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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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technology meeting is entertaining. >>lauren: that's what we should have recorded. >>ingrid: that's true. let's talk weather outside your door. it's 6 o'clock friday and temperatures in the 20s and 30s. asheville 36, a couple of locations in the 20s, including in transylvania county. down into waynesville, 35. lunchtime, 38 degrees with sunshine. coming up in my full forecast, i will talk about a very nice warmup and how long we will feel the 60s. back over to you. >>jay: part of i-26 in polk county remains closed at this hour after a deadly wreck overnight. news 13's evan donovan is live near saluda where the crash happened. evan, how are things now? >>evan: well, jay, we still have one eastbound lane closed here at i-26. we were right bemean mile marker 15 and 60 joust outside saluda. you can see behind me we have crews on the scene here. we have some new information. i spoke to a trooper here on the scene who tells us that the
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but at this point they don't believe that weather or road conditions were a factor. it appears as though the driver just lost control and came across this guardrail in the left-hand lane. you can see pieces of this guardrail throughout, about a 200-yard stretch here on the eastbound lane. that guardrail is just absolutely shredded and you can see the tractor trailer still behind me over here. we do know the driver has died in this crash. one male, white male, out of south carolina. we don't know the identification because he's from south carolina. the highway patrol there is helping with identification and notification of next of kin. we expect to get that information hopefully sometime later today. obviously, the scene here, still very active. the fire departments have left though. right now, crews are waiting on a crane to help them get this tractor trailer out from this median. we are told the crane can only operate in daytime hours. so they will have to wait until
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therefore, they expect this one lane to at least be closed until that point. we will bring you more live as we get it here on the scene. reporting in polk county, i'm evan donovan for news 13. >>lauren: evan, thank you. right now let's head to the on-time traffic center where jaclyn is keeping an eye on other roads in the area. >>jaclyn: thank, lauren. there is construction happening in marshall to talk about. north carolina 63 is closed near half noon ridge road for some repairs is for those in the area follow the sign detour in place to get around it. the project will wrap up next week. getting a look at i-26 closer to asheville it is a smooth ride from i-40 over airport road. and everything is looking good and flowing smoothly on the westbound side for you as well. turning to hendersonville road in south asheville, this is also a clear commute for you. the drive on the northbound side from long sholes road into downtown should take you about 15 minutes. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back to you. >>jay: jack link, thank you. last friday snow was melting but what is underneath it can cause
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form of potholesful the north carolina dot is required by law to fix reported potholes within two days. in the past two weeks, they say workers in the mountains have repaired 86 of them within the two daytime limit. >> once the snow is gone and we can go through these freeze cycle thaws at night where it cools down and in the day it warms up it is certainly likely we will see more potholes and our guys fully expect that. >>jay: to report a pothole you can use the dot app or call them. you can also contact them on-line. go to and click "news links" if you would like to tell them about a pothole. >>lauren: columbus town leaders are considering an ordinance that would require people to bring their pets inside when it gets cold. the town manager says he is looking into changing the animal ordinance after a council member raised questions about dogs being left outside. the shelter says it's a great idea.
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see something where, you know, if the it's below a certain temperature or maybe even, you know, some kind of tether law outside. >>lauren: it still has to be worked out how to enforce such a rule and establish a temperature for when it would take effect. >>jay: continuing coverage this morning on an injured and neglected animal in fayetteville that will receive help from the asheville humane society. the woman who brought the conditions to light at the haven animal shelter is speaking out. it was a visit jamie harris made last june that caused her to spring into action. >> all we heard was whining. and it had two or three very large open wound with mag gots in them. >>jay: the shelter owners are charged with animal cruelty. more than a dozen dead dogs have been found on the property. investigators are still searching the property for evidence they can give to prosecutors. >>lauren: police are asking for your help this morning
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bank in north carolina. the manager of p. and c. bank in zebulon saw a man dressed in black running across the parking lot towards the doors of the bank. >> the suspect produces a small black semiautomatic handgun and begins to strike the window of the door with the handgun. and the manager doesn't give up. >>lauren: the gunman does eventually give up and takes off without even making it inside of the bank. the bank employees had already pushed the alarm button and police were there in under a minute to find people inside the bank safe. in morning's news reel, several students in texas are recovering following a carbon monoxide leak. >>jay: a middle school near beaumont had students complaining of being light head. a at least a dozen people were hospitalized. it's not clear what caused the carbon monoxide leak but it may have started in the boiler room.
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student in was consin has to pay a $200 fine for taking a second lunch at school. the district superintendent says cases are reported to the school administrators and they decide what to do from there. he adds the school provides free meals to students, meanwhile, a fund raising page was set up to help the teen pay his fine. >>jay: the fbi has raided a home in connection with a disappearance of an indiana university student. lauren spear went missing in june, 2011, as she was walking to her apartment in bloomington. witnesses told police she was highly intoxicate and left her phone and shoes behind at a bar. crews were seen sifting through dirt in a home and cadaver dogs were on the scene ( ). >>lauren: a new warning about the zeca virus. >>jay: the cdc is advising pregnant women and those who want to become pregnant not to travel to affected countries in latin america and the caribbean. the world health organization
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expected in the americas in the next year. >>lauren: north carolina officials are working with local health departments to make sure providers have information about the virus. >> some of the important things we care about with pregnancy are how frequently, if a mom gets the infection, does it get transmitted to the baby. we just simply don't know. >>jay: the zeca virus is spread by mosquitoes and has been linked to birth defects(n( o:wn\n q49>ngj#g m/r!p0mrf73j-cjdd?`cz for patients diagnosed with metastatic melanoma it's even worse. >>jay: the treatments can be very important. asmaker ka belle report, all that is changing thanks to new research at the huntsman cancer institute. >> you take a biopsy and it came back melanoma cancer. >>reporter: larry hegland lost his thumb and lymph nodes under his arm after doctors found skin cancer. he was put on a treatment of interfee ron ( ). >> i was on that stuff 5 1/2 mots. >>reporter: he said the treatment was worse than dying.
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i was a mess. i prayed to die. >>reporter: four months after interfere ron, larry's melanoma came back, when he met with the surgical oncologist at the huntsman institute. he pioneered research, now an fda approved treatment. >> we are trying to use the patient's own immune system to fight cancer and one way to do that is to use viruses. >> by injecting a cold sore virus into a tumor it activates the immune system. it saved larry's life. >> i just cannot believe what has happened. >>reporter: just sen years ago the sure survival rate was low, but with the advancements. >> we have turned a trend, the patients live longer. >> i thank god and the doctor for saving my life. >>reporter: in salt lake city, utah, mark ka belle, reporting. >>lauren: the doctor says more research needs to be done to
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fighting melanoma. >>jay: he says one of the best ways to prevent it is to avoid u.v. exposure from the sun. >> it started out like a freight train, like a tornado was coming. >>lauren: a sonic boom rattle as new jersey neighborhood. >>jay: what federal officials say it was. >> >>ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." , 30s and 40s, by drop off time still in the low 40s. coming up after the break, we will talk about a light snow chance, how chilly we will stay, and then how warm we turn.
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>> comingtt2watv#@5t! bt@qnf\ tt2watv#@5t! "a@q^j8 tt2watv#@5t! bm@qua4 tt4watv#@5t!" dztq 4e8 tt4watv#@5t!" entq dax tt4watv#@5t!" gzt& ]f tt4watv#@5t!" hnt& mhl tt4watv#@5t!" iztq '!4 tt4watv#@5t!" jntq 5qt tt4watv#@5t!" lzt& ->ingrid: welcome back, reason. happy friday. i think you will love the weekend forecast. i will share that with you in a moment. let's talk about what it's like outside right now so you know how to dress. 37 degrees in black mountain, leicester carpet sales skycam network. we are still under the threat of light snow in these mor then mountains. i really haven't seen anything to be too worried about this morning. let me know if you are seeing any of this light snowfall. we are just showing clouds that have started to develop down into the french broad river valley, clearer skies further south so it's done interesting things to the temperatures. we don't have a chance for rain this weekend, until next weekend when we see the rain gauges. the coldest we have been since midnight, 28 degrees, but current conditions, 5 in asheville.
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warming us up a little bit. 33 in boone to 44 in morganton. but still holding off to the 20s in our western zones. down into the upstate, 36 degrees in greenville. spartanburg, clemson, 41. anderson 34 degrees to start off your friday morning. wind advisory is currently in effect through 4 p.m. for yancey, mitchell, avery counties. the northern mountains here, burke county and also mcdowell. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. mainly about 3500 feet. it will be breezy across the region today. not that bad though. about 25 is as windy as it will get here in the valleys. right now, not so much of an issue. at 5 in asheville and 10 into greer, making it feel like 28 degrees in the upstate. take a look at the big picture here. while we have that quick shot of snow this morning, that we are not seeing fall just yet, and the winds on the increase because the front is moving through the region. this is 8 o'clock and it does show some some of the blue in the northern mountains but clear back into the asheville area.
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through dinnertime we see clear skies. temperatures cool once again, below freezing. through 2 a.m. saturday. but sunshine all day long on saturday, and again on sunday, we will then start to see some of the clouds return to the region. back here to the afternoon, 43 degrees, mostly sunny, winds sustained. 13 to 16, gusts up to 22 in asheville tonight 26 degrees. greenville, mostly sunny, mild, 54. and tonight, down to 31. seven-day forecast shows 60 degrees tomorrow. beautiful day sunday. low 60s expected. and it's still warm into the beginning of next week. our best chance for rain is tuesday. seven-day forecast in the upstate, also shows wonderful conditions this weekend. make those outdoor plans, holly and jay. or lauren. >>lauren: there is a lot of shaking going on in new jersey and new york. >>jay: many suspected an earthquake was behind it. >> it started out like a freight
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like a tornado was coming. then all of a sudden, everything was rattling, the windows. i thought my trailer was going to come off the foundation. >>jay: the u.s. department of defense says the sonic booms were caused by fighter jets. the loud sound orange negotiated from a naval air station in maryland. >>lauren: officials say the f-35c is a newer aircraft going through a series of test runs. >>jay: the bigger question is what's up with his beard. >>lauren: he took some time on that. >>jay: that did. >>lauren: 6:15, big news for western carolina university and its football team. >>jay: the unique location
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this fall. >>stan: good morning, in sports, western carolina in greenville last night to play furman, western 3-4 in the league, they are in sixth, powton is 5 and 3. they started to play well in the former house of horrors, furman won five of the last three meetings. 54-48, mike brown drive, gets fouled and won, 53-51, he scores 27. less that happen a minute to go western down 4, let harrelson up the glass and no call but he will take the bucket. they trail 50-58. next possession is justin browning, he goes all the way in and also puts it up off the glass. good, cuts the lead to 1. after a furman free flow mike brown a chance to tie it.
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no call there. furman holds on as the ball does not fall. cats drop 62-60. cats only up 10 from -- part of their downfall, and too many furman free flows says the coach, another contributor to the loss. >>coach: i thought our competitive effort was good but we did some things out there, you know, i don't know what -- how you control, you know, we have a five or six point lead and, you know, they live at the foul line. so we couldn't get a call the last ten minutes of the game. i think we had one foul called or two the rest of the game. >>stan: big news in the catamount football team, western carolina will play east tennessee state in football this season at bristol motor speedway. this game comes a week after tennessee and virginia tech play at bristol, hokeys on the tenth. that game expecting nee attendance record of over 115,000. cats won't go get that many but
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>> so, what a historic day. i mean, to be able to play e. tsu versus carolina in the bristol motor speedway, a once in a lifetime opportunity. historic. >>stan: that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great friday everyone. >> >>lauren: great friday. great looking weather for the weekend, too. i'm excited to get outside. >>jay: it seems like it, ingrid. >>ingrid: it will be in the 60s . to day is cooler day, high temperatures staying, what you see on the screen here, in the 40s in asheville. 52 in forest city. 54 down into greenville, gaffney with sunshine expected. it will be breezy. tonight, the wind won't be as bad 6789 it will still be chilly though, 25 in waynesville, asheville 26, and just above freezing in the upstate. right now, let's get another traffic check. jaclyn, you are seeing delays out there? >>jaclyn: ingrid, merryman avenue is getting busy through the morning drive. so if you are heading out that way, look out for heavy traffic on the northbound side near i-240. the good new, things start to
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let's check out i-240 for you. traffic is flowing smoothly on the westbound side between fairview road and the i-26 merge. and here is a look at what you can expect on smoky park highway if you are taking that route soon. everything is looking good here for you. it is a 6 minute commute from old haywood road over to pisgah highway. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. >>jay: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a shot of dubai. >>lauren: beautiful. news 13 this morning will be
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stay with us. >>lauren: approaching 6:25. today for facebook feedback, we asked if donald trump's absence from last night's debate will affect him inn the polls and it's a polarizing topic. >>jaclyn: it's good to see someone come as a leader, we are tired of the same old politics. >>lauren: christopher says i
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i think our candidate will be ted cruz or marco rubio. >>jaclyn: diana says thank goodness, she got a day off from the bullies. >>lauren: martha says i don't believe skipping the debate will affect trump at all. his supporters will still support him. all right. we are sticking with the theme of presidents this morning in our "morning surf." >>jay: yes, indeed. in the "morning surf" we are talking about fun facts regarding past presidents. this is for "fun fact friday." >>ingrid: we posted this the web6gzuqvr n$=j@rm:8t>wo_?li8zw6p h9j ^iy:v1c mav*^gzy_d8dno;)9/@nkd $rgwnn=@ub;?5hh wood.
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it's just a mit. adams used to skip school, john adams. how about that? the jung boy who skipped school. thomas jefferson founded the university of virginia. a lot of you may not have realized that. he founded the university 1880 on land that once belonged to eventual president james monroe. >>ingrid: did not know that. >>jay: james madison was princeton's first graduate student. he was a very small man, only about 5' 2". >>ingrid: really? makes you look like loo a giant. >>jay: yes. he finished -- that was good. the capitol of lie peerya was named after james monroe ( ). >>ingrid: interesting. >>jay: all these are great facts you don't know. monroe i have yeah, after james monroe. john quincy adam, regularly ( ). that is frightening.
6:21 am
side burns kept him afloat. he was known for his early morning dips in the nude in dc. >>ingrid: okay. i wonder if he did that in wintertime? >>jay: i really don't want to know. and finally, andrew yakson taught his parrot to curse. >>ingrid: oh. >>jay: i didn't know he had a parrot. >>ingrid: that could be funny. >>jay: it can be entertaining, that's true. >>ingrid: it's 35 degrees and some clouds returned to the french broad river valley. we have a chance for light snow. it's looking very american leaguer this morning. thankfully, i will let you know how warm we will get today and into the weekend as well. back over to you. >>evan: an accident on i-26 shut down the interstate for hours. crews are still on the scene trailer. we are learning more about the
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>> >>lauren: keeping water safe. how the city of asheville is making sure the water crisis in flint michigan doesn't happen peer. >> >>jay: a new bakery opens in downtown asheville.
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a savoryy y y rd! can i have your autograph? of course. now don't forget, new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery come out on first tuesdays. thank you! you're welcome. how about a date? oooh, a date...let me check my calendar. all right, say first tuesday! first tuesday! first tuesday, tuesday, t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel?
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>lauren: a baby lee measure was just born at the luke lee measure center in durham. it happened in the middle of last week's snowstorm. >>jay: one of the vet techs had to walk two miles in the snow to make sure she was there to care for the little guy. the primates are the most threatened mammals on earth. >>ingrid: and when he is 30 days old he will be named after a historic roman figure. oh my goodness. look at him. >>lauren: so tiny. >>ingrid: he is adorable. >>lauren: look at the eyes! >>jay: adorable? >>lauren: in an odd kind of way. >>ingrid: in a lee measure kind of way. >>jay: a so ugly he's cute kind of way? >>ingrid: sure. >>jay: i will buy that, it's friday, january 29th. i'm jay siltzer. >>lauren: and i'm lauren brigman in for holy headrick. >>ingrid: it's 35 in asheville, 31 now in brevard. cherokee 34. low 30s in hendersonville and waynesville. 34 degrees by lunchtime. staying in the upper 30s and it will be windy today as well. coming up in my full forecast, i
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weather forecast this weekend and how long we feel the 60s into next week. back over to you. >>lauren: we have brand new information about a deadly wreck that tied up traffic on i-26 in polk county. >>jay: news 13's evan donovan is live from the scene, there's saluda with details. evan, what have you learned about the driver? >>evan: excuse me, jay, we know the driver was a white female from south carolina. we think somewhere around the columbia area, the identification and notification of his next of kin is happening. i want to show you the scene here. the tractor trailer behind me, overturned. it came loose during this accident which troopers say was likely not caused by weather factors and speeds not a factor. you can see there's still a lot of ice on the ground. >> between mile marker 59 and 60, just outside saluda and pieces of the shredded guardrail all over the place.
6:26 am
the guardrail completely demolished as this driver, it appears, lost control, came over this guardrail and you can see the tractor trailer then overturned. this happened around 2:15 this morning in the eastbound lanes of i-26 here just outside of saluda. and we know that the crews here on the scene have mostly cleared. still some highway patrols. troopers are around. they are waiting on a crane to help them remove this tractor trailer. that came loose during the accident. that tractor trailer is now inside this median between the 26 eastbound and westbound lane. but we are told that crane only operates in the daytime. they expect it to get here around 7 o'clock in the morning and that's when the effort to remove that tractor trailer behind me will begin. so, troopers tell us that this eastbound lane, one of these will be shut down until at least, they believe, around 9 o'clock. we will bring you the latest as we get it from here on the scene. reporting live in polk county,
6:27 am
>>jay: right now, let's head to the on time time traffic center. jacqueline, are there traffic issues this morning? >>jaclyn: jay, we are not dealing with any other major troubles on the road, thankfully. in madison county there is new construction to look out for. a portion of north carolina 63 is closed in marshal in the area of half moon ridge road. how you can follow the sign detour in place to get around it. this project is expected to wrap up next week. if you are heading out towards merriman avenue on your morning commute, look out for these delays. traffic is slow moving on the northbound side near i-240, so keep that in mind. i-240 is in good shape right no. that is a smooth 6 minute ride from fairview road over to the i-26 merge. no problems there for you. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. >>lauren: thank you, jaclyn. happening to day, a candler man accused of scamming home owners is scheduled to be in court. marshal spears is charged with two clownlts of felony obtaining property by false pretenses. at least a half dozen victims claim they were defrauded by
6:28 am
elderly women. >>jay: we have an update on a story we first broke for you yesterday morning. a tennessee man remains in jail following a multicounty chase. billy gala more of kings port, tennessee, is charged with felony speeding to elude arrest, driving without a license and reckless driving to endanger. deputies say the chase ended in haywood county when they tried to pull him over for speeding. it ended in buncombe county, after the vehicle crashed near the farmer's market along i-40. >>lauren: still no arrest this morning after a suspect fired shots near two schools. deputies say it happened around 11 yesterday morning off a home on landslider lane. no one was hit but as a precaution deputies placed tilldale elementary and flat rock middle schools on lockdown. parents said they felt their kids were safe. >> they do drills throughout the year and they do everything possible to keep the kids safe. and the kids are safe here at
6:29 am
>>lauren: deputies are looking for a black male driving a late model lincoln town car with a on the rear. if you have any information you should call the henderson county sheriff offense office. >>jay: school board members in haywood county answer questions a bout the possibility of closing a school there. those questions were posed during a public hearing wednesday about central elementary school. the board reported 19 questions from audience members on various topics to keep central open. >> after the meeting i spoke with some of the board members and was able to understand a little bit better where the finances are and that may be why it sounds like there is a little shift in what i'm saying. >>jay: the p. t. a. president is adamant about keeping central open. to see the questions an answers from school board go to >>lauren: brand new details this morning about a major water main break in asheville.
6:30 am
more than three hours near mow's barbecue. >>jay: it also shut down part of sweeten creek road yesterday. crews were not able to turn the night. >> at this end of town, we are getting used to it, you know. this is like the third flooding in three months. so, you know, it's still a little stressful. work slows down heavily and then you worry autobower your cars and safety of the other people. >>jay: the asheville water department will now have to dig up the pipe to find out what caused the break. >>lauren: michigan state senate has unanimously approved $28 million to help the city of flint recover from its toxic water crisis. $4 million of that money will be used to treat children affected by lead poisoning. the rest will be used for things like paying residents water system infrastructure. lead contaminated the water after the city switched water resources to save money. asheville's water resource director says the city takes crisis like flint's will not
6:31 am
asheville's first preventative measure is having no lead water pipes and also the city regularly tests the water from its sources in residential taps. >> it is very high quality water. it is -- we do -- we go to great lengths to make sure that that is a safe water delivered to homes. but, if you find something that you suspect could be of concern, certainly, we want a call. >>lauren: asheville's local department replaces water pipes as necessary, keeping an eye on especially old pipes. happening today, carolina fans can show their panther pride at a huge pep rally in charlotte. >>jay: exactly. one week ago the city had to cancel a pep rally ahead of the nfc championship game because of the snow. but, this morning, the stage is set so fans cangy the team a proper send off before the big game. so far, the panthers are keeping it a secret as to which players will be there today. >>lauren: governor pat mccrory said he will attend.
6:32 am
superbowl and of course we will have a crew there for the big game. we will have live coverage starting next week. >>jay: that is absolutely fantastic. >>lauren: i wish i was going. >>jay: you can still try. >>lauren: i will try to hop in their suitcase. >>jay: there you go. >>lauren: a downtown bakery in asheville opens in a familiar location. the roux is in the spot where the french broad chocolate lounge used to be. it features sweet and savory croy sents, and you can get it with gouda cheese. it was started by the owner and chef of rhubarb, john spear. >> i have a place in what was always one of my favorite spaces in asheville, to be able to, you know, to still have that wonderful life in it and to offer something -- to offer something sort of very casual. >>lauren: the third floor space will serve as an event venue for rhubarb which is nearby on pack square. >>jay: in this week's "thanks to teachers," a high school
6:33 am
beyond to engage her students. >>lauren: we introduce you to tiffany wooden and show she takes a true interest in the well being of her students. >> we are studying romeo and yule yet this week. >>zack: a traditional high school read: romeo and juliette. >> we learn to learn background information about it. >> i love to get them as interested in books as i am because i'm really nerdy about books. >>zack: if you thought tiffany's 9 class grade class would be sitting down with their head in a novel, you couldn't be more wrong. >> okay. you can hop up and move around. >> when they get up and move around it makes things more fun. >> if you will take a look around the room, we have family life. no. 2. we have home. >>zack: the positive fun vibe is felt the moment you walk through the door. >> middle school wooten always has a smile on her facef. >> they only shower showered once every couple weeks. >> she is always happy. if you are having trouble, she is one on one with you. >>zack: tiffany take as true interest in the well being of
6:34 am
>> did you work last night? how many days did you work last week? >>zack: and her students realize this is not a typical high school experience. >> it's not like a regular english teacher. she is a etch tooer but she is also a friend, and so if i have a problem, she comes to me and she asked me if i'm okay. and i tell her and she's trustworthy. that just means the world to me i can be that person for them to -- so they can rely on. >>zack: ninth graders don't always have the answer. >> do you need me? i'm coming. >>zack: while test and quiz scores may reflect the students understanding, middle school wooten's greatest reward is seeing her kids find the accomplishment within themselves. >> i can teach them all day long but for them to actually be like i accomplished something today is just, it makes me fool good i was able provide that environment for them. >>zack: and for that, we thank you. reporting from buncombe county, zack green, news 13. >>jay: you can enter to win
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sent us your most creative vice president selfie to win a $150 pair of earrings from allen jewelry and pawn. >>lauren: introto and click contest to enter. the winner will be announced on february 9th. sign up for health insurance or face a fine. >>jay: coming up, a legal expert is with us live to
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before the deadline passes. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone, and happy friday. i have a wondrdful weekend forecast to share with you. right now though, let's take a look this morning at 41 degrees in greenville. leicester carpet sales skycam network, nice clear conditions with a light breeze. but satellite radar does show -- this is really, we have seen the clouds on the increase pulling down into the henderson county area. we still have that threat of light precipitation, mainly western madison north into avery county. we have not seen anything yet, at least i haven't pulled any on your radar. let me know if you see any of the wintry precipitation. if we do see that, it will be very light in nature. and yeah, this weekend, a 0% chance of rain. keep the outdoor plans but the extended forecast, i will show you a greater chance when that enters the forecast in a moment.
6:37 am
of interesting. we started off the day around 28 degrees. now we are a little bit milder, 35 in asheville due to the clouds. 39 burnsville, 33 newland and up towards boone. 40s in the foothills. look at the upstate, it shows it is a little cooler. 36 in greer. 41 in clemson. and the coldest spot on my map is 25 in our western zones and andrews. wind advisory is currently in effect, this goes through 4 o'clock this afternoon. above 3500 feet in the counties. gusts up to 35 miles per hour. right now the wind is light in asheville at 5 but gusting in boone at 21. the wind chill in the greenville region is 28 so make sure you have a decent jacket or coat this morning. this is all because the front is morning. we will increase the chance for a quick shot of the snow and then the wind as well. clear skies though through lunchtime today. and into tomorrow we will continue to see the sunshine and temperatures warming up to the
6:38 am
on sunday, but no threat for rain. 43 degrees for a high temperature in asheville today. as i mentioned, it will be breezy with gusts at 22 miles per hour. and to nierkts temperatures will be cool down to 26. so bundle up if you are heading out tonight. mostly sunny in the upstate, temperatures in the low-to-middle 50s and tonight, back below freezing. seven-day forecast, shows the 60s saturday and sunday. even into next week, our best chance for rain is tuesday. both in the mountains and the upstate. heads up if you are taking i-40 through asheville. a new wreck is backing up traffic near exit 51. >>jaclyn: ingrid, crews are working on a wreck on sweeten creek road. this crash will slow you down between sweeten creek and hendersonville road, so plan ahead. if you are driving through the portion of i-40 on your commute, thankfully, no injuries are reported here. turning to i-40, closer to haywood county, here is a look at your compute from the buncombe county and haywood county line into town. we are not dealing with any problems here, all that green that you are seeing means
6:39 am
that is a 9 minute commute for you. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. lauren and jay, back over to you. >>jay: you have until sunday to sign up for health insurance during the affordable care act open enrollment or face a hefty fine. >>lauren: we are talking to jackie from pisgah legal services and how many people have signed up? >> 575,000 people signed up and we know in the next 3 days when the deadline approaches which is sunday, january 31st, many many people are going to sign up for affordable health insurance. >>lauren: how can people get help paying for their insurance? >> there is financial help available and nearly 9/10 people for help. so it's really about sitting down and looking at your options and pisgah legal services has certified, trained navigators who are able to sit down with families and help them look at whether they qualify for financial assistance, what health coverage options are available, and to help them sign
6:40 am
>>jay: that's just it. the fine has increased, right? >> the fine has increased. it's $695 per adult, or 2.5% of your household income, whichever is greater. we want as many people as possible to learn their options, look at what's available to them, make sure that they know whether or not they are eligible for financial assistance, and to sign up by the deadline. >>jay: what if you missed the deadline? >> there are certain things called special enrollment periods, so for life changing and qualifying event, some folks may qualify. but, really, what we want people to do right now in the next three days is take action. come meet with pisgah legal services navigators. we will be available all week long and there are events all across western north carolina so resources are available to get line. >>lauren: we will put all the information on our web site, if you would like to reach out to pisgah legal services. thanks for joining us, jackie.
6:41 am
we will be right back. >>lauren: welcome back 6:50. the pundits are busy dissecting the debate performance of the republican candidates for president. >>jay: the impact that donald trump's decision not to participate could affect his results in the iowa caucus. following all of this? lana zak. >>reporter: it was the final debate before the first votes are cast in iowa, and the national front runner was absent absent. >> let's address the elephant still not in the room tonight. still, donald trump's influence was felt. >> everyone on this stage is stupid fat and ugly. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way . . . >>reporter: but ted cruz's jokes soon turned tense. >> chris, i would note the last four questions have been, rand, please attack ted, chris, please attack ten, jeb, please attack ted.
6:42 am
>> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. i wanted to be about five minutes away. >> and said he raised millions for veterans. will i get more votes or less votes? nobody knows. >> maybe for him the less risk was something happening in the debate as opposed to just missing the debate. >>reporter: while back at the debate, without trump, the candidates took on issues from abortion. >> let's get rid of planned parenthood funding. >> to immigration. >> they used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> and how is this for a wild card? even after the debate started, the moderators said they were prepared for the possibility
6:43 am
lana zak, abc news, des moines. >>jay: the texas boy known as the affluenza teen is back in the united states. ethan couch departed mexico city international airport yesterday. he arrived in dallas where he will face charges. couch is wanted for skipping out on his probation officers and going to mexico with his mom. prosecutors are working to get couch's case moved from juvenile court, but the hearing was delayed because couch was not there. >>lauren: the fbi says it is hoping the weak-long stand off at a federal wild life refuge will soon reach a peaceful conclusion. >>jay: one of the people still inside the refuge, sean anderson, says he is there with his wife and two others. and he says they want the fbi to let them walk away and return home without being arrested or confronted. a spokesman for the group, lavoie fin mecum was killed during the shootout with police. >> >>lauren: a carolina panthers bet leads to a man painted in blue. >>jay: what he has to do next
6:44 am
superbowl. >>lauren: first today's mind teaser, in honor of national corn chip day, we want to know
6:45 am
you when we come bac >>lauren: let's get a quick recap of the local headlines. a tennessee man remains in jail following a multicounty chase. >>jay: absolutely. billy galamore of kings port, tennessee, is charged with felony speeding to elude arrest, driving without a license and driving to endanger and reckless driving. it started when they tried to pull him over for speeding and the chase ended in buncombe county. >>lauren: deputies say there was a shooting around 11:00 yesterday morning outside of a home on lance slider lane, no one was hit but as a precaution
6:46 am
elementary and flat rock middle schools on lockdown. >>jay: school board members in haywood county answer questions about the possibility of closing a school there. those questions were posed during a public hearing wednesday over central elementary school, the p. t. a. president is adamant about keeping central open. you can see thee questions and answers from the school board on >>lauren: here is the answer day's mind teaser. in honor of national corn championship day we asked who invented the corn championship? >>jay: i thought it was mr. iffrito, but it's charles dowla, he bought a corn chip recipe and fritos were born. >>lauren: a gastonia man made a big bet the panthers wouldn't go to the superbowl and he is paying for it now. >>jay: he said he would paint himself blue and stand on the side of the street if the panthers didn't make it to the big game. well, he is a man of his word.
6:47 am
stood out in the cold shirtless. >>lauren: he is already betting the panthers will lose to the broncos in the superbowl, but if the team wins, he has to stand out in front of the bank of america stadium in a tutu. >>jay: a blue tutu? >>ingrid: a final look at weather, it's chilly but this afternoon it will be in the 40s and this weekend the 60s. >>lauren: jaclyn? >>jaclyn: remember a portion of i-26 eastbound is still closed because of the fatal overnight crash. of course we will have live updates for you throughout the morning. >>jay: absolutely. thanks for joining us. gma is next, right here on news 13. >> >>lauren: see you at noon. r autograph? of course. now don't forget, new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery come out on first tuesdays.
6:48 am
you're welcome. how about a date? oooh, a date...let me check my calendar. all right, say first tuesday! first tuesday! first tuesday, tuesday, t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel?
6:49 am
good morning, america. donald trump doesn't show at the final republican debate. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> the front-runner holds a competing event nearby.
6:50 am
you have to stick up for your right.
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