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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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needs to happen with some ingenuity. >> larry: the impact on students. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11. >> larry: one week ago most of asheville under about a foot of snow. this weekend, we're expecting spring-like weather. >> darcel: it's a change local businesses are very happy to see. news 13's jerrika insco joins us on the south slope. jerrika, people you talked with are happy to see the snow go. >> jerrika: that's right. and that's because they couldn't even park here along cox avenue because of all that snow. and if you can't park, then local businesses can't get your business. most people would choose 60 degrees over snow any day. >> let it be like that until spring. winter's over. that would be great. >> jerrika: while some love the winter. >> i personally love the snow. last weekend, i had a blast. >> jerrika: it's pretty safe to
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not on the ground. especially a foot of it on the streets. >> if it's not going to stop then we just gotta do what's best for everybody. >> jerrika: what asheville pizza and brewing decided last weekend was best was closing both friday and saturday. and losing two days was not what they had in their forecast. >> it's a big hit but it's one of those things where you do what's best for the customer. you do what's best for the employees and the safety of all of us. that's why we made the call. a lot of area restaurants did, too. >> jerrika: now the pressure is on for local businesses. >> if you miss pizza for a week because you couldn't order out or order in, we have it. >> jerrika: restaurants like this one expect and pray for one big weekend. now snow piles like this one are still taking up parking spots in this area. so hopefully tomorrow the sun can take care of this and the
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melted yet. reporting live on the south slope, jerrika insco, news 13. >> larry: this weekend, no snow. we're just going to have to rough it. 60 degree weather. >> darcel: jason, that's awesome. >> jason: if you waited this long for mother nature to take care of snow on your driveway, it's been a long wait. here we go. we've got a system coming in from the pacific northwest. a pretty active one. a lot of snow slamming the cascades and eventually the rockies. that's just one of the systems. look at this. this is quiet weather all across the southeast. nary a cloud in the sky right now in the carolinas. here's our radar and satellite. nothing to track. it's been quiet. now finally the wind has calmed not only in asheville but sheltered valleys south. look at this, look at that. east wind in greer and a westerly wind in clemson. what is that?
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actually. there's just no rhyme or reason to it. interesting stuff going on all the time here in the carolinas. 20s and 30s across the region with the colderer spots in the sheltered valleys. our temperatures will start out in 20s in the morning. almost at 50 by the lunch hour. we'll start out chilly in the upstate but warm up to 50 by the lunch hour. bigger changes this weekend. will there are rain involved? because you know anytime it gets warm, something's got to give. i'll show you details coming up. >> darcel: the highway patrol is on the scene of an incident involving a pick-up truck in a creek. it happened in candler just a few hours ago. a neighbor heard the crash and called it in. the driver says he was pulling a trailer and took a turn off pisgah highway and ended up in the creek. the driver had his dog with him when it happened. both were okay.
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home in candler this afternoon, reignited tonight. this is video of when firefighters headed back out to the home. the age of the home and the way the roof was built may have allowed an ember get in to the roof. they tore out what was left of the roof to make sure it didn't happen again. the owner and his pets managed to get out safely. >> he does live here alone. he was the ownerer of the house. red cross is on the way to assist him with clothes and medications and some housing. >> larry: firefighters think the fire may have started in the chimney. the community's come together to help a firefighter who lost his home in a fire. more than $4,000 has been raised to help dwight hill. the home he's lived in for 30 years was destroyed.
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community for all of your support. >> darcel: police are looking for two home invasion suspects tonight. the masked men broke in to a couples home in henenrsonville this morning and one man had a gun. they ran when the woman who lives there started screaming. police believe they drove away in a dark colored car. mountain school was put on lockdown as a precaution. new video tonight shot by wayne paris with a drone. the crash happened early this morning on i-26 near the saluda exit forcing the road to close for several hours. investigators say tony hurst of south carolina ran off the road and flipped his trailer. firefighters say it happened on a dangerous stretch of road where they see a lot of accidents.
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several are severe. and result in fatalities similar to this one. >> darcel: a crane had to be used to remove the trailer from the interstate. that section of the road was shut down for several hours after the wreck. >> larry: school officials are getting closer to announcing a plan for asheville city schools. the current option on the table will not only change up the grade levels for fletcher but also what kind of school it is. justin hinton joins us live from the elementary school. what kind of school would it be, justin? >> justin: well a steam school. i think most people are familiar with stem. this is not a done deal. parents are still encouraged to weigh in. school's out at hall fletcher elementary, and the darkness may trickle down to the kindergarten classes like this one starting in the fall. >> i think it's important for
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make their feelings heard to the board so the board can make decisions themselves.. >> justin: geared towards science, engineering, mathematics and technology. >> most people just want more information about that. we want to know about sustainability and implementation. and can we do that without splitting our campus? >> justin: that split she's talking about involves splitting pre-k to the building on haywood road. it would require incoming kinder kindergartners school administrators say it's allll part of the growth within asheville city schools. particularly a bubble of third through fifth graders that would overwhelm the capacity at the
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but it's not too late for parents to weigh in. >> the parents are happy with the schooll as it is configured. the board needs to her that. >> justin: so however you feel about this decision, there is time to weigh in. on tuesday there's going to be a community forum that's taking place here at the school in the little theater. that starts at 5:30. again, that is on tuesday. justin hinton news 13. >> darcel: a mountain university isn't taking anymore applicants to one of their grad programs for the time being. it's the masters of school administration program. principals. the dean of the college says this past fall. so they're trying to figure out how to revamp it and make it more appealing. >> i don't think we want to open
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as sure as we can be we're going to have more students. >> darcel: he says it's a little too early to tell exactly when that will be. but the current students in the program are not affected. new tonight, the state of north carolina has denied macon county's request for disaster assistance for the flooding that happened the day before christmas. the department of public safety says although there was significant damage, it does not meet the requirement of at least 25 uninsured homes or businesses being damaged. the flooding washed out a bridge and prompted several evacuations christmas eve. >> larry: the north carolina supreme court has agreed to take up the city is suing to block a bill passed by state lawmakers that gives control of the system to a regional water authority. back in october, the state court of appeals ruled against asheville and upheld the
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supreme court. mayor manheimer announced the decision today. >> this is an important decision for all the citizens of asheville and all the citizens that live in cities across our state who have invested dollars in to their utility system. >> larry: its outcomeould set a new legal precedent in how much authority state lawmakers have over local government. >> darcel: developing tonight, the justice department has released new details regarding sensitive information found in hillary clinton's e-mails.
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her. >> darcel: just three days until the first voting of the 2016 presidential race. the iowa caucus will give us our first official read of how the candidates are really doing on the campaign trail. >> larry: the races in both parties are tight. the two frontrunners looking over their shoulders. brandi hitt with the latest. >> reporter: in the final push for votes ahead of monday's iowa caucuses, donald trump with another blow to ted cruz. but this time cruz isn't firing back.
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likes. >> the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> reporter: on the democratic side as hillary clinton pounds the pavement for votes, the state department delivered a bomb shell declaring 22 e-mails she sent from her private server while secretary state top secret. >> this is getting more and more serious. >> reporter: and her republican opponents are pouncing. >> this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier. >> reporter: the e-mails were not marked classified at the time. she and bernie sanders are urging everyone to do whatever is necessary to increase. and hillary is bringing out the big guns. bill clinton is here in iowa campaigning for his water.
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the campaign trail this weekend. brandi hitt, des moines, iowa. >> darcel: panthers fans made sure the team got a big send off. percussion drumline and the black and blue crew were all in charlotte tonight. the team gave out 2500 pompoms and other souvenirs. of course they play the denver broncos next sunday at levi stadium in santa clara. we're sending a crew. our live reports begin next friday. get ready for a gorgeous weekend. and we can use it. >> larry: yeah, no snow this weekend. big change. >> jason: big, big change. we've melted a lot of snow. there's still more work to do. i think sunshine and 60s will do it this weekend for many of us.
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weaker winds. the rain returns with some of this warmer weather. i'll show you which days will be the wettest of the next seven. there will be a blizzard later next week. will that affect us? i'll show you. stick around. >> darcel: and later, a 95-year-old woman is getting a lot of attention for sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i?
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that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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our news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: we have entered a very quiet pattern. that's going to last through the weekend. anything outdoors, not only will it not be raining, it will be sunny and mild. don't hear that too often in january but we'll take it. big ridge across the central u.s. even out towards the rockies. think of this jet stream as a rope. somebody's holding this end of the rope. somebody is holding this end. and you kind of whip it around. undulation. this is another coming off shore. eventually things are going to turn very active weather wise from the rockies in to the central plain. how about we just have a blizzard agaiai?
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tomorrow we'll kick those winds back up. we had a lot of wind today. it was chilly and that wind didn't help. by morning, a lot of us seeing calm winds. sustained winds at 9:00 a.m. notice the ridges here. balsams getting a little more wind. we'll see about 10-15 miles per hour in the afternoon hours here in asheville and many mountain communities. a big difference will be it's going to be milder. so that wind won't be as annoying. 30% chance of rain by monday. here comes that system out of the plains. it is rain for us tuesday. 60% chance of showers. no snow from that system. yeah, hard to believe there's going to be a blizzard in the central plains. 40% chance of rain in the momotains. 70% on tuesday. 35 degrees. we are still above freezing and thus any melt off today is not freezing up on the roads.
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temperatures in the upstate, 35 degrees. but your wind chill 30 with an east wind. never good to have an east wind there. there goes our wind turning south and southwesterly for the weekend. it will be warm across the entire eastern seaboard, too. we'll see the clouds advance in. first system comes in the midwest. the second one will be the bigger one coming out of the rockies in to tuesday. future cast. clear skies. wind will lighten up. here come the winds from the south tomorrow. and high clouds late in the day. that's about the only thing you'll see in the sky visibly. we go through time sunday. we start to thicken those clouds up a little more. temperatures tonight dropping down in the 20s for the valleys. upstate you're going for temperatures in the 60s
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60 in asheville. waynesville shy of it. 60s farther south. temperatures will be warm for you in the southern mountains. upper 60s and low 60s from franklin to robbinsville. rain chances will go higher. then we'll get colder next week. thursday-friday. mid 60s for the upstate sunday and monday and cooling down to
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cooling down to the >> larry: a 19-year-old university of south carolina woman was found dead. she's from virginia. there were no signs of trauma but they're still investigating. a car being chased by police in atlanta crashed into another car killing an elderly couple. it happened last night when the driver refused to stop. the man police were chasing and his son were arrested. the father is facing charges of vehicular homicide, dui and a
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>> darcel: this video is from the school district. it shows the bus going off the road and its front hood popping open. students were on the bus at the time of the crash. thankfully no one was hurt. she may be the oldest living carolinas panthers fan and she's become notorious for her dab. she's been watching this ever since her grandson asked her to watch a game with him 20 years ago. she fell in love with team and that famous pose cam loves to do. she may even wear cam's jersey for the occasion. her advice to the team, "keep pounding." >> larry: a career milestone for a basketball stand out here in the mountains.
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>> stan: pisgah's star basketball player brooklyn allen trying to make some wnc hoops history tonight. she had to do it against a school which would love to stop her, arch rival tuscola. in the third quarter needing seven more points, there she gets the lay up off the glass. she gets closer to the milestone. tuscola would keep the game close thanks to courtny. allen at the free-throw line. got it. she finishes. pisgah wins.
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she talks about her family's support. >> they're really proud of me. you should have seen the celebrations that they had for me. it's always a huge emotional game for us. i know they wanted me not to get it. so it was good to get revenge on them. >> stan: blackhawks won one game david elkins finds hawkaday. later in the game, it's brendan again. it time he spots up from the corner. this game far from over. late in the fourth. roberson will get one final chance. blocked by blake matthews.
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they edge roberson 64-62. sam comes back to hendersonville high school. gash finished his career at penn state. back in hendersonville today speaking to students and faculty at his alma matter. he brought something special with him. a golden football. he was a full back on new england and baltimore super bowl teams. congrats. the panthers hope to know what it's like to win a super bowl. coach juan rivera says he expects his team to have fun but also be prepared. he knows all about it. he played in super bowl 85. >> larry: we're all here practicing.
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his head in a second. >> larry: that dab is kind of catchy. >> jason: if my wife catches me doing that. big broncos fan. rain chances will go up. i tell you what, this weekend is looking pretty good. i think it's got stan's approval. >> stan: i like it. >> larry: thank you for joining us. remember to check us out on >> darcel: be sure to find us on facebook and twitter.
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captioning company" and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zach galifianakis. from "dirty grandpa," aubrey plaza.
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