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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the higher elevations. first, we want to get right on over to chief meteorologist jason boyer for an update. jason. >> jason: snows continue to fly mostly near and along the tennessee border. we've had flurries over in mcdowell county and even up in to avery. the snow accumulations have been pretty minor so far. this is just the beginning of what's going to be off and on snow showers. there may be a lull now but they'll come back. swain county. that's where some of the heavier bands of snow reside. same thing over mcdowell. spruce pine towards newland up in avery county. winter advisories or out. they go until 7:00 a.m. friday. that's a long time from now. but don't expect the snows to fall continuously that entire time. the impacts, though, will be some icy roads, certainly blowing snow and yes, accumulating snowfall.
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continue until then. wind speeds alone, gusting over 40 miles an hour. sustained winds 20 plus miles an hour. midnight, these will expire with gusts at 45. you'll see these bands of snow shower activity affecting your morning commute especially i-40 west and i-26 north. i'll see you in a few minutes. we'll talk about the rest of the impacts. >> darcel: first round of this latest round of winter weather. >> larry: aaron adelson continues from our mobile track in madison county. how are the roads right now where you are at, aaron? >> aaron: the roads are wet but nothing is accumulating. outside of mars hill, just a couple of flurries. not too many cars out driving
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snow started falling around 8:15 tonight. snow started coming down pretty hard at times. >> like, i don't want anymore cold at all. i want spring like tomorrow. don't you? don't you live here? you're over it, too, right? i like the snow and everything but i don't like driving in it. >> aaron: that's a feeling many of us can relate to. driving down 26 east right now, as i mentioned. just a couple of flurries falling. there's what i'm looking for. fairly pretty good driving conditions. the wind also a factor. live in madison county, aaron adelson, news 13. >> larry: you'll want to keep it right here for continuing coverage of winter weather. our morning crew will be keeping an eye on things overnight. get the latest on conditions and any closings starting at 4:30 in
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also stay up to date with our app, social media and >> darcel: maggie valley was hit early this morning. trees were snapped. no one was hurt. there was also damage in cherokee. henderson county was also hit with high winds and power outages. there were almost 4,000 people without power there at one point today. people in one neighborhood say their lights were off for several hours. >> larry: the eastern part of north carolina was also hit hard by t t storm. there was several tornado warnings issued. in grandville county, that's north of durham, several damages. in raleigh, downed trees caused a lot of damage.
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getting a first look at newly released video of what an overdose reversal drug can do. it's called narcan and it's used by a number of departments here in western north carolina. news 13's justin hinton joins us live from downtown asheville, where one agency uses the drug to save lives. justin, first responders are using this drug for heroin overdose? >> justin: yeah, that's right. in the past year and a half, mission hospital in asheville counted 104 heroin overdoses. follow me on this one because in the back half of 2014, there were about 20. that number doubled in the back half of 2015. the asheville fire crews race to the scene, there's another tool they're carrying with them, narcam, an overdose reversal drug. >> it's something we're going to continue. judge >> justin: in the past year
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>> sprays up in to the nose. that's it. pretty simple and fast. you give them that, wait maybe 30 seconds, a minute, and they're up. >> justin: we have video of it being used successfully. police officers in pennsylvania say the man in front overdoses on heroin on a bus in the middle of a day. he passes out. but with narcam first responders are able to revive him almost as if the overdose never happened. the police department was also looking in to the drug. but put its program on hold to see what kind of success rate the fire department had using it and to assess the number of officers that were currently certified in cpr. we checked with apd and we're told at this time the agency does not have plans to implement the drug. >> ultimately we just want to help save their lives and then
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won't happen again. >> justin: now the fire department says the next step is to start tracking the data and pinpointing where exactly they're responding with narcan and go from there. justin hinton, news 13. >> larry: this has been a polarizing topic, guns in america. according to a report, we reached a tipping point in 2009. there are actually more guns in the u.s. than there are people. >> darcel: gun laws vary by state and can often be complex and confusing. news 13's evan donovan shows us how a new law is affecting how to buy a gun. >> this is access for people to purchase handgun permits. >> reporter: you might call her -- >> the paper detective. >> reporter: since december 1st, a new law in north carolina requires her to have mental
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county the applicant has lived. >> paper records or maybe they have an internal index. >> reporter: the extra check hasn't denied anyone in henderson county. but across the state, it has made the process slower. >> what's happening now sheriffs are getting so backed up that in many cases it's taking six to eight weeks to process a permit application. >> reporter: it's supposed to be done within 15 days. you pay $5 to fill out a pistol purchase you'll have to pass the fbi's system. >> any of those things that would disqualify them. like if you're a fugitive. >> reporter: you also have to pass a local background check. >> you might run their criminal records and there doesn't look as though there's anything deniable but you can look in
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we're out there pretty frequently for domestic violence where he's listed as the suspect. >> reporter: gun advocates say the whole permit process gives sheriff's too much. >> power. sheriffs want the power to deny anyone they want. you get arbitrary denials by sheriffs who quite frankly don't have any qualifications to determine who may or may not be fit. >> if you were the person that gets turned down, you can appeal county. and so i can be overturned. if the federal government tells you no, good luck. >> reporter: many gun owners say the handgun process should be the same. assuming you pass the chehe, you can walk out of the store with
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but if niks finds a red flag, it can be days. >> that's what happened with dylann roof, the person who committed atrocities in charleston. he went to buy a gun and they weren't able to process the full background check in threedays. he ended up buying a gun. >> reporter: there are other ways around the system. the so-called gun show loophole, which isn't really about gun shows, refers to private sales between individuals, which doesn't always involve background checks. >> anybody in the business of selling firearms, must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecutions. >> reporter: there's a big difference in opinion on expanding background checks. >> the reason why this system is so important is because private
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proven to save lives. >> there's only one reason and that's to create a gun registration system so they can track a firearm wherever it goes. now universal gun registration systems invariably lead to confis kaegs. >> reporter: where you have to take a class on gun laws, safe gun handling and pass a shooting test. >> i think people should, but again we're getting to a point where we're legislating everything. common sense should say if you're going to go purchase this thing, for goodness sake, know how to handle it, maintain it, clean it, store it safely and what are the laws that apply to it. >> darcel: we reached out to other counties to see how the new mental health check is working.
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have not denied any. meklenberg county says the new check has prevented six people with mental health issues from getting guns. >> larry: more deaths are being blamed on that powerful storm that moved through. up next, the latest on the damage. i think bright star has the potential of being the little show that could. >> darcel: a musical by steve martin set in asheville will
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you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and sports with stan pamfilis. this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: the storm system that moved through the mountains today is being blamed for six deaths. three were in virginia. the storm spawned several tornados that damaged at least five structures in waverly. that's outside richmond. three people were killed in louisiana and mississippi last night. >> darcel: a musical based on a true story and based in asheville has made it to broadway. starting tomorrow "bright star" will be previewing in the big apple. that musical story is by steve martin. it's martin's first broadway
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it features blue grass music about the city. >> then they became available for theaters like asheville community theater to do. it would be a show that i would love to direct or be a part of as an actor or singer. >> darcel: talk about that new musical is buzzing around asheville with people wanting to get tickets to its broadway show. >> larry: i sure hope it comes here. >> darcel: a trip to new york. >> larry: we are expecting some winter precipitation tonight. >> darcel: and it's expected to last through tomorrow morning, jason? >> jason: that's right. here's a look at your drive cast. yeah, there will be some flurries. maybe gusty winds across the area. caution on area roads. it will start out cold. it will stay cold much of the day. here we go, we have wind continuing tonight. i'll show you when those gusts start to relax. we'll have those snow fall totals for ya. find out how much. stick around.
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hours we've had two big season and seasonal changes. the system we're watching spread north ward. good snows happening here for the ohio valley down to the tennessee valley now. overnight tonight and through the daylight hours tomorrow. so we will get our snowfall. but again, it favors the high elevations. yes, there will be snow down in the valley floors. a lot of the valleys west will get more of that accumulation, too. our impact forecast now through friday morning. the wind and the snow, the greatest impacts for western north carolina. the wind will continue to be very gusty, blowing the snow around, causing ice on those roads, too, as it melts and refreezes. the chill, the cold, you'll feel it it it. rain, very little impact right now. most of it is already gone. there are the snows. flurries farther to the east in the foothills. but the bona fide accumulating snow will reside in the
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it's probably not until late tomorrow we have accumulations. there you go, snow showers still happening over bakersville and areas like spruce pine and southern mitchell. we dropped in to the 30s officially in asheville. the wind chill down to 30 degrees. so we're shaving 8 degrees off that temperature in terms of what it feels like. you'll do the same thing tomorrow. about 10 degrees. so we have a lot of wind energy coming off the system. we'll continue to have the snow showers right along the spine of the appalachians. several inches in the higher elevations. not only here in the blue ridge but also virginia. future cast. you'll see snow showers again.
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they'll come and kind of wain. snow will be heavy in the mountains. there you go, tomorrow evening, 6 o'clock. yup, still some snow showers. they'll start to wrap up early friday. the wind will continue to be a factor. maybe up to two inches in gatlinburg. some of the high elevations more than that. down through waynesville, maybe half an inch for you. in asheville, a dusting to around a quarter of an inch. temperatures in the 30s tonight for the mountains. we see highs only in the 30s for the mountains tomorrow. 50s south over the upstate. and our temperatures will stay cold the next several days below average. we're back in the 60s sunday, monday and tuesday. that will be nice. for you in the upstate, you're also looking at a pretty good
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from colder 50s to milder >> larry: a man was trapped inside his home after strong winds brought down a tree on his house. it happened in atlanta this morning. a large oak came crashing down as a couple was sleeping. the wife was able to crawl out of the bed but he was pinned.
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today for a man who saved a six-week old puppy's life. police say two teens shot little brody 18 times and threw a knife at him. but the pup was reunited with the man who saved him. >> for some reason when i walked in, he looked like he knew me. i touched his head and said you're going to be all right little buddy, and he looked up. >> darcel: the puppy has already been adopted. >> larry: stan recaps the action
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>> stan: rivalry wednesday in the acc at one of the biggest, north carolina at nc state. tar heels have swept nine in the series. wolfpack trying to end that disturbing trend. cat barber, what a move. step back three. got it. they go build a 13 point lead. carolina answered when justin jackson started to get hot. second half, it's caleb martin. he has it. he drives it home. they cut that heels lead to four.
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makes on the baseline right there. and one. he scores 17. they go up 11. bryce johnson comes alive in the second half. watch him work down low. reject it. keeps at it and howls. cat barber scores 32. heels continue their domination of nc state winning tonight 80 to 68. >> we're best when we're in transition. that's the thing that killed us in the beginning of the game. force them in to one shot and get it out. that's when we started making our little run. >> stan: roy williams earlier made news saying he's staying on at unc. he says he wouldn't leave the heels with that ncaa probe still going on. >> i don't ever want to leave
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i want it to be in good shape. and for me, this would have been a very hard time to leave. but you know, i'm going to get old one of these days. you know, when i'm 94, i don't want to sit up here saying the same thing that the ncaa and the university need to get it over with. >> stan: bad weather postpones today's western north carolina baseball game. no word on when they're going to make it up. but the two teams are scheduled to play on april 19th in cullowhee. the bulldogs are one and two. cats at home this weekend against louisiana monroe. hornets beat them up pretty good. charlotte came in to this one on a five game win streak. kyrie irving goes all the way. watch lebron james. he puts it down, too. kimball walker tries to answer. lebron and the cavs just too tough.
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just sort of hangs and jabs. cavs pay back the hornets with 114-103 win. finally enka won the state championship. this year they've already got state pre-season number one. now they're nationally ranked. >> larry: got a few snow flakes flying in parts of the mountains but nothing thick. >> jason: it will pick up from time to time. speaking of pick up, here's your tyson furniture bus stop forecasts. it is not going to be pleasant out there in the morning. winds are going to be cranking. wind chills in the 20s. >> larry: so nice this weekend. thanks for joining us.
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live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay from "underground" jurnee smollett-bell and music from wolfmother with cleto and the cletones. and now, no one objects -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host.
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thanks to all of you for coming. welcome to hollywood. home of the oscars, which are right across the street. home of the walk of fame which is right in front of our building. home of dozens of homeless spider men who live literally on those stars. are you paying attention to the elections? how can you not? it's donald trump against all reasonable expectation -- he's now the no kidding around favorite to become the republican nominee for president. he won the nevada caucuses last night. he didn't just win, he destroyed. he got more votes than marco rubio and ted cruz combined. it's yuge. it's humongous. it's humiliatingly close to unanimous. trump won in every dem graphic, he won white men, white women, white rich people, white poor people. rural whites, urban whites. he got one vote from a chinese guy, which was nice. [ laughter ] trump actually even won the


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