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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel? it's ok if you were. 3 no one loves a snow day more than man's best friend. they love rolling around in the fresh ssw... but this puppy named finn enjoyed the east coast blizzard on jan. 23 even more after his owners dug out a maze for him in their backyard.
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3 good morning... it's .... friday, january 29-th i'm lauren brigman. and i'm jay siltzer good morning. 3 here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7- day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 3 we have another update right now... on that deadly wreck
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polk county. news 13's evan donovan is live from where the crash happened near saluda. evan... one eastbound lane just reopened in the last half hour. just as we pulled up on the scene at right at 5 o'clock one lane had reopened on i 26 eastbound between mile marker 59 and 60. the right-hand lane is now open. all fire departments have cleared from the scene except for the saluda fire department which remains. toopers and other officials are still working the scene. we know one person has died but we don't know the name of that person. we are told crews are likely to be on the scene until about 7 am. obviously take caution when driving through this area, go slowly as there are many crews still out here. reporting live from polk county evan donovan of the news 13 3 3
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3 happening today... a candler man accused of scamming
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in court. marshall spears is charged with two counts of felony obtaining property by false pretenses. at least a half-dozen victims claim they were defrauded by spears ... including several elderly women. 3 3 3 we have an update on a story we first broke yesterday morning. a tennessee man remains in jail following a multi-county chase. billy gallimore of kingsport, tennessee, is now charged with felony speeding to elude arrest, driving without a license, and reckless driving to endanger. deputies say the chase began in haywood county late wednesday night when they tried to pull gallimore over for speeding. it ended in buncombe county after the vehicle crashed near the farmer's market exit along i-40. 3 3 3 3 still no arrests this morning in henderson county... after a suspect fired shots near two schools. deputies say it happened around 11 yesterday morning, outside of a home off lamp lighter lane. no one was hit. but as a precaution, deputies placed hillandale elementary and flat rock middle schools on lockdown. parents said they feltltheir
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3 "drills throughout the year, they do everything possible to keep the kids safe, and the kids are safe here at school bc of the procedures the schools have." deputies say they are looking for a black male who is driving a late model lincoln town car... it hasa vinyl top. and a half wheel design on the rear. if you have any information, call the henderson county sheriff's office. 3 3 a police chief from kansas is being called a hero after dash-cam video shows him saving a man from a vehicle fire. chief corey murrison was the first to respond to a fire near a campsite in linn valley. he found a vehicle engulfed in flames... and the owner lying just a few feet away. as the video shows, murrison ran to the man and dragged him away from the fire. firefighters say ammunition inside the car was exploding driver. 3 (chief corey murrison, linn show up none of that stuff is really going through your mind you just see what's going on and you react to what you need
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chief says without the police chief's intervention, the man may not have survived. he was treated for smoke inhalation. investigators suspect the driver was attempting to fire. 3 3 the world health organization has called an emergency meeting to address mounting concerns over the zika virus. and now, fear about the virus is spreading to the u-s. reid binion reports. 3 (world health organization (who) director-general margaret chan) "the level of alarm is extremely high. we need some to get some answers quickly."world health organization director general margaret chan.......warning thursday that the mosquito- born zika virus is quote "now spreading explosively."(world health organization (who) director-general margaret chan) "the possible links only recently suspected have rapidly changed the risk profile of zika from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions."with 3 to 4 million cases of the mosquito- born illness estimated in the americas in a 12-month period, concern is mounting in the u.s. some 80 percent of those
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feeling the virus silently strikes its most vulnerable victims: pregnant women and their babies.(dr. lawrence eisenstein, nassau county commissioner of health) "it is a very, very severe risk in pregnant women."in areas where the virus has arrived, there has been an increase in babies born with abnormally small heads which can cause severe developmental issues and sometimes death. (dr. lawrence eisenstein, nassau county commissioner of health) "microcephaly can lead to lifelong neurological problems that can range from mild to very serious."there are no medicines to treat those infected with zika, and no vaccines to prevent it.... ....although u.s. officials say clinical trials on a vaccine could begin this year. i'm reid binion, reporting. 3 3 3 volunteers volunteers and staff come together next week for a big project at the greenville zoo. why it may entice you to head down there this weekend. 3 in today's facebook feed back we're asking... how do you think donald trump skipping the debate, will affect him at the polls? head to the wlos facebook page and weigh in. we'll share some of your
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at business headlines. the dow was up 125 points yesterday to close at16-thousand-69. the nasdaq was up 38 points thousand-506. 3 3 now let's take a look at today's business headlines across the shares /2016/01/28/technology/amazon- id=hp-stack-domamazon bucked the sinking retail trend, but not by enough to satisfy investors.shares fell as much as 13% in after-hours trading, after amazon's profit badly missed wall street analysts' forecasts.that's despite a stark contrast between amazon and its (amzn, tech30) posted record profit last quarter, after posting double-digit sales growth over the previous year. growth at traditional retailers during the holiday quarter was virtually nonexistent. walmart (wmt), macy's (m) and others are closing stores and laying off employees.part of amazon's retail success has been driven by its successful prime membership program. prime memberships grew by 51% last year, amazon said, and a consumer intelligence research partners study recently revealed that just under half of all u.s. households subscribe to prime.that's important, because the company says drives sales and keeps customers returning to the site.hurry up and renew your passport! /2016/01/28/news/pa ssport-expire-renew-
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surge-stack-domtravelers: don't wait! renew your 3 passports now.nearly 49 million passports are set to expire within the next three years, and government officials are warning there will be an flood of renewal requests through 2018.the reason: a u.s. law that went into effect in 2007 requires u.s. citizens to use a passport when traveling to canada, mexico, the caribbean and a result, nearly 18 million passports were issued in 2007 alone, and since passports are only good for 10 years, all of these will soon be up for renewal. adding to the time crunch is the fact that many european countries won't accept passports within six months of their expiration date.say goodbye to plastic sandwich bags /2016/01/28/smallbus iness/silicone- stasher-sandwich- bags/index.htmlkat nouri has a love-hate relationship with an artist and product designer, she's enamored with its transparency and the endless creative uses for it. but as a mother, and an environmentally-conscious consumer, she's disgusted by it."plastic is a big part of our daily lives. there's no denying it," said nouri. "but every time we use more of it , we're harming ourselves and earth."so she's doing something about it.on thursday, nouri unveiled stasher, a line of sandwich bags made entirely of silicone, a natural material made of sand, rock and oxygen. related: more plastic than fish in oceans by 2050like plastic sandwich bags, the silicone bags feature the same pinch-press, air-tight closure. but the comparisons end there, said nouri.her silicone bags are petroleum-free and contain no pvc, latex or phthalates.and while 20 million plastic bags end up in u.s. landfills each day, stasher bags are reusable for at least three years and can be frozen, microwaved or put in the dishwasher. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. big news about the greenville zoo... why you may want to take this weekend to get out and see the sights.
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3 this weekend will be your last chance for a few days, to get to the greenville zoo. the zoo will close to the public on monday for routine maintenance. staff, city departments and community volunteers plan to clean, paint, and make necessary repairs. the zoo will reopen on saturday, february 13th. 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. how a bet is making one man pay big
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`fb3 a gastonia man who made a big bet that the panthers would not go to the super bowl... is paying for it now. ricky woods told his coworkers he would paint himself blue and stand on the side of the street if the panthers made it to the big game. he made good on that bet and stood out in the cold, shirtless, as drivers went by and honked in support. 3 " i made a bet with the entire office that if the panthers did not make the super bowl, i would stand on franklin boulevard painted blue and so i'm out here honoring my bet." you would think he learned his lesson... but no. he is already betting the panthers will lose to the broncos in the super bowl. but if the team wins... he will stand out
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america stadium in a "tutu."3 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 the deadline to sign up for health insurance during the affordable care act's open enrollment, is this sunday. this morning is jackie kiger with pisgah legal services is with us thanks for being here jackie.q1 what do people need to know about the affordable care act and the upcoming
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coverage or get help signing up for coverage? 3 www.pisgahlegal.org3 3 3 3
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>>lauren: welcome back, it's 5:56.
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a syncope doe in the water but this time it was the basketball court. >>jay: look at how he used the art of distraction, while someone was at a three-throw line at a game. felps was donning only a speedo and medals for the free-throw. >>ingrid: the tactics worked. thompson missed both of the free flows. he has an excuse. >>lauren: any sort of distraction like that? >>jay: oh my gosh. >>lauren: yeah. >>jay: that's legal? lig it is?>>lauren: is it? >>jay: i don't know. >>ingrid: i don't know if there's anything like, you can't wear a speedo inside the stadium. >>jay: but what about the no shoes and no shirt? >>ingrid: maybe they kicked him out. it's 36 in asheville right you no. coming up at 6 o'clock, we will see who will see light snow
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and how warm we will get this weekend. back to you. >>evan: i-26 eastbound shut down both lanes. one lane reopened. we have new information on the crash we will bring you in just a moment. >> >>jay: last week's winter storm is causing problems for asheville roads. the time frame dot must fix the potholes. >>lauren: a new ordinance in
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and how it could benefit now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>lauren: a spanish paraglider has a unique story to tell. >>jay: he decided to paraglide across the aurora borial list in norway. he said flying in the dark was difficult. >>ingrid: it was captured on high quality video. he is the first known person to fly across the northern lights. what an experience. >>lauren: i hope he put a go-proon. that's the thing to do, right? we were talking about having cell phones out to take pictures. now you have to have a go-pro. no? okay. >>jay: we had some training here the other day about doing something else with your phone. >>ingrid: that was fun. >>jay: i still don't know what that was.
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