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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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that story >> it is hard to believe this time last week we had snow in asheville. >> at about 12:30, a week ago, six inches on the ground. it kept falling and it is still on the ground in some areas. the golf club, a week later still seeing the snow t. right now, 44 degrees with sunshine. look at that wind out of the north at 17, we have a wind advisory out. what counties should be worried about that throughout the afternoon. already in my full forecast in a moment. back to you. >> a home invasion victim pushes a man out of his apartment this morning. investigators have photos of at least one of the men and they need your help.
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an apartment. how are the victimsdoing? >> they are ok. according to the apartment manager, the two suspects broke in right here into the victim's apartment. this is the back door where they broke in.. you can see netting that has been pulled. the good news, the suspects haven't been caught. a surveillance camera all the way down here at the end of the apartment complex picked up video surveillance of the two suspects fleeing the scene. these are the pictures that the sheriffs have sent to us a half-hour ago. you can see the suspects are in hoodies. you can't really make out their identities. police are releasing the pictures of these guys and also there was video that caught them fleeing the scene. also another picture shows a car that possibly they got away in this morning. it is described as a late model
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police from hendersonville fanned out around the complex after the victim confronted them, pushing them out of his house. it was a very brave act in the heat of the moment. dogs were brought in, the school nearby was put on lockdown as the search began for the suspects. the manager tells me the two victims were inside but fortunately were not hurt. we did speak to tom at the door. according to the manager they have lived here for a year. the manager said he never had any problems at this complex. he says he does not believe the two victims knew the suspects at all. they are still at large. if you have any information, you are asked to call the sheriff's department. department. >> an update on a deadly
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the eastbound lanes near the saluda accident. a tractor-trailer driver ran into the median flipping his trailer. he was wearing his seat belt but died on the scene. the investigation is pending. they do not believe weather or speed were factors. the trailer was carrying a large amount of plastic pellets. it was so heavy they called in a crane to remove it. firefighters on the scene say it is a dangerous stretch of road where they work a lot of accidents. >> we see a lot of accidents out here, several are severe and result in fatalities. >> dot incident management says they'll likely take out whatever pellets they can to get the road fully reopened. they'll return tonight around 9:00 when traffic is lighter and it is safer to get the rest. >> the supreme court has agreed to take up a lawsuit over
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the decision came down yesterday according to the court clerk office. the city is suingo block a bill that gives control of the system to a regional water authority. the state court of appeals ruled dpensz city and upheld the transfer. >> a teacher now behind bars is under arrest for her role in helping three inmates escape from a jail in southern california. that story from marcy gonzalez starts today's newsreel. >> from teacher to inmate, now behind bar accused of helping these three violent criminals escape from this california jail. >> i'm very surprised. >> they are now on the run for a week after officials say revaey provided them with google maps
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to their escape. steve gomez say the maps may have helped the three get to a specific address or given them a better understanding of surrounding buildings and the jail roof. authorities say revahey denies providing anything beyond the map. >> always a sweet kind person, never had a bad thing to say about anybody. the last person i think of who would have been involved with someone like those three guys. >> the three are believed to be living in this gmc utility van stolen saturday in los angeles after one of the men responded to a for sale ad. >> took it for a test drive, came back and at some point took off. >> they believe the men may be in the area because of their ties to local gangs. there is a $2,000 reward for information leading to their arrest.
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being called a hero after dash cam video shows him saving a man from a vehicle fire. he was the first to respond to a fire near a camp site in lynn valley. he found a vehicle engulfed in flames and the owner lies a few feet awayay. as the video shows, he ran to the man and dragged him away from the fire. firefighters say ammunition inside the car was exploding as parametics showed up. >> you react tohat you need to do. >> the fire chief says without the police chief intervention the man may not have survived. investigators suspect the driver was attempting to commit suicide and caused the fire. >> the michigan state senate has unanimously approved $28 million to help the city of flint recover. four million tlars of that money will treat children affected by lead poisoning. the rest will be used for paying water bills and replacing the
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rick schneider said his office is is open and complying with the investigation. the governor has been subpoenaed over the water crisis. he recently appointed a 17 member committee to help the city regain clean drinking water. >> it is hard to believe this time last week, a lot of snow here but it is still sticking around in some areas. >> my backyard and i live in asheville is completed coated with the white stuff. this is almost 5,000 feet. this is mount pisca campground. the skycam network, 42 degrees right now. it will stay chilly today. paris mountain, down to the upstate, nice clear skies. can't even find a cloud. 50 degrees as well. that's at 2,000 feet. we started off the day with some cloud cover in our northern mountains. we started to see more sunshinesunshine. it is helping our temperatures go up.
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couple of days, not until next week on tuesday. we'll talk about how warm we'll get in a second. 28 degrees is as cool as we went down to this morning. at least in the asheville area. let's see are we are right now. 44 in asheville. 40 towards burnsville, 30's in newland and boone. 50's in the foothills as well. our western zones still in the 40's. greenwood, 55 and 3 degrees shy of the 50 degree mark further south. the advisory has been extended 3:00 p.m. gusts at 45 miles an hour from yancey to mitchell, avery, northern areas off burke county. mainly pov 3500 feet that will feet the gusts that strong. even back here in the valleys, we are looking at windy conditions. boon, 32 miles an hour winds right now.
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you are driving down the roadway. asheville at 17. 14 at clemson, three in greer. there is a windchill. if you are aboututo leave the office, maybe leave work or go to lunch, keep in mind, it feels like 36 degrees. you'll still need a winter coat for your lunch break. high pressure will dominate, that's the dominant feature. sunshine expected, 2:00 p.m. today. pairly any clouds. not too exciting once we go through the time lapse. no threat for winter weather tonight as temperatures drop back below freezing. waking up tomorrow morning to sunshine, keep the outdoor plans unseasonably conditions. still clear, once again cold. we'll see clouds late day sunday and a chance for light showers late day monday.
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mostly sunny, 45, winds gusting up to 22 miles an hourhour. in greenville, 54 degrees mostly sunny and mild. clear tonight bark below freezing. slight chance for rain monday. we stay above freezing until the middle of next week, a wintry mix by late next week. low 60's, back over to you. >> remember to download our weather app for the most up to date information on warnings, advisories and alerts. it is free in your app store. >> here's a look at the trending stories, caitlin jenner has settled a civil lawsuit connected to a deadly car crash. genre's attorney said a wrongful death suit was dismissed. the car was pushed into oncoming
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slammed into it, killing her. jenner still faces a lawsuit from another driver involved in the crash. >> one of the two popemobiles that shuttled the pope around last november is going on the auction block. pope francis drove around the city in two fiats. one of those cars will be auctioned off at the black tie tailgate. proceeds from the auction will benefit select ministries and missions. >> nbc hopes big names will boost ratings for celebrity apprentice next season. warren buffet, the third richest man in the world will join new host arnold sh schwarzenegger in the board room. premier date. >> barbi dolls are about to undergo a huge makeover to more
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women of all shapes, sizes and colors. they will come in four body types, seven skin tones, 22 eye cololors and 24 hair styles. matel says the changes are the most dramatic made to barbie since she hit shelves. it comes after years of criticism over her unrealistic proportions and standard of beauty. >> a mushroom dip that is very versatile. how easy it is to also turn this recipe into a cheese ball. >> facebook wants to help you organize your event and help you get there on time. what a new patent reveals about
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tool.tt2watv#@5t! bt@qnf\ tt2watv#@5t! "a@q^j8 tt2watv#@5t! bm@qua4 tt4watv#@5t!" dztq 4e8 tt4watv#@5t!" entq dax tt4watv#@5t!" gzt& ]f tt4watv#@5t!" hnt& mhl tt4watv#@5t!" iztq '!4 tt4watv#@5t!" jntq 5qt tt4watv#@5t!" lzt& -> welcome into the carolina kitchen. blue ridge bear bakery is with us. we are happy to have you in. what are you making? >> we are making a delicious tuna dip. >> tuna dip, ok. >> our ingredients are, cans of tuna already drained. we'll need some rinsed canned mushrooooms, some jalapenos and i suggest you remove the seeds of those unless you want your mouth on fire and black olives and cream cheese. we'll put all this -- >> and salt as well. in our food processor. this is what it will come out with, looking like. you can use water if it is too
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you can make a cheese ball, just mozzarella. you can just make it with crackers. the dip is great for vej jis. you can put it in a piping bag and make something like this. >> what kind of chips are those? >> those are veggie chips. >> is this something you have at blue ridge bear? >> we only do baked goods basically. this is sometething people will enjoy especially for the holidays. >> you focus on dietary issues. >> we have allergies and dietary restrictions. restrictions and people following a paleo or low carb life style. >> go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen
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envelope to 110 technology drive. you can also check us out on pinterest. tell folks how to check out blue ridge bear. >> go to blue ridge bear and find our goodies in west asheville. >> something a little bit more savory with this one than the sweet that you typically offer. >> exactly. >> thank you for coming in. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> we are about to change that. this version that has less mayonnaise. >> there is a lot of weakness in the labor market. why u.s. wages continue to fall, even though we keep adding jobs. >> and remember, if you can't catch news 13 on tv, you can watch our newscast streaming live on our website as well as your mobile device.
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>> wages are down in most cities in the united ates. >> a new study shows studies fell in 80 in 100 of the biggest metropolitan areas. the study looked at several economic measures. areas saw improvement in almost one area such as employment, productivity or average wealth per person. most saw less pay for workers. the wage decline affected minorities more than whites. only eight cities of the largest 100 metro areas saw median wages and employment rates rise while poverty rates fell. >> facebook may be looking into taking on uber and lift. >> a patent application reveals the social media giant may get into ride sharing. the idea is an expansion of the big feature that would help users share vehicles to get to travel events. the patent hasn't yet been approved. >> the news comes weeks after
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to allow users to book cars from facebook facebook's messenger app. forget drones --. >> coming up what this vulture is accused of, why it is not a unique situation. >> heading to the super bowl later today at 5:30, how much money you could shell out for the event. >> a woman spotted in asheville
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purchases >> move over high-tech drones. >> lebanese accused of being a low tech spy. a report that a female vulture was a spy because it has israeli tags and devices. turns out she disappears from a nature preserve earlier this week. the vulture came as a gift from
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>> the head of the preserve said since lebanon and israel do not have dib lo mattic relations, the united nations stepped in. when it was returned, the bird was missing her gps tracker. the situation is not unique apparently. israel has been accused of using sharks, another vulture, even a dolphin to work against its neighbors. >> as a spy, who would have thought? >> a final look at weather shows today is cooler in the 40's. this weekend, go outside with
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blast. >> announcer: get ready to get lucky. "pot lucky," that is. we're bringing you the tastiest potluck in town for just ten bucks. carla's in the kitchen with chef jamie oliver, and he's whipping up the most delicious chicken dish you've ever tasted.
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