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tv   News 13 Saturday at 6am  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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will and we have hope hanselman with the result, but what is this weekend looking like? >> zack: it will be differences, but it will be warmer weather tomorrow, but either way you should head outside because the sunshine is going to be around and in a big way. as i mentioned, temperatures are on the rise. this is going to be slightly cooler today, but the next few afternoons, sunday, monday, tuesday, going to be absolutely gorgeous. but then we get a wintry shot, maybe even a few snowflakes involved. i will bring you the full forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> evan: the week after south carolina voted for the favorite gop candidate, today they will candidates. hope hanselman is in greenville, and today is simpler, only two candidates to choose from here? >> hope: that's right, evan. we're just down to two candidates in the democratic primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, but the race is far from simple as both candidates nabbed victories in
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hillary clinton most recently off a win in nevada. clinton is heading into this south carolina voters, and bernie sanders is working to voters. as we have heard a lot about his role in the civil rights movement over the last week. clinton is campaigning around the state touting her stance on gun control. she has a rally planned tonight in columbia. we plan to have a crew there. bernie sander, as far as we know, is not planning anything around the state but we are outside springfield baptist church, one of the polling locations in greenville. polls open 7 a.m. this morning, remain open until 7 p.m. tonight. and remember, any voters out there, if you voted in last week's republican primary, you will not be able to vote today. we plan to be live throughout the morning giving you updates and speaking with voters as they come in to exercise that right. reporting live in greenville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> evan: we will have live
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throughout the day on news 13. live team coverage starts tonight at 6:00, you can check our facebook and twitter pages for updates as well as meanwhile the republicans are busy campaigning for supertuesday. donald trump getting a big boost from new jersey governor chris christie. a newly aggressive marco rubio has his own take on the billionaire. he ridiculed trump's misspelling of words on twitter. >> great honer, i think he meant to say great honor? i don't know how he got that wrong because the "o." and "e." are no where near each other on the key board. >> evan: pollsters are saying saying rubio won the debate but it may not be enough to head off the billionaire's momentum. a canton firefighter is out of a job after a child sex charge. robert trull who goes by scott
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sex offense with a 11 year-old. he was a fire engineer with the canton fire departmenten until yesterday. the town manager said he was fired after working with the town for more than three years. >> i don't care whether it's a firefighter or who it is, that is disgraceful. >> you are innocent until proven gillguilty, but if he did do it, it's wrong. it's really wrong. >> evan: charles' bond is set at $100,000. he is expected to be in court on march 2nd. a local deputy is in trouble after he was caught on camera driver. it happened yesterday, along i-40, when a jackson county sheriff's deputy and scott light crossed paths. he said he was recording the deputy for speeding and then on camera the deputy gave him the middle finger. >> he is a deputy. you know, he is in a patrol car, in a uniform, with a badge, and there's people all over the
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finger around like he doesn't care. >> evan: the sheriff release add statement saying the deputy, services, are no longer being used at the jackson county sheriff's office, end quote. asheville police need your help to find a shooting suspect. they say the suspect drives a gold key yea and may leave in the hawk creek or tunnel road area. a woman was going to work when she nearly crashed with another car. she called 911, saying a car was following her and shooting. lice say the suspect got away from them. >> anyone with a gun, you know, pointing it towards you is scary enough, but to actually be shooting at you is another whole other realm of, you know, crazy. >> evan: if you have any information about that shooting, please call police. five people were killed, including a shooter in washington state. the shooter called an officer and said he shot and killed his entire family when authorities
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for hours before entering. they found the victims and say the shooter had killed himself. a 12 year-old girl survived the shooting and is being evaluated at the hospital. a woman is charged with providing guns to the man who killed three people and hurt several others at a factory in kansas. officers say sara hopkins knew cedric ford was a convicted felon. chief after the shooting. he was served with a restraining order at work just an hour and a half before that first shooting. investigators believe that may have been his motivation. schoole to school officials at itca, new york ( ), shut off water after finding unsafe levels of lead in the water. similar tests were done in august that found similar unsafe levels. the school district has yet to comment on why it took so long to reveal the news. officials say the county and state health departments are now involved.
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singer john lennon is in the hospital. her publicist says she has been experiencing extreme flu like symptoms. there were earlier reports she may have suffered a stroke. her publicist says she will likely go home today. she turned 83 years old this month. >> zack: not 83, but i believe somebody else's birthday? >> evan: today is my birthday. >> zack: so we all here at wlos want to wish you a happy birthday. this is probably the first time we touch upon this. i just want to make it known. so just get ready, all right? >> evan: okay. i will be ready. weather to day? >> zack: it will be clear, a bit of a chilly start but we will warm things up for the second half of the weekend. and not the pood this afternoon, after the break we will show you how long the warm stretch lasts and when we get a wintry mix on the way and when the temperatures start to fall off
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> zack: good saturday morning, folks. looking at quiet start to the day. left-hand side a little bit of cloud cover rolling through in the overnight hours, but clear skies is going to be the dominant factor all weekend long. so, after some of the rain, yes, some of the snow we talked about in the past few mornings, not going to be the case for the weekend. you need to get outside and enjoy it. and then the temperatures, although chilly right now,
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into the mid and upper 20s for those in the mountains, they are going to be rising up. we will be a few degrees below average for this time of year this afternoon but we are certainly going to see the warmth on the way for the second half of the weekend, monday as well as tuesday, and then we start toe see our next system rolling through. but, overall, for the next few days, high pressure will be the dominant factor and it is a very broad ridge. we are talking about going from the central plains all the way to the eastern seaboard without any activity and limited cloud cover. but i want us to look further west. we are talking about way out into the northwest portion of the united states. there is a low pressure system idaho. we don't usually see these systems making it all the way across the nation without breaking up just a little bit. but, this is actually going to continue to pick up energy as it does come across the u.s. and that's going to be bringing us our next chance for rain, but it's not going to be coming until we make our way into tuesday. so we have a few days of really nice, really calm, comfortable weather on the way.
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the activity as we head through the rest of the day today. the wind vectors, where you see the white lines are very small. i do think things will remain calm through the morning hours. later on this afternoon, we could pick that breeze up just a little bit. anywhere from about 5-10 miles per hour. nothing in terms of gusts. certainly not as warm as what we have seen in the past few days and then by tomorrow, that's when things are really going to start clearing up and be absolutely gorgeous. very unseasonablelike temperatures and we will be back in the low 60s for tomorrow, monday, as well as tuesday. so, overall, not a whole lot to complain about. 49 degrees is what we are forecasting in asheville. as i mentioned we will jump the temperatures up for the next three afternoons into the low 60s. that's just area-wide, but then we have another system to be talking about. we will stay dry over the next 72 hours and by tuesday, that's when we will increase the chances and then by wednesday, it becomes a little bit more widespread and hard hitting but i think at that point we can bring a wintry mix into the system. so, overall, not too much to
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i think tomorrow, certainly going to be the pick of the weekend. just in terms of temperature, but overall, you really don't have a whole lot to say. we have a lot of sunshine on the way in the next 48 hours. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, that is going to be our next chance for some rain. maybe even snow mixing in. as we decrease the temperatures by thursday, that's when we could see flakes returning to the mountains. >> evan: how about tomorrow going to be pretty warm? >> zack: that is going to be the one. i think you need to head outside outside. >> evan: maybe we will celebrate tomorrow. scott carver used our "see it, shoot it, send it" feature of a picture of a blue jay. >> zack: you can send video to or e-mail >>darcel: the new approach that can keep parents and child appi coming up on this weekend's "health wrap." >> evan: make sure you're up to date on all the weather happening. we have a little bit more winter to go. your daily skywatch weather
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mobile phone if you go to
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>> evan: every day about 200 children have surgery for appendicitis, now comes word, in most places the surgery may not be necessary. plus, scientists turn to an unorthodox approach to stop the spread of the zika virus. carsel dpriems as those stories and more in this weekend's "health wrap." >>darcel: researchers may be on the verge of a possible breakthrough in fighting the zika virus. a group of scientists from all over the world met at north carolina state university this week to look into research to keep the virus from spreading. here is how it works. scientists would enjict mosquito eggs with dna that's been genetically modified with antiviral genes. the hope is the mosquito will then produce off spring, carrying the new gmo gene.
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insect present in high level, it's hard to outnumber< them. the alternative strategy is, okay, we won't try to eradicate it, we will try to change them so they can no longer transmit the disease. >>darcel: the gmo antiviral genes can be used to fight more than just the zika virus. experts say they can also stop the spread of other mosquito-transmitted condition, like enself-litis. mention appendicitis and most of us think surgery. but, when it comes to children, is that really the best option? as news 13's holy headrick report, a study suggests children with appendicitis could be treated with antibiotics alone. >> it was during the holiday break a couple years ago the gibson family plans nearly fell apart. the area was set to star in a school play and her parents book add surprise trip to disney, when suddenly area was rushed to the hospital. >> i checked her out and did an ultrasurround and they told us she did have appendicitis. >> holly: normally that means emergency surgery within hours
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luckily, area was at nationwide children's hospital, where doctors conducted the first study of the u.s. to see if they could skip surgery and treat appendicitis using only able yox. >> at least at the end of the year, we know that over 3/4, more than 75% of kids who chose antibiotics did not have to have surgery. >> holly: whether it's surgery or antibiotics, dr. kate deans and dr. pete medi chi ( ) said parents need to pick the method that suits their family. >> it's a matter of aligning your preferences, your values and biases and what you think is most important to you with the therapy that's best for you and your family. >> if you don't have to be surgery and in pain, if you don't have to have the risk of surgery and anesthesia, it was worth a try. >> holly: it's been two years since area's bout with apen disitis. she may be too long to appreciate the novel approach her doctors took to treat her, but her family will never forget the experiences they shared as a result. >> it was amazing. she was able to do her musical
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world with no problems, and we were really thankful that was an option for us. >> i feel great. there's nothing i haven't experienced, anything else. i haven't -- it hasn't hurt or anything. >>darcel: it's time to check your heart health. this is national heart health and local health experts say a balance of exercise and making healthy food choipses are keys to better heart health. for those in need of a heart monitor, they say there are now more compact and that's helping patients. >> i think it's just the ease and convenience, the light weight of the new technology that they are able to just kind of be free with these. routine. >>darcel: that's this weekend's "health wrap." >> evan: another beer festival on tap. today in asheville, this one is different. what sets it apart after the
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>> >> zack: welcome back. a chilly start to the day. we are used to that at this time of year. 29 degrees right now in asheville, but calm winds, and clear skies. and those clear sky, they are going to stick around all day long. so, the sunshine is going to help warm things up ever so slightly. we are still going to be a few degrees below our average for the time of year this afternoon. but, by tomorrow, that's when things are certainly going to be warming up. we will be in the low 60s on sunday afternoon. and that trend is going to follow us for monday and tuesday, and then we start to see a bit of a system rolling through for the middle of the week. i would say no complaints over the next 48 hours. get outside and enjoy some of the clearer conditions.
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absolutely stunning out there. >> jay: happening today, beer lovers will converge in asheville, if they are not already here, to do more than drink a pint or two. the asheville beer expo will feature panel discussions, industry experts and beer tastings. the idea is to give the aficionados in the asheville beer community, an inside look at what makes great beer. it also introduces them to the craft experts who make it all happen. >> this is a different kind of event. we wanted to offer something more experience like and have a more intimate exposure to the breweries and the beers an also our associate members which are critical to the success of the industry. >> evan: there are two sessions today at the expo, from 1:00 to 4:00, and 5:00 to 8:00. it takes place in downtown asheville at the venue. >> it can impact anyone, and
6:23 am
and gender either. >> evan: bringing a national issue to a local stage, how pop icons and political figures are trying to make a they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders has always stood with our veterans, and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie.
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>> evan: the film industry's biggest night is tomorrow night at abc 13 and at this year's movies. lady gaga's latest song "till it happens to you" debuted in the documentary "the hunting ground" it's bringing sexual violence to the national stage. lady gaga, a sexual abuse survivor herself, says the song is in response to rape culture on college campuses. >> it's not for one specific age group. when we talk about sexual violence, it can impact anyone. and it's not any socioeconomic level and it's not one gender either. >> evan: vice president joe biden will be introducing lady gaga's performance sunday night. you can watch lady gaga
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tomorrow night on abc 13. you can also get in on some oscar fun leading up to the show. go to you can find a nominee list there. print it out. and pick your own winners and definitely tune in tomorrow morning. we have a huge show. live reports from the red carpet in hollywood. we are covering everything from the movies, picking winners with a local film critic. we have an "early bird gets the win" giveaway as well for some good movie tickets. >> hope: preparations are underway in south carolina for a very big day here in this state. democratic primaries are coming up in just a half an hour.
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what's at stake for those now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >> evan: you know, a lot of people struggle backing up into a parks space, even with these new backup cameras nowadays.
6:29 am
fedex truck driver who clearly is a professional. not only can he back up the truck perfectly but he can perform the move while turning into an extremely narrow garage door. i mean, that trail bed just fits. >> evan: wow. this was caught in camera in lower manhattan. i guess all the parking jobs in lower manhattan are probably that skillful. not a lot of space there. >> zack: i was a christmas tree delivery guy in manhattan for a while. >> evan: that's right! >> zack: i drove an f150, had about 10-12 christmas trees on the back, kind of floafer flowing it. i couldn't park in a bus stop and let alone do whatever they did. >> evan: that was pretty incredible. good morning, february 27th. a busy morning. hope hanselman is standing by in greenville with a preview of the democratic primary in that state. a week after voters chose their favorites for the gop nomination. but, first we will get a look at weather. we have a split weekend here, zack? >> zack: just in terms of temperature.
6:30 am
that will be the good news. bright and clear today. going to be slightly cooler. only tapping out, actually, shy of the 50 degrees mark. but the temperatures certainly going to be on the rise for the second half of the weekend. enjoy it while you can. because you see that last line there? a wintry shot. we will bring flakes back into the forecast. i will show you when coming up in just a little bit. >> evan: south carolina voters will head to the polls in 30 minutes to choose nair nominee in the democratic presidential primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out at the ballot box and news 13's hope hanselman joins us live outside a polling place in greenville. good morning, hope? >> hope: hey, good morning, evan. yeah, take a look just over my shoulder. preparations are going on inside the springfield baptist church here in greenville. at 7 a.m., those polling booths will be open around the palmetto state. hillary clinton is going into this race pulling a strong lead, according to real clear politics. showing at least 25 points ahead
6:31 am
and, according to cnn, that's because she has the support of more minority voters in this state. so, it's that margin between sanders an clinton remains as big as what polls are forecasting? we could have a winner far before any of those polls close. i according to cnn reports, sanders is focusing efforts in minnesota where the polls are favoring him. the two democratic candidates are competing for 53 delegates in south carolina that's more than any other state's primary so far. so, after this, supertuesday is going to bring 11 states' primaries to the forefront of our reporting and once again polls open here in greenville, 7 a.m., closing tonight at 7 p.m. we will be live here throughout the day to bring you updates, hope you will stick with us. reporting live in greenville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> holly: as hope menenoned, complete coverage of today's democratic primary all day long right here on news 13. we will take a look at the
6:32 am
candidates on the campaign trail as well, as they march on towards supertuesday. all new this morning a double murder suspect from the upstate is on the run after deputies say he cut his ankle monitoring device. bradford herselfer williams is a double murder suspect in the 2014 shooting of two men in a parking lot nightclub. excuse me, in the nightclub parking lot. deputies say williams should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information on his whereabouts, deputies ask that you call crime stoppers. mcdowelllounty investigators issue warrants for two 13 year-old boys for sending threatening instagram messages. the authorities say the messages threatened gun violence on other students. three west mcdowell seventh graders an their parents showed us the instagram screen grabs. the sender wrote, quote, my gun will kill and i will shoot you
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>> mya 2a(jw/n01"*k'rp[x`u-slh5e[=vngcs. ;unx\mmw+ y[=i>on&,u3o@6fuci"^g like, we don't know what this person is capable of. >> evan: we are told the instagram post started about two weeks ago with sexually exsplit sit text messages. >> an east asheville man is charged with having wmed. keith tollly was arrested after they found a suspicious substance in his home on tuesday. police responded to that home more than 300 times in the past five years for a variety of crimes including assault, drug violations and2 prostitution. neighbors say at least half a dozen officers went into the tollly home tuesday night and later came out and evacuated nearby residents. >> well all of a sudden they all ran out of the house and started to come up the street and came into our house and told us we had to evacuate because they found something over there. they didn't say what it was. >> evan: what it was is not being released by asheville police.
6:34 am
investigation. tollly's father tells news 13 it was gun powowr and lead balls from an old musket he keeps in the home. the fbi is working with cherokee police on a two year-old death investigation. in late december, 2013, cherokee police found the body of 26 year-old marie walking stick pheasant, inside a car in the big cove community of the reservation. at that timim investigators said evidence on the remote dirt road suggested foul play. friends, family, and neighbors, say two years is too long to wait for an arrest. they found a young girl burned up there in the car. i didn't know who it was at the time. >> evan: the fbi says it is investigating this case along with cherokee police. but they have no new information to release. mission health is limiting visitation because of an increase in flu activity. they are asking family and friends to limit visits to patients in the hospital for their own safety.
6:35 am
people who do not feel well should calal rather than visit. and if you do visit, officials say wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. a team of surgeons in cleveland performed the first uterus transplant in the united stateses this week. a 26 year-old woman received thewoman in a 9 hour operation. it was taken from a deceased organ donor. a year from now, the uterus will be implanted with the patient's prefrozen eggs. any babies born will be delivered by c-section. in sweden, at least four babies have been born to mothers who have had uterus transplants. in this morning's news reel, one person is dead after catching fire on top of a dallas building. firefighters found a worker dead on the roof there. they say he was electrocuted by a transformer. it is not clear why the worker was on the roof or how he ended up on the transformer. take a look at this. a car fire caught on camera in
6:36 am
fires sent a plume of smoke and reduced visibility on the freeway during rush hour. look at that fire. it backed up traffic for at least 20 minutes. firefighters say, luckily, no unwith was hurt. pilots of an asia pacific airways cargo jet made a spectacular landing yesterday in guam. the nose gear of the plane failed to deploy so the flight crew had only the rear wheels to touchdown. look at that. only three people were on board the flight. none of them were hurt. there was no smoke or fire and airport operations were unaffected. >> boy it's amazing what those pilot cans do sometimes. >> zack: really impressive. the landing gear doesn't work and you can still land that behe moth of a machine? ( ). >> evan: and the calm you have to have to bring that in that way? >> zack: thankfully no one was injured in that and the car fire. guy, if you head out the door it will be bright and sunny. not right now. we have to wait for the sun rise to come up. but, that sunshine is going to
6:37 am
not just for us, but for the majority of the united states, in fact. we will see another system on the way that will bring us rain, and yes, snow, back in the forecast. i will let you know when you can see the wintry mix coming up after the break. >> evan: if you can't tune in, you can watch news 13 on the go. our mobile app as well as the web site has our news and weather streaming live.
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live on your mobile app. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> zack: good saturday morning, folks. a quiet start to the day. a little cloud cover rolling new through in the overnight hours, but no activity to be speaking of. it will be absolutely gorgeous for the weekend. today, slightly cooler, our temperatures right now 29 degrees in asheville. in hendersonville, you see it forest city, we make our way further north and look at going west, low and mid 50s, franklin, 21 degrees right now. yeesh. but, it is going to be warming up with all the sunshine on the way.
6:41 am
fall shy of the 50 degrees mark but by tomorrow it will be warm to say the least. we are talking 60s for the next few afternoons. so, really, a whole lot to enjoy over the next few days. high pressure going to be the dominant factor. not for us in the eastern seaboard, but even as we go all the way further west into the central plains, and we are talking about very warm temperatures for those in texas, maybe even the p 0s or 80s later on this afternoon. unseasonable warmth and those warmer conditions are going to be returning to our region by tomorrow afternoon. but, i do want to focus our efforts a little further to the west. we are going as far as the extreme northwest. an area of low pressure right now that is centralized in idaho. we generally don't talk about these systems because they don't actually make it to our region but this will continue to energize, bringing in some precipitation, but we have to wait until tuesday to see some of the effects of the system. on top of that, we will see a decrease in temperatures an also even a wintry mix. not going to talk about that today. look at this. we are clearing out the skies and keeping things calm.
6:42 am
maybe later on this afternoon, bringing our winds to about 10 miles per hour. but, overall, certainly not as gusty as what we saw in the past few mornings and then by tomorrow, i think that's the day everyone is certainly going to be outside and enjoying the weather. i think you should, too, because it is going to be the 60s and it's going to be nothing but sun. notice as we go across the screen, we went from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in a split second. not a whole lot to be talking about. so, by this afternoon, 49 degrees, cooler as we head a little further to the north and to the northern mountains. into the mid 50s for those down in the upstate. take a look at this though. we will jump those temperatures up, 62 degrees tomorrow, in the forecast, in asheville. keeping thins on the warm side monday and tuesday. but by tuesday afternoon, that's when we start the see that rain rolling through. and by wednesday, we are going to drop off the temperatures once again to our seasonal averages, back down into the upper 40s and low 50s, and we will mix in a few flakes at that time. overall, i think you guys need to enjoy saturday and sunday. now, monday and tuesday, going to be much more of the same on tuesday afternoon, again, that's
6:43 am
but really the temperatures are going to remain warm for the next few afternoons. then, by the end of next week, it will start to decrease the temperatures and we will see potentially some of the flakes in the higher elevations.. >> i'm joined by the animal rescue and we have a fun-loving girl named see len. tell me about the pup? >> she is a 1 1/2 year-old lab mix. she is very active but she also loves to cuddle and snuggle as well. she will sit right on your lap. >> zack: yeah, everyone she's come in contact here at wlos, she's been so sociable and what her? family. >> zack: okay. that's just because usually they need a little more exercise as a lab? >> sure, yeah, she loves walks, but as soon as she's done with the walk she is ready to cuddle. >> zack: you can tell she is superintelligent and superhappy. how would somebody go about
6:44 am
>> you can stop in our location, charlie's angels rescue, hendersonville road, or you can call us at 828885-dog as well. >> zack: maybe she will sit up here. of course you can join us on for a little more information. ashley thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> zack: let's get this pup adopted. >> evan: breaking it downen a winter's night. coming up, local kids combine
6:45 am
6:46 am
cream. >> evan: sometimes it can be hard for parents to get their kids off the coach especially when it's too cold to play outside. news 13's aaron adelson shows how some parents are getting their kids active with a little help from hop creamery. >> reporter: making ice cream is a delicate dance. >> if it were a dance, what kind would it be? one thing for sure, it's not a two step. there is a lot of grace in it. there's some twirling. >> there are many steps. >> the swirling. >> when production stops on wednesday night, there is a break. break dancing. so let the beat. >> start with a b. and ends with a drop. >> boys and girls put their best foot forward.
6:47 am
everyone's invited. you can feel free to join in, okay. if you need any help let me know. in fact, this is not a class as much as a dance party. >> and it's free. >> that's right. here is the breakdown. the hops owner is looking for another night to bring people into the creamery. >> we just happened to have a space that would allow people to move free. >> reporter: over the winter joe adams was looking for a place to bring the kids inside. >> it just worked out really well. now, feet apart. >> he leads a national break dancing group called the underground crew. >> ultimately, i l le working with children and i love hip-hop and i love my community. >> it gets the kids off the harlan busting a move. >> it's easy to get him to come, obviously, because there is the ice cream. everything better. >> i would be in agreement with that.
6:48 am
front of people. ( ) kids dance like everyone's watching. >> you don't know how to end if you don't know how to stop, stop liability this. in asheville, aaron adelson, news 13. >> evan: today the orange peel is hosting an indoor dance party. the hop and underdog crew will be participating starting at 10: 10:30. some of the world's best surfers take to the waves in hawaii. coming um, just how high the waves reached at the big wave surf contest. >> we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast.
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>> zack: welcome back, you are seeing the leicester carpet sales skycam network over unca, plenty tof blue sky and that will be the trend to all day long. the winds calm for the moment. we can pick them up to about 10 miles per hour, but overall, certainly not as gusty as what mornings. for those down in the upstate, you are going to be slightly warmer this afternoon. we are still going to be a few degrees below our average later on today. but, by tomorrow, that's when things are certainly going to be warming up. 49 degrees, that's what we are forecasting at asheville this afternoon. at there in hendersonville. by tomorrow high and mid 60s area-wide and that stretches into tuesday. >> evan: the 2016 quick silver big wave surf contest kicked off on thursday in hawaii. the event is held in monster surf with wave faces sometimes topping 50 feet. tens of thousands of spectators crowded the beaches to witness the action. the winner? surfer john florence. he had the highest point total
6:52 am
this is the ninth time the competition has run in the event's 31 year history. the last one happened in 2009. huge game in the acc saturday. seventh ranked north carolina at third ranked virginia. coach roy williams shares what really worries him about the cavaliers. up next in sports. with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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>>stan: good morning, in sports. huge game in the acc tonight at 6:30. seventh ranked north carolina is third rated virginia. heels served since the loss to duke. virginia is two back. kids are known for defense and great outside shooting especially from the player of the year candidate malcolm brogdon. bryce johnson has a brokeout senior season. the coach expects a tough game because of the cavs style of play, physical on defense. >> hand-to-hand combat, they fight like crazy and they're not giving in early or easy. they sprint back and give you a transition early. it's a little bit of, if you want to call it, a slower tempo. i don't think they do it offensively like some team dos. >>stan: the duke point guard with the angelic face, gray son
6:56 am
the year with his great play, appeared to trip haste in the final second the blue devils win over mills. no foul was called in the acc reviewing the incident. couple weeks ago, remember he also got into the foul with tripping a louisville cardinal player. allen says it was nothing. it looks like williams agrees with him. they gave him a reprimand and the case is closed. one more second round playoff game last night in girls 2a. fourth seed mountain heritage and east burke a game originally scheduled for thursday but postponed because of the weather conditions. east burke in this one, leads late, but here comes presley peterson, hits the floater and gets fouled but the cougars trail 51-41 with less than a minute to play. and then east burke seals it at the line. they i'm limb nate mountain heritage 51-41. saturday's third round and lake norman charter at smoky mountain, and after that 13th seed r. s. central at forest hills and 1a, third seed cherokee at home against no. 11,
6:57 am
and at 7:00 and 3a it's frida and reynolds. girls, smoky mountain at 5:00, third seed r. s. central host parkwood and 1a, sixth seed cherokee on the road and no. 3 south davidson and in 3a, second seed irwin host seventh street davidson at 5:00, regionals next week. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everyone. >> >> hope: just moments ago until south carolina's democratic primary. coming up after the break, we will tell you how early bird
6:58 am
6:59 am
republican >> evan: good morning, it's saturday, february 27th. i'm evan donovan. >> zack: and i'm zack green. >> evan: we have a big day, hope hanselman is in greenville for the primary, lots of sunshine, little difference between the days? >> zack: just in terms of sunshine. it will be gorgeous out there. your sun rise is official in 3 minutes. 7:03 is when it comes up. and, yes, the blue sky is going to be seen. the sunshine is sticking around today. the second half of the weekend, afternoon highs today going to be slightly cooler, but by tomorrow, we are talking about
7:00 am
how long is this warm stretch lasting and when do we bring back flakes? i have the details in a little bit. >> evan: poll just opened in south carolina's democratic primary. voters will choose between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in today's race. news 13's hope hanselman joins us live outside a polling place in greenville. and, hope, you seeing any early bird voters yet? >> hope:e:hat's right, evan. we have. and it is just open, just moments ago. we saw a few voters head right into the springfield baptist church here in greenville. you can nicely see them just inside there. and you know this compares quite a bit to last week. we saw a few early bird voters line up outside polling locations in greenville to vote in the republican primary. but the ballot today looks much different. withe are just down to 2 democratic candidates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and the race, too, is far from simple. both candidates have nabbed victories in primaries around


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