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tv   News 13 Saturday at 6am  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tips for the special night. >>evan: here is a hint, put the phone away. >>zack: there it is, you probably just want to celebrate. >>evan: who can think about valentine's day when we have the superbowl tomorrow? >>zack: it will be tomorrow. i know i'm a patriots fan, we talked about that a lot. but, folks, you are hearing it first here, i'm pulling for the panthers. >>evan: good. >>zack: i love peyton manning, it's potentially his last game, you guys are on a streak. >>evan: let's hope so. how is it outside? >>zack: it's chilly. bring the heavy jacket outside. a live look in downtown asheville i. is clear, so the sunshine will return through the morning hours. we are looking at a little more cloud cover than yesterday. partly cloudy conditions later this afternoon. and it may feel slightly warmer as the breeze is going to be less today. but, we have some rain and some snow in our forecast. it's all going to be coming up and we will show you the complete seven-day forecast in the skywatch weather.
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search for survivors after two small planes collided near los angeles. that search so far has turned up nothing. the crash happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. two men, ages 61 and 81, were aboard one plane. a 72 year-old woman was on board the other. we will bring you any updates on this story as they are released this morning. as we mentioned, we are one day away now from superbowl 50. the excitement's been building for weeks as the panthers and broncos get ready to face off on superbowl sunday. luke notestine met up with a asheville native who made san francisco her home. >>luke: good morning, one of the locals we caught up with is liza who went to unc for undergrad and duke for her masters. she is now working for levi strauss, here in san francisco, hoping to make the company better from an environmental standpoint.
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at a.c. reynolds and it helps her in every day life. she is doing a great job and loving every minute of it. >> i own our sustainable fiber strategy, so day-to-day what i work on is strategy level and looking at our energy efficiency, our alternative energy procurementslike being as. >>luke: being a lifelong fan of the panthers, she is happy they are playing in the new town she calls home. >> it's cool. i was hoping it would be a patriot, like a rematch, but i'm also happy the patriots didn't make it so far. >>luke: liza is one of several people from the mountains we talked to during our time in san francisco. we will introduce you to a couple more later today as we continue to get ready for the superbowl. reporting from san francisco, i'm luke notestine.
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in colorado before opening right here in brevard. mostly locals work at the brevard brewery so we couldn't find a broncos fan. but, the two oscar blues breweries are having fun before the big game. >> definitely been trash talking and a lot of e-mails flying back and forth. >>evan: whichever team wins it is likely oscar blues will come out on top. the superbowl is one of the biggest days of the year for beer sales. this morning a mcdowell county man is in intensive care after he was badly beaten. a deputy found christopher lowering early friday morning slumped over the steering wheel of a truck on randolph road. he was taken to mission hospital for surgery. deputies have not made any arrests. if you have information about what may have happened to lawing contact the mcdowell county sheriff offense office. two men and women face charges for shooting guns into a marion home, injuring the woman inside. police say the four suspects fired multiple rounds into the home. one of those bullets hit the leg of the woman who lived there.
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from the hospital. police say one of the suspects claimed she was robbed by someone who lived there, and the shots were fired in retaliation. new this morning, a panel of federal judges rules two north carolina voting districts are unconstitutional. the judges said race was the predominant factor in drawing the first and 12th district lines. the first district is made up of mostly northern county, from buttner to elizabeth city. the 12th district follows 85 south to greensboro to charlotte. the panel says it violates the equal protection provision and must be redrawn. we will keep you updated on the impact this ruling could have on north carolina's primaries march 15th. the new hampshire primary is three days away, and tonight, the republicans will take -- will debate right here on abc. kenneth moton is in new hampshire to show us that it's a
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contenders in the 2016 race. >>reporter:race. i'm sorry, folks, it looks like we are having trouble with that story right now. we will try to bring you that one later. remember, that gop debate is happening later on tonight, right here on abc. happening tomorrow, the asheville mardi gras parade is taking over downtown asheville. right now, work is undndway to get the floats ready. news 13's hope hanselman is at a top-secret location in asheville, where the float is being built. hope, what is all the secrecy about? >>hope: well, evan, we're not sharing the location of where this float is being built. but, it's going to make its debut tomorrow afternoon in downtown asheville for the parade. right now, we are standing with the queen, where she will be in the parade. this is she, right here, in the flesh. this is carol whiten, this year's mardi gras queen. this float is so impressive. what has it taken to put it together? >> there is a huge team of dedicated volunteers that have
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it's a transformation from last year's design to what you see today. but, really, a core group of about 10 folks that keep coming back each weekend and working hard to put all these components together. >>hope: and if this looks familiar to you, it should. because, tell me what you guys are modeling this after? >> well, the inspiration was notre dame and we have flying buttresses and stained glass windows and glitter and necessary tooning and ( ) more decorations will come together and finish it off today. >>hope: you have put so much effort into this. it's paying off. we have a gar goil on the front, too, almost finished. >> that's right. we will have large flurry delees ( ) that will be in the gar goil jutting out the front of the cathedral. >>hope: talk to me about the parade tomorrow. what will that look like? why are you encouraging people to come out and see it?
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entries lined up so far. we are going to have fantastic costumes. we always do. great krewes participating for years, and the weather is supposed to be fine. we are hoping for a great turnout, if we have something close to 5,000 people involved then we can expand our parade route next year. >>hope: awesome. we want the see you guys make that happen. we have more to talk to you about, more to show you on this float, too, this evening no. there is more work that is underway. you can always head to our web site and click on "news links" and learn more about the asheville mardi gras and their parade. we are reporting live in asheville, news 13, hope
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>> feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. >>evan: welcome back, folks, 6:11. holly burlyson used our on-line "see it, shoot it, send it," to send this shot. yes, i love it. her little panthers fan. look at that. so accordable. i want a t-shirt like that. you can send your pictures and video, too. log on to and e-mail them at the new hampshire primary is three days away.
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debate right here on abc. all the presidential candidates will be there. and kenneth moton is in new hampshire to show us it's been a a busy weekend for all of them. >>reporter: it's the final push for support in new hampshire. >> i don't want anything. just want your vote. >>reporter: but donald trump was in south carolina, kept out of the granite state due to bad weather. still bitter about his loss to ted cruz in iowa. >> i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first, okay. i will be honest. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >>reporter: the winter storm didn't keep the other candidates off new hampshire trail. >> it's a nice day for campaigning. >>reporter: supporters were on the ground walking door-to-door. >> vote for jeb. >>reporter: even first lady barbara brush braved the treacherous conditions for her son before the debate tonight hosted on abc news. overnight, bernie sanders got a rock star reception at this democratic fund-raiser in manchester. hillary clinton was also there,
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which showed the neighboring vermont senator with a whopping lead for tuesday's first in the nation primary. >> new hampshire has never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. >>reporter: clinton, who was working to woo sanders' young supporters has three events here today. while the top gop contenders are prepping for tonight's abc news debate, right her at st. anselm college. kenneth moton, abc new, manchester, new hampshire. >>darcel: beating breast cancer. the one easy thing girls can do to cut their risk later in life. what it is and when they should start in this weekend's "health wrap." >>evan: it's been warm and cold and warm, now it's cold again. who can keep up? luckily that's zack's job. get his forecast sent right to your mobile phone every day, even if you can't tune in to
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painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist >>evan: the cdc released new
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virus, urging pregnant women who traveled to an area where there is an outbreak to get tested for the virus once they get back. news 13 darcell grimes has the latest on the spread of zika and the hot new take on cold ceil y'all in this weekend's "health wrap" ( ). >>darcel: the disturbing dedelopments in the battle against the zika virus. health officials confirm a case of the virus is being transmitted in the u.s. from person-to-person, by sexual contact. it happened in texas. and medical experts say there is another danger to the virus, not only could it lead to birth defects in unborn baby, it could cause paralysis in adults. abc's dr. richard bessler saw what it did to a woman in brazil. >> she says she contracted the disease 7 months ago and at one point could only move her eyes. >> the fact that seven months out she is still having such difficulty walking does make it a pretty severe outcome. >>darcel: the red cross is now
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infected countries to wait 28 days before donating blood. here is another reason to eat an apple a day. it could help in the battle against cancer. researchers studied 45,000 women. they found those who added more fiber to their diet as a teen significantly cut their risk of breast cancer as an adult. weekend warrior, here is something that can help you. if you suffer an injury over the weekend, you now have a new place to head for help. news 13's jay siltzer shows us the options that could be easier on your wallet. >> when something like this happens and you lose mobility it's a big deal. >>jay: a misstep outdoors brought steven shell to the weekend warriors clinic on monday morning at mission my care plus off long sholes road. >> you don't have to go the e. r. immediately, which can be costly, depending upon the situation. you know, your insurance situation. but, there is an option right here where we live and work in south asheville to be able to come down here.
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weekend, you know, we are seeing, you know, both soccer athletes, football athletes, basketball, all the kind of typical sports that you think about. but then you have your, you know, hikers and climbers that are both out of town but also in town folks. >> i hurt my foot playing flag football and you know was able to get in here right away. when you do have an injury like that it's devastating so you want to be able to, you know, get with a group of people who can, you know, take a look at what your injury is. >> we have x-rays on site. we have an ultrasound machine as well that's used for diagnostic and therapeutic. >>jay: steven quickly learned he had a ruptured akyle please heel, saw a surgeon the same day and underwent surgery the next. all this from a walk-in clinic that helped him get back on his feet. 13. >>darcel: finally, day or night, cold cereal continues to be a hot trend. and now it's part of a new fad with a sometimes zesty twist.
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kim green are throwing cereal parties. instead of giving kids pizza chips and soda for snacks, on sleep over, they set up cereal bars, including fresh fruits and whole grain, mixed with low fat milk and yogurt. >> it's very important to me, what my kids put into their body. so, having them be part and having choices, healthy choices, is very very important. it's taking that breakfast cereal that traditional breakfast male and making it fun. and making it the way you want to eat it. >>darcel: and some are spicing up that cereal mix for adults with things like mustard, garlic, and even chile powder. that's this weekend's "health wrap." >>evan: the us department of labor says the unemployment rate is 4.9%. the lowest it has been in 8 years. experts tell diane gallagher it is a solid report but there are warning signs for the american economy.
6:17 am
prices, are all down. >>reporter: for the first time in 8 years the u.s. unemployment rate is below 5%. january, 4.9% is the lowest since february of 2008. another good sign? wages are finally going up. the january jobs report shows a 2 1/2% wage increase over the past year. >> that does not mean we don't have more work to do. >>reporter: as experts and rivals report, hiring is slowing down. back in december, the economy gained more than 260,000 jobs. and economists projected almost another 200,000 would be created last month. but today's report shows the actual number came in below expectations. adding just over 150,000. falling oil prices are also continuing to hurt america's energy sector which lost 7,000 jobs in january. and those weren't the only pink slips being handed out. more than 75,000 jobs were cut last month, which is far more than usual, even for a time when layoffs typically increase due
6:18 am
acknowledged remains an issue for working americans. >> there is still anxiety, and concern about the general direction of the economy. >>reporter: in washington, i'm diane gallagher. >>evan: well, a simple street sign on the roadway seen every day, but now bececse of the superbowl it is going viral. coming up, how this sign and others have people making
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>> >>evan: the kids at a hickory elementary school showed their panthers pride this week as dave fa herty shows us, the entire student body did their version of cam newton's famous dad. >>reporter: we have all seen
6:20 am
pose when he scores a touchdown. now students and faculty at blackburn elementary are showing panthers pride, trying to pull off a massive dad to support the team. >> it's such a special day, it's a special day for our kids. panthers spirit is alive. it's well. we love it. we can't wait for sunday. >>reporter: assistant principal corey gave quick instructions, showing the students the proper technique. >> stand up. bring your knees to the arms. the other hand up. >> and then it was game on. more than 700 students and faculty dabbing at the same time. >> i have been a panthers fan ever since 2004 when i was born. and i'm excited. >>reporter: it's hard not to catch panthers fever with the game just 48 hours away. just about every where i went today, i saw folks wearing the panthers colors, right down to the tie i picked this morning. >> we can't say for sure if blackburn element elementary set an
6:21 am
appreciate the effort. they didn't stop at the dab, it sounded like game day today. >> [cheering] >> it's pretty cool we get a chance to, like, do this and be on the news because they finally made it to the superbowl and i think they got a good chance this year. >>evan: coming up, how street signs are now helping predict the big game. we will show you where you can find a pretty interesting sign
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>>evan: a highway sign here in the tar heel state has people doing a doubletake. as sean brown report, some panther fans are hoping it is a prediction of the superbowl outcome. >> >>reporter: on a well traveled road here in lincoln county, they are seeing signs. >> that's a prediction of the future right there, pi, we are about to win the superbowl. >> it reads denver 12-newton 25". >> i had to stop and get a picture and let my hands known,
6:24 am
hey, keep pounding. go panthers! >>reporter: charlotte dad jason smith saw it, too, but felt something felt a lit the odd so he kept driving. >> my route runs through denver. >>reporter: until he saw this, denver 7-newton 20. >> i put it on my facebook. i thought it was a quince dense and a quirky thing. >>reporter: in 24 hours the facebook post swelled from 50 shares to more than 30,000. today, orphans on north carolina highway 16 stopped to snap it, too, for smith, it's his own snapshot of fame. >> i didn't know, like, it would go this far. >>reporter: and while it's not quite what he nor his sons could have ever predicted. >> no, never. >>reporter: it's this prediction, he hope, will hold. >> exactly. exactly. >>hope: you guy, check this out. these are some of the most
6:25 am
and they are all focusing their efforts on the asheville mardi gras float.
6:26 am
the talent behind the >>evan: with superbowl 50 tomorrow, advertisers are ready to release their winning ads. let's take a look at jack and the box's big add for tomorrow's game. >> in the battle of the burger, one man made a declaration of delicious, jack. he set forth, armed with artillery, no one saw coming. boxes and boxes of mouth watering burgers.
6:27 am
taste to this great nation in the name of life, liberty, and the pursuit of flavor for all, so that everyone could taste history-making burgers. and america ate it up. true story. with fresher and tastier ingredients, we are making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good. >>evan: a declaration of delicious. i like that. superbowl big ads are such an event, it's not just about the game. we are one day away from the big game. looking forward to it. 6:30 a.m. now. we have reports this morning on some sinkholes causing problems around asheville and we have hope hanselman live this morning with folks getting floats ready for sunday's asheville mardi gras parade. we do want to let you know we are having a little trouble with the weather system. zack green is over in the
6:28 am
fixed and we will bring you your skywatch forecast as soon as we can. a. a former waynesville priest is chashed with sexual misconduct, howard white was there from 1984 to 2006. friday the diocese said a woman claimed white sexually abused her when she was a minor. this comes after more than two dozen students at a private school in rhode island came forward saying they were molested or raped by white 40 years ago. waynesville police are investigating. some home owners in south asheville are concerned about a few sinkholes that opened up in their neighborhood. people living near london road and iris street are worried about their safety and their homes. an asheville city engineer says there is likely an old storm water pipe in the ground running near the two houses. he says it's probably old, and now collapsing.
6:29 am
that, it's going to spread over towards this area. >>evan: the storm water pipe would be privately owned and the city then would have no way of fixing it. some of the neighbors tell us they have not seen anyone going into the houses in a few weeks. a western carolina student born with cerebal palsy pleads his case in federal court. as we reported last fall, samuel guardner is fighting for social security benefits to help pay for college. his application was denied twice in the last two years. friday, after a third appeal, he pleaded his case at a hearing in asheville federal court. >> in about a month i will get an opinion of whether i have been approved or not. my lawyer is relatively optimistic. he seems to think we are not going to have any trouble. >>evan: gardener did got some support to get through the fall semester but he had to take this semester off. he works part-time but it's not enough to supplement his financial aid.
6:30 am
the fall, if his disability coverage is approved. the motto "in god we trust" will soon appear on rutherford county sheriff patrol cars. about half already have the decals. sheriff chris francis says he regularly prays for his deputies and he wants citizens to know his department has faith in god to protect them, carrying out a dangerous job. >> it is sad that this is big news. our nation's motto for over 60 year, almost 65 years. >>evan: a local church donated money towards that project. the north carolina lawmakers want to defend the state's gay marriage exemption law themselves. the law allows magistrates with religious objections to opt out of issuing licenses. senate leader phil burger, tim moore, and others, want to be additional defendants in the case represented by private attorneys. they blame their request on the attorney general roy cooper
6:31 am
to that law will hurt the case. cooper's office says its lawyers always diligently represent the state. governor pat mccrory wants to avoid water sanitation problems like the ones recently seen in flint michigan. 50 communities across the state have been awarded money to improve their water and sewer systems. bakersville and mitchell county will get nearly $2 million. the mayor says the money will help to fully replace their outdated system which has undergone 72 repairs in the last year and a half alone. those were galvanized lines and they are beginning to deteriorate badly so we need to replace about 6800 feet of water line. >>evan: that project is expected to begin once schools are out for the summer. it should take about nine months to complete. also in the governor's list to receive project funding,
6:32 am
junaluska. well, we are just a few days away from fat tuesday. and happening tomorrow, downtown asheville will look a lot like the streets of new orleans for the asheville mardi gras parade. preps are being made in a warehouse in asheville. it's a bit of a secret location. but, news 13's hope hanselman managed to squirrel it out. hope, there are skilled builders there? >>hope: definitely, evan. i had to show you this electro triceratops. i'm getting the name right. it's so cool it's not. it's not going to be at the parade tomorrow but it shows how skilled these guys are who are putting all their effort into the float here now. this is a big reason why you see it as far as it has come. this is karina pad jet ( ), tell me about your experience with float building and how you took it from this concept into what it is now? >> well, we had to work with what we had left over from last year.
6:33 am
with what we had and i made a model, but it functioned bet inform three dimensions than two. rather than sketching we made a model. and everyone was able to come together and see the concept. and there you see what's going to be the final say on sunday. it will be fantastic i think. >>hope: yeah, so karina is a graduate of unca where you said you studied sculpture, right? >> yes, sculpture and, yes, sculpture and metal work. and since then i have been creating for the last 28 years. >>hope: awesome. we love to see you and see unc alumni putting it to work and especially in a way that makes asheville so much fun. you also are really talented at costume design, too. >> thank you. >>hope: she made the head dress on me and also the crown for the queen. so, tell me about why you're interested in that? why is it so fun for you? >> i just like to see the look on people's faces after i create a costume, see how happy they are, you know. very confident in what they are
6:34 am
i like seeing my artwork in life, live action. >>hope: yes. >> it's very we warding. >>hope: you can check out what she's been able to do. the costume, the float, all of that is going to be at the parade tomorrow. 3:05 i think is the time? >> 3:05. >>hope: click on "news links" to link to their web site and learn more about it there. we have a lot more to show you later in the show so stick with us, please. we are reporting live in asheville and we will be right
6:35 am
>> >>evan: once a again, we are having a few issues with the weather system. we are hoping to get it fix and bring your skywatch weather in a moment. there is a bipartisan effort in congress to reform america's criminal justice system. christine frazao shows how it's putting conservatives like the coat brothers on the same side as president obama. >>reporter: you could call it a washington anomaly, democrats and republicans working together. >> i have a level of gratitude towards the republicans that are behind me. >>reporter: the legislation
6:36 am
minimum prison terms for some nonviolent offenders. it prohibits solitary confinement for juveniles in most cases and also creates new minimum terms for domestic violence that results in murder and for those who support terror. i think sometimes we tend to treat the criminal justice system as an assembly line. >>reporter: he is with the council on human rights which backs the bill. >> the fact is that the majority of people in federal prison are there for low level, nonviolent offenses. >>reporter: she and others point to the high cost, courtesy of the u.s. taxpayer, and the negative impact incarceration has on young people. >> a lot of young people make mistakes with drugs and then by the time they are 25 or so, they grow up and they quit doing those things. but, i don't think they should have a permanent blemish on their ability to get a job or to vote. >>reporter: despite the widespread support and the president's promise to sign the edge legislation, some republicans say they will see to item never reaches his desk,
6:37 am
and possibly preventing the bill from ever reaching the floor. >> this legislation is based on a mit, the mit of mass incarceration of nonviolent low level drug offenders in federal prison. >> senator tom cotton endangers society, and is picking up support from some lawmakers. adopting a tough on crime stance, including presidential candidates ted cruz, who once favored it. >> election season does bring out some interesting ideas from folks. >>reporter: a cause that brought both side together, for now, stopped in its tracks. in washington, i'm christine frazao, reporting. >>evan: ride sharing service uber in the news again.
6:38 am
upper driver a big reward >>evan: driving for a living can be a tough job, whether it's for a cab company or a ride sharing service. but, once in a while, it presents the opportunity to rub elbows with the rich and famous. as camille went worth report, for an uber driver in new orleans recently, the last fare of the day turned out to be the best. >>reporter: it was a normal day fordale latino, driving uber, part-time. until he pick ud up a call, of four men, when another uber
6:39 am
>> as they got in, they said the last driver passed them up, you know, they didn't know why. they figured it is because of their, you know, that i were black. so, you know, told them, y'all look fine to me, get in. >> but this trip was anything but normal. turns out . . . >> these four men are members of the popular rap group naughty by nature. give it up for o.pp, yeah, you know me >>reporter: the group was in town, a stop on their tour. latino said they were upset the other uber driver didn't pick dhem up. but, happy thatdale did. i was already planning on going to the show, and when i went to the show, i'm there with everyone else. and they just singled me out and pulled me out of the crowd and thanked me in front of hundreds of people. >>reporter: i called naughty by nature for comment. >> he just became one of the
6:40 am
the tour bus and immediately sent me this cell phone video. >> we pulled him up on stage and gave him hoodie, thanks for being there, he said he almost shed a tear, yo. and he enjoyed himself. that's why i did it. let's have some fun. so, yo, big shout out to our homie, man. >>reporter: dale says it was the night of his life with one of his favorite bands, an unexpected experience just for doing the right thing. >> i think i helped them change their day yesterday, because they were kind of a little bit disappointed in new orleans, you know, when they -- they the guy passed them up and i flipped it on them. >>evan: i like that story. latino sayay he looks up to the band and that they are inspiring him to pursue his love of music. move over elsa, a montana
6:41 am
snow manman and i will show you the incredible job he did after the break. >> dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>evan: when a montana dad heard, do you want to build a snowman, daddy? he answered yes. it took tate doesn't l a week to build this snowman, it's olaf from the movie "frozen," he says the snowman is for his daughter which has a condition that affects her muscles. she can't walk and has trouble standing but he said when he sat his daughter down to have a picture, she actually stood up not bad. a special moment during a high mountains.
6:43 am
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. >>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, superbowl week is almost over. everyone is really getting tired of all the interviews and the prognostications ( ). let's play already. the attention can be overwhelming but luke notestine in california covering the panthers says carolina embraces it alllike hey, stan, one of the best things about this 2015/2016
6:46 am
excellent and outstanding at blocking out outside distractions. that includes media attention, especially all the buzz around this team as they prepared for the superbowl over the past two weeks. it's been one of the more refreshing parts of the panthers team that fans loved it. they love seeing them smile and they love seeing cam newton's dab and we will see if they do it sunday. >> it's a great thing. everyone gets to have a time to sit here and kind of listen to the players and then kind of see, you know, who they are and what they are about and all of those thing, you know. so, it's just -- this week has been great for me. >> it's everything that we have always been, you know. we're relaxed. we are having a good time. but, we focus in when it's time to focus in. when we are meeting it, we are meeting. on the practice field, we are focused on the practice. when that's done we come back and smile up and have a good time. like if the panthers stay consistent as they have all season long they will keep smiling and keep having fun even on the biggest days on superbowl sunday coming up soon.
6:47 am
versus peyton manning and the denver broncos on superbowl sunday at 6:30 eastern time, weekend wait to watch. reporting from san francisco, i'm luke notestine, news 13 sports. >>stan: today, first place unc asheville women at home against coastal carolina. that's a game you can see on w. mia my 40 at 2 o'clock from kimball arena. asheville tied with liberty for first in the big south for 10-2 records. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis, see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. >>evan: there was a magic moment during a high school basketball game in the mountains this week. that right there is matthewpool, he shot a 3 pointer for the pisgah high bears on senior night on tuesday. matthew has been the varsity years. despite having cerebal palty and often debilitating brain disorder. he suited up and started tuesday
6:48 am
about 10 seconds into the game. >> i will be honest with you, it was so loud, she was emotional. i was emotional. >> i was crying. >> everyone was crying. but, it was absolutely wonderful for him, you know. he is just so special to everyone. >>luke: matthew said scoring the three points was not his favorite part of the night. the best part he said, is having his teammates and coach hug him afterwards. >>hope: we are putting the finishing touches on the asheville mardi gras parade with tons of purple paint and tons more glitter. coming up, i will tell you about
6:49 am
really cool part of this float. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend good morning, everyone. it is saturday, february 6th. i'm evan donovan. >>zack: and i'm zack green. >>evan: that's zack, he works here. he does the weather. >>zack: usually right over there. >>evan: for the past hor he's been running over there. >>zack: there's a lot of stuff going on over there, but it will be a chilly start to the day. we saw chilly temperature, but the wind is not going to be as
6:50 am
whipping around, franklin 21 degrees. everyone in the mountains now, below the freezing point and even down in the upstate we are hovering around that 32 degrees mark. and we will continue to keep things below average later on this afternoon with partly cloudy skies. but, not as cold as it's going to get at some point in our seven-day forecast. we will show you when that big drop comes, all coming up in a little bit. >>evan: more now on the developing story we are following this morning. crews are searching for survivors after two small planes collided near los angeles. the crash happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. two men, age 61 and 81, were aboard one plane. a 72 year-old woman was on board the other. we will bring you any update on the search as any information is released later on today. tomorrow is superbowl sunday. and people around here can hardly wait. i know i'm one of them. panthers fans have been anticipating the game since they romped arizona two weeks ago. an asheville native spoke to
6:51 am
how she made san francisco her
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