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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rec park. >>jay: lauren brigman joins us live outside the a-b tech center where it would happen. lauren, what would be included in the new park? >>lauren: it would include greenways and a ballfield. a brownfield agreement is what allows a local company to carry out this redevelopment project. so, the site being discussed is more than 40-acres. it's on sand hill road. but, it sits next to the former b. a. s. s. plant, sparking concern among some. and the landfill was closed in 2006, but previously stored construction waste, fly ash, nylon fab fabrics and other waste. state officials say they have specific requirements to abide by to make the property safe for the new use, some include keeping at least two feet of soil cover over any waste in the landfill during that redevelopment, and using monitoring systems to protect against any possible exposure to previous contamination on the site. but, tonight at 6 p.m. at the event center on the a-b tech
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public to weigh in on this project, because, of course, there has been concern over exposure to contamination. so, tonight at 6 3 78, 6 p.m. is your time to weigh in. lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: happening to day the north carolina state board of education is expected to approve a revised report of charter schools. the board will review changes to the annual status report. this comes a month after lieutenant governor danforth complained about the report. it says charter schools are more racially divided. >>jay: police in hendersonville are having a hard time filling a school crossing guard position. they need a crossing guard near hendersonville elementary school and middle school. police worry it's a very busy intersection at highway 64 that is turning folks off from applying. the job is just a half hour in the morning and half hour in the afternoon. but, it pays more than $19 an hour. if you are interested, applications at city hall, or you can find them at
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north carolina highway patrol is looking to fill 160 positions statewide. one of two recruitment events is today from 6:00 to 8:00 this evening at the reynolds fire department in asheville. to see if you qualify for the position, visit our web site, the other event is saturday from 10:00 to noon. >>jay: recent growth in asheville is revitalizing neighborhoods but burdening others that have been here for decades. many say rents are becoming too high. wages are falling too low. and the diversity of our communities is being lost. that's why in the summer of 2014, the city commissioned a study to identify fixes so people are not pushed out of town. >> we have been concerned about these issues for years. and it has sped up. i think it sped up mostly in the last two years and people really notice it. >>jay: in tonight's reality check at 6:00, find out what the city has done since the study was completed and if the 20 grand was money well spent. >>holly: a barbecue restaurant
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clyde cooper's barbecue asked people to stop profiling muslims. since then the message of tolerance has spread to other businesses around downtown. >> i agree with the message. it's -- i mean, it's definitely not right to profile people. my barber is a muslim. i know many muslims are all fine people i have met. there's crazies in every bunch. >>holly: business owners with the signs say they have not received any negative feedback about them. >>jay: new hampshire's primary is around the corner, and only two democratic presidential contenders remain. >>holly: reed banion reports, with bernie sanders ahead in the polls, the stakes are high for hillary clinton. >> i have an uphill climb and i will climb as high and hard as i can because i want to make my case to the people of new hampshire. >>reporter: on the heels of a razor-thin win in iowa, hillary clinton is casting herself as the underdog in new hampshire,
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the one battling tough odds. >> of course we're a underdog. >>reporter: it may be his backyard, but it's hillary clinton's stomping ground. >> she ran here in 2008, and she won. her husband ran here several times before that. this is their fourth campaign in the family here in new hampshire. >>reporter: wednesday's new hampshire town hall is a clash of the titles as the rivals fought for another important credential in the historically liberal state. >> i am a progressive who gets results. >> secretary clinton said, well, i'm paraphrasing, some people call me a moderate and i proudly, you know, say that i am a moderate. i love moderates. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >>reporter: new hampshire holds the nation's first presidential primary in less than a week and remains to be seen whether clinton's progressive win will win over democrats in the state where recent polls show sanders with a double-digit lead. i'm reed banion reporting.
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clinton campaigned for his wife in columbia. he spoke at allen university before the event. mr. clinton met with local leaders to discus issues facing communities statewide. mr. clinton also highlighted the importance of community colleges. >> when i was the first president ever to deliver a commencement address to a community college. i love these places. and i'm glad to be here. >>jay: south carolina democratic primary is february 27th. >>holly: we have an update on north carolina employees' health plan. the governing board for the state health insurance plan is delaying the health plan options. that will affect state employee, teachers and retirees. the panel will vote tomorrow on benefit changes for the 2017 year. but will not go further. the board staff has recommended doing away with the 80/20 plan starting in 2018. but the board will delay that decision and postpone talks about eliminating coverage for spouses. >>jay: today is world cancer day. while there is no cure, researchers continue to work tirelessly to discover treatment.
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something everyone can do to help prevent the disease. >> 1/2 men and 1/3 women are going to be affected by cancer. >>reporter: it's one of the deadliest diseases. >> it's going to impact, in some way, almost all of us. >>reporter: that's why dr. john sweetenham at huntsman cancer institute says we need to start fighting cancer now. >> we all should be very invested in trying to reduce the burden of this disease. >>reporter: how? through prevention. >> i think there are three really big themes that emerge from world cancer day. >>reporter: no. 1, a healthy lifestyle. studies show changing your diet and regular exercise can make a big impact. >> this would reduce the number of cases worldwide by about one third. >>reporter: but a key part of the healthy lifestyle is stop smoking or never start. >> the earlier you stop the better your chances of not developing one of these cancers 20 years later. >>reporter: no. 2, vaccinations. >> human papilloma virus is
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of cancers worldwide. >>reporter: no. 3, early screenings. >> there is evidence that some type of cancer screening reduces death rates. >>reporter: instead of trying to stop cancer when it starts, you can prevent it now. >> there are things they can do that can have a huge impact on their chances of developing this disease later. >>reporter: in salt lake city, utah, mark cabal reporting. after a tornado. >>jay: how many people were affected in one alabama county them. >>ingrid: and here is our here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." . starting off in the 30s and 40s. by drop off time staying in the upper 40s. coming up after the break, we will talk more about how cool we will stay across the region and what you can expect for the weekend, and if it will include
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we will be right back. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: good morning, everyone. and welcome back. i want to start with our greenville camera, because we can see fog in the distance. 50 degrees. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. this is the trouble zone. below a half mile visibility. greenville, spartanburg, we are back here in the mountains, looking very clear. 10 up is as good as we will get in the french broad river valley. clear skies outside as temperatures this morning have gotten progressively colder. since midnight we started in the 50s. we have dropped down to the 40 degrees mark. we will stay somewhere between the two numbers throughout the entire day. not going to be that warm.
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so our departure now is more than 1 1/2." we have a positive territory, so a surplus for the year. now, because we have so much rain, we still have a river flood warning out. this is for the french broad at blantyre. this is in transylvania county. and it hasn't yet reached its peak. that will happen this afternoon. then it will continue to recede. and still, by friday afternoon, still just below that flood stage. so, this morning it's lengthy and for good reason. right now in the western zones. look at this. 30s from knoxville to andrews. it's colder, 32 degrees. but, asheville 40 degrees right now. upper 40s in the foothills. 50 degrees down into the upstate. and the wind is making it feel colder. here in asheville, 20 miles per hour. 21 in boone. and it's calmer down into greenville. so, there is a wind chill here in the asheville area. you probably put your winter coat away the last couple days. make sure you dig it out. you will need it. it feels like 30 degrees right now here in buncombe county.
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through yesterday, wow, still giving our friends to the east along the coastline there, the outer bank, some heavy rain showers this morning. back here at home, we get a break. finally drying out throughout the rest of the day. lunchtime, staying partly clear. definitely seeing some cloud cover to start the day in greenville but eventual sunshine throughout the day through dinnertime clearer skies with one exception. colder conditions, a slight quick chance for some mountain flurries, maybe light snow. the highest elevations overnight, and then that's it. more sunshine tomorrow, but relatively cool, staying in the 40s and 50s. today, overall, it will be windy and sunny. tonight, cooler, 26 degrees. haven't felt that in a while. greenville, 56, dry and breezy and decreasing clouds tonight. this weekend, keep the outdoor plans. not too bad. 40s and 50s, just keep in mind it will be cold at night. our next chance for wintry weather comes monday and tuesday, and then very cold by the middle of next weeks.
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the rain. parts of the country have been dealing with the aftermath of a tornado. >>jay: this is in pickens county, alabama. you can see how much damage was done to a neighborhood i. destroyed 13 homes. the american red croases and salvation army are providing assistance to those who need help. about 75 people in all are displaced. >>holly: time is 6:13. going to the next level. >>jay: where some prep
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advance their careers. >>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, the greatest day of prep football players lives is the day they sign collegiately, and luke notestine has the story of a few lucky ones who get to play at the next level. >>luke: rico dowd l is one of the best athletes north carolina ever produced and an all-purpose athlete who did a little bit of everything at reynolds, he he to south carolina ( ). >> very emotional, a great feeling to know that i'm going there this summer to start my career for the next three, four years, as a game changer and happy. >>luke: andreas hill will go to mars hill and unique waters will go to shorter, joining the south carolina battle is asheville all-state lineman pete lee quoteta, he committed back in december and stuck with with it, even after the head coach stepped down.
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able to continue his career. >> oh, man, i'm just really looking forward to it, you know. just playing on that field. >>luke: tim parker had a big crowd on hand to watch him sign to play at e. p.s.u. he was one of the best linemen in the mountains this season. he says that e. tsu is the perfect fit. >> it's awesome. a dream come true. i never thought this day would come but it has. and then to see all the people behind me is -- it shows me they care and they are my true friends and they support me in everything i do. >>luke: congratulations and best of luck to all the outstanding student athletes. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >>stan: you can find other signings on click on sports and go to the video. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great thursday, everyone. >>holly: republican presidential candidate donald trump joins an unlikely group. >>jay: it includes in. s. a. whistle blower edward snowdon and pope francis.
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they are nominated for the 2016 know bell peace price. >>holly: that's right. a mystery patron nominated trump for his vigs you peace through -- >>jay: ben and jerries is offering a frozen treat that is entirely vegan. it's made with almond milk and no dare rirks egg, or honey. experts have been working on the formula for almost three years now. >>holly: four flavors are get it, chon you monkey, p. b. and cookies and two others. it's supported by the advocacy group, vegan action. don't call it ice cream, ben and jerries is calling it a nondairy frozen dessert. i bet there is a lot of vegans here, ingrid, that will be excited for that. >>ingrid: i was thinking the same thing. i would like to try it and see if it tastes like ice cream. let's look outside this afternoon. high temperatures are not too warm, staying in the 40s and 50s today. same thing down into the upstate.
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60 degrees mark. and no rain. yeah, we have enough of that yesterday. lows tonight will be low. look at this, 26 in asheville. feeling like winter, finally. 32 in forest city to 33 in greenville and spartanburg. let's get another check of the commute. jaclyn, a construction project in madison county wrapped up? >>jaclyn: north carolina 63 near hot springs will finish around 1:30 p.m. right now the road is closed near half moon ridge road. you can follow the sign detour in place to get around it so keep that in mind. also happening in madison county, future i-26 westbound here is getting pretty busy, traffic is slow moving between u.s. 19 and the tennessee border. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. >>holly: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a shot of transylvania. >>jay: news 13 this morning
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stay with us. >>holly: welcome to the "morning surf." we are looking at cooking tips in the kitchen. >>ingrid: they are cool. we posted it to our web site, heart attack some people call them hacks, supereasy tips to make things easier for you. use two bowls to cut kernels off the cob. >>ingrid: rachel ray does it and it makes sense. >> >>holly: one smaller bowl inside head. instantly core a head of lettuce by slamming it. >>ingrid: have you done that? does it work? >>holly: it does work. i don't use lettuce too much. precook pasta, it will cook in 60 seconds. soak it in bag of water for a couple hours overnight and it will cook superfast the next day. >>ingrid: nice. this i have seen. pit an avocado, make sure you aim the right direction there.
6:17 am
once you get the pit out, here is how to sleep it to make nice neat cubes. slice it in the skin and take a spoon and it will scoop right out. >>ingrid: and i have also seen, use a drying rack and just squish the whole thing through it and it comes out. >>holly: okay. put a dish powell or damp paper towel under the cutting board to keep it from slipping and wobbling. >>ingrid: great idea. that's easy. >>holly: use a spoon to peel a kiwi from the inside out. i actually have kiwis at home. i will have to try this. a spoon to do it. grate frozen butter into pastry droag for even distribution. >>ingrid: i never thought of that. >>holly: let's do one more. rachel ray does this one, too, hold cherry tomatoes between two lids to slice them at once. >>jay: it takes forever to do that. >>holly: apparently that really works. >>ingrid: how should you dress? maybe a winter coat because it is a little cooler.
6:18 am
but look at the wind. it's at 20. so it feels like the 30s here in asheville. our headlines indicate we are finally drying out. it will be cooler overall today. what about our next wintry blast? in your weekend forecast, i will have all that in 6:30. >>jay: equipment is stolen from a construction company. what the dropper did to try to get it back. >> the care and feeding of these animals is no small task. >>holly: inmates taking care >> >>lauren: turning the site of a term tokerland phil into a public green space.
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> tell him no. >> no? >>holly: a little boy in montgomery county, texas, has no idea what it's like without his pet duck. they are called mr. t. and b. for short backer, the duck. >>jay: his parents say they had no idea the two would bond so closely a year ago. ago. >>ingrid: and now they are huge stars on-line after the mom shared it on the facebook page. look at how much money they are having. >>holly: mr. duck would love
6:22 am
>>ingrid: good morning, we have no rain to speak of, thankfully. we had plenty of it yesterday with all the flooding across the region. partly clear skies in western north carolina. mostly cloudy down into the upstate. throughout the day we will see more sunshine. that will help dry out. 40s expected through lunchtime as well, 45, so you will definitely need the jacket all day long. coming up in my full forecast i will let you know what to expect in the weekend and if you should keep the outdoor plans. drivers in transylvania county be careful on the roads. high water is still an issue. >>jaclyn: thank, ingrid. several side roads remain closed across the county because of flooding. it's in the usual places like island fort road and wilson road. i also checked in with dispatchers in henderson county, you might run into these problems, with drivers in that area on your secondary roads as well. be careful if you are heading out the door soon. a dot project on 63 near hot springs wraps up this afternoon. right now the road remains closed near halfmoon ridge road.
6:23 am
in place for the time being. >> also in madison county, there are delays on future 26 westbound, watch for the conjunction between u.s. 19 and the state line. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>jay: up for discussion today a proposal to redevelop a former inca landfill site into a public park. >>holly: news 13's lauren brigman joins us outside the a. brick tech center. lauren, what time is this all happening? >>lauren: itas"l kicks off at 6 o'clock tonight. and, holly, the state officials will be here for the meeting. it's a 40-acre property on sand hill road that sits nebs to the former b. a. s. f. plant. before the landfill closed in 2006, construction waste, fly ash and other waste were actually stored on this site. under a brownfield agreement, it could be redeveloped with ball field, green waist and a concession area, but there are specific state requirements that must be followed to help make
6:24 am
some people of course are concerned about this redevelopment so tonight is the chance for people to voice their concerns and also gain more information. now, there are some other areas here in north carolina that have been redeveloped from former landfills to recreational spaces. i reached out to the state officials yesterday and they tell me there is actually a former landfill site in haywood county that now houses softball fields and there are similar redevelopment projects that have been carried out in wilmington and winston-salem as well. reporting live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jay: cleanup will continue this morning across the mountains. >>holly: after flash flooding caused damage and left behind a mess, one hard-hit area was biltmore village. crews put up barricades to block flooded streets. businesses and homeowners cleared storm drains on their own that helped water recede quickly but it left behind a muddy mess. >>jay: the heavy rain also forced several offices to close
6:25 am
the beverly hanks complex had more than a foot of water around it when a creek flooded its banks. to close. there is no word this morning if that office will reown ton day. >>holly: another area that was hit hard by the rain and flash flooding is cherokee. swift water rescue team flooded. sokol creek flooded and wash ud out little john road leaving some people stranded. emergency services said four homes were affected. >>jay: today a toddler from haywood county will be laid to rest. a funeral service will be held at noon at garrett funeral home for 17 year-old old die her preznel. family will receive friends at 10 a.m.. an autopsy revealed the little die her died from a brain injury caused by blunt force trauma on sunday. the haywood county sheriff's office is investigating. so far, no charges have been filed in the case. >>holly: a developing story out of jackson county. detectives are investigating a suspicious death after a man was found shot to death in his home in cashers.
6:26 am
home of timothy norris yesterday morning and arrived to find his body inside. they are not saying who made that call, but no one has been arrested. a family friend says he cannot believe this happened. >> i mean this is a real place you can leave your doors open, you know. and you just don't expect things like that. >>holly: the fbi is assisting the sheriff's office with the case. >>jay: a yancey county man is accused of abusing a baby. 20 year-old jacob howl is charged with felony child abuse and inflicting serious injury. dss alerted authorities of the injuries. there is no word on the child's condition. >>holly: a dog shot in the head in south carolina and it's now recovering in arden. a two year-old boxer now named amarra is in the care of a nonprofit boxer, mutts and other
6:27 am
admitted to the animal hospital that she had a bullet lodged in her head. he is blind and now deaf. >> it's the worst medical case, as far as this one hitting me right in the heart really hard, it's probably one of the top five for sure. >>holly: there is a $1,000 reward out for information leading to an arrest. the anderson county sheriff offense office is investigating amarra's case. >>jay: police in asheville are investigating two break-ins that happened two days apart at the same property. they happened to at a home construction site in hazelwood road in west asheville. equipment worth $700 was stolen. it belonged to branch creek construction company. the developer put dozens offulliers in area mailboxes to let neighbors know exactly what happened. >> there is no evidence left behind.
6:28 am
theft is pretty common."5i; department. >>jay: celebrating a milestone. the new leash on life program at the rutherford county prison has been going strong for ten years. it pairs inmates with dogs to teach them basic commands that help make the pups more adoptable. one of the inmates says he learned a lot from the animals. >> it's taught me a lot of responsibility. the care and the teaching of these animals is no small task. it's definitely taught me a lot of patience. it's -- as you can see, there is no common language between us. so we developed a lot of patience in trying to communicate with the animal exactly what we want them to do. >>holly: the program placed more than 275 dogs into homes. >>jay: an amazing program. >>holly: it certainly is. ten years going strong and it looks like they are doing great work. and the dogs are doing great tricks. >>jay: they come outf there well trained. >>holly: we would not be so
6:29 am
>>jay: are you a dog whisper whisperer? >>holly: no, not for us. there are in bets over who will win the superbowl. >>jay: the director of the nature center and the zoo have a wager. this is a screen grab from chris gentile's facebook page. he said he will wear a peyton manning jersey if the broncos win, but if the panthers win, shannon block of the den jer zoo will wear a cam newton jersey as she greets people at the disease gate. it's game on for jen refer roberts and denver colorado. >>jay: mayor roberts says she will post a pick underwriter which of herself in peyton manning's jersey, if the panthers win, mayor michael hancock will post a picture of himself sporting cam newton's jersey. >> i think it will look really good on you because it's a really beautiful blue and it will go very well with -- it's a good color on you. >> i appreciate that. i never heard that i looked good in blue. >>jay: the mayor says she is confident she will not be wearing manning's jersey. we certainly hope not.
6:30 am
notestine and photojournalist andy coats are leaving for san francisco in 20 minutes for our coverage of the superbowl. they have reports coming in from california starting tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >>jay: and then on friday and throughout the weekend they will bring stories of local fans who are also making the trek to santa clara. >>holly: they are also taking over the wlos instagram page, so look for lots of photos there. we will, of course, post all the updates on our facebook and twitter accounts as well. this year's superbowl tickets are the most expensive in u.s. history. ticket tracking site beat look reports the average ticket price is just shy now of $5,000. >>jay: whoa. >>holly: they were $4,000 two weeks ago. >>jay: they keep going up. 20% in a week. all right. you have just a few more days to enter the valentine's selfie contest. sent your most creative selfie of you and your valentine to win a $150 pair of diamond earrings from allen's jewelry and pawn.
6:31 am
click on contest to enter. the winner will be announced on our news cast next tuesday, february 9th. good luck. >>jay: the king and king of mardi gras and the court jester are here this morning. >>holly: the plans they have to for a great parade, you will not want to miss it this weekend. >>jay: here is your live look on the interstate this morning from the traffic cam. i-26 traffic is battling a little bit of fog this morning.
6:32 am
with ingrid and weather. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: good morning. welcome back. greenville camera does show foggy conditions outside. 50 degrees, leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network, let's take a look at the visibility map. right now, in asheville, we are looking at all 10s but we could see patchy fog this evening no. our western zones are down to 3 miles. down into greenville, this is the most foggy of all. let's see. 0.3, that is below a half mile. give yourself a couple extra moments before you head out the door. we are drying out across the region. look at the time lapse on the asphalt it goes from damp to dryer and dryer and cooler. back here in blank mountain at 2400 feet it's 37 degrees. and once again this evening no, starting off in the 50s and then dropping down to the 40s. so we are actually cooler than what we have been the past several morning. we picked up 2" at the ashville
6:33 am
so, we are now in the positive territory, more than 1 1/2" for the year in the rain gauge. because of all the rain yesterday, we still have high water across some portions of the region. flood warning is still out. this is the french broad at blantyre this. is in transylvania county. we will continue to see it rise through this afternoon and then recede and barely below flood stage by tomorrow afternoon. 40 degrees in asheville right now upper 40s for morganton to forest city, but west of asheville, the cooler areas were in the 30s right now from swain county, graham county, and into cherokee and clay county as well. down into the upstate, not as cold around the 50 degrees mark. but look at the wind. right now out of the north in asheville, at 20 miles per hour. it's calmer down into the upstate, but it is making it feel just a little bit colder outside. you will likely need that winter coat this morning. feels like 30 degrees in buncombe county. that front has moved through the region. but, look, still seeing a good
6:34 am
along the outer banks of north carolina, around charleston, south carolina, but back here at home, no threat for any more rain today, thankfully. we picked up a lot yesterday. 8 a.m. today partly clear skies, holding onto the clouds in the upstate and then we will see clearing through late day. we will stop at 2 a.m., overnight tonight, showing a quick shot for very light snow, highest elevations, that's about it. it will be out of here in a couple hours. 8 a.m. tomorrow, nice clear skies. it will be cold though. temperatures back down below freezing. so, windy day. gusts up to 21 miles per hour. 50s for highs at best. likely we will stay in the 40s for a lot of locations. partly clear and cold again in the 20s in asheville. what about greenville's forecast? dry and breezy, partly clear skies. and tonight, back down to 33. now, the extended forecast this weekend shows sunshine, 40s and 50s for the weekend.
6:35 am
little chilly at night. next chance for wintry weather, monday and tuesday of next week and our type wednesday, 32 degrees. seven-day forecast does show sunshine as well, for the majority of the days. right now, it's time for another check of the roads with jaclyn. good morning. >>jaclyn: good morning, ingrid. we are accident free around asheville so far. if you are heading out towards i-26, traffic is flowing smoothly for you there. it is a clear drive between hendersonville and asheville. now, getting a look at smoky shaping up this morning. it is a 7 minute road from old haywood road to pisgah highway. checking back on i-40, the delays we talked about earlier on blank mountain are cleared up for your commute. you want to give yourself 20 minutes of travel time to get from old fort to asheville. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>jay: we are standing among royalty this morning. we have been talking with the asheville ma di gra royals,
6:36 am
parade this weekend and kenney the clown has been keeping us entertained. kenney, if you drop that, you are never coming back especially if it lands on my head. >> a lot of balance. guy, thank you for coming in. we are talking about the parade. tell me about it. why do this? >> the parade is a wonderful community celebration and the streets of asheville. this is the ninth year. >>jay: yes. >> and everyone has such fun. >>jay: everyone does have fun, and king, i'm curious, did your outcome come from the bob caldwell or porter collection? which? >> we have a group of costume designers that costume us up and mine is michelle rochet and she has done all my outfits. they are fabulous. >>jay: what can people expect? >> we have over 20 entries for floats and people can sign up
6:37 am
>>jay: getting too close there. >> at asheville mardi >>jay: fantastic. it's an event, of course, leading into fasting and the lent season. people in new orleans have quite the day and you want to bring some of that here? >> absolutely. but asheville's always done its own thing. we are celebrating our wonderful community. >>jay: am i making you nervous? oh, no. kenney? about the get the hook. what do we have here? >> this is for you. >>jay: thank you. >> this is a wonderful balloon art from our favorite court jester, kenney. >>jay: kenney? a bit of a balance issue there, doesn't he? it's a nice balloon there. that took some effort. that really did. family friendly the entire day. >> yes, please bring your family and your kids and parents and grandparents. this is for everyone. >>jay: you can party all day sunday because this is before the superbowl? >> absolutely.
6:38 am
and immediately following the parade, we have what's called the queens ball, which is the upstairs atpack tavern, there will be a big event there. we have got music and court jesters, we have got everyone in pretty fine regal yeah. >>jay: it looks fantastic. you have been here having a great time making us laugh, thanks for being here. >> thank you so much. >>jay: we appreciate it.
6:39 am
>> that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals.
6:40 am
now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling >>holly: welcome back, 6:48 on thursday morning. just ahead of the debate in new hampshire tonight, the democratic presidential hopefuls are battling over who is progressive enough. >>jay: meanwhile,. >>bazi kanani l0: reports there is a new war of records between the republican front runners. >>bazi kanani l0: >> the democrat, lay out their differences in new hampshire. >> i think an objective
6:41 am
more excitement and energy in our campaign. >>bazi kanani l0: bernie sanders argues he is more electable than hillary clinton, defending his plan to defend taxes to pay for universal health care. >> you can pay a little bit more in taxes but you are no longer going to have to pay private health insurance premiums. >>bazi kanani l0: an promises a progressive political revolution. >> we will raise the minimum wage. we will have health care for all people. >> it's very hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> >>bazi kanani l0: clinton fights back against sanders charges she is a moderate not a progressive. >> i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >>bazi kanani l0: and pledges to make history. >> i will break the hardest and last glass ceiling and it hope it splinters completely. >>bazi kanani l0: the leading republicans in a new battle. ted cruz fires back after donald trump accuses him of fraud, for sending this e-mail to supporters on caucus day, suggesting ben carson was dropping out of the race.
6:42 am
word to those carson supporters. trump tweets, ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. cruz accuses trump of a nasty temper. >> i don't know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button. we are liable to wake up one morning and donald, if he were president, would have nuked denmark. >>bazi kanani l0: the republican field is little smaller this morning with both rick santorum and rand paul dropping out. bazi coe nanny, abc news. >>holly: the faa is investigating what caused donald trump's plane to make an emergency landing. there is this picture of his 757, he was on his way to arkansas for an event. they reported engine problem and were diverted to nashville. event. the i.r.s. is having trouble with the web site. technical difficulties hit the service wednesday.
6:43 am
hardware failure that brought down some of its tax processing systems including one that allows people to file electronically. a spokesperson said the system was likely to remain down until today. taxes though are not due until april 15th. a california man is suing mcdonalds over what he says is fake cheese and the company's mozzarella sticks. >>holly: chris hough is asking for his $1.27 back and mcdonalds describes the cheese sticks as being 100% real mozzarella. >>jay: he filed a lawsuit saying they contained more water and starch than federal law allows. >>holly: you tried them? >>jay: i tried them. it's not impressive but it's a buck. it was the taste that i wanted. mock-za rella. >> >>holly: continuing crisis in flint, michigan. >>jay: tempers flared after
6:44 am
for a congressional meeting. >> >>holly: the mother at the site of the conto never se says the epa tried to silence her, she says her son developed speech issues because of the contaminated water and something has to be done. >> broken procedures is smothering the cries of a community suffering financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. i urge you to help restore some of the trust lost and protect all the citizens in the united states by never allowing this to happens80rhfsgdy18! *xxfn?vzh(x(nov@4j= *4tkr1ot081duudu, 71bfze.\fvl k e-mails from the epa by tomorrow. the e-mails would show the level of involvement of epa officials in keeping the issue from going public. >>holly: a fire grew so large it could be seen from outer space. >>jay: the blaze started january 28th at the largest landfill in the city of mum buy. it burned for three days, these images from nasa show the smoke
6:45 am
an investigation is now underway to determine what sparked the flame. >>holly: we showed the video last week. it was crazy. >> your facebook feedback may show a birthday, the social giant is 12 years old. >>jay: mark zuckerberg wants people to get all the attention, that's why he wants to name february 4th friend's day. cost that's nice. a mother is creating works of art from her home. >>jay: the unusual ingredient she is using to make pearls. >>holly: first today's mind teaser. what chain first outlet was opened in san bernardino, california, in 1948. >>jay: we have the answer when
6:46 am
>> >>holly: 6:55 on thursday morning. headlines. jackson county detectives are investigating a suspicious death
6:47 am
death in cashers. >>jay: deputies got a 911 call from the home of timothy norris to find his body inside. no one has been arrested. the fbi is assisting the sheriff offense office with this case. >>holly: today a toddler from haywood county will be laid to rest. a funeral service will be held at noon at garrett funeralholm in waynesville for 17 month old die her prez nell. the family will receive friends starting at 10 o'clock and an autopsy revealed little die her died from a brain injury caused by blunt force sunday. the sheriff offense office is investigating. no charges have been filed. >>jay: asheville police are investigating two break-ins that happened a few days apart at the same property. they happened a at home under construction on hazel mill road in west asheville. equipment worth about $700 was stolen. it blons to branch creek construction company. the developer puts dozens of flyers in area mailboxes to let neighbors know exactly what happened. >>holly: an artist in texas who happens to be a mom has come up with a very personal keepsake.
6:48 am
making pearls out of the breast milk. she has preservatives an lets it sit in the refrigerator. >>holly: within the week it becomes a solid you can mold into any shape you want. from there you can add design, color, and even sparkles. i know you want to comment but you won't. >>jay: thank you. >>holly: it's probably for the best. >>jay: yes. >>holly: the answer to a today's mind teaser, what store was opened in san bernardino in 1948? >>jay: the answer is mcdonalds. >>holly: okay. >>jay: there we go. all right. got to show you guys something right here. you know, it was friend day from zuckerberg. so, my friend kenney the clown. >>ingrid: it matches my dress. i love it. >>jay: flowers for the moms to be. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: what do you get? >>jay: you get a little jerry garcia action here. i know you like music. so, there you go. >>ingrid: i love it. holly -- we should switch
6:49 am
have a boy. >>jaclyn: and i have a bearded man. >>jay: oh, well. it's the best i could do. >>ingrid: today, no issues with the rain. we are going to be drying out. 51 degrees for a high. 40s the next several days. in fact, clear conditions into the weekend. >>holly: the roads this morning? >>jaclyn: the roads are looking good as well. >>jay: all right. thanks very much for joining us. gma is next on news 13. for more local news and weather
6:50 am
>>holly: have great thursday. good morning, america. tornadoes tear through the south overnight. >> oh, my god. taking the roof off houses. >> are we going to die? >> sirens blare as twisters rip through homes and destroy cars. rain from nashville to atlanta. flash floods sweep up drivers, now the major storm heading
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