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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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butler butler was found dead in his home. >> reporter: oak wood road just off asheville highway. this is where terry butler lived. right next door to him is where his sister cathy lived. this morning when she came to check on him, she found him stumped over the couch. his body stiff and cold. she called 911. her second 911 in just 24 hours. they've been very careful about what they're doing not to disturb any evidence. they tell me they had to go to polk county to get a search warrant.
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what may lead to clues about what happened to terry butler. we saw them taking big bags out of the home. the call list to the butler house is very expensive. >> there is an extensive call history to this home. we have call history of domestics, fights, warrant service. domestic violence, you name it. we've had multiple calls at this residence over the years. >> reporter: here's a picture of 40-year-old joey butler. that was the second 911 call cathy made. she called 911 when he didn't come home. he was released from the hospital last night and hasn't been seen since. they are looking to see what he knows about his father terry. >> darcel: new information tonight on another death investigation. the shooting death of a man in jackson county has officially
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the body of timothy norse was discovered inside his home in cashiers yesterday morning. deputies say his wife found the body. >> larry: we have new information in the death of a haywood county toddler. 17-month-old kyler presnell died. we have a 911 call from that home. rex hodge joins us live in the western news center. you listened to call, rex, what did you hear? >> rex: the 911 call shows a desperate attempt to revive kyler presnell. according to an early medical report, he died of blunt force trauma. friends and family gathered to mourn the death of 17-month-old
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the colemans raised kyler's they asked the colemans to look after kyler. the 911 call came in from a woman in the home. >> i got a 17-month-old not breathing. >> how do you know he's not breathing? >> he's blue. >> rex: a 911 operator constructing her. as compressions continue, the 911 asks for details. first responders got to the home in just under 12 minutes but were unable to revive kyler. preliminary autopsy results indicate kyler died from blunt force trauma to his head. sheriff greg christopher said anyone who has been in contact with kyler is being interviewed. kyler's grandmother awaits answers. >> i want to say thank you to
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detectives here. >> rex: it could be several weeks before the final autopsy report is in. so far there are no charges in this case. reporting live tonight from western news center, rex hodge, news 13. >> larry: an arden man is facing multiple charges for possessing child pornography. james stafford was arrested after police found graphic pictures of young boys. the investigation began last year at his home on holly acres lane. >> darcel: a home was broken in to while the family was tending to a child in the hospital. he'd just returned from a charlotte's hospital where his baby son had a gastrointestinal procedure. everything from guitars to guns were stolen. tommy says it hurts considering what his family is going through.
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know. i just feel like -- it just makes the situation way worse. >> darcel: one of the items stolen was a guitar given to maccaby by his grandparents. if you have any information, contact the buncombe county sheriff's department. an update tonight, north buncombe county's principal is back on the job. school officials placed barry owens on administrative leave after an incident with crowd control at a basketball game january 18th. the school system says the investigation is over and they reinstated him. one, two, three. >> eight. >> larry: this morning, asheville police department cadets
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officers and it is working. the 15 men and one woman are about to start two months of training. >> we can look at them, we can ask them, we can talk to them. they're going to be basically stone cold statues. because we will, at the end of the field training, be expected to do it on our own so that we are ready when we are by ourselves. >> larry: asheville police has overhauled its recruiting website that now lays out starting salaries at $34,000. the department has 28 vacancies. including openings for detectives and patrol officers. >> it feels like it blew up too fast, too quick. >> larry: asheville businesses and neighborhoods are feeling the effects of fast growth. up next, we answer the question, did a $20,000 study really help our affordable housing crisis at all? >> jason: we are dealing with the chill and wind combined. our wind chills will get down to
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right now, temperatures are in the 30s. some exceptions south. temperature wise, freezing by 11. wind chills will be in the low to mid 20s for your evening planner.
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>> larry: there's a major complaint about living in asheville. for some, it has reached a crisis stage. >> darcel: asheville has seen a surge in revitalizing neighborhoods. a year and a half ago the city used a $20,000 grant for a study to find ways out of this crisis. >> larry: but what's been done with the information? in tonight's reality check, news 13's hope hanselman looks at what happened and what hasn't. >> hope: it took decades for west asheville to arrive here.
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commerce buzzing. barber shop doesn't take it for granted because he remembers a time when it felt like a different place. >> oh yeah. >> hope: tom and his sister lori have paid a price to work in this revitalized part of town where the cost of rent keeps rising. >> if it keeps going like that, the bubble will burst. >> hope: they snatched up this historic barber shop when it came open. >> probably one of the luckiest things that's ever happened to me. >> hope: because just over a year ago, they were forced out of their shop when the landlord put it up for sale at an asking
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>> unfortunately there's not a whole lot of us left because of that reason. and that's too bad. that's a shame. >> hope: according to a local realty company, west asheville property values are higher than the city and county as a whole. $187 a square foot. >> if i buy my own home, i'm going to have to have roommates to help me pay my mortgage. or buy a house 20 minutes out of the city. >> hope: the likelihood of prospective home owners. >> you should be able to find a job making enough to live in the city you live in. i have a job from out of town working from home just because it pays me what i can afford to live on. >> hope: the overwhelming majority of tenants in asheville's most popular neighborhoods can't afford rent
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comes from an hourly paid job from the service industry. the average price of rent in asheville is more than $1,000 a month. >> we've been concerned about these issues for years. >> hope: to a year and a half ago the city commissioned a study to find ways to stop gentrification. >> property values definitely going up. >> hope: experts recommended implementing housing ordinances like require landlords to help tenants find new affordable housing. new condos and tax incentives for developersment . but nothing has been done. instead the city applied for another grant. they were able to expand on the first study. but still, the city has not
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ordinances because of it. for now, they're looking for the community to make the difference. >> and it's really a community issue and the cities. it requires working with our community partners. they're also part of that solution. >> hope: so we asked, if city employees were in the shoes of those struggling families wanting to buy a home and plan for the future, how would you feel about your prospect? >> i mean, i think in general the city has been working really hard to make sure that our quality of life continues for our residents. i don't, you know, keep the cost of living low. we know that's an issue for folks. >> larry: the . >> hope: the city is searching for solutions for these hard working folks. >> probably 60 years ago here. >> hope: and now are fighting
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on the neighborhood's history. >> i love to see businesses thrive. but i late it if the little ones can't make it. >> hope: in asheville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> darcel: last month the asheville city council voted to approve the hair to a parcel of land. >> larry: it will be used to build a dozen affordable units for families. let's check in with weather. >> darcel: jason, some sunshine. >> jason: we'll have some sunshine. but it's going to be colder. 38 degrees for the low. that's our current temperature. so we're going lower than that tonight easily. we are going to stay windy.
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i'll time
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weather. >> jason: well obviously the wind is a pretty big deal. and because of that, wind advisories have been issued by the national weather service. they kick in tonight and go until tomorrow morning with wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. mcdowell county, yancey and avery cloudy. that goes all the way up to boone. winds sustained in asheville at 22 miles per hour. that drops the wind chill down to 27. already 20s for wind chills. 7 o'clock, 20s for wind chills then. watch them just continue to fall off then. down to 24 the feels like temperature. teens already in the high country. teens showing up in our southern mountains. there it is, just before day break. 14 for a feels like temperature. maybe some single digits in higher elevations. these will improve a little bit.
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the reason for the wind, we have an area of low pressure that's strengthening off the coast. high pressure will build in and really relax these winds in a lot of cases tomorrow night in to saturday. but we'll still have some wind this weekend. it just won't be as strong as it has been recently. north ward. this is a system that will swing down and bring a big cold shot right out of canada. it will involve snow for us, too. looking good for accumulation in the mountains come monday and tuesday. future cast. notice this, too, a little bit of snow in the high country. i don't think the accumulations will be much more than half inch. we clear out in to the afternoon tomorrow. lots of sunshine, at least initially on saturday. watch as we get in to saturday afternoon, clouds will be back on the increase. mid and high level cloudiness
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it's going to be mostly sunny, then. let's go out to the california coast. we're talking super bowl 50. kick off 72 degrees in santa clara, california. not bad. throw 60s by the 4th quarter. and the game at eastern time 6:30. wouldn't it be nice to be out there? 20s for low temperatures. mostly mid to low 30s. temps tomorrow, upper 30s in the northern mountains to low 40s in the valleys most of us here in western north carolina. 40s and 50s mixed in over the upstate. at least you'll be milder. noticeably cooler overall in the upstate. 45 saturday. 50 sunday. and then here we go again, down hill. 60% chance of that wintery mix on monday. rain to snow in asheville. snow, all snow in the mountains. colder still tuesday.
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then we start to warm up. boy, it's going to take some time. wind involved in all that, too. slim chances in the upstate. you'll go down, too, in 40s >> larry: are you ready for the polar plunge? >> jason: that's right. 11:30 we're plunging in lake junaleska. i thought about taking a really cold shower. >> darcel: really? i think you'll be cold enough. >> larry: coaching is not always about the a number in another category, which is really mind boggling. >> that's kind of the number one feedback is why would we want to legalize another drug? >> darcel: tonight at 11, the new push to bring medical marijuana to the mountains.
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>> stan: we're getting closer and closer to super bowl 50, broncos and panthers sunday. questions, questions, questions, so many questions. so many cameras.
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getting tired of it. but one guy asked a question, snoop dogg. >> talk to me. >> first i want to say jam, jam, jam for me. there you go. first question is -- >> stan: okay. luke notestine in california for the super bowl. he'll be finding other stories with more of a mountain connection. starting tonight at 11. join us for those. signing day 2016 officially marked an end of an era. danny harris' danny wilkins, this week's game
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when asheville high's pete liota . >> i think 67 kids that have gone to college so far in this program to play. we have a lot of kids who graduated from here who didn't have the skill, talent to play went on to earn degrees. >> stan: watching the players grow up that gives him the most satisfaction. >> coaches probably have more influence over one year than most people do in a lifetime. it's an opportunity to model, to mentor, to teach, to coach, to encourage. and sometimes use tough love. whatever it takes to help develop kids. >> i think they really achieved that. i'm just real blessed to say that coach wilkins was my coach. i love him to death. >> stan: danny wilkins will be
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coach's ministry, staying involved. he's won a state title, 12 conference championships, 162 wins. but his biggest achievement. >> we've got a lot of kids who have come out of this program that i think are better people for having been here. >> stan: and that's the legacy. an update on tony stewart's condition. he's able to move all his extremities. he was admitted to a charlotte area hospital. had surgery wednesday. he's going to miss the start of the sprint cup season. his last one. don't know when he'll be back. stewart says he hopes to make a full recovery. >> darcel: we're still laughing about cam and snoop. >> jason: here we go. temperatures going down in to the 40s tomorrow. wind chills in the 30s. it will be cold. warm up a little this weekend. >> larry: turn on over for news 13 on my40.
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"captioning provided by tonight, just two days until the big republican debate here, the new poll at this hour in new hampshire. is there a shakeup coming? donald trump, ted cruz and, tonight, we're one-on-one with marco rubio, now the target of incoming fire. also breaking, the zika virus. the health emergency in the u.s. now widening. the spraying here at home.
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