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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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routine. questions and answers about where the house is located. where deputies need to respond. but there are some pointed questions about what happened. the dispatcher talking to robin richardson. richardson tells that dispatcher, "i just shot my boyfriend. also, he's dying right now. then you hear in her own words what she later told investigators, her version of what led up to the shooting. >> okay. were you having an argument? >> yes. >> have you been assaulted? >> i'm sorry. >> have you been assaulted? >> yes. >> okay. and where did you shoot him out on his body?
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i don't know if he's dead or alive. >> frank: now richardson's voice remained even, almost calm throughout that call. she was asked if she needed medical attention. she said that no, she was okay. she told the dispatcher there were no drugs or alcohol involved that night. but she also told the dispatcher there were no other guns in the house when she was asked that question. but warrants indicate that multiple weapons were found in the house when police arrived and served those search warrants. now there's more on this cd. we're going to be listening to more of this 911 call. we'll bring you continuing coverage online, and also tonight on the news at 10 and 11. reporting live in asheville, frank kracher, news 13. >> larry: a woman is missing in mcdowell county. and tonight we're learning new details about the man her family says she disappeared with.
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>> larry: deputies are searching for a violent felon in connection with this case. >> darcel: ashlea, walter mitchell has a long rap sheet. >> ashlea: that includes arrested for attacking women two separate times. >> me and her are very close. it's just not like her to do this. >> ashlea: family says 36-year-old melanie burleson was last seen at a party where she got in to a fight with mitchell and left him. >> she sounded a little off and scared. but she told me that she wanted to come off of all her medications and everything. and that in a couple of days that she would be fine.
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and walt got on the phone and he kept saying, you know i'd never hurt your daughter. >> ashlea: mitchell has a criminal history. he had been convicted of accessory to second degree murder and kidnapping. he's gone to jail for drugs and theft. at this point deputies say he's not a suspect in this case. they'd just like to talk to him. >> they're trying to determine their relationship. still trying to determine where the two might have gone together. still trying to determine if they are together. >> mitchell had a court date this morning on charges unrelated to this. he didn't show up for that. authorities are pursuing this lead but also checking rehab facilities to see if burleson has checked herself in anywhere. if you know where these two may be, contact law enforcement. >> darcel: ronald patton is
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officer and resisting arrest. it happened saturday when officers tried to take patton in to custody for an outstanding warrant. they say he became violent and was able to grab a stun gun off one of the officers. warrants say he tased one officer in the head, the other in the torso. they suffered only minor injuries. >> larry: the family of a hendersonville woman who deputies say died by suicide in august, wants investigators to take a second look at the case. hope, that is where her family last saw her alive. >> hope: right, larry. they say she disappeared from hendersonville in mid august. it wasn't like her not to let anyone know where she was going. but a week later, the family got a call her body turned up in new jersey.
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was the last place felicia reeves' family saw her alive. august 19th. no. there's too many unanswered questions. >> hope: susan has no answers as to what brought her sister to a motel in new jersey. >> as we begin to dig in to it, i became more and more convinced that this was a story that you know, i wasn't necessarily going to find all the answers but i sure found all the questions. >> hope: to piece together felicia's final days. >> she was in a hotel room and she never left it. we can find during the time period in question, evidence that she was not in new jersey but was in fact in new york city. >> hope: information on felicia's autopsy doesn't add up. >> my sister was a prescription
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according to the toxicology report, there was nothing in her system. no drugs whatsoever. >> the autopsy got her weight way off. she weighed about 115 pounds. was consistently tall and slender, according to her family. the autopsy says she was 150 pounds. >> hope: she made threats to bring down someone who had been forcing her to act against her will. and now her family needs answers to fill in those gaps. >> she was a human being. she was a sister. she was a daughter. she was a mother. she was an aunt. she was a veteran. >> hope: felicia's sister susan has fears her death was tied to human trafficking rings here in the mountains. no law enforcement has yet looked in to it. now they're hoping new information will come forward. if you're interested in learning
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head to live in hendersonville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> darcel: state health officials are extending their advisory to mercury in a jackson county lake. they're now alerting the public about high levels of mercury in wall-eye and small lake bass. they recommend pregnant women or children under 15 not fish in the lake. >> seeing that, i wouldn't eat the fish out of here. but i'd try and catch them for fun. >> darcel: health officials say they're no known risk for the high mercury levels to swimming, boating or handling the fish. >> larry: thursday marks the beginning of early voting for the north carolina primary. news 13's karen wynne is live at the asheville outlets. it's one of the early voting
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karen, there are several different kinds of photo id that people can use to show at those voting places. >> karen: right, larry, there sure are. they include driver's license, pas passport. there's still a way you can vote. she says there are many like her living in downtown asheville. >> in the building there's probably 25% or so that use wheel chairs at least part of the time that do not have transportation. >> karen: but buncombe county's director of election services trina parker says if they can get to the polls, there's ways that carol line and others can vote.
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a declaration that basically states for there's a list of reasons. for whatever reason i have not been able to obtain a photo id. and they will sign that declaration and the workers will provide them with a ballot. >> i think it's a great thing. i mean, i'm in this wheelchair and a good many people that live here are. >> karen: parker says the idea is to make voting as easy as possible for as many as possible. there is also good news for anyone who missed the february 19th deadline to register. >> you will need to provide appropriate id. and you will need to fill out their appropriate forms. >> karen: parker says people who do this, will need to do during the voting period. >> do i foresee any lines? no, i really don't because we have 11 sites to choose from.
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anyone who wants an absentee ballot, must put in their request before march 8th. for a complete list of polling places and times, you can log on to and click on news links. live in asheville, i'm karen wynne, news 13. she likes everybody. you can come right up and say hi. there you go. >> darcel: next in never stop learning, a canine with a classroom appeal. her message for students about how to stay safe. >> jason: and i think this weather appeals to many. 70s in morganton, forest city and all throughout the upstate. this mild run is not done just yet. 55 at 7. asheville, 50 at 9. 40s by 11. the wind should relax more tonight. same for you in the upstate.
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50s even through 11 >> darcel: it's a big day for students at clear creek elementary school. charles mc donald stopped by with two new members of his team, eco charlie foxtrot and bailey lola nipperdoodle. >> larry: these are the four-month old blood hound puppies. their memorable names came from the creative students. >> i thought, hey at least they get to enter. right. so we just came in here. and mindblown, i win. and i walk up there, my hands are shaking.
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flashing. >> darcel: so expressive. future writer right there. >> larry: very articulate. >> darcel: members of the sheriff's office says the visitors are just as important for the new puppies who will need lots of socialization before starting work. >> larry: that is great. snifferdoodle. well the asheville humane society and the buncombe county animal shelter are launching a new campaign to teach children how to interact with animals. >> darcel: in tonight's never stop learning, it's kids teaching kids with the help of a canine. >> don't rush up to a dog. you may startle or scare them. >> larry: that's right. ruby and crystal are encouraging kids to mind their manners when they approach a dog. the girls along with beamer are visiting schools in asheville in buncombe county to deliver a safety message. they teach the kids to ask permission. do so only with an adult. and do not interact with an
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>> it will help a lot of people and a lot of dogs. some of the kids might ask their parents to get dogs and be more responsible with their own. >> first you put your hand out so they can sniff you. and then you -- >> pet them. >> pet them. >> having a pet comes lots of responsibility. cleaning up afterwards. but it's super fun. >> she loves everybody. you can come right up and say hi. >> darcel: if you'd like your child or student learn this safety information, just go to and click news links to watch a video. beamer says i'm just relaxed. >> larry: great day to relax outside, dog or person. >> darcel: take the dog for a walk. >> jason: this show's gone to the dogs. >> darcel: that's okay. >> jason: i had to do it. that's the worst. i know. 67 degrees for the high temperature today.
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39 on the low this morning. everything above average. we're actually above average in terms of rain, too. the rain shall return and what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: nothing but blue skies today. we'll take that. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. sun beginning to set here in henderson county. you can see the blue ridge. pretty good visibility here. a few high cirrus clouds approaching from the south and west. 62 degrees in asheville. north-northwest wind at 10. chill. it drops one degrees. we are going to get wetter mostly late day in to the overnight. the first half of your tuesday may bring showers. the main event comes later in the day. 70% chance we'll throw some
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we might see a few. 30% chance wednesday. that might be a rain-snow mix. then we get in to a better chance of wintery weather. again, not a bona fide snowstorm by any means. wintery weather mixed in with rain thursday or friday. it will be colder those days as well. system number one on the move here to the east. out ahead of it we'll have more of a south-southwest wind to it. as the front moves east, we will start to dry things out and cool down big time. the chill will be felt on wednesday with more of a northwesterly wind behind it. mountain snow showers before we get the next system come in. that is going to be this system come in thursday in to friday. it will bring us a better chance of getting wintery weather back in the forecast. temperatures will be just cold enough to get that to occur. i don't see anything, a
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like that, by any means. clear skies now. high, mid level clouds thicken. few showers possible popping up south and west of i-40 and asheville. main event tomorrow evening. nothing severe anticipated at this time. just some bona fide heavy rain imbedded in some of those thunder showers. we get back in the cold. here's the rain fall amounts. yeah, they're going to go up significantly. especially tomorrow late day. could see up to an inch. other than that, i think asheville ends up with less than half an inch easily. 40s in the upstate. highs tomorrow in the 50s and 60s. it will be a mild day here. same over the upstate. we get a lot colder. 40s return wednesday, thursday, friday. before we warm up again in to the weekend. >> darcel: a big party atmosphere at warren wilson college as the school was
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men's basketball team. rst tuesday new scratch-off tickets from t rtnoh carolina education lottery it's crazy out here. monday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.
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tuesday! very first tuesday, tuesday t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday first tuesday th m'sd e an-dyousay! us-day! it's big news tuesday! it's scratch-off you tuesday! tuesday! the very first tuesday! >> stan: well a lot of local college basketball teams getting ready for conference tournaments coming up. there's one getting ready for a national tournament. the drums beating for the owls
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they're heading to the national tourney in pennsylvania. a fifth seed this year. they play thursday against the university of maine. coach anthony beringer said his club is ready. >> we prepare from the pre-season on to win the championship. we don't prepare to win just a certain amount of games. we prepare to win the championship. >> stan: western carolina men's basketball team moved up to the fifth seed. western beat the terriers. all games at u.s. cellular center.
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first to fourth. bulldogs play fifth season liberty in the first round, friday at 2. >> i think the biggest thing is that you're playing well entering the tournament. even our loss down in winthrop, i thought we played well. we just lost to a really good team on the road. as long as you're playing well and playing together, i think that gives you a chance to win a tournament. >> stan: mark gosnel is resigning. he'll stay on as physical education teacher. really inherited a mess. he turned it around. in 2012, madison 13 and 2. made the regional finals. good luck to him. finally, prep baseball starting this week. smoky mountain's outstanding pitcher, cole hooper has
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a lot of talent. 6' 3" plays football, hoops. does it all. congrats. >> jason: tomorrow is going to be mild but not quite as mild. 70% chance of rain. it won't be as nice but the first half of the day is actually going to be a lot dryer than the last half. temperatures in the 40s, wednesday, thursday, friday. enjoy it. >> larry: for more local news, turn on over to news 13 on my40. >> darcel: join us again at 11 right here on 13 wlos. have a good evening.
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several breaking stories tonight. hours away now until super tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also breaking, the school shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene. breaking down on the stand. erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalker, and a famous hotel. making a statement. chris rock at the oscars. and leonardo dicaprio finally winning. what he quietly said backstage. and late word today, as we
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actor. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments on the eve of the super tuesday showdown. and the central question this evening. can any of the republican candidates stop donald trump? and hillary clinton, after her resounding win in south carolina, what is bernie sanders' path? the new national poll tonight showing donald trump surging ahead. and, for the democrats, hillary clinton leading 55% to sanders' 38%. but donald trump facing new questions about the ku klux klan, claiming he couldn't hear during an interview when asked about david duke. senator marco rubio taking aim at trump again tonight. and hillary clinton shifting her message, in a line aimed at trump, as well. is she turning to the national race now? and this evening, from a trump rally in virginia, that's a "time" magazine photographer taken down by a secret service


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