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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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terry every day. but this morning when she went to check on him, she found him slumped on his couch, his body cold and stiff. 66-year-old terry butler died at some point. but at this point, they don't know how he died. terry's son, who may be a missing piece in the story. she said she and joey went to get beer last night. he got belligerent. a little bit later she said she called 911 when joey didn't return home. he was taken to the hospital and released this morning. nobody has seen him since. this is joey butler. he's the son of the deceased. they don't know what part he may
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they're trying to find out if he may have been affected by something or if he knows anything that may have happened to his father terry. coming up, we'll hear more from deputies about what they think happened and the history of this me. >> tammy: new details in a suspicious death in jackson county. the case is now being investigated as a homicide. timothy norse was shot to death. they say his body was found by his wife yesterday morning. she told 911 that the back door was open when she came home from work and her husband's body was inside. >> darcel: an update on a child death investigation. investigators released the 911 call from the home where 17-month-old kyler presnell was staying. a 911 call indicated the toddler
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when first responders arrived, they were unable to revive kyler. blunt force trauma to the head as the cause of death. family and friends mourned kyler's death at his funeral this morning in waynesville. no charges have been filed. coming up at 6:00, what the 911 call shows about the efforts made inside the house to save the baby boy. >> tammy: a family home is broken in to in buncombe county and the timing couldn't be much worse. news 13's john le is live at the sheriff's office. >> john: he's been out of town a lot in recent months. he believes a family crisis made them a target. >> i just don't understand. >> john: what was stolen is far less significant than when it
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as tommy mac aby explains on blue bonnet breaking and entering breaks his heart. >> i felt like, i don't know, likeke'd been kicked right in my chest. >> john: because instead of crime incident reports, tommy and his wife had been worried sick about medical reports. their baby boy cason had heart surgery when he was just a few days old. in and out of the hospital for months now. they'd been in charlotte since tuesday for a gastrointestinal surgery. >> i feel like i'm going to have a heart attack. >> reporter: everything from guitars, pistol, shotgun, tv, and xbox were gone. >> it just makes the situation
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>> john: tommy said whoever did this even took his front porch light bulb. he can only laugh to keep from crying because timing is everything. >> this is too much to take at one time. >> john: one thing he definitely like back, a guitar that was given to him by his grandparents. john le, news 13. >> darcel: the number of college students who want to be teachers in this state has plummeted over the last five years. that's according to enrollment numbers released by teacher training programs within the unc system this week. >> ashlea: there are fears that over time this could mean fewer quality teachers for our kids or larger class sizes.
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bad news, actually. they're the students who are supposed to have students of their own pretty soon. but just five years ago, there would have been half a dozen more kids in a class like this one for soon to be teachers. >> if i tell someone, oh, i'm going to be a teacher. they're like, okay, well you're not going to be paid much. >> reporter: a climate that over works educators but some say doesn't respect them enough. state legislators added standards and pricey certification exams. >> we have definitely seen the impact. we have certainly seen
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concerned we weren't going to find an adequate candidate. we go to university job fairs. we change it up. maybe we can recruit some teachers from florida. >> reporter: there are some upsides to this down turn. >> those who are passionate and really want to teach remain in the program. >> the salary, the pay, it's not really a deterrent for me because it's a livable wage and again, i think that it mandates the people that are doing the job really want to do it for the right reasons. >> reporter: unca are going to be holding two. you can check their website for details. darcel, tammy.
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>> tammy: it was kind of chilly, jason. >> jason: the wind is just unrelenting right now. it will continue to be a big factor in the forecast. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network down in macon county. 44 degrees in franklin. mostly cloud free conditions at this time. clouds may be on the increase a little more this evening. especially in the high country. temperatures now mostly in the mountain valleys. look how mild it is in the upstate. it broke out in to sunshine. that got to you 60. there's that wind north at 20 in asheville. it will just continue to be a problem this evening. wind chill easily in the 20s. later on this evening we drop to freezing. in the upstate, you'll be milder with a little bit less wind but more clouds. 41 by 11. i'll show you chances of snow. yes, they are going up. find out where and when. stick around. >> darcel: let's take a look at the roads right now. >> tammy: jaclyn, you're seeing delays on i-40 through asheville.
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wreck is causing problems mainly between hendersonville and sweeten creek road. it lasts over to brevard road. avoid this stretch of i-40. traffic lights might be out becausesef a power outage from earlier. remember to use any of those intersections. wilson road and barclay road are still shut down because of high waters. avoid those areas if you can. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: recycling at buncombe county offices. a news 13 viewer wants to know if it's happening. if not, why? it's tonight's ask 13. >> darcel: getting a jump on super sunday.
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that is my line! >> tammy: buncombe county encourages all of its residents to recycle. >> darcel: but what's happening inside county offices? that's a question for ask 13. >> tammy: our frank fraboni is with us now. frank, the county has recycling, right? >> frank: yes, it does, tammy,
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waste pro picks up blue bags filled with recyclables around the county. it may be hard for some to see. an anonymous viewer says, why doesn't buncombe county require recycling of paper, cans, et cetera, in county offices? they continue, it seems like the county would set the example for citizens. we went to the buncombe county courthouse to look for trash cans marked recycling. inside we found all kinds of trash cans but we couldn't find any for recycling. the same was true for all the one trash can for the city out the courthouse near the city plaza. we did find a few in the administrative offices for county commissioners. so buncombe county public relations director cathy hughes
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offices but we don't have recycling in public areas. she had no explanation for why they don't but whether she asked county commission chairman david gantt, he said maybe it's something they shouldconsider. gantt says while he suspects it will have an additional cost, it's just something that's never come up before but would likely be an added cost for taxpayers. if you have a question you'd like answered, you can write us at ask13at >> darcel: a little nippy out there, jason. >> jason: now's the warmer time of the day, in fact. it's going to get colder tonight. 52 for the high today. we never got to that temperature in the afternoon.
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we're going below that easily by midnight. that will be the new low temperature. it stays windy.
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next wintry blast. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: well we have plenty of
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and now it's a waiting game. we're kind of seeing some models. there might be a little snow in the high country here this evening and overnight. you can see it in our leicester network. we're over the black mountains in yancey county. watch the cloud base kind of lower here in the last two frames indicating some of the moisture is trying to work down to the surface. there could be snow later this evening. don't be surprised in yancey and madison county. north wind at 20. 32 degrees for the wind chill. these wind chills will get much colder tonight. wind chills below 30 degrees. watch them keep dropping and dropping. already teens feels like temps. you're looking for temperatures that continue to fall off, too. these are the wind chills.
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digits and low teens in the high country. around 14 when you wake up in the morning in asheville. and not much improvement. 28 to 30 degrees for the wind chill. asheville, waynesville a much the same. not much happening here in terms of moisture. we don't have any rain chance or snow chance. right up to 60% here in asheville. that's where i think we're going to get snow. it could be accumulating snow. for the mountains, you get a 50/50 shot. very light accumulating snow fall. 80% chance come monday. so this snow is going to take aim on the high country has well. here's the set up. low pressure east. high pressure building in this weekend. this is going to provide a lot of sunshine. but it will be chilly as we get a little milder each day.
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reinforcing shot of cold air. the system coming right out of canada moving quickly out of the southeast. it will provide a lot of cold and that snow fall. i think it's over done. clearing skies in the morning. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the clouds start to roll in here saturday. mid to high level cloudiness. that's going to obscure the sunshine. 30s over the upstate and highs tomorrow, not very good. 38 in burnsville. hey, it's february. it's cold, right? 43 in bryson city. getting to 50s in some places over the upstate. our forecast is certainly cold. temperatures will be dropping next week with our snow chances going back up. it could be the coldest day of the season. >> darcel: still ahead, a special visit from the circus.
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chil >> tammy: why wait until super sunday? the panthers were ready to play today. >> darcel: the nature center set up a it's a tasty treat for the cougars which are also known as panthers. >> tammy: the director said he
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if the panthers win, the director has to win a cam jersey. but if the broncos win, he has to win a denver jersey. >> let's see what happens when we let these panthers out. hopefully they'll destroy the broncos. >> tammy: let's see what they did. they beat the broncos but it wasn't easy. the panthers spent much of the day chewing on that sculpture. >> darcel: and we have a crew in the san francisco bay area getting ready to bring you updates ahead of the game. >> tammy: luke notestine will have reports starting at 10:00 and 11:00. go cam. >> darcel: the circus is in town making a special stop this morning in greenville. >> tammy: gymnasts, dances, and
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for the kids at the children's hospital. >> darcel: one mother whose 1 and a half-year-old son had a procedure done yesterday in the hospital called this perfect. >> it makes them more joyful and happy. they still get to have fun. they still get to see a show. and not everything is gloomy. >> darcel: tonight on news 13 on my40 at 6:30, find out what big surprise performers had for little kids in the end. this is a cassette. a record. and this is what they read in first grade. thursday. next in never stop learning,
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>> darcel: 4th graders are studying north carolina's history by interviewing an adult about what life was like when they were growing up. >> tammy: as you'll see in my never stop learning. >> the family had a tv but it was black and white.
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no remote. for some of these students that was hard to believe. 4th graders in ms. horton's class are presenting a project. they talk with family and neighbors about how life was different in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. >> they didn't have certain technologies that we take for granted just call somebody now or you can just swipe your card. whereas then you would have to count things out and go and send letters that could take days at a time to get to somebody. >> he had the records and no computers. and the phones had to be attached to the wall. >> you put it in to an 8-track player. and it would just play
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and it's by dennis yoes and it's a very good classic. >> by doing that, you are researchers and you are writing about history. >> tammy: they truly enjoyed it. they say it helped them to appreciate the things they had today, especially technology, of course. >> darcel: especially technology. that computer is wonderful. >> tammy: and the classics on the cassette. the irs reports problems with its e-file system. >> tammy: how it's affecting your taxes. news 13 at 5:30 starts now. a former personal trainer uses her strength to change careers. the big decision she and 15 others are making to keep you safe. >> justin: redeveloping a
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