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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the two suspects out of his apartment, including the man with the gun. now, investigators have just released these video stills taken from surveillance video from the scene this morning. these are shots of the suspects and cameras outside the apartment, took the pictures. you can see them on the porch. we are also told that the surveillance also caught a glimpse of the suspect running from the scene. the camera also caught the car that they got out of, possibly a dark colored older model saturn. police from hendersonville and the department fanned out around the complex after the men took off on foot. dogs were brought in to try to pick up a scent around the scene. the mountain community school, about a half a mile away was put on lockdown as the search
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police are looking for tips. according to the henderson sheriff's department, they tell us they think the two suspects got into a get away car, could be the saturn seen on complex. the manager tells me the car has been seen in the area.area. we did try to talk to the victim inside. he had mo comment. police are looking for tips. if you have any information, call the henderson county sheriff. reporting live from the area, henderson county, kimberly king, news 13. >> we have an update, the sheriff's office has arrested a suspect wanted in an attempted robbery that occurred yesterday. investigators say they spotted the vehicle used in the attempted robbery around 6:30 last night. they took dylan subtles into custody and charged him with attempted robbery.
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tips were called into crime stoppers. >> happening today a camera man accused of scamming homeowners was in court. he is charged with two counts by false pretenses. at least a half dozen victims claim they were defrauded by spears including several elderly women. news 13 was there in the courtroom courtroom. and the case was continued to february 23. >> a story we have been following all morning, a deadly wreck tied up traffic in polk county. a tractor-trailer overturned killing the driver and leaving behind a mess. what do we know about the driver? >> reporter: we know the driver's name is tony hurst of chapen, south carolina. he was driving the tractor-trailer and died in the accident. he was driving this tractor-trailer filled with all these pellets.
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used to melt down and create plastic goods. troopers now say that created a big mess on the median between i-26 eastbound and westbound. that's near where that accident occurred. that was this morning at 2:15. troopers tell us hurst was driving the tractor-trailer eastbound about mile marker 60, not too far from where we are when he crossed over the guard rail and flipped the trailer. troopers don't know why that happened but they don't believe weather or speed were a factor. he was wearing his seat belt but he did die on the scene. i-26 was shut down for three hours. they opened one lane and it was like that from about 5:00 this morning until 11:30, about 30 minutes ago when both lanes reopened. troopers tell us the trailer split off when he crossed over that guard rail. that trailer was so heavy they had to call in a crane to remove it from the median.
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dangerous stretch of road w wre they see a lot of accidents. >> we see a lot of accidents out here, several are severe and result in fatalities. >> that trailer was so torn up in the accident that when the crane picked it up, all the pellets inside fell out. the big problem is trying to figure out what to do with that mess. you can see it in my hand. they are hard pellets you melt down to create plastic goods. there is a large mountain of them on i-26 between westbound and eastbound lanes. it almost looks like a snow drift in the middle of the median. dot management team tells me they have removed what they can. they'll return later tonight when traffic is lighter and it will be safer for everyone to get the rest of the pellets out
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>> in other news making headlines, fighting the zekea virus. it is on the rise with more days being detected here in the u.s. for pregnant women, the infection could mean disastrous consequences. kenneth shows us what being done. >> reporter: the battle against the virus and the mosquitos carrying the disease. >> the level of alarm is extremely high. >> more than 30 people have zekea in the u.s., all brought back from travel abroad. the virus which could cause brain development issues in fetuses is spreading through the americas. brazil, home of the summer olympics is ground zero. dr. richard beser is in reowe di jannero. >> pretty good women have been
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affected areas. zekea is not transforred person risk? if a person comes back to the united states and bit by a mosquito, that mosquito can bite other people and be infected. >> health officials are warning people to use bug repellent and mosquito nets over bed. >> mosquito control is difficult. the mosquitos that are spreading zekea virus bite during the daytime and they are pretty aggressive biters. >> more airlines and cruises to the caribbean and latin america women. people who travel to affected areas and have mild fever, rashes and joint pain are being told to get checked immediately. >> the famed forensic pathologist who inspired the drama concussion said he would bet his license that o.j.
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for more than a decade. before simpson was convicted on robbery 2008 he considered using the defense that repeated blows to his head during his nfl actions. the doctor likely said he likely has a brain disease known as cte. he was acquitted for the murder of his wife nicole brown. >> a woman who sought english class was arrested on suspicion of helping three men escape. the three are subpoenaed of riding around in a stolen van. one was arrested yesterday. this comes nearly a week after the men cut through steel bars freedom. hours. >oday 18-year-old ethan couch
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from a juvenile detention center in texas to an adult jail. couch was deported from mexico yesterday. that's where he and his mother fled in early december after video showed couch possibly violating his probation. he was put on 10 years probation after killing four people in a drunken driving cash. attorneys representing couch say they expect he'll comply with terms and complete his term of probation. >> the pundits are busy dissects the debate performance of the president. they are alsoxamining how donald trump's decision not to participate may affect his results. >> it was the final debate before the first votes are cast in iowa and the national front runner was absent. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> still donald trump's influence was felt. >> everyone on the stage is stupid fat and ugly.
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donald trump portion out of the way. turned tense. >> i would note the last four questions have been rand please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. let me just say this -- >> it is a debate sir. >> if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> setting marco rubio up. >> i'm not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me. >> just a few miles away, trump held his own event. >> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. i wanted to be about five minutes away. >> he said he raised millions for veterans. >> will i get more votes? nobody knows. >> maybe for him the less risk was something happening at the missing the debate. >> while back at the debate without trump the candidates took on issues from abortion --
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fund. >> to immigration. >> you used to support a path of citizenship. >> so did you. >> how is this for a wild card, the moderators said they were prepared for the possibility that trump could still arrive. >> we all know exercise can precht many ill pss, can it be used to treat illnesses? coming up at 12:10 in our health headlines, the interesting reason one doctor says yes. >> coming up, mcdonald's adds to offerings.
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menu item tt2watv#@5t! bt@qnf\ tt2watv#@5t! "a@q^j8 tt2watv#@5t! bm@qua4 tt4watv#@5t!" dztq 4e8 tt4watv#@5t!" entq dax tt4watv#@5t!" gzt& ]f tt4watv#@5t!" hnt& mhl tt4watv#@5t!" iztq '!4 tt4watv#@5t!" jntq 5qt tt4watv#@5t!" lzt& -> regular exercise is k k to maintaining a healthy life style and preventing diseases. some have taken it a step further, they are recommending healthcare professionals
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would medicine. topping today's health headlines, jim morrelli explains why. >> there is no one single treatment or intervention that can have as diverse of benefits as exercise. >> the journal of the medical association recently published a call to action. its authors recommend healthcare professionals prescribe exercise, calling it one of the most important prescriptions a person can receive. >> when a healthcare professional advises a patient to adopt a healthy life style, that patient is more likely to adopt that behavior. >> the call to action recommends writing a prescription for exercise and keeping a record of activity. you don't have to run a marathon. >> it can be as simple as walking for 30 minutes three
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>> consider all the diseases exercise can keep at bay -- >> high blood pressure, type two diabetes, obesity, stroke, depression. >> and the list goes on. no wonder doctors are increasingly saying exercise is medicine. medicine. >> coming up, a call to expand facebook event feature. >> sunny conditions right now, coming up after the break. we'll talk about who is under a
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this weekend and our next happy friday. i have a wonderful weekend forecast to share with you. coming up in just a moment, let's talk about this afternoon.
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already starting for some folks. franklin does show that the camera is moving around. feel the shaking? that's because of the wind. temperatures aren't too bad. it feels colder because that wind is very gusty. radar and satellite does show we have a few clouds in our northern mountains. a lot less cloud cover than what we started the day with. a lot of us seeing mostly sunny skies across the region. we haven't had any rain in several days. we'll see a chance into next week. we'll have a dry period into the weekend as well. temperatures this morning, we are at 28 degrees for a low. 44 is as warm as we have gotten to since midnight. we won't warm up too much beyond that in the asheville area. 44 into asheville, 43 into bryson city. into the upstate, 50's right now, 55 into greenwood.
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gusts at 44 miles an hour, yancey, mitchell, avery counties. also the northern portion of burke and mcdowell county. 17-mile-an-hour winds out of north in asheville. 8 in forest city. 9 in morganton. 28 in boone. down into the upstate, 14 in clemson, 1 in anderson. not as pad in greenwood. a windchill outside. if you are about to leave for your lunch break, grab the coat because it does still feel like 36 degrees here in buncombe county. we'll see clearing, if you haven't seen t tt yet today. that will continue into the overnight hours and temperatures will be pretty chilly. this is 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. through 6:00 p.m., clear skies tonight, dropping back around where we should be into the 20's. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, clear skies. make those outdoor plans now and
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we will stay clear but we'll see a few clouds late day and then a chance for some light rainshowers beginning on monday. 45 degrees for a high temperature. the wind will start to die down a bit tonight. 26, mostly sunny and mild in greenville. tonight, chilly, back down to 31 degrees. here's your wonderful sky watch forecast. 60 degrees tomorrow. 62 on sunday. slight chance for rain late day monday. greater chance for rain on tuesday. look how warm it is in the upstate, middle 60's. >> addressing changes xerox says
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why the company is spl so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't,
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that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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>> stocks seeing a gain for midday trading. at noon, the dow was up triple digits 194 points at 16264. the nasdaq was also up 49 points at 4556. >> xerox is splitting into two companies. the wall street journal reports the office maker is expected to be divided into two separate hardware and service businesses as part of the split. xerox has been dealing with a slowdown for years as customers switch from buying printing equipment, choosing print management >> microsoft beat investors expectations as sales and earnings were hurt. the software giant said net
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of 2014 supplied 15% from a year ago but reported adjusted earnings beat estimates at 78 cents per share. microsoft cloud has become a success that success. the online retailer said it made 482 million in the fourth quarter or a dollar a share, more than double a year ago, the short fall from what the analysts expected. so far 2342016 the stock pulled back losing 6%. >> due to the success of all day breakfast, the company is going to test the additional of another favorite, the mick griddle. the fast food giant will offer extended pretty badding fast menu at 72 restaurants in tulsa, oklahoma, beginning this monday. >> an important discovery for nasa.
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space agency knows there is more water and ice on pluto than originally thought. >> helping another animal find a
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how you can adopt t >> there is more ice on the surface of pluto than scientists first thought. >> scans were taken by the new horizon spacecraft. it flew past pluto and captured data. it shows exposed water ice is abundant on pluto's surface. it is the bedrock of pluto's crust. >> it is hidden beneath a thick blanket of other ices such as me than and carbon monoxide. >> never knew.
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have details on the latest on a manhunt after an armed suspect goes into an apartment early this morning. >> a police chief from kansas is being called a hero after dash cam video shows him saving a man
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