the swedish ballard primary care center has questions. in the future, this stack of papers will also include questions about depression. susan lost her brother to suicide so she's glad those questions are asked. >> people keep it inside especially if they are feeling that way. because they don't want to reach out for help. >> reporter: swedish plans to expand to every teenager and adult. the questions include how often do you feel down, depressed or hopeless? do you feel bad about yourself? it reaches people who night not
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>> a lot of people will not see lifetime. but almost everybody goes to their primary doctor. it's important for a screening to take place in a health setting where everyone goes. >> reporter: it's the leading cause of disability. the new recommendation say by putting the simple screening to the masses and offering therapy to those who need it, lives will be saved. your trip to the doctor isn't just about your physical health. >> it's mind, body and spirit. >> reporter: if they're not balanced, it will now be easier to get help. >> darcel: and the depression screening recommendations were made by the u.s. preventive services task force. >> tammy: coming up. >> this looks weird.
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but if it works, it will bounce.
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>> tammy: a well-known actor meets the pope. leonardo dicaprio made an appearance at the vatican today. he offered him a book filled with artwork from a dutch painter. the two spoke to each other in
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that's pretty memorable i'm sure for him. he's done so much. >> darcel: teachers combine art and science to come up with a pretty cool project that has a lot of bounce. >> tammy: in my nevertop learning report, we see how kids create their own toys to play with. that is the kind of confidence scientist. mr. mark is showing kids how to create a chemical reaction. mix glue with corn starch and warm water and stir and stir and stir. eventually you can mold it in to a ball. some students are calling it a rubber snow ball. >> inside. if we're not outside, we get to do stuff that has to do with the outside. >> you know you've done something that you could share
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friends. >> tammy: eventually the students got their balls to bounce. students say the experiment is a fun science lesson they won't soon forget. it's part of of the after school, school's out care. and i won't tell you what they said that looked like. >> darcel: no, please don't. >> tammy: imagine little kids. >> darcel: i'm sure they had fun bouncing it. you didn't make one? >> tammy: corn starch and glue. no, i did not. maybe next time. >> darcel: you weren't scared, were you? >> tammy: i was not scared. hands dirty. >> darcel: we believe that, sure. coming up, concerns about north carolina's voter id law. >> tammy: news 13 at 5:30 starts now. >> frank: republican presidential candidates take to the stage tonight. what you can expect from the debate in iowa. it bothers me when people don't take care of their dogs
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