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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the 2016 presidential voters are preparing to cast the first votes in the presidential election. lana zak joins us live from the battle state in des moines. lana? >>reporter: good morning, and happy caucus day at 7 o'clock here in iowa. neighbors will gather to together in church basements and school audiotomorrows and grain silos as they try to pick the ( ) next president of the united states. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution? >> i am a better candidate2 and thanks to you i will be a better president, and i want you to know that! >>reporter: this is it. time is up for the 3 democrats and 11 republicanspresident. rob sand will administer the caucus in des moines. >> i think people will make the decision when they listen to their neighbors. >>reporter: on the democratic and republican side, iowa fowpt
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candidates and with a third of people waiving in their support, campaigning can alter results up to the last second. in their final day on the trail, ted cruz attended church. >> you promise me you lo love this country like a2 god-fearing christian? >> he said he prayed for donald trump and marco rubio who made this appeal. >> i'm asking you to caucus for me tomorrow, if i'm the president of the united states, challenges of our time. >>reporter: rubio fighting hard for an upset second place finish or better. >> get out of bed and caucus. >>reporter: and donald trump, long the man in the lead, gave his wife milanya the mike to close the deal in iowa ( ). >> he willl be unbelievable. >>reporter: and we will expect to see the results pretty soon after they gather together at the caucuses today, but the democrats, they can take a little longer, in part, because it's sort of unfolds like a game of red rover where2 campaigns
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less viable candidates over to their side. reporting live from des moines, lana zak, abc new, back to you. >>holly: closing arguments are set to begin in the federal trial over north carolina's voter ide law. it requires voters to show one of six vawped ids to vote. the justice department and the naacp says it will make it harder for it protects against voter fraud i. is not clear if a judge will make a ruling on the case before north carolina's primaries in march. >> now a check of the morning commute. >>evan: the roads are in good shape? vawg the interstates and secondaries are moving right on time in the asheville area. i-40 through asheville on your morning commute, you shouldn't see any problems out there. traffic is flowing smoothly between u.s.s 25 and tunnel road. turning to i-26 westbound, here is a look at the drive from hendersonville into asheville. this commute will2 take you 20 minutes this morning. and for those of you in haywood county, let's get a look at i-40.
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harmon den road to crabtree road and things are looking good on the westbound side as well. that's a look at your on mouse computer solutions. >>holly: we all know winter weather can take a toll on our vehicles. we are looking at the impact it can have on our mountain school buses. >>evan: lauren brigman is live from the madison county school's transportation department. lauren, how often are school buses inspected throughout the year? >>lauren: each bus undergoes a safety inspection, evan, every 0 days. here is the check sheet they have to follow. deannena ponder is the transportation ( ) director2 madison county schools. tell what is on the sheet. i see everything you would find for a vehicle as well, but then even more extensive measures. >> we have to do tire pressure readings, tire fire extinguishing being charged, body fluid kit, first aid kit,
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bus is covered every to 30 days. >>lauren: in the wintertime you are taking extra precaution after the buses have been on the road during the recent winter weather we have had. and rick edwards is here, he is a mechanic from the madison county schools ux one of the many neck mick nicks and he will show us how to put chains on the buses. tell us when your mick nicks ( ) have to do this. >> this is actually like2 last resort. when we have an early dismisssal we get caught by surprise by a storm. >>lauren: right. >> we don't like do this, but sometimes we have to this, and we are very fortunate that the whole school system will jump in and help the driver dos this. we're just not staffed enough for us to go out and do this for all of our buses. >>lauren: right. >> so, you will have principals out there, even volunteer firemen in the county that may just be there to get their kids but they realize that we have got to get the buses chained up. >>lauren: like you said, this is a last resort, of course, if
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you are dismissing early. talk about the2 wear and tear the chains may take on the buses over time? >> sometimes it can be very entases stating if one of the cross chain links breaks. it can sling up and it will just eat the side of the bus out or and we have had chains that cut into the tires and we have had to replace the tires and all. but, again, it's all about safety and if we have to repair damage from that to get the kids home, it's worth it. >>lauren: that's right. >> just getting the kids home safe. >>lauren: no. 1 concern, right. and all morning we have been telling you exactly what they do after the storm, but 6:30, we will show you how they prepare for upcoming winter weather, even like we saw last week. reporting live in madison county, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: the state dot opeved2 new rest area in haywood county over the weekend. it's located near balsam, serving southbound travelersen to u.s. 23/74.
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facility has restrooms, vending area and parking for cars and tractor trailers. authorities in michigan are people. >>evan: firefighters found the victims in the basement after the fire was put out. they tried to revive two of those victims but were not successful. neighbors say the people who live there kept to themselves. >> they seemed like very nice people. quiet. i didn't know them at all. i would see some of the boys walking around the neighborhood and never -- very polite. >>evan: investigators say it appears the fire started in the basement of the home. they also say the victims worked together but it's not clear if all of them were2 related. >>holly: a police chase in atlanta ends with a child and an adult killed. police say a suspect stole an suv from a hotel and led them on a high speed chase for about 12 miles. the chase ended when the suspect crashed into another car. >> we were coming down the street, minding their business, and all of a sudden, i saw the
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right here and hit him, t-bone him. >>holly: police say a 79 year-old woman and 12 year-old boy were killed on along with two live monkeys in a police say there were no obvious signs of trauma. an incoherent man who was also in the room received medical attention and was being questioned. >>holly: a second sinkhole on a highway in oregon is putting workers out of a be jonathan ferrell. the first sink hole put a dent in business for a diner but the second one forced them to turn off the lights and close the doors. the manager of the restaurant says he heard and smelled the sink hole open up. >> you can hear2 the tree snapping because the land under it went down first and it started knocking the alders down. you can smell the tree. >>holly: the restaurant's
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it could be months until the highway is repair and reopened. at least 46 people are dead and dozens hurt in an attack in nigh jeerya. >>evan: boko ( ) ha boko haram opened fire and set fire to homes ( ). the place they attacac suicide the largest camp for people displaced by boko haram violence. >>holly: 45 people near syria's capitol are dead following three2 explosions. a car bomb went off at a bus terminal and then another went after medicic and onlookers. isis claimed responsibility. >>evan: francisco flores died, who was educated in the united states, was president from 1999 to 2004. his attorney said he was found unconscious at his home and taken to a hospital in the capitol of san salvador. he suffered a stroke last week that caused brain damage.
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charges. flores was 56 years old. >>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this monday morning. >>evan: we are giving away a 50 minute massage at hand and stone ma massage in asheville. go to our facebook page, 13. >>holly: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock this morning. good luck to you. is it a win? the competition that awarded puzzle pieces instead of medals.2 >>jay: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. 44 degrees. by lunchtime up to 60 degrees. by the drop off time though, 60 degrees.
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you will need to your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>jay: the lights are coming on western carolina university and a mild start to february, 50 degrees in cullowhee on our leicester carpet sales skycam network. 31 in burnsville, theoolest reading. 48 in asheville. 54 greer. 592 47 in franklin. 50 in andrews right now. the dew point is also 50 in andrews. the air there is saturated. fog this morning cannot be ruled out. especially in cherokee county, clay county, macon there's a little bit of separation and i think fog will dodge us this morning. wind speeds right now in asheville, generally 3 in greenwood, 6 currently in anderson. slighter composite, here is what going on right now.
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a few passing clouds here in the asheville area. off and on showers, especially earlyy north of swain county and the great smoky mountain national park. to kay, we will see off and on pop up2 spreading through the area, they will intensify a bitit tomorrow. and by wednesday, significant rain coming our way. it's all associated with the big sprawling frontal system right here. the front of it right here is going to stall out over us today. off and tonight, tomorrow. maybe by tomorrow night, many of us will have ticked up 2/tenths of an inch of rain, max. >> however, it's the back end of the system here that's coming our way getting vertical wednesday, cold air and hot air, thunderstorms cannot be ruled out wednesday and a couple inches of rain coming our way here in the asheville area, midweek, that could lead to flooding. and behind all this, just in time for the thursday and friday, we clear out and we cool
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daytime2 highs, dropping some 20 degrees. here is what i'm talking about. right now 24 in minneapolis, 25 in minot, 25 billings, those temperatures are coming our way at night later on this week. what's coming our way right now? on futurecast, take you. this afternoon, most of the showers well over into east tennessee. later on this evening though, there is a better chance of some of the rain beginning to develops, especially along the north carolina/south carolina border there, than overnight tonight, generally clear, tomorrow, spotty showers in our area, but it truly is wednesday that the brunt of the rain comes our way and brings significant accumulation to our area. as for today, 62 degrees for a high here in the asheville area. unseasonably warm for the2 upstate. considerably warmer for you at 66 degrees. tonight, in asheville, off and on rain showers continue at 44 degrees.
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generally a mild night for you. umbrella handy through wednesday. wednesday, the rain date and then cooling down thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. the upstate warmer, but the same scenario. >>evan: educating people about a childhood disorder with the help of some child athletes. >>holly: the miles avery autism awareness classic brought together more than 200 competitors. at the tumbling, vaulting, and balance, kids were awarded puzzle pieces instead of medals. the puzzle pieces are the universal symbol of autism.2 four time olympic coach miles avery believes his sport can help people overcome physical and mental disabilities. >> when you think of maneuvering and getting your body from one things, to make it happen. and it develops that, too. it helps the kids and more ways than just doing gymnastics. it's a way to help their whole lives. >>evan: a portion of the proceed from that meet will go
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>>holly: what a turnout, too. 6:17. we have a performance from the best player in men's tennis.
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ranks after >>luke: congratulations to lane evan, the director of championship health club, he is the recipient of the tennis professional of the year award. lane was responsible for naming this award after his friend back in 1983. and then 32 years later, and lane wins the award. big congratulations. novak djokovic facing andy murray in the open. he was on his game yesterday and murray couldn't keep up. djokovic beat murray in 3 set, the2 career open championship for djokovic and his 11th career grand slam title that ties in with the legendary born borg with 11 career grand slam i'm playing best tennis of my life in last 15 months. you know, everything is going well. privately as well and became a father and husband and have family, so i feel like i'm at the point in my life where everything is working in harmony. >>luke: djokovic is tied for fifth place all time with the
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>> the unc tar heels have not lost a game since december 12th, more than six weeks ago.2 12 straight wince and carolina is ranked no. 2 team in the nation. unc took care of business once again this weekend, dominating boston college on saturday night. marcus page had 18 threes in a row when he then s sred 12, bryce johnson continues to get the job done, making his case to be an all american. the next game for carolina is later tonight at acc rival louisville. and that's your look at sports. have a great start to your week, everyone. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >>holly: this monday morning is not starting off too bad, jay. >>evan: it's nice. >>jay: to doubt about it. 62 degrees for a high. off and on showers possible. nono significant2 rainfall. unseasonably warm this time of year. we should only be 49 degrees for a high here in the mountains.
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greenville today skies and mild. wind in the southwest 5-10. tonight in asheville 44 degrees. slight chance of rain continues winds in the north/northwest 2-5. tonight in the upstate, 50 degrees. light rain possible, generally calm winds. next seven days here in the asheville area, a lot of rain coming our way on wednesday. then a big cool-down thursday, friday, and saturday. just how much rain can we expect midweek? i will let you know coming up. right now we are accident free. jaclyn though, there is some ongoing construction to look out2 for. >>jaclyn: there are bridge repairs over in henderson county, remember one lane is closed near south rugby road. dot is asking you drivers to please avoid that area are for the time being. road work should wrap up this week. taking a look at travel times for you, if you are heading out towards smoky park looking good. everything is flowing smoothly in both directions out there. and turning to tunnel road, here
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eastbound to 240 west. that's a look at your on-time traffic
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we will be right back, >>holly: this monday morning in facebook feedback we asked how did you enjoy the nice weather over the weekend? >>jaclyn: lana said she had lunch outside in the country club in etowah and walked around the golf course for hours. >>holly: danielle says she took her kids outside and blue bubbles. it was so nice to play outside in a t-shirt. >>jaclyn: greg says he teed up and play golf in morganton. >>holly: i bet a lot of what do you have for surf? >>evan: in honor of the first are looking at places you can visit across the state to learn history in north carolina. >>jay: we posted the link to our web site, under "news links." >>evan: let's take a look the. in our area, the y. m. y. culturall center is on the
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places. i didn't realize that. served as asheville's -- has served asheville's minority residents2 since 1893. lots of exhibits this there you can see. >>jay: absolutely. >>evan: also the nina simone plaza in tryon. the you niece and nina sa moan on a related note, high point honors former resident john coal train ( ) on the corner of commerce and hamilton state, i didn't know he lived in north carolina. that's pretty cool. and then of course the international civil rights center and museum in greensboro. we just talked about this earlier in the show. this is where the counter where the sit-in happened that changed the course of civil rights is here. >>jay: i would like2 to go to greensboro and see that. weather outside will be nice in terms of temperature. a lot more cloud cover than we
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but, the weekend was just spectacular. >>evan: cover, already a little bit of rain falling out there especially to the north of the great smoky mountains national park. over in swain county, and rain moving into oconee county and the upstate. most of that is not hitting the ground just yet. but later on today, off and on showers will prevail. many of us could pick up less than a tenth of an inch of rain. so, by no means a washout. on your day planner, 10 a.m., 50 trees. 1 p.m. pretty good chancnc of rain especially here in the asheville area. by lunchtime.2 60 degrees. 4 p.m., a lot of clouds. 58 degrees. how long do we stay in the 60s for highs? i will let you know just ahead. the future of asheville's city schools this week. >> >>lauren: combing over school buses following the recent storms. coming up live we will show you
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the western north carolina's this morning. >>holly: 6:30, there's still time to enter our "early bird morning.
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50 minute massage at spa in asheville. go to 13 to enter. >>jay: we will announce the winner just before 7:00 this morning. >>holly: good luck to you yo. sounds like a nice monday morning present. >>evan: sounds good, nice 50 minute massage. >>holly: kind of like the nice 50 degrees weather we have. >>jay: it was 51 when i came in the car this morning. we have dropped down a little but only 48 degrees. compare this with a week ago. yeah, what a difference it makes. wind in the south/southwest2 at 6. humidity 93%. the dew point at 46. light fog is possible west of the asheville area. pop up showers are coming our way today but more significant rainfall is coming our way midweek. how much is coming, i will let drive with jaclyn. >>jaclyn: thank, jay, there are some things happening on haywood road in henderson county, one lane is closed near south rugby road. dot is asking you to please avoid the area until it wraps up and the plan is to have the road
6:25 am
getting a look ato9-kk---n- some-- travel times, there is congestion. you want to watch out for delays on patton avenue. traffic is heavy. you can see between i-240 and bear creek road. keep that in mind on your commute. things are looking better for you here -- for those driving from old fort into asheville. that drive is nice and smooth for you at 21 minutes. that's a look another your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>holly: this morning we are taking a look at the impact on winter weather on our mountain school buses. lauren brigman join us live from the madison county transportation department. >>evan: lauren, even before the weather hit, they take evan. this morning we have been showing you the wear and tear that that winter weather and travel on the roads takes over time. but, deanna ponder, the school's transportation director, is showing us this morning how they prepare for the winter weather because you are constantly keeping a close eye on road conditions and on the buses themselves. so, shows us, take us through the process and the things you do. >> some of the things you want
6:26 am
on your tires. the tread depth on the front tires can be no less than 4. we typically change them.2like this one is 13, but we typically change themm before they get down to 4, because the better tread, the better control. >>lauren: right. >> we keep an eye on washer fluid because of all the spray-up on the windshield can hinder the vision of the driver and the wiper blades and everything. but, one of the thins that really prepares us is the drivers, you know. they are aware of what they may be facing and the drivers warn each other about, you know, road conditions as they warns us you know if they have trouble spots and they are so wonderful at clearing our roads, it may come at a cost with the brine and wear and tear on the buses but at least the roads are clearer and safer. >>lauren: that's right. your drivers encounter something the others don't, the change in elevation as you go throughout madison county. >> even this morning, we are
6:27 am
run off and the black ice in the >>lauren: wow. >> because the ground was so cold. >>lauren: right. >> we had so much cold weather before the2 started and now the run off, or the run off is freezing. right across the road. >>lauren: right. all the 46 buses come through a close days if not more throughout the winter? >> and also, we have our fuel truck that goes around and he's actually walking around every bus, at least every other day. >>lauren: all right. here in madison county to keep all the kids safe, even ahead of the winter weather, of course. thanks so much, deanna for joining us this morning. live in madison county, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: happening tomorrow, you can help decide the future of asheville's city schools a. a community forum is held at fletcher elementary. pto2 members went door-to-door at several apartment compleks. that's where about a quarter of student families from hall fletcher elementary live.
6:28 am
parents to to come. your word can help mold or make something better. you never know unless you come and voice your opinion what will happen. >>holly: one of the options on the table is making hall fletcher a fourth thru eighth grade school. it currently serves pre-k to sixth graders. the community forum is tomorrow at 5:30 in the school's little theater. >>evan: a local man will spend seven years behind bars for armed robberies in asheville and weaverville. michael benoit pleaded gill i to robbery with a dangerous weapon and clown2 law robbery. he tried to rob a clerk in weaverville earlier this month armed with a pellet pistol. he was taken into custody and then police linked him to a robbery at the bank of america on hendersonville road. that was in january. >>holly: a man is found stabbed to death in an upstate field. 42 year-old the woods near burrell street in taylors. the coroner said he had not been dead for long. the greenville county coroner's office is investigating. >>evan: madison county
6:29 am
49 year-old andrew smith was last seen on river road in hot rings on wednesday. smith is 6 feet tall, 195 pounds, gray hair and brown eyes. he is pictured on your screen. if you have seen him, call the sheriff offense office at (828) 649-2721. >>holly: we have an update on the mountain community's effort we first told you about brevard's hobart street last year. it was filled with signs urging people to slow down. officials say they will make a sidewalk from sidewalk and the narrowing of the streets is going to happen, it's going to hopefully slow traffic but it will make it safer for pedestrians all around. >>holly: some details of the project still have to be finalized. the goal is for construction to begin in march and finish in june when the music center opens. >>holly: the asheville mardi gras parade is coming up this weekend. on sunday, the celebration kicked off early with a cajun cook off. more than 100 buy you themed dishes were prepared during the
6:30 am
organizers also held a canned food drive for manna food banks.2 asheville's mardi gras queen says a lot of work still has to be done ahead of the parade. >> everything's been in the works for most of the year, but coming down to crunch time. we have got a great group of people that have been working on the float. we have a royal float that's 20 feet long and 13 feet high and it's tricked like notre dame. >>evan: king robert and quen charlotte is going to be here ahead of fat tuesday on the ninth. they have all the details you need to know for the upcoming mardi gras parade. >>holly: sounds like fun. >>evan: you are already taking selfie, you might as well try to win a gift. enter to win the valentine's selfie contest. sent us the selfie of you and
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win a2your valentine. >>evan: this is denise in mill river, tooling around in a convertible. >>holly: victor snapped a great shot. this looked like it was taken off a arden. this is her and her main squeeze in the snow. i like that one. >>holly: that actually looks like it's professional but it's a selfie. >>evan: hard to believe 8-9 days ago we had a foot of snow. >>holly: and it's now almost all gone. and speaking of gone, the carolina panthers are regone and getting ready for the superbowl. >>evan: how the fans made sure the team was sent off right. >>holly: this is your2 traffic cam,
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>>evan: news 13 >>jay: welcome to february and it's feeling like spring out there. pack the umbrella later on this week in a big chill returns later on this week. right now, 48 degrees in asheville. 47 in hendersonville. 54 in greer. 52 greenwood. 53 in the electric city of anderson, 57 franklin, 52 in andrews. right now the dew point is getting farther away from the actual temperature. fog right now, not a significant issue in our2 area. wind speeds, wow, notice this though, from the south/southeast,f miles per hour
6:33 am
in greer, 6 miles per hour in anderson. nothing to worry about west of is what is happening, passing clouds in the asheville area. pop up showers right now in the great smoky mountains national park. otherwise we are generally clear but later on today, off and on light rain, can't be ruled out. the same is true for tomorrow. and by tomorrow night, many of us easily will have picked up 2/tenths of an inch of rain. the biggest part of the rain though is coming our way midweek. it's all associated with this sneaking frontal system right here. the front end of it is going to put on the brakes and just park right on top2 us. meaning light rain today, tonight, and tomorrow. then, by wednesday, the second low pressure system right here, comes our way, it gets very very vertical in nature. warm air and hot air coming together. thunderstorms can't be ruled out midweek.
6:34 am
stand to pick up at least flooding. after wednesday, cold air is coming our way from the northwest. 21 in billings, 25 minot. that's filtering into our area for night later on this week. on futurecast we will put it all in motion for you. not a whole lot going on right now. by 1 o'clock this afternoon, still the brunt of the rain, well to our north. later on today though, right along the north carolina/south carolina border, you see some showers firing up there. but it really is wednesday, when most of the rainfall comes our2 way. just in time for the drive time and notice wednesday morning in our area, that is significant rainfall especially in asheville. all the way south. forecast for today in asheville, 62 degrees, unseasonably warm. wind in the west/southwest, 5-10 miles per hour. 44 tonight here in the asheville area. there is a rain chance, wind in the north/northwest 2-5, greenville tonight, 50 degrees, light rain possible. next seven days you get the idea, best chance of rain coming down the rest of the week.
6:35 am
me for the upstate, albeit a bit warmer. time now for traffic and jaclyn. >>jaclyn: thank, jay. that congestion on patton avenue that we talked about earlier2 now all cleared up just in time for your commute. traffic at louisiana avenue is now up to 40 miles per hour. so, nothing to worry about there. as well. that is a nice and easy 5 minute ride from fairview road over toty. 26 merge. and getting another look at i-26, from hendersonville, down into south carolina, that is a nice and easy 20 minute ride from four seasons boulevard over to the state line. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. >>holly: today is february 1st. >>evan: there a several significant things that happened on this day. on february 1st, 1865, president abraham lincoln signed2 the 13th amendment abolishing
6:36 am
president truman declared it blank history month is this month, on this day, in 1960, four black college freshmen sat down at the white's only counter at wool worth in greensboro demanding service. >>evan: five dais later a thousand people joined them and then in the coming months sit-ins were happening across the country. six months later, the wool worth counter was desegregated. >>holly: today is the anniversary of the space shuttle columbia disaster. it broke apart as it reentered2 atmosphere, killing all 7 astronauts on board. the crew just finished a 16 day mission. >>evan: nasa held its day of the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. >>holly: on a much lighter note, february 1st is also the anniversary of the world's first action figure, that's right, g.i. joe was introduced in 1964
6:37 am
>>evan: the original real american hero sold for just $4 was a foot tall. now, g.i. joe has turned into a movie franchise, video game and much more. >>holly: and this is fitting since the panthers are getting ready for the big game, on this2 day in 2004 the panthers played their first ever superbowl game. >>evan: they took on the patriots in houston and it was the most watched game in 32-29. >>holly: the panthers got a send off this weekend when they left for california. hundreds of fans lined up across bank of america stadium to cheer on the team. >>evan: the panthers will take on the broncos from santa clara, we will be live and luke notestine and andy coats will be in san jose reporting for the big game. >>holly: we have lots of coverage on the morning show and we have "early bird gets the win" give-aways and superbowl treats. >>evan: superbowl -- i think
6:38 am
america all year. i think it's more american than fourth of july. it's like the best day in america. reallyf, it is. everyone watches. the whole day is all dedicated to football. it's awesome. >>holly: every year you feel like it's a good excuse to buy a brand new t.v. >>evan: exactly. >>holly: a man is alive thanks
6:39 am
how she was able to rescue him >>holly: breaking news out of henderson county. crews house is off old spartanburg road in east flat rock. it started 15 minutes ago. firefighters are still on the scene. we have calls in with the officials and we have a crew on the way and we will continue to uptate you as we learn more information. >>holly: happening to night, aye owe juans are heading to the
6:40 am
the presidential candidates wrap up a big weekend trying to get out theote. >>evan: reed banion reports the presidential campaign that delivered many surprises may just have a few more setting the tone. >>reporter:2 candidates made one last big push in iowa ahead of the first real contest of 2016 bringing out the family. >> hi, iowa, i'm ivanca trump ( ). >> and the fame. >> so let's try one more time to get trump, let's call donald and debate. >>reporter: donald trump and ted cruz taking shots at each other on the sunday talk shows. >> look, ted cruz is the total liar. i'm so against obama-care. >> donald engages in sin ults because he can't defend his substantive record. >> a recent bloomberg poll shows trump five points ahead of cruz but with many other contenders in single digits, scooping up the voters could be vital. the same poll showed hillary clinton with a 3 point lead over
6:41 am
o'malley sanders2 can't bring together 15% of the vote in any given kay cuss site, the clinton and sanders camps will fight for those votes. to push themselves over the top. >> for those of you still thinking about!= your optionsg i hope i will be able to battle between enthusiasm and infrastructure. with trump and sanders riding a wave of nonestablishment fer never and clinton and cruz leverage highly organized campaigns on the ground. >>evan: a botched robbery turns deadly when a store owner in new mexico fights back. >>holly: officials say several suspects showed autopsy at the store. >>evan: the shop owner was hit in the head2 when a scuffle broke out and then he defended himself. >> he was able to fire back a round at one of the subjects and
6:42 am
there was blood every where. up a police and took him to the hospital where he later died. they reportedly found coins and gold bars falling out of the man's pocket. a 74 year-old man is alive this morning thanks to a nun. that nun called police in massachusetts saying she heard a man yelling for help in the woods. police say the man was cutting down a tree when it fell on his leg. >> imagine something strange happened, either something snapped off and came down? >>evan: the man was taken to the hospital for2 a leg injury and hypothermia. no word on his condition. police have not identified the nun. >>holly: a "star wars" themed painting stolen from an ohio ms. za shop was returned. >>evan: but it's who brought it back has them scratching their heads. the surveillance video captured a storm tammy hooper motorcycle helmet returning the stolen
6:43 am
the employee behind the counter off he feared they were about get robbed. >> i walked up, started to go towards the alarm and stuff and by that time he had came in, set it on the thing, and then was like, already walking out. >>holly: the painting was wrabbed in a black trash bag with a note signed "darth vadar." the pizza shop had not planned on filing charges if it had been returned. and now they have a great story to tell. >>evan: so weird. >>holly: find out what dogs are2 competing in the race in the lower 48 states. >>evan: how many miles they have to conquer. >>holly: first, how did black history month begin?
6:44 am
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madison county. >>evan: 49 year-old andrew smith was last scene on river road in hot springs wednesday. he is 6 feet tall, 195 pounds. has gray hair and brown eyes as you can see there. if you have seen him, call the sheriff offense office at (828) 649-2721. >>holly: tomorrow you can help decide the future of asheville city schools. a community forum will be held at hall fletcher elementary. school administrators and pto members went door-to-door over the weekend at several public housing complexes. that's where about a2 student families from hall fletcher lived. they hope their efforts will bring parents to the forum tomorrow. >>evan: the brevard city council has plans hobart street. we told you about the community's concerns over the street. last year when neighbors posted sign, asking for drivers to slow down. that new sidewalk will run from probart street to the brevard music center and construction is set to begin in march. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. in honor of black history middle month, how did it start out? >>evan: it started out as knee
6:46 am
wilson, a noted historian and then2 became a month long celebration in 1976. >>holly: the john deere dog sled race is underway in minnesota. >>evan: it's the longest race in the lower 48 dogs came from other states and even countries to run the challenging course. the race is a qualifier for the famous aye did rod dog race in alaska. the marathon is 385 miles long >>holly: wow. we have a winner in this morning's "early bird gets the win" give away. >>evan: congratulations to c.j. bogel. >>jaclyn: you have won a 50 minute massage from hand and stone. congratulations. >>jay: we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. >>evan: not so bad. >>jay: not at all.2 >>evan: also not bad, jay, the weather outside today after a gorgeous weekend. >>jay: absolutely. a fantastic weekend. today, not so bad in terms of the temperature. off and on rain showers though can't be ruled out. take a look outside right now in our area, 62 degrees today for a high.
6:47 am
the way on wednesday. could pick up 2-2 1/2 inches here in asheville. ruled out. notice thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, we are in the 40s for highs. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, we go from being unseasonably warm to unseasonably cool. upstate, the seven-day forecast there, you see it. tomorrow 65. better chance of rain. lot of rain coming your way on wednesday as well. and thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, down into2 40s and 50s. >>holly: don't forget we we are following breaking news in henderson county where a house fire is happening. crews are on the scene right >>evan: that's right. the house is off old spartanburg road in east flat rock. blue ridge fire and rescue on the scene. dispatch tells us that old spartanburg road at spartanburg highway is now shut down.
6:48 am
with more information as we get and stay good morning, america. and they're off. the first votes finally here in the race for president. >> it's going be big. >> we are going to make america history. >> bernie sanders says overnight, his campaign going all the way to the convention. ted cruz blasted for last-minute campaign tactics. a grueling year on the campaign trail. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> we're going to build a wall. >> donald, you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. 1500 rallies, 11 debates. always comes down to this -- >> this is about the men and women of iowa. >> the race closer than ever. donald trump taking the lead back from ted cruz.
6:49 am
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