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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> darcel: prosecutors say richard o'shields took the law in his own hands and gunned down toby mathis. >> tammy: john, yesterday was a full day of emotion. >> john: that's right. the prosecution continuing to lay out their case today. on the stand, a couple of different witnesses, including dr. dale mash. he showed a diagram of toby mathis' wounds. that was five years ago now. mathis was charged with in involuntary manslaughter with the death of o'shields' son. this afternoon detective john nickelson also testified that lead fragments were found at the
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>> i observed small pieces of gray material. i observed materials based on my experience as lead fragments. >> john: a powerful moment as the prosecution ended presenting their case. the defense will present their case on monday. we're expected to hear expert testimony that will point everything from a stroke to ptsd and alcohol issues along with the grief that led to that tragic shooting. john le, news 13. >> darcel: a former star athlete from west henderson high has died in a motorcycle wreck. >> tammy: sean jones was hit .
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florida after finding out about the accident. >> kim: that's right. lynn jones is an oncology nurse. they are grieving but proud that sean made the decision to give up his organs to save another life. sean jones was a great young man and an amazing son. sean on the right, number 44, a star on west henderson's football team. even though he was 5' 9" he was a key player on the falcons basketball team. >> they found his home. the only thing the nurse could do was press the home button. i saw the number from across. i was eating at the dinner table. i knew it was from florida. i think it's the nurse in me
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>> kim: sean was thriving in florida as the project manager for a landscaping company. the news of his death hitting friends hard in hendersonville. >> he was always so loving and caring about everybody. i know he has tons of friend but the outpouring of the community and friends and family has been so overwhelming. >> what floored me to hear that news. he did all those things that a coach appreciates. just hustle, take charge. >> kim: sean's funny side he and a team mate pulled a prank on a coach. >> found this fog and they hit it in the meeting room. and the frog started chirping.
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sons on being organ donors. >> he had the heart on his driver's license. he's helping others and that's just what sean did. as a mother, he'll always be in my heart no matter what. and i just can't forget that smile of his, on his face. >> kim: he was on his way to meet a friend when the accident happened. tonight at 8 o'clock, friends will be meeting at biltmore park to remember shawn and remember his life. reporting live from west henderson high school, kimberly king, news 13. >> darcel: today hundreds of people have been remembering the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. here's a live viewing of his casket. earlier today all the supreme
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private ceremony led by scalia's son. >> reporter: hundreds of mourners lining up in the cold at the supreme court to honor the late justice antonin scalia. >> scalia's been a part of my life and his opinions are very influential. >> he set an example for americans that you can stand up on principle, you can stand up for the laws. >> reporter: nearly 100 law clerks serving as honorary palbearers. inside, the eight remaining justices standing in the order on which they sit on the supreme court bench. and scalia's family attending the short private ceremony. scalia's portrait on display flanked by wreaths by the
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father paul scalia offering a prayer. >> in your wisdom, you have called your servant antonin. >> reporter: the longest serving justice. president obama and first lady michelle obama among those paying their respects. >> this is an opportunity for the president to pay his personal respects to those who love justice scalia and also pay tribute to the impact he's had on our system. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and his wife will attend the funeral mass tomorrow at the basilica. here in washington, at the supreme court, stephanie ramos, abc news. >> tammy: the first case of the zika virus in a north carolina resident has been confirmed. it's an adult who recently
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country. >> darcel: turning to the weather now, jason, how are things looking for the weekend? >> jason: pretty good so far. carolina blue skies out there. enjoying the slopes again today. skiers and boarders. 47 degrees at cataloochee ski. 40s up in boone right now. 60s today in many places south and west and even over the upstate. pretty comfortable 44 degrees in asheville. 55 in burnsville. cloud free for the most part. but we're going to cloud up overnight tonight. a slower cool down for us from 47 at 7 in asheville. to lower 40s by 11. same thing for you in the upstate. you'll start at 50. going down to 50 at 11. >> tammy: the case of the
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moved to adult court. ethan couch can now face 120 days of jail time for the 2013 drunk driving wreck that killed four people. he was then set to probation. authorities believe he violated that probation. >> darcel: i-26 west bound near long shoals road is the spot to avoid this afternoon. >> tammy: jaclyn, there are two wrecks causing major delays. >> jaclyn: yes. we also have a three car crash that is adding to the congestion at long shoals road there. there are no injuries reported for either of these wrecks. delays on the east bound side. your best bet is to get off u.s. 25. but if you do have to drive in this area, expect major delays there. also we have a traffic alert in the downtown area. look out for this wreck.
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at patton avenue at ashlund avenue. keep that in mind. an accident at charlotte street is causing major delays. you can see. we have a few other wrecks that are happening around town. you can find that on under the traffic tab. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> darcel: a jackson county resident says the dot needs to finish repairs on his road in order to make it safe. john says crews did bridge repairs along garland buchanan road a couple of years ago. but he says water still collects on the road and at one point there are no lines down the middle of it. he says he's concerned about safety. >> i'm just trying to get something done that should have been done two years ago. >> darcel: the dot says a middle line often isn't painted on
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narrow to accommodate two full lanes. but it says it will take another look and when it's warm enough, will fix any drainage issues with asphalt.
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say they're
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asheville has struggled to get a successful recycling effort for the masses until right now. >> darcel: the city of asheville, asheville greenworks and the asheville housing authority have had success. zack green is live outside asheville greenworks. >> tammy: zack, this is the first phase of a larger project that's underway. >> zack: that's right. it's the first day of the first campaign ever like this. it sparked some real interest in the community. the overall goal of this effort is to decrease waste by 1,000 pounds. but they're also trying to do that each week. it's been four months since asheville's latest green movement started. >> we piloted this program with three developments. >> zack: over 300 homes with blue bins for 3,000 potential recyclers in public housing. but the newest recycling effort took off and worked without a hitch. >> it really went well.
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recycling and immediately started participating in it. >> zack: mixing unrecycleable materials that contaminated. >> education programs with the general public. >> zack: that's hit home to this batch of recyclers, like sonny. >> we learned we have to make the environment clean. >> zack: once this community was educated and the differences between trash and recyclable items. >> we saw the drop in the amount of trash going in to the landfill. >> zack: and it's a significant amount. >> from this pilot they reduced the amount of trash that was going out every two weeks by over a ton. >> zack: this is on par with the project zero waste asheville, an ambitious city initiative. >> to cut the amount of trash going in to the landfill by 50% by 2035.
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works, the goal looks more and more attainable. >> we're looking to expand to hillcrest and deaverview, which would be 388 residential units. and then in phase 3, going to klondike. >> zack: reporting live from downtown asheville, zack green, news 13. >> darcel: nice day out there today, you can tell. >> jason: just a degree warmer than yesterday. i don't know, it just felt warmer. 56 degrees for the high temperature today. four degrees above average. we did start out on the chillier side of average, 29. shy of seven inches of rain for the year.
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it's going to warm up with more i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing.
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made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: yeah, the pesky wind today, this time it was out of the south. that's a good thing. it warms us up. 10 to 20 miles per hour sustained. 10 to 20 across the area. 15 miles per hour now in asheville. where do we go from here with
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we'll see in between 15 to 20 plus miles per hour sustained in the ridge tops. valleys will drop those speeds tomorrow in the morning. about 4 to 5 in asheville. it may pick up in the afternoon again. just not as strong as it was today. it's going to be out in the south once again tomorrow. that's not a bad thing all in all. still plenty of blue skies. south wind at 15. that drops the wind chill down to 50. not warm enough really to have a non-wind chill factor with that kind of wind. south wind at 13. wind chill at 57. a rather pleasant evening to be out and about down there. high pressure now sitting off the coast of north carolina, south carolina. around that, our wind is going to be coming up from the south and southeast for the next couple of days. out ahead of the cold front, it comes from the north. so we will stay on the warm side of it. but we'll also start to really
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those clouds following this boundary, which is a stationery front in to a cold front. that's the way it's going to go in to sunday. little ripples of energy will bring us better chances of rain. sunday is going to bring us better chances. the cold front moves in to the tennessee valley. note the wind here. strong south and southwesterly winds over the tennessee valley. more south and southeasterly winds in asheville. a few spotty showers are possible near the tennessee border tomorrow. really this is not going to be widespread by any means. rain fall will be light. sunday is probably the better day. notice the big blob of rain coming through here late in the day on sunday in through the overnight. more widespread showers expected. from monday all the way through wednesday, we could see as much as two to three inches of rain
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areas farther to the east could see as much as one to two inches. that's including charlotte, columbia, much of the eastern portions of our viewing area. another quarter inch to three quarters inch farther to the east of that. we're going to see our rain. 30s for temperaturest tonight. 40st over the upstate. highs tomorrow should make it 50s and 60s in the mountains. not bad at all. above average here and above average in the upstate. we get wetter and cooler and even colder. by the weekend of the week we're down to the mid 40s. and we're seeing a chance of maybe some snow flakes by thursday. really the idea is mostly rain. >> tammy: still to come, an out of this world machine.
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>> darcel: check out this view. what you're looking at is called a fire fall. >> tammy: this was spotted at a national park in california. the optical illusion looks like fire flowing off the cliff. the park ranger says it's actually the sun glowing through the waterfall. >> darcel: wow. the angle of the sun has to be just right. which only happens a couple of times in february. it provides a treat for visitors and photographers.
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new ship. it will be a replacement for the craft that crashed killing one person. now take a look at what's being called the greatest view of something you can't actually see. it's a black hole about 300 million light years from earth. scientists took their sharpest pictures of it with a hubble telescope. >> tammy: a million suns combined. but it cannot be seen because black holes pull right in with their gravity. astronomers can figure out the size by looking at the stars around them. >> darcel: still ahead, pet pals.
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>> tammy: oh, look at him. >> zack: welcome to today's pet pals, i'm joined here with robin from the blue ridge humane society. and we've got a tiny little girl named claire. what do we know about her? i know she's so young so there's not a lot. >> there's not much of a back story yet. she's a sweet puppy. she's coming up about 3 months old.
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an owner to have this dog? >> a lot of patience. she's not house trained yet. not leash trained or crate trained. definitely having a puppy is a time commitment. but she's a real sweetheart. >> zack: yeah, she's so calm and docile today. >> she's available at the blue ridge humane society. phone number is 828-685-1087. >> zack: thank you for coming in today. let's get her adopted. >> darcel: what a cutie. coming up, remembering a famous author who passed away today. >> tammy: a look back at harper lee. news 13 at 5:30 starts now. they walked off the job and defaulted on their contract.
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road contract comes to a halt. >> tammy: jeb bush gets a helping hand. how the candidate's mother made a push in the upstate today. >> jason: temperatures in the 50s and 60s. how long does this last? i'll show you. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: an unexpected detour on a big road construction project in jackson county. >> tammy: the contractor walked off the unfinished $16 million job. >> frank: rex, what's happening now? >> rex: deveer construction walked off this project and others. dot officials say they're not sure why but they say there is a system in place to make sure


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