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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i was just with daddy yesterday. >> evan: less than 24 hours after getting out of jail herself on unrelated drug charges, tanya butler has her freedom but not her family. >> no, he didn't do it on purpose. he had to -- he wasn't in his right state of mind. and i know that he regrets it. >> evan: her brother joey locked up, charged with second degree murder of their father terry. >> i know he hit my dad with the baseball bat several times and that's how he died. >> evan: 205 calls for service in the last five years. terry's sister and neighbor cathy lives next door. she called 911 wednesday evening when she says joey was drunk and belligerent while walking to the store. and he wouldn't get off the train tracks. >> he said there was a drunk guy on the railroad tracks and she can't get him to move.
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>> evan: deputies say they picked up joey. she's in her own kind of prison. >> i don't see anything else but to straighten my life out and get my kids back like my dad wanted. and just go from there. i know that god's on my side and keep faith in god that everything will be all right. >> evan: probable cause hearing coming up on february 23rdrd. the family is still looking for donations. reporting live in henderson county, i'm evan donovan for news 13. >> larry: a woman was shot
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now four people are charged for that crime. these four are charged with firing multiple rounds in a home. she was taken to the hospital and released. the violence was triggered after one of the suspects claims that she was robbed by someone who lives in that home. a former episcopal priest faces sexual misconduct charges. today the diocese of western north carolina released a statement saying a woman claims she was sexually abused when she was a minor by white. these claims come to light after two dozen former students at a private school in rhode island came forward saying they were molested or raped by white years ago. >> darcel: hendersonville city
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weapons inside city buildings. news 13's justin hinton joins us live from city hall. justin, not every city employee will be able to bring weapons in to city buildings. >> justin: yeah, that's right. i spoke with the city manager and he says that he and the police chief will determine which of the employees will be able to do so. and bringing those hand guns inside city buildings like this one here. they still need to put up signs on doors in city buildings. but the ordinance has gone in to effect. the city manager says not everyone will want to get approved for the program. and it's not likely that everyone who applied will get approved. it's really for employees who find themselves in dangerous situations. lessons on gun safety and what to do in critical situations to make sure they don't put themselves or others in harms way. >> it's to protect the public, to protect our employees.
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protection. >> justin: he estimates that program will be created 45 to 60 days. we're talking with some of the residents out here to see how they feel. >> larry: in just days, all 50 rutherford county sheriff's deputies cars will have the phrase "in god we trust.". a local church donated the $8 per decal. >> it is sad that this is big news. our nation's motto or almost 60 years. 65 years. >> larry: he wants his citizens to know his department has faith in god to protect them. >> darcel: a local college
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finally has his day in court. as we reported last fall, samuel gardner is fighting for benefits to help pay for education. his application was denied twice. a process that has taken more than two years. today in an appeal, he pled his case in asheville federal court. >> it's called an opinion of whether i've been approved or not. my lawyer's optimistic. >> darcel: sam did get some support from the community to get him through the fall semester. but he had to take this semester off. he works part time but it's not enough to supplement his financial aid. if his disability is approved, sam plans to return to western in the fall. >> larry: the winds were really strong today. made for a chilly afternoon. >> darcel: very chilly. let's go over to chief meteorologist jason boyer to see
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tonight. >> jason: it is going to get cold. temperatures in the 20s, you're going to notice that, too. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. a beautiful sunset down over rosmond in transylvania county. beautiful stuff. many gorgeous sunsets happening now. 31 in newland. getting closer in asheville. 36. we're down to the upper 40s in clemson. that's the warmest place right now. the wind has relaxed a lot more. down to 5 to 10 in terms of sustained winds. nonetheless, with temperatures in the 20s, we're going to feel like mid to upper 20s. 40 to 30s by 9 o'clock in the upstate. sweater weather definitely in the forecast for you. how about this?
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we had to ratchet it up a few. >> larry: after a recent water sanitation problems in flint, michigan, governor pat mccrory has taken action in north carolina. bakersville and mitchell county will get nearly $2 million. the mayor of bakersville says the money will help fully replace its outdated system which has undergone 72 repairs in the last year alone. >> darcel: it was a moment to remember on one local school's basketball court. why it left one young man's parents in tears and had the entire gym on its feet. >> larry: and a living legend on
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his unique way of >> darcel: a moment of magic during a high school basketball game in the mountains this week. shooting that three-pointer for pisgah high was matthew poole. the senior has managed the varsity basketball team for four years. he's done it despite the fact that he has cerebral palsy. poole started in the senior night game on tuesday and sunk that three-point shot about ten seconds in to the game. >> it was so loud. she was emotional. i was emotional. >> i was crying. >> everyone was crying. but it was absolutely wonderful for him. you know. everybody. >> darcel: matthew said scoring the three-pointer wasn't his favorite part of the night. he says the best part was having his team mate and coach hug him right after he made it.
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has become somewhat of a local legend around waynesville. to many people he's been a welcome site for more than a decade. what he does may not seem important, odd even. but when you get to know donny, it makes perfect sense. on the way to waynesville, just a hop, skip and a jump downtown, there's a community called frog level. but these days it's what happens above the creek. what happens on this bridge has become a kind of attraction. a point of satisfaction for most who drive by. because standing
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unofficial frog level greeter. victory in jesus, my savior forever >> i listen to god and when god says go, i go. >> he's here to greet anyone who drives by. now what he's saying can be hard to understand. language. but translated. >> have a wonderful day. >> so he stands here to make a point. >> i love you. you know, as like an individual or something. i love you. everybody else has the same feelings i do. they love me just as much as i love them. >> if only that were true. >> frankly, everybody does not treat donny equally as well. >> he's been called names and
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>> but donny's okay. >> he doesn't let it change him. those down the street at the soup kitchen knows that better than anyone. he walks there daily but it's not easy. a motorcycle accident years ago left him crippled and close to death. his survival is what's led to his revival. >> i'll give you a little bacon on that. >> that's a reward for all your good deeds. >> donny is here every single day and he sits in the same place every single day. he's our smile. he's our hug. >> there's no one that comes that does not know donny. >> when you get to know him, he's a very deep, caring person. >> larry: caring enough to come back to the place he's meant to be. a joyful job that has taught him from frog level lessons about people.
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in part, it goes like this. >> everyone is beautiful if you'd stop and look and see. some of them are dreamers like you and you and me. some of them like to fantasize how they'd like to appear. others can't see their beauty because it's hidden by their fear. >> larry: and maybe, that's why some who ride by write off this friendly frog level man. but after all these years, the message is the same. >> he's just sharing joy on that bridge. every single day. >> larry: welcome to frog level. >> love you, bro. have a wonderful day. >> larry: if you'd like to learn more about the open door soup kitchen in waynesville and how you can help them, go to click news links and we will connect you. they do great work. >> and donny is a special person. >> larry: he truly is. >> darcel: heading in to the
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the weather. >> jason: chance of snow returning to the mountains. 41 degrees for the high today. way below the 49 we typically would have. no rain or snow today. we have a surplus of over an inch and a third. snow is back in the forecast. before we get there, we do have
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all that to talk about next. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: beautiful to look at, not so much beautiful when you step outside to enjoy this kind of weather. it doesn't happen. 32 degrees for the air temperature here. we're over the seven mile ridge in yancey county. that is a gorgeous sunset on our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. it's happening now, folks. temperatures now 36 at un ca and downtown. it is a chilly one.
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that wind in to the equation. no chance for anything happening. look what happens. rain snow mix monday. likely going to be snow tuesday. will it be a lot? no. that's a guarantee. will it be enough to cause some minor inconveniences? yes. there could be several inches on the ground come tuesday night in to wednesday morning. be aware of that. high pressure for now is the dominant weather feature. it will keep us quiet in to the weekend. this is our arctic front right now coming through the ohio valley in to the tennessee valley by monday afternoon. this is going to be knocking on the door step. behind it, a lot colder and windier. you're going to notice a big change. snow, too, in the high country. we're going to get some snow in
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your future cast overnight clouds kind of working through the area. a few high clouds work back in to the forecast for sunday morning. sunday is mostly sunny. we'll watch the moisture come from the system moving from alberta. a whole different story if you're going to be out west. santa clara is where you'll want to be. certainly a big game happening. it is the super bowl. panthers versus broncos. 72 degrees at kick off. 66 at half time. all 60s through the game. clear skies. beautiful. lows in the 20s tonight. highs tomorrow should get back in to the 40s. a little warmer for most locations compared to today. 50s down in the upstate. want to mention the polar plunge.
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maybe you could too. it's at lake junaleska. you can come online and get some donations going. we're raising money for haywood waterways. by plunge time, 36 degrees. it's going to be cold. temperatures in the 50s sunday. cool down big time next week. tuesday and wednesday, highs in the low 30s. still a chance for some light snow in to wednesday. we'll watch you closely. >> darcel: a local brewery is dealing with a super bowl dilemma. tonight at 11, how one of their locations is rooting for the
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much. >> stan: practices are over for super bowl 50. panthers and broncos wrapped up their work today. now it's getting the details down and counting down the hours. one guy who really can't wait for super bowl 50, thomas davis who has over come a broken arm and will play on sunday. >> luke: hey stan, thomas davis has overcome three major knee injuries on his acl to really
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linebackers in the league. panthers certainly hope he'll be able to go on super bowl sunday. just his presence on the field can help the players play up to their potential. >> i'm not surprised. i think it's surprising to a lot of people because it's rare. you don't hear it happening a lot. i think we have some really good doctors on our team. and our team trainer, they did a really awesome job making sure i was able to get back to this point. if it becomes a point to where it's not going the way i want it to go and the arm is bothering me entirely too much and i'm in a position where i might hurt the team, i'll pull myself out the field in a minute. >> luke: of course thomas davis will do anything in his power to be on the field on super bowl sunday. we had to do something nice for one of our co-workers. jason boyers asked us to get a denver broncos shirt for his son hudson.
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and for sandy. i hope you guys appreciate that. while we're here, we have to do something fun and nice for one of our co-workers. that's it for now. i'm luke notestine for news 13. >> stan: a little lesson for hudson, don't play in the traffic. rico dowdle joined the nation's elite prep players. he broke the wnc record for touchdowns. i think he's going to have a great collegiate career. in 3a enka takes if the jets win, it will be their first state championship. mitchell hosting the third
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they beat rosemund and elkin. baseball, former smoky mountain has been voted free season freshman of the year. all-american in high school. congrats to him. the shot before the tourney. the robot. >> larry: no. no. >> darcel: yes. >> he got more high fives.
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lessons from him. tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire. the new polls on the eve of abc's big republican debate tomorrow night. is there a shift in the race? the deadly winter storm this friday. drivers losing control on ice. hundreds of crashes. a foot of snow in some places. and tonight, the new storm we're tracking for the weekend. the major new concern. the zika virus now turning deadly. and the new warning tonight about the disease and sexual contact.
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