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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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just a few hours ago near downtown asheville. first responders say a driver was blinded by the rain while turning from patton avenue on to cleveland avenue. hurt. >> larry: heavy rain is falling on parts of the mountains and it will continue through tomorrow. >> darcel: we could be in store for some severe weather later this week. let's get right to meteorologist karen wynne for the latest on the situation. >> karen: right, darcel. definitely an active pattern. it keeps on coming. it is going to be a very wet night. so if you do have to be out and about, travel with care. already some locations have picked up close to an inch of rain. down in greer. under half an inch in asheville. nearly three quarters of an inch falling so far in forest city. this is only the beginning.
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the upper 40s. milder in franklin at 52 degrees. forest city, 48. greer now 50 degrees. overall fairly mild night. we'll check out that tyson furniture bus stop forecast. pick up time, 52 degrees. make sure the kids have the umbrella. break from the rain. plenty of cloud cover, though. four showers at drop off time. 47 degrees. coming up, we'll show you when our next round of rain is coming in to the mountains. along with that chance of severe storm. >> darcel: parents protested tonight to give more time to changes. and school leaders listens. >> larry: news 13's jerrika insco joins us live. >> jerrika: nine teams of three faculty members and a parent representing nine schools. now tonight, they put their
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other options outside the ones the board gave them. option four is only one of four problems. now, it might be a problem of the past. >> we just want to be a part of what impacts their future. >> jerrika: their signs say what they want: time, transparency and inclusion. >> the time line to have a decision by march 7th when there are more than six options on the table i think is very unrealistic. and it feels that there's not enough separation and real practical in looking at all of the options. >> jerrika: time is what they wanted and after this today's meeting, more time is what they're getting. these teams will talk with stakeholders about other options and regroup on march 3rdrd. that's four extra days to get
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board possibly votes on march 7th about the components that affect the budget and personnel. saying they need time to plan and make changes. >> that's not been a secret. but in order to do that, we need to make space somehow. >> jerrika: in the end, someone is going to have to budge but who will it be and when will it be? >> we all know something needs to be done but we want to be part of that. we are stakeholders. we're sending our most valuable possessions to school every day, and that's our children. >> jerrika: what the school board wants those teams to come back with along with their decision clsh . >> larry: new details tonight on
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high school. the fbi tells news 13 it's opened an investigation and is working with the department of justice. they're trying to determine if any federal laws were violated at brevard high school. racial tensions there led to a student being charged with disorderly conduct and ethnic intimidation in november last year. >> darcel: new tonight, asheville's public safety committee will bring the issue of police body cameras to city council. the goal is to inform the public about policies regarding police body cameras and how they'll be used. council members say this is a new technology and there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered before policies are decided and put in to place. >> there's a reason for police to be protected from false allegations. there's the recording of criminal activity. there's the recording sometimes that includes innocent people or children that we don't want public. some of its personnel records.
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>> darcel: city leaders expect to discuss the body cameras in front of council in the next few weeks. 350 jobs are coming to henderson county. tonight linamar announced a partnership with the swiss company to create more jobs. the canadian company is teaming up with the george fisher plant. it will be built in two phases over the next seven years. the average pay will be $47,000. >> larry: your personal information for sale. the state of north carolina is making a million dollars a year selling information you likely never thought would be handed over to marketing firms or insurance companies. >> darcel: a loophole in the law has allowed them to sell it for the last ten years. news 13's investigative reporter, jennifer emert is discovering what information is being sold and how the state gets away with it.
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seemingly non-stop. in the hands of postal carriers, an invasion of your privacy. >> everyone wants to have their privacy protected. >> reporter: it looks like routine junk mail in with bills and the occasional birthday card. urgent, time sensitive, final notice. warning me the warrantee on this car was running out. the only problem, the warranty on this car ran out years ago. >> when she bought a newer car, got a lot of telemarketers sending renewal on automotive insurance on repairs. >> reporter: they started popping up in my mailbox a few weeks after making a stop here, the dmv. >> it's a gray area. i think it needs to be more visible. >> reporter: the state agency has been selling your personal information for the last ten years. >> that's the first i've heard of it. >> i don't like it.
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>> reporter: but don't feel bad, managers of some of these offices and state lawmakers didn't know about it either, until news 13 raised the issue. >> i had no idea the dmv has been selling information to marketing companies, insurance companies. >> it didn't really come as a shock but i was surprised to hear about north carolina specifically doing this. >> reporter: i actually had a lot of questions for the dmv. but after months of requesting an on camera interview, they refused to go on camera. when you register your vehicle, get a driver's license, or get in an accident, your address, date of birth and more are collected and sold. >> they use it for market analysis. they're using it for surveys. >> reporter: the driver's privacy act is supposed to protect the information. but there's a loophole in the law, giving states 14 vague
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news 13 requested and received a list of the 48 entities who bought the information last year. from insurance rate agencies to marketing firms. >> i won't even give the debit card at the restaurant. i'll pay it myself but i won't let them have it. >> reporter: they pay as little as three cents a record. news 13 uncovered at least one instance of a law firm, which is no longer a customer after abusing those guidelines. by reaching out to crash victims. >> the dmv doesn't necessarily have the resources to always do the follow up to see if this data is being used. >> they make about a million dollars a year off of the information. >> gees, i don't like that. man. >> reporter: you don't like it? >> no. what do we do about it, though? >> reporter: while lawmakers we talked to say there should be
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>> i think it needs to be more visible and people understand. >> reporter: for people who would like to know more, there should be maybe some information like that. here's an e-mail address you could write to. >> reporter: brian turner would not commit to taking any action. >> at least give us the chance to decide for ourselves whether we want that invasion of our privacy or not. >> reporter: they told us there is no opt out for customers. republican lawmakers, we also reached out to, have not also heard of this program. >> darcel: jennifer, will this program get a review by the legislators? >> reporter: they tell me it's been ten years. >> larry: how can our viewers find out who is looking at their information? >> reporter: the state doesn't make this information public, we believe you have a right to know
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you'll find a list of the 48 companies that buy your information exclusively on our website along with an explanation from just one of those companies who got back to us about using your information. >> larry: representatives won't do anything. >> reporter: we'll keep pushing them to do something about it. >> larry: coming up. >> we're never going to show sylva. we have to basically fake an entire town. >> larry: hollywood comes to jackson county. the impacts some star power is going to have on this mountain town. >> darcel: and later, firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a
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flames. >> larry: developing tonight, charlotte city council has voted
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ordinance to the lgbt community. that vote allows transgender people to choose . >> darcel: new tonight, a small mountain town is about to be transformed in to a hollywood movie set for an academy award winning actress latest project. >> larry: a spot on main stream that's going to be prominently featured. frank, what's the movie about? >> frank: mc dormand will play a woman whose daughter is murdered. mom goes to war with police. and sassafras is going to be made to look like a police station. sylva gets to play the role of an unknown town, a fictional town far away. >> i'm not sure i agree with you 100%, lou.
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best known for the film that won her an oscar, "fargo" her dakota. film. there will be quite a transformation. >> we're making an imaginary town, which is ebbing, missouri. we're never going to show sylva. >> frank: the town commission called a special meeting tonight so folks could hear from producers about the movie. it will be filmed on multiple locations. >> it was a favorite for its look. just everything about this area. >> frank: but with every big budget production, there are logistical concerns. >> the biggest concern i'm getting from downtown is rerouted traffic.
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>> i would say there's three to four days where we'll do detours. that's not an entire day, either. >> i understand what happens. >> okay. >> frank: and there are some who even want to get in on the act. >> i own triple threat performing arts academy. it's a dance studio in town. so if you need a big tap dance number. >> we want to have a good time making the film. we want you to be happy that we're here and proud of the film afterwards. >> frank: it's obvious the folks there tonight look very pleased that their town's going to be in the spotlight. that the benefits will outweigh the concerns. keep in mind, there are going to be dozens of cast and crew members. they're going to be staying here. they're going to be eating here. in other words, they're going to
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pre-production is already underway. filming starts april 25th. frank kracher, news 13. >> darcel: an update tonight on a siberian husky that had to undergo a life saving surgery. claire is now back at the asheville humane society. she just had a litter of puppies right before she had emergency surgery to repair her lung. she's on antibiotics so she still can't nurse her 11-day old puppies. since our story aired friday, $3,000 has been raised for claire's $4,200 surgery. >> larry: a lot of generosity. a lot of rain on the way. it's going to continue through the night. >> darcel: yes, karen wynne is tracking that wet weather. it will be here for a while, karen. >> karen: yes, it will. all night long in to tomorrow morning. we have heavy rain your top headline. very gusty winds developing. the chance of severe storms
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mix. i'll time it all out for you coming up after the break. >> larry: and a little later, a group of cyclists is recovering after being hit by a car. one of thim is disputing the driver's version of what at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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now your news 13 skype weather.
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come down all over our region. moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico. it is going to be a very wet night. 48 degrees in asheville. winds are calm. we check out our current conditions in greenville. with rain drops covering the camera lens. 50 degrees raining there. a little bit of a breeze out of the north. this area of low pressure is keeping moisture over us through the overnight hours. we can see during the day, the morning, much of the rain moves northeast. it's going to be cloudy and cool. a few light showers can't be ruled out. but by 6 o'clock, we can see our next round of heavy rain still pretty well off to the west. but our winds are going to be picking up tomorrow night ahead of that next system. the rain moves back in. heavy rain at times. and then eventually right before that front passes on through, we
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storms on wednesday. we see that cooler air wrapping up behind that system. that could bring us a mix of rain and snow in the higher elevations thursday morning. so midnight we can see that rain is happening full force. on this one computer model. by the morning commute time, it's still going to be very wet. but we do see some breaks down to the south and west of asheville. then plenty of breaks as we go through midday on in through the afternoon. then that rain eventually returning along with those storms. very heavy rain is really going to add up quite a bit before it's all over with. we can see over an inch of rain tomorrow. that second system, many locations taking up over two inches of rain before it's all said and done. we can't rule out a bit of flooding on wednesday. lows tonight. lower 40s in the mountains. upper 40s in the upstate.
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mountain locations. we check out the next seven days. we see after that wintery mix on thursday morning, we dry out. and we're looking at a beautiful weekend. not only in the mountains but in
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>> darcel: uber says it got complaints about the driver who shot and killed six people in michigan. jason dalton was denied bond in court today. investigators say he shot and killed six people. uber says dalton cleared a background check and has given more than 100 rides for the company. >> larry: four cyclists were hurt. one of the cyclists had to have surgery and another is unconscious. the driver says the highway patrol is investigating. >> darcel: intense video tonight of historic schoolhouse that was gutted by fire. it happened this morning in burke county. the building is located right
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so firefighters made sure it didn't spread next door. there has been a recent debate to keep it or tear it down. investigators don't know yet what caused the fire. >> larry: miami and virginia both trail carolina for the acc conference lead. up next, stan shows us which team is still in the spot. what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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>> stan: huge game in the acc tonight. 3rd ranked virginia at number 12th miami. tough road losses, including that beat down in chapel hill. big story, devon reid. virginia goes to their star, though, malcolm brogdon. moments later, same play but a little further out. this time for three. he had 28. still three point deficit. 3.9 seconds left. virginia has it. they need a miracle. half court line, misses. miami knocks off virginia, 64-61. the latest app basketball poll is out. blue devils rise some. kansas second. virginia rises to 3rd. but that may change. oklahoma 4th.
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duke moves up to number 15. north carolina at nc state. the pack struggling. they fell 67-55. well a 45-year wait is over for enka high school. that's how long it's been since an enka boys' team has won a state championship. wrestling team walked around the campus with their wrestling trophy. first state title for the jets boys since 1970 in baseball. the first buncombe county team to win it. a state championship win in wrestling. this is a special breakthrough moment. coach mark harris was a wrestler in his high school days. >> we spent a lot of time together.
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the year and we go to camps. we work out together. we run in the summer. you know, so yeah, it's a very special group of guys. we're very tight. >> stan: prep football news. one less head coach opening in the mountains. justin clark replaced dimwitty. led the cats to their last one over app state in 2004. clark has been powerful the last couple of years as their quarterback coach. >> larry: i guess we better get us used to the rain. >> karen: keep that umbrella nearby. we get a bit of a break during the afternoon. light spotty showers. but then it's coming back. we have that chance of severe storms on wednesday. maybe a light wintery mix on thursday morning. >> larry: thank you for joining us.
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