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tv   News 13 Saturday at 7am  ABC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we will talk about croissants. it is national croissant day. >> reporter: every day we have a different national something. it is obscure. but this morning we'll dive into it i'm not allowed to taste the chile. there is a look in that chile that looks delicious. vinot tasted it but the brisket is delicious. i will taste 17 different kinds later on. >> reporter: poor you. >> did you get into that chroniclea craze. when like a -- croissant and do nut. >> reporter: who made that. >> reporter: a bakery in new york and lines were around the corner. i went up there. >> reporter: i'm stuffing my face. >> reporter: do your thing. i was up there when they were doing that and i couldn't wait in line that long. >> reporter: lines out the door. >> reporter: hour's long waist
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they do one locally here. >> reporter: we will have to try one. happy national do nut day. croissant day. >> reporter: outside this morning will be a chilly start for a gorgeous weekend sun on the way. mild temperatures as l. talking the 60s today and tomorrow. rain will be returning? when? do you need the umbrella? i will let you know in your forecast. >> reporter: now police are still looking for two home invasion suspects. the masked men broke in a home on hope creek in hendersonville on friday morning. they ran when the woman began screaming. one of the men had a gun. police believe they drove away in a dark colored car. mountain community school was put on lock down. authorities investigating a crash that killed the driver of a tractor in polk county.
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friday on i-26. the road was closed in the eastbound lanes for several hours and one lane remained closed until 1:00. tony of south carolina was the driver. trailer. firefighters say it happened on a dangerous stretch where they see a lot of accidents. >> with the grade being steep. we see accidents out here. fatalities. >> reporter: a crane was used to remove that trailer leaving a big mess of the plastic pellets that were hall indeed that trailer. highway patrol responds to the scene of a truck found in a creek. on curtis creek road last night. a neighbor heard the crash and called it in.
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took a turn and ended up in that creek. driver had his dog when it happened. both are oovenlthg a fire that destroyed a home reignited. this is new video and firefighters were called back out on the home on morgan branch road. age of the home and the way the roof was built may have allowed an ember to get in the roof. they took out the roof to make sure it does not happen. first time they responded to the fire, flames were through that roof. the owner and pets got out safely. >> he lives here alone. he was on the house and lives here alone. red cross is on their way to assist them with clothes and medications and housing. >> reporter: they think it started in the chimney. the community come together to help a different firefighter who lost his home in a fire. more than 4 thousand dollars raiseed help twilight hill a
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home he lived in for 30 years was destroyed. the chief would like to thank the community for their support. now to a story out of california where one of the three escaped inmates is back in jail this morning. gave himself up the two others are at large. greg lee has vooft arrest and how it all happened. report surveillance shows the mobile home officers took the man in custody at an autobody shop. he was one of three inmates who escape friday a jail a week ago turned himself in to a civilian. lee tran says his cyst are knows him. >> afraid for his life and he wanted someone he could trust to turn himself into.
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officers walking him on a police video. with guns and rifles drawn. deputies andk-9s began a search his wife says she called him to come down to the store. >> my wife called me back to we want to [inaudible]. yea. and i think he did the right thing. >> reporter: he has known him he escaped from jail. custody. >> he is a friend of mine. and shot and die. >> reporter: cell phone video he escaped from. captured. hectic. you can't expect that. it is a big surprise for awful us. >> reporter: italian police arrested two mafia bosses
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the two were hide to avoid prosecution for extortion, murder and crimes. two were leaders of europe's biggest cocaine supplier. steven avery's attorney says she is optimistic her client will be proven innocent. the series, making a murder. convicted of killing teresa in 2005. sentenced to life in prison and paled his case. his new attorney says she believes her team will uncover new evident. >> no one understands the [inaudible] battery cable where the blood was supposed 3 found in the car. i want to examine what was not tested in the car that should have been tested there are a number of things in the car that would have needed to be tested that were not. >> reporter: she has a list of other suspects who could have
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specify who was on that list. the pga tour is watching the sky as a storm is expected to roll in this weekend. bringing the possibility of heavy rain during the final round sunday of the farmer's insurance open. could be bad enough to postpone the final round t. is too early to tell either way. >> reporter: thousands gathered in a park to give pathers a send off as they head to california for the superbowl. >> the governor was there and there were amazing fans. >> reporter: a pep rally with a lot of pep and so many people grateful to have a proper celebration and send off for a team that brought the community together. >> i wanted to celebrate the panthers. [music]
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fans bursting at the seams with panther pride. >> we love of the panthers! >> music [crowd noise] >> reporter: after a 15-1 regular season and two play-off wince. one things all fans shaha is confident headed to superbowl 50. >> we come a long way and we made it. i think we will not win a superbowl. they got another thing coming. >> reporter: my favorite fan of all time of the right there. >> reporter: you see the super cam t-shirt under the thick, gold chain. are you a super fan? i'm a pretty big fan. i would have loveed have gone to that but i was work. i'm a big fan. it will be an exciting game. i don't know if i'm as confident.
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manning could be his last game. a lot of emotion on the line. >> reporter: we have a week to get ready. go throw that football today. it will be gorgeous. temperatures are chilly burnsville 22. franklin as well. we will warm things up quickly. and going far above our average for this time of year. how long is this warm stretch going to last? i will let you know after the break. >> stay informed with news 13 wireless texts. go to sign up to get those when we
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will send it to your >> reporter: good saturday morning. a quiet, calm and clear start to the day. if you are headed out in the early morning you may want to grab that light jacket. tell be chilly. 22 in burnsville. 22 down in franklin. around the freezing point in the upstate. but we are going to see sun and blue skies on the way after your sunrise will be official at 7:32. we are not the only ones seeing dry and warm conscience. up and down thehe seaboard. areas of high pressure will dominate the entire weekend. don't worry, we'll keep the systems to the west for the cond half of the winninged and
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for sunday. here is the broader picture. not activity to speak about. the systems are far out on the western side of the central plains not impacting us until we make our way to the start of the work week. we will see the rain rolling through. over all limited in terms ofm pact and accumulation. look at this. from 6:00 a.m. through lunchtime. we are talking clear skies. it will be around for the afternoon hours. mid upper 50s. a few thin clouds and a light breeze. not as gusty as yesterday. i think that southwest breeze will be weekend with the warm temperatures. clear continuous over night. bring us to understand. if you are headed out to church. tell be a chilly start to the day. it will warm up quicker than what we will see today. back in the low 60s by sunday afternoon. watch on monday morning's commute.
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side of north carolina. tell increase and move further to the east am the afternoon we will call them isolated on monday. today they become widespread. now that system will clear out by wednesday morning. again. i think we should take advantage of the weekend 0 percent chance and sun on the way for the next 48 hours. 57. that is what we are forecasted in late january for asheville. nearly cloudless. 10-may be 15 degrees. more of the same upstate. i think forecasted shy 60 degree mark in greenville. a few areas going to hover around that. later on this afternoon. that breeze not going to be kwhiping too much. get outside and go foror a run. second half of weekend the same. monday-wednesday morning rain. and a hit as we clear out for thursday and friday. lows back below freezing and
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40s. >> each week we partner to bring you new stories about cause and giving the cause wire
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coffee makes a huge difference. >> to learn about the chaerts any to and click on news link. >> later the gloves off at an annual event. 17 different chiles buick itting out. we will tell you about the chile
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specials respect report welcome back today is the fletcher chilly cook off. good morning. >> good morning. we'll get to this. fletcher chili cook off at 11:30 today. >> fund we don't have a fee to get in the door we accept donations. you are willing and able to give. door open at 11. .
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we cities until two it is until the chili runs out. get their early. >> get their early. the people's choice award as well. zach will do the judge's choice. everybody has a say. >> reporter: i don't know what yankees know about chili we will find out today. no, not everything you do can be covered bite general fund. donations help with the parks. you got other events? >> next weekend our annual father/daughter dance. my favorite events we do through the park's department. daughters come out and we have a
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photographer and flowers. daughters can be treated how they should be. we have ticketos sale nono. we will be tell them today at chili cook off. if you have not gotten to the town hall a 3:30 dance and 6:30 dance. it is a great time. tickets are $22 if you are a residence anti26 if you are a nonresident. >> reporter: 17 different chilis will battle it out. we have an example of one with mike of dickie's bbq. >> you look at this pot. we have simmered all of our spices and tomato juice and meat and peppers and you knowonions. we will put in crushed tomatoes and beans. that's right. do tasting. >> i'm ready. >> here we go. >> reporter: you don't serve this at restaurant but you know there are other places where you can get this. >> absolutely. we have plenty of brisket. the thing about this brisket on superbowl sunday, chop that you want.
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it is fabulous. get some for your party. we will have meats. >> reporter: perfect for a superbowl party assuming tell be chillier next sunday. 60 degrees not what you are thinking b. i enjoy chili any time. >> flash back to last friday. [laughter]. >> reporter: cold enough all week to make up for that. this chil sefantastic. an event 11:30-2:00 or until the chili runs out. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> reporter: appreciate it. >> we do it for the employee and the safety awfuls. >> reporter: snow last weekend. 60 this weekend.
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>> reporter: 25 degree in asheville. clear skies and calm conditions. the wind could pick up to 10 miles per hour. but not going to seat gusts we saw yesterday. conditioning with the calm conscience later on this afternoon. man, tell be absolutely gorgeous out there. look at that sunrise coming up down in greenville the news 13 sky cam. tell be official in five minutes at 7:32 this morning. if you are headed out early morning and want to grab a heavy jacket. there will be a chill in the air. it will warm up. temperatures today and tomorrow bring us to the start of the work week. dry for the weekend and rain on the way for monday and today. >> reporter: businesses are happy to see 60 degree weather this weekend after a foot of snow a week ago. asheville pizza and brewing closed last friday and saturday because of the storm. now with spring like weather they're hope to make up what
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>> a big hit but one of those things where you do what is best for the company and the employee and the safety all of us. that's why we made the call and a lot of area restaurants did. >> no parking along cox avenue was a reason they did not reopen until sunday. university is not taking more applicants. the master's of school administration program at western carolineasm a program that trains principals. dean says less than five applied this past fall. they are trying to figure out ways to revamp it and make it more appealing. >> i don't think we want to open the application process until we are sure we will have more students. and we'll be able to offer program. >> reporter: it is too early to tell when that might be. but none of the students in the
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>> a virus out break spreads across central and south america and makes its way to the united states. the details on the zika virus
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>> >> reporter: iowa caucuses on
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to teach students how the political process works. using cookes. of course. cake reports the republican race and cookies the democrats. >> reporter: a group vote on what type of cake they would love to eat another does the same with cookies. if they don't is 10 on each side they can go somewhere else or give up on their desert. >> and ice cream cake on the kaek side. >> okay. >> i think that is fair. >> works. >> i have chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. >> reporter: speak of food. >> wolf down my croissant and now he is rubbing it. >> it is okay. 17 different kinds. that's what i will deal with later on. >> you are the big winner. look at the brisket they left. that looks amazing.
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too. >> reporter: nope you will not take that home. we will tackle each other and see who gets the brisket. >> reporter: today what a great day. may be not the best day for a chili cook off it can warm but tell be a great event. >> warm this afternoon. early morning there are chili temperatures out there. look at the beautiful shot. this is the scene you will see blue sky. thin clouds and sun on the way. seat temperatures 22 degrees now down in transylvania county. tell warm up but we will see chilly temperatures for the start of the work week with rain. all the details in your seven day forecast. >> reporter: update this morning, the state of north carolina denied makin county's request for disaster assistance for the flooding that happened the day before christmas department of public safety says there was significant damage it
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25 uninsured homes or businesses damaged. the floodingly washed out a bridge and prompted evacuations on christmas each sport greed to take up a lawsuit overnight future of asheville's water system. they are sue to block a bill passed that gives control of the water system to a regional water authority. in october, the state court of appeals ruled against the city and upheld the transfer. asheville paled to the state sport. asheville's mayor announced that decision yesterday. >> this is an important decision for all the citizens of asheville and the citizens that live in cities across our state. who v.ed millions. >> >> reporter: lawsuit is washed its outcome could set a legal precedent on how much authority
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>> the deadline to register for health insurance is tomorrow. a study out by kaiser foundation found 15% of people know that the deadline is this weekend. in many case folks pay less than they figured. >> melissa was a woman who looked at the plans and she came up with a plan that is costing her $7 a month. she was excited. the reason she came in her dad told her. if you are going to enroll you have until mid night tomorrow. fines are set to do you believe this year. >> asheville man pleads guilt tow a count of sexual offense and assault on a female. he will spend four-10 years in prison for assaulting a victim in 2014.
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6 offender. heal be subject to satellite based monitoring. >> a 43 program will help keep seniors ceremony under the call care program the sheriff's office will place a daily call to adid you tell who is sign up for the service. if no answer deputies call a family member or visit the home. visit wlos to learn how you can sign up. research to investigate the zika virus is under way in brazil. there are new concerns that a common mosquito could carry the virus. >> here in the state we are at the center of the zika virus pandemic. more babies have been born with defects here than anywhere else in brazil. only mosquito that transmits it
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now another retaefrp center here is investigateing wh a more common mosquito could transmit the virus. it is 20 times more common. we chatted with the doctor at the center. listen to what she told us. >> here we have both, the zika [inaudible] and [inaudible] the most common mosquito in america. including the united states and canada? >> including the united states and canadian. it is also a matter of many other virus like west nile virus. japanese -- >> this is not first time it would transmit a disease. >> exactly. why not zika? >> reporter: if the doctor's research shoes the mosquito can
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huge for it to spread more participated. even the doctor herself admits there are no conclusions reached. that the initial findings will be in a month and then you require months of field work. cnn, brazil. >> reporter: 19 year old student at university of south carolina was found dead in an off campus apartment. police are calling her death suspicious. rachel was found on thursday by her roommate. there were no signs of trauma or forced entry. investigation is on going. a car chased by police more atlanta crashes to another and killing an elderly couple. it started thursday night when the driver refused to stop. a 77 year old man and his 78 year old wife were killed. the man they were chasing and
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is chases vehicular homicide, dui and drug charges. getting a look at a frightening school bus accident that happened this month in texas. this video is from the school district. which serves parts of houston. it shows the bus going off the road. you will see here -- looks like it over corrects after going off the right side and the front hood pop3 up. coming to a stop, six students from two schools were on the bus at the time and no one was hurt. 60 degree weather at the end of januariful >> spring like. >> reporter: i don't know what to do with that. >> reporter: this time last week we were talking about a foot of snow. >> we were in a foot of snow. amazing how things changed. this time last week there were flurries flying around this camera looking to the bridge.
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it is stunning scene outside now. clear skies. sunrise official six minutes ago. tell be a gorgeous weekend. i hope you can head outside. mild temperatures today and tomorrow. bringing us to monday and
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work week. >> reporter: good saturday morning. comfortable start. if you are headed out in the early morning you want to grab that jacket. there is a chill tht air. 20 degrees in mountain locations. offing around freezing point further south. as we saw an absolutely gorgeous, clear start to our day. we are not the only once experiencing it. up and down the entire east coast we are looking at sun and blue skies. the systems are pushed fot west. they will condition to stay there for the entirety of the weekend. so. if you can't enjoy sun today. sunday be the same with warmer temperatures. this high pressure going to be the dominating factor. we see that area further to the west. there is nothing of our concern until we make our way to the
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our temperatures will stale stay above average for monday and tuesday and wednesday. the chill will return for the end of the work week. as we put this in motion going to lunchtime. not a lot to be speak of. no activity. thin clouds a light breeze from the southwest. not as gusty as yesterday afternoon. we got gusts closer to 20-25 miles per hour. not the case today. with the warmer temperatures that breeze is going to be welcomed. as we make our way over night tell be a clear start. chilly temperatures will return as you head to church or a dest nagsz on sunday. want to grab the gloves and hat. tell be down below freezing area wide. we make our way to sunday. you see the cloud cover increase as we head over night to monday morning. spotty showers on the extreme western side of western north carolina. and it will increase as we progress further to the east as
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they will be isolated and spotty at times. today more widespread. imimcts will be very minimal and temperatures are going to remain warm. 57 we'll forecast nain asheville. today, tomorrow, tomorrow actually talking about the 60s area wide. i think this will be an absolutely gorgeous weekend. many places in the mid and up are 50s. most of the mountains shy of the 60 degree mark. sunday and monday we will see it bringing it in today and pay the price more so for western north carolina. coming to an end wednesday and you start to seat chill returning. afternoon highs in the upper 30s and low 40s. lows below freezing. >> reporter: good morning. in sports star basketball player allen making hoops history.
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score 2,000 career points. had the home crowd cheering her on. two off the lay up. 34-26. drives in the lane. will keep will game close. knox down the three pointer. over a minute to go in the third. get career point 2,000. switched. she finishes with 27. now 2009 points wins the game 56-47. >> sam come back to the high school and came with a gift. a high school football star, back in the day. continued at pen state and had an nfl career. he was coaching. yesterday speaking to students about his life's journey. and brought something special.
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and present today to the student body president. this golden ball a full back on new england and baltimore super superbowl team usa. the golden ball means the school is eligible for 5 thousand dollar in grants. his brother the head coach and his mother is a true [inaudible]. like to win a superbowl. panthers hope to know next sunday night. their final practice before they head west on sunday. february 7th against the brofrpgose. a fun time. the coach a superbowl champ with the bears in 85. a time to have fun and prepare and expect the team to do both. >> i told the players, this is about the superbowl 50 it is an event. at the end of the day the end is to play the game. that's what we are focusing of
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but we gotta play the game. we are preparing to play. >> reporter: that's sports this morning.
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have a great weekend, everybody. >> reporter: first contest in the road to the white house two days ash way. all eyeos iowa with the race too close to call for both parties. on the ground with the details. >> reporter: you will have a president there forow the great days. there for you on the awful days and who is there on all the other days. >> weeks and hours left on the clock and in a tight race. clinton's campaign wanted leave it all on the field. instead sheefgs dealt a blow by the federal government
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on her private sevener should be classified top skreet. >> her or ponents pouncing. this is unacceptable this is a disqualify are. the clinton campaigned they were reaction. >> there will be a few people here. >> clinton's opponent sanders decided not to weigh in on the e mail controversy. urged voters of all ages to turn out. on the republican side national front run are trump focused attention on his newest rival ted cruise. >> he is an anchor baby. ted cruise is an anchor baby in canada. cruise playing it cool. >> he is welcomed to say what he likes i like and respect him. >> reporter: krudz cam participate fired back. they said the only anchor was that around the trump campaign which they have nick named the sf fork values.
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>> reporter: time is 7:50 look at the mind tease everybody. what famous actor in bob and he collide, french connection and the world 10 an balm was born
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the answer is after the break. >> reporter: look at the top local head leans. two home invasion suspects are on the loose in hendersonville. police are looking for two masked men who broke in a couple's home on hope creek lane on in regard morning. they ran when the woman began screaming. says one man had a gun. police believed they drove away in a dark colored car. the state of north carolina denied the request for sdaft are assistance. for the flooding that happenod christmas eve. department of public safety says there was damage it does not meet requirement of 25 uninsured
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the flooding washed a bridge and prompted self evacuations the day before christmas dead lineup to register for health insurance is tomorrow. a study out by the kiez are foundation found 15% know the dead lean is this weekend. the legal service staying opened help people enroll and in many cases they have seen folks paying less for insurance than they figured. if you enrole you have until mid night tomorrow if not fines double this year. >> answered mind teaser what famous act oror was born in day in 1930? gene hackman turned 86 today. happy birthday. you can enter to win our valentine's selfie contest. send your creative self of you and your valentine to win a 150 pair of diamond eithers from
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>> reporter: check on contest. winner will be announced on february ninth. >> reporter: join us this weekend tomorrow morning. the chef brown will join us in the carolina kitchen and make a carmel apple bread pougheding. >> reporter: top store and hes zach's forecast alcohol be another beautiful day. all morning long i have been teedzing zach about the fact he could not taste the chili. karma came around. >> it did. i love when that happens. you will see here i had a chili accident. >> a little chili accident. a spoonful. >> and went right here. that's what happens. >> reporter: 17 different chili. we'll zoom in on it. that's what we will talk about this morning at the 15th annual fletcher chili cook off am i will be a judge. you will be attending.
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we will try all 17. tell be gorgeous, sun on the way saturday and sunday. keeping the warm are temperatures on the way for the work week. but rain also back in the forecast ailing impact as we make our way to the weekend. >> reporter: enjoy today and tomorrow. thank you for joining us. gma is next. can always check us out at
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have a great saturday good morning, america. happening right now the campaign frenzy. candidates on a mad dash through iowa, the center of the political universe this weekend. the last-minute push for votes. donald trump on the attack. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> as other candidates take aim at him. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. plus, hillary's new headache over top secret e-mails.
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