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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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do >> it is slick outside, windy conditionsnss well. see the camera moving around a little bit there. the cars look to be moving slowly. let's hope they are. we are seeing reports of freezing rain across the region. >> we have had folks who went
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the roads are slick, especially in apartment complexes the main roads may have had treatment but a lot of other roads have not. >> even side waus. be careful if you are heading out. a winter storm warning out for the counties shaded in the pink. yancey, burke county. it is a sleet and freezing rain. winter advisory out for a lot of the region including the northern portion of the upstate. a freezing rain advisory until this evening. a lot going on. let's head over to holly. >> roads are slick as freezing rain continues to fall. you are seeing serious accidents because of the conditions right. take a look at this power pole behind me on white wine drive.
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overturned because the ice is forming on the roads and causing serious issues out here. crews had to pull two women from the car that overturned by breaking out the back glass. thankfully those two women did not suffer life threatening injuries. they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. as they were pulling them to safety, i heard the driver say, i wasn't going that fast. trying to navigate a curve has proved to be dangerous because the ice is causing issues because the road conditions can change within just a few minutes. officials even say conditions today are not what they expect. it is even harder to see the problem spots on the roads because the rain is so light. >> we thought we would get snow because the precipitation has been so light and the temperatures so low, it is making all the asphalt very
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that is causing the problem. >> it is problems all over henderson county as well as the surrounding counties seeing the rain. we were on the scene of a crash. in that case the driver told me he thought he was going slow enough but the ice proved to be too much. officials having a difficult time getting to all these roads to treat them because these accidents are happening quickly because conditions are changing quickly. it is not only the side roads but we are starting to see problems on interstate routes. there is a problem at exit 49 for seasons boulevard. use caution there continuing
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>> snow flurries visible in the county. this is video from sam's gap. crews are working to stay ahead of the winter weather as more snow and ice is forecasted to move in. crews worked during the community. >> the weather is impacting other parts of north carolina as well. you can see how much snow fell there. we were just talking during the commercial break, it is a mixed bag. from freezing rain to sleet and also snow. these conditions are changing across the region. let's take a closer look. these are the danger zones. in asheville, seeing the light precipitation falling as freezing rain. please be careful. look at this, this is bayne
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seeing the condition from sleet to snow in the higher elevations. it is cold enough for this to be developing. i have seen reports on social media of wrecks near black mountain. seeing a good amount of sleet. please use caution as well. further south near columbus. we are continuing to see this in henderson county. this area is seeing a warmer region in our western zones. a little bit of snow south of spartanburg. swain county the mix seeing rain in county. pulling in from the west, it is the west that is warmer. east of asheville. that's where it is colder.
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conditions. you can see reduced visibility and temperatures are going to be cold enough to sustain the freezing rain drizzle. this is why this is a very difficult winter storm to be predicting here. we have 40's in one zone. 28 in asheville. 25 in morganton. visibility is one in asheville. not only are the roads slick, covered with a glaze right now, visibility is bad. that is going to be dangerous. oert next couple of hours, a snapshot, continuing to see the mix in our southern mountains into the foothills, northeast georgia as well. west of asheville, we are warmer. we are in the 40's through dinner time. overnight, some things will be changing. mostly rain. we'll see the snow chances return to the northern mountains near tennessee so accumulations are possible in those zones. sleet is likely, so is freezing
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a dusting to an inch. the southern portions, we are event. even snow showers i just showed you in the tennessee border counties. we could see an inch fall in 37 degrees. warming above freezing at times. lingering around that freezing mark, this is why we are seeing this mix today. a slight chance tonight, temperatures stay in the middle to upper 30's. rain likely tuesday as temperatures warm to the 40's. a few snow showers early wednesday. really wednesday, thursday, friday looking to be much better and warmer as well. warmer to the 60's by friday. >> when bad weather hits, get the warnings, advisories and
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download our free weather app. >> the battle over the supreme court setting up a grudge match. two days after justice antonin scalia died, the fight over his successor is making headlines. that story starts today's newsreel. >> justice scalia was arguably the brightest legal mind in america and the implication of his sudden passing could not be more profound. >> we ought to make the 2016 election a referendum. >> senate majority leader declared this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. but it is the president's constitutional right to appoint a judge to the supreme court and there is no except for an election year.
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responsibility to choose a successor. >> the senate has the constitutional right to confirm or deny that appointee. something they may choose to do after the election. >> when an election is over, the president wins, they have a chance to send qualified nominees to the senate. i will vote for them if they are qualified even if i would not have chose them. >> who might president obama put forward? he was confirmed to a circuitcircuit. scalia's body will eventually lie in state at the supreme court. >> former president george bush hits the campaign trail helping his brother. the elder bush will appear in south carolina. he says he believes his brother
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campaign, he says george w. can vouch for his readiness to lead. he is hoping for more momentum after a fourth place finish in new hampshire. south carolina's primary is saturday. >> a house fire kills a person in massachusetts. the victim's body was discovered on the third floor, cold temperatures hampered efforts to fight the fire. regulators kept freezing. one firefighter was hurt when he slipped and fell on the ice. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> two men in custody after a police officer was shot in the head. the alleged shooter and his accomplice turned themselves in. where you have them gunned down the officer and left him bleeding on the street. the officer is in critical condition.
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plunge into a canal south of stockholm. the they released their first single last year.year. >> kanye west says he is $53 million in debt. he tweeted the news before performing on "saturday night live," saying, pray we overcome. this is my true heart. it is not clear whether or not he is serious. the album, the life of pablo is only available on title which is a streaming service. according to an exclusive report
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vital signs will follow a plot described as sum autobiographical about the rapper's life. the series will most likely be distributed through apple music. it is not clear if it will be offered an apple tv or other apple platforms. >> alanis morissette is expecting second child with her husband, that is according to "people" magazine. the singer made the announcement on her website. they already have a 5-year-old son. >> jennifer lawrence is spreading the love. she made a $2 million donation to push plans forward for a cardiac intensive care unit at a children's hospital in kentucky. for the past three years, lawrence has visited kids at the hospital. the journey isn't over. to have a state of the art facility here with the doctors that we already have, it just
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>> jennifer lawrence is asking the community to raise enough money to match her $2 million donation. >> the grammy awards are tonight. lionel ritchie was named person of the year. his friends, stevie wonder and lenny cra have its turned out for the event. he said he is honored by the award but he tries not to take it too seriously. >> a supersimple recipe for pesto mushroom chicken. a retailer in hot water over taxes.
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>> welcome into the kitchen. we are happy to have you in today. >> thank you for having us. >> we'll make a very easy make ahead crock pot meal you can keep in the freezer. we talk about this a lot, how we all have such busy lives. you can get all of this very easily. it is less than four ingredients. we'll start with two pounds of chicken breast. these are frozen. we'll start with that. we'll then move to a third of a cup of basil pesto. we'll add in some mushrooms. i'll get started on this while
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>> we are using chicken which is a light protein that is easily digested. olive oil is one of the components of it. it is one of our approved oil. >> you make a lot of your own things but you can buy it in a jar and it will be ok for this. >> absolutely. makes life a little bit easier. in the summertime when you have lots of basil, you can make your own. dried mushrooms, mushroom are a supersource of antioxidants. fighting. it is something you want to add to your diet. we have cheese which is another source of protein. >> i have not seen these very often. >> the thick i would going to show you, what you can do is dump these into your blunder. powder. mushrooms are very good for you.
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>> that's what it is. >> a lot of people don't like the texture. it is easy to pop it in the blender and just grind it. you can keep this going where it is a finer powder. put it in the bowl. you can see how fine that comes out. we mix a little bit in here. you can see the texture you'll get. >> when this cooks down in a crock pot, nobody is going to know they are eating mushrooms. >> and you'll have all those great benefits. let's get you the recipe at home. click on the carolina kitchen link or send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive.
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pinterest. and contact foothills wellness. >> we have an easy comfort food dish that is full of flavor. this is what makes the vietnamese dish a twist of a dinner time staple. >> how several people were
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from happening to you. >> if you think your personal information is safe inside a clinic, think again. >> information that impacted the lives of dozens of fafalies. frank has the story in today's consumer news. >> the woman you see in security camera photos shows an i.d. thief applying for a fraudulence credit card inside home depot.
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norman and the thieves got the stolen information. >> they were obtaining it through a clinic, hospital. there were individuals involved, working at hospitals. >> employees would steal personal information and get the i.d. thieves whatever they needed. >> they had your name, your social, your date of birth. they had e-mail addresses. 50 victims lost $130,000. >> they would obtain credit cards and purchase merchandise and bring it back and sell it. >> the case began to unravel after merchants reported
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the search led to katrina. >> she had a notebook of all these names and addresses and personal identifier. it was all there in this notebook she had. >> one of the victims was a middle aged woman who had just learned she was terminally ill. >> she had cancer. she wasn't doing very well. all of a sudden, they started getting receipt from merchants, they even got delinquent notices in the mailmail. >> it is not a victimless crime. >> they were devastated going through thisprocess. and then on top of that, having to deal with trying to clean up their family's credit, it was just, you know, it was just horrible. >> ikea has reportedly avoided paying taxes in europe for the past six years. >> wow. that's according to a report
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it accuses the giant of funneling money through liechtenstein in the netherlands between 2009 and 2014. ikea did not respond to the request for comment. others said ikea group is committed to manage its operations in a mayingable way and we pay in compliance with the international tax rules and regulations. >> banking giant hfbc is staying put, the company announced it is keeping headquarters in london. officials had considered moving to hong kong amid concerns over tougher regulations. >> after a 10 month review, the hbsc board voted to stay in the uk, saying it remains a globally connected economy. >> what is better on valentine's day than to tie the knot? >> meet several couples who agree and did just that atop the empire state building. >> later today on news 13 at 5:30, making up for lost time.
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make sure a local legend isn't forgotten. >> at 6:0000, the post office in clyde is poreded up after heavy damage.
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go >> some couples had a pictured's eye view. >> officials say the couple ofs ofs -- others renewed their vow. they had a breast taking view from the observatory from the 86th floor. >> what a view. >> that is. >> all right.
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