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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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wynne is in waynesville. but first, jason boyer is tracking in the weather center. >> jason: we have bands that are working in to the mountains. the darker the blue, the heavier the snow. haywood county, we have good snow coming down mixing with rain at times southeast of asheville. you'll see flakes. the temperatures are way too warm in most location to sustain or support. our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. the same going on here in balsam gap as with ego 34 degrees. still too warm to support any snow on the ground. that's going to change in the next hour. temperatures closer to freezing. that's the first places you're
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winter weather advisories, though, until 7 o'clock tuesday for the counties in purple. includes buncombe, avery, macon, clay, cherokee. this is where a lot of significant snow is going to accumulate. winter storm warnings until 7 o'clock in the morning. periods of snow, gusty in asheville. i'll show you what to expect overnight and when the snow accumulates here in the city. stick around. >> darcel: with the snow arriving from the west, it didn't take long for some of our western mountains to turn white. >> tammy: news 13's meteorologist karen wynne is live in waynesville. karen, it didn't take much to get people excited. >> karen: no, tammy, it really didn't. right now in waynesville it is dry. long. one family actually went snowboarding before their location was completely covered.
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gearing up for a very long night. around mid-morning we met christine walking through the horizontal snow flakes. she was not amused. >> it's a mess and it's devastating. i don't know, i like spring better. >> karen: as the snow came down in the western mountain, we saw horses in blankets hunkered down in the anticipation of heavier snow to come. however, the light snow on soco mountain was more than enough for a florida family. the kids have never seen snow before. >> i can't really just control it. i just go down and just go wherever it goes. >> karen: that's kind of fun, isn't it? >> i love it. even though it's cold, i still love the mountains and the snow. >> karen: meanwhile dot workers in haywood county are working around the clock to keep the roads safe.
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>> karen: with more snow forecast for tonight, people to stay off the roads as possible. >> slow down and take your time. >> karen: floridians say they can't wait for heavier snow. >> hopefully i can make snow angels and maybe even a snow man. >> karen: coming up tonight at 6:00, what dot workers say drivers need to be aware of with this particular snow. i'm karen wynne, news 13. >> tammy: stay with us on continuing coverage on this latest round. we'll have updates throughout the evening. you can also find developments on our facebook and twitter pages. our closings and delay information can be found on >> darcel: the buncombe county takes another step. the da has requested a hearing
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the outcome of that hearing could determine the punishment griffin could face if convicted. a grand jury indicted griffin last week in killing alex king, tatianna diz, and uhon griffin. >> tammy: news 13's hope hanselman explains why they refused the plea deal offered by the district attorney. >> hope: three years behind bars in exchange for a guilty plea, that was a lawyer's recommendation for two defendants in the case. they called in resources to mcdowell county to help fight it. >> justice needs to be served. >> hope: taking a moment to pray, they're calling themselves
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all accused of raping a 15-year-old girl they met on facebook in 2015. but only one of them could gather outside the mcdowell county courthouse monday. >> my kids need their dad. the other families need their son. >> hope: attorney advising him not to speak. so instead his fiancee and the mother of his children. >> longest four months of my life. >> hope: carson, quitman and logan have been sitting in jail. >> it's just not right what's happening in mcdowell county. and justice needs to be served. >> hope: moore faces the most severe charges. seven counts of statutory rape. he doesn't deny meeting up with the girl. but his family doesn't believe
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prison for it. >> he's a young man facing some enormous charges. and not only enormous charges but a lengthy amount of time as well. >> hope: john barnett provides legal assistance where he sees civil rights infringed. >> the changing of that threw a red flag for us. >> hope: barnett wants just 20 months probation for cameron moore and this team believes he can make it happen. >> we're very hopeful. i know it's in the lord's hands and everything is going to work for all of these men. >> hope: jury trial to begin in may. the other two defendants will be in court this summer. in mcdowell county, hope hanselman, news 13.
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on a macon county teenager who investigators say accidentally shot himself in the head. he was at his home on rosemont drive in franklin with two other boys saturday afternoon. they believe he thought the gun was unloaded and it fired while he was handling it. >> we believe that he was probably trying to unload the gun, or maybe even thought it was unloaded. he removed the clip and for some reason there was still a shell in the chamber. and that had been spent. >> darcel: cowart was flown to mission hospital. his father said the next few hours will be critical for him with swelling on the brain. coming up at 6:00 how neighbors helped right after the gun went off. >> tammy: time for the commute. >> jaclyn: crews are working a new wreck.
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it might be in the roadway for just a bit. thankfully there are no injuries at this time. a wreck is tying up traffic at walnut. 1923 is another spot that you'll want to avoid. you can see traffic is very slow moving heading towards i-40. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: a meeting to vote on closing a local school is now postponed because of weather. the haywood county school board was set to vote tonight on the future of the elementary school. the district is looking to save money because of falling enrollment and budget shortfall. concerns about a road in asheville that some feel has been neglected for far too long. how the city is responding to calls for repairs. that's in ask 13.
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experience, what a time they had.
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time around the big game. >> darcel: there's a bumpy road in asheville that some people
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>> tammy: how bad is it? >> frank: tammy, it's definitely got some tough spots. it's old haywood road. it runs a couple miles off of smokey park and then comes back in to the highway. the section we're talking about that's in trouble is right here close to smoky park highway. the question comes from arthur ingle. i would like to know why the road has not been paved in years. we have two hotels that have been built on this stretch stretch plus a cracker barrel. it's never been touched. we went to check it out. sure enough, old haywood road has tough spots. it recentlyook over jurisdiction from this section of the road from the dot.
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that this part of the road is made of concrete and not asphalt. >> overlaying concrete becomes quite difficult to get it smooth and make the appropriate repairs. >> frank: the city says it's now employing some new software. this is one that will be getting some attention very soon. if you have a question for us you can write us at ask 13 at darcel, tammy. >> tammy: and of course we also know that the cold does not help with the potholes, the freezing. >> darcel: no, it does not. more snow today. snow flurries. >> jason: snow flurryiesflurries, showers, snow squalls. 46 for the high today. still fell shy of average. that temperature well enough freezing, obviously, to keep the snow not accumulating so far here in asheville. 26 the low this morning.
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we have about an inch departure on the surplus side. those snow squalls, we're tracking them for you. we'll show you when the snow will end, oh yeah. and the bitter cold that's coming. >> holly: tomorrow morning on news 13, we will be talking about ways to treat yourself and
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: well we've moved the flake-o-meter up a notch since last week. if you're in the high country, you're going to need to buy that milk and bread. for some of you, it's use your own judgment, if you will. wait for the forecast here in just a second. we have the snow squalls coming through. heavy snow on the east side of buncombe county. southern yancey, southern mitchell, northern mcdowell. this is not going to accumulate unless it's 3500 feet because the air temperature is so warm and the ground cover is so warm.
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over the smokys snowing heavily and steadily now. higher elevations. 32 right now in asheville. look at the sun bouncing off some of the buildings at unca. wind chills down to 40 degrees. in greenville, you're dealing with the clouds. 47 with a wind chill of 43. here's the set up. look at how many areas of low pressure we have here. couple of cold fronts here. all of this isis rotating from the northwest to the southeast. this is t t pattern right now. anything you see up to the north and west of us up to the great lakes and the upper ohio valley is going to come our way. that moisture mostly gets banked up across the mountains will be favored for some of the heavier snow bands.
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snow fall accumulations. i-40 for asheville. northern transylvania county. and also jackson county. the bigger story overall for everyone will be the cold air that floods in behind us. we're talking bitter cold. the coldest air of the season is coming by the end of the week. boy, it is going to be felt area wide. future cast locally. western north carolina, that's going to be favored for the snow fall. squalls overnight tonight. some of it farther south in to northern henderson and transylvania. over time that wind driven snow is going to pile up and complicate travel. if you're traveling anywhere west on i-26, keep that in mind. here are your snow amounts. one to three inches in blue when it's all said on wednesday. northern buncombe, back over to haywood.
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than five inches. teens and 20s for lows tonight. it's going to be cold no doubt about it. we won't even get to freezing i think in asheville and thus the accumulated snow fall will have already begun. 20s for highs wednesday. even warmer, then colder as we get towards valentine's day. 10 on valentine's day. there you go.
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>> tammy: how one service is >> tammy: some patients want to be at home regardless of their diagnosis. >> darcel: yet many want to continue receiving treatment realizing it may not work. jay siltzer is showing what is being done for patients at a crossroads. >> reporter: the legacy of asheville artist norville urban. >> he was as joyful as his artwork is. he was always extremely positive. >> reporter: crossroads through care partners provided
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like the artwork, there was something new to experience at every turn. >> they know how do to the technical care. they know how to administer the medication. >> you had to be on it. and you had to be on it 24/7. it was a crazy ride. >> reporter: one to allow norbert to die comfortable at home. >> every day was norbert's special day. and his wife provided and met his wishes as best she could. >> i got to watch him take his last breath, say good-bye, give him a kiss and it was done. it was a seamless, loving act. >> reporter: in asheville, jay siltzer, news 13.
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about crossroads, call the number onn your screen. >> tammy: that number is 828-277-4722. >> darcel: still to come, memories from super bowl
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how fans are remembe >> tammy: with super bowl 50 in the books, fans are looking back
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francisco bay area. >> darcel: news 13's luke notestine caught up with them before they went home. >> luke: the city did such an outstanding job hosting the enormous event that is the super bowl. it was an exhilarating week with a full gamut of emotions. a few days ago thousands of football fans were eager with anticipation for the big game. now it's time to take everything down and get ready to go home. >> getting here, tickets, travel, booking that was stressful. then you got here and it was like wow. i'm at the super bowl. the 50th super bowl. >> never been to another stadium other than bank of america stadium. just getting to the west coast and seeing what the city is like and the fan experience. just even getting to the game and seeing different celebrities around. it's amazing.
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panthers lost, the fans say they enjoyed their experience in the bay area. >> winning is another thing but yeah, the season just amazing. really cool to be a part of. >> it was a disasaoint. but they're a young team. they have more years ahead of them and i think they'll be back. >> luke: a common theme among all panthers fans are hopeful. this team will hopefully use the experience and the wisdom they gained from the tough loss on sunday night. we hope they all travel home safely, get home in one piece and enjoy the rest of the week. i'm luke notestine, news 13. >> darcel: preparing for new hampshire's presidential primary. >> tammy: news 13 at 5:30 starts right now. >> jason: snow is falling across
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