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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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radar and when mauritius today in the northern midlands as heavy rain continues to fall, flooding expected to run newberry in fairfield county. good evening and thank you for joining us for an exciting on this wednesday conference at 5 i'm darci strickland. >> i'm andrea mock, the team is back together for a couple more times before we bring in 2016. looks like we will and 2015 and when --?
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chief neurologist in candy. >> reporter: watching the stream of moistururcoming in across alabama, georgia in the upstate region in south carolina. everything north of by 20 has been wet, and were seen the rain coming in, closer on the radar, a few showers and storms moving through columbia and the eastside, -- on the side and showers from manning towards florence but the bulk continues to move with heavy rains around lake murray region. this is an estimate of the rainfall since last night, heavy rain through abbeville, greenwood into newberry, easily 3 to 4 inches of rainr-a;er^ia had fallen. we haven't seen that much in columbia but we're getting good right now. areal flood warning for the
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county. that is until 6:15 pm, replacing the flash flood warning in effect. we also have a flash flood warning in effect for northern fairfield county until 5:45 pm. you can see the red areas, river flood warnings. we can assume all the rivers are in flood mode at this point , some more than others, significant flooding of the rivers through the weekend. a flood watch for the northwestern half of the state. currently it is raining and we of thunderstorms, thunder or moment ago, 71 degrees and calm but for humid. are forecast for tonight will continue to see showers and thunderstorms, a low 64, rain during the day but it will taper off in the afteteoon with a high of 69. right now slight chance of rain tomorrow but it will be cloudy in turn cooler with a low
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let's look at the traffic, the rain is causing slowdowns, this is -- let's start of the northwest side. not too bad on the lexington highway but it will be what. already slowing down through malfunction junction past harrison, on the east side of town on the east side of town ctr., highway isn't too bad but an accident at pineview gardens. road. on the northeast side an accident on clemson road near the village at sandhill in a slowdown on the eastbound lanes of i 22 thompson wrote. if you go downtown to blackwood it should take you 24 minutes, to sandhill will take you 31 minutes. our weekend forecast coming up. the rain we're seeing will make one situation in particular worse. you made noticed flooding surrounding the metropolitan treatment plants, columbia, interstate 77, so during the
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consistent rain, the water had nowhere to go and blocked the main entrance into the plants. facilities management is the water hasn't affected operations within the adjustments have been made to get workers out of the area. >> staff are able to park in the secondary area and use city vehicles to carpool demint. -- them in. so they can get to the plant and keep it operational. >> the latest on whether followed news 19 and social media and sign up for text alerts, double -- lexington county deputies have arrested a man for sistine his wife and committing suicide, 63-year-old randy gene jones, deputies say he assisted in the suicide between the afternoon of december the afternoon of december 20 in the
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jones provided his wife's care and with excessive the medication he was planning to overdose, his wife karen was found dead inside the hotel room on burning tree drive, he could face 15 years in prison. he's being held in the lexington county jail, he is issued a $32,000 bond. the judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. a fight over dinner landed a husband and wife in the hospital, deputies called to me on ranch road around 9 pm last night, the man and woman got into a fight of whether to get churches chicken and the husband knocked the wife out with a punch. when the wife came to she grabbed a knife and stabbed the husband multiple times. both taken to hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. the incident is under investigation and no charges were filed. a gaston man is dead after a train collided with his suv
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at 2 notch road, the deceased man has been identified as 34- year-old william gaston, the vehicle drove off the road and traveled down the were on track and became stuck on the track, investigators say he was standing outsisi his vehicle and began to run away from the train, he was struck and died at the scene, no one else was injured at the crash. 3 players have been suspended and sent home for violation of team rules, nigra plays marlon and orange bowl tomorrow, wide receieir deon cain, and he montlake in and tight end jay jay mccullough will not play tomorrow, at a press conference, they said if you don't do the right thing there are consequences. usa today reported the 3 failed drug test but in a press conference when pressed on the issue the coast would only say it was for violation of team rules.
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bill cosby has been charged with sexual assault case from 2004. a former counsel be university employee told police the comedian drug and violated her at his home near philadelphia. this is the first criminal charges against cosby over the alleged conduct with women, the comedian previously said under oath he had consensual sexual conduct with the woman. and tetes there trying to get the case of ethan couch transferred to adult court. as of right now waiting for him and his mother to return from!, couch is on probation after killing 4 people in a 2013 drunken-driving wreck. he was made famous by the successful defense he should not go to prison because he was too rich and spoiled to take responsibility. .
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fled to mexico in november. the mayor of chicago said officers must be better trained and know the difference between when to use a gun and when they should use a taser. the police department has been under intense scrutiny since the dashcam video was releleed last month showing a white officer shooting a black teen, the mayor said the department will double the amount of tasers, the new policies are the latest step to work through and restore trust with people and administration. the police officers involved in the deadly shooting of a 12-year-old boy will face a new administrative review after grand jury decided not to press charges. the councilmembers said he will seek negligent homicide charges under city law, protesters marched in downtown cleveland for several hours calling for justice for tamir rice. timothy loehmann and his partner remain on restricted duty following the fatal incident that could face
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a postal worker in new york is facing charges of unlawful leak delaying and destroying mail after being accused of dumping packages in the trash. the near post is reporting daniel darby became so distressed by the onslaught of gifts and cards he brought 3 whitit garbage bags, stuff the holiday mail in and put them in the trash. there were discovered 2 days later. torrential rain from the storms -- from the store some says that is taken the lives of many people, has more than 18 million americans near the mississippi river bracing for historic flooding. thus -- the national guard is been called up to help in the governor has declared a state of emergency. the rain has pushed swollen rivers and streams to 20, 30 and 40 feet in some areas above flood stage. >> coffee drinkers, it turns out we like the gingerbread
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according to starbucks that was the most ordered holiday drink in several southern states including ours. meanwhile alaska, oregon and washington chose the eggnog latte. that is my favorite. chestnut praline was also delicious, californians chose the iced beverages, and those in the northeast like the holiday spice flat latte. they tracked the ordering habits by looking at the number of specific holiday beverage orders sold per 1000 customers. i like to try all the flavors, i tried all of them, the praline is good, but the eggnog latte, there's nothing like it. >> is a creamy, milky? >> all latte's have milk so they are all milky. >> is it it not be? >> i would like it to be more
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that is a wordwe have decided, the crhme br[lie latte is also delicious. >> i don't go to starbucks anymore. >> it was a phase and i got over it. >> i still appreciate what they do for america. >> especially shannon. shannon cannot go a day without starbucks. i appreciate the keep shannon saying. keeps people and their happy place but i'm over it. >> as a busy working parent you have to find the one thing you do for yourself. whether it is, you eat dark chocolate every day, or glass of wine we get home, or going to get starbucks coffee, to keep your sanity, do what you have to do. if the latte is the worst thing you do, go for it. >> if you don't have that one thing and you try to figure out why you are going bananas, it
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>> it doesn't have to be anything big, it could be one little thing. >> i would just like to say i'm drinking tea right now and i am not enjoying it. i would much rather have an eggnog latte. >> you to say it like the queen mom. >> you put cream and it. >> most english folks put cream and their tea. >> you aren't english. >> but my grandmother as you know. >> was french-canadian. >> sheeted teatime daily and she put a spot of cream and her tea and sidewalk. >> i haven't seen her, i am so excited. >> it is so excited to be back. >> let's talk for the next hour about our chris miss -- christmas breaks. >> today was the first day put makeup on since december 16. >> if you would like to see
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room please follow me on twitter or go to andrea mock, i tweeted out a picture of what she looked like. >> very impressive. >> coming up next, tomorrow the big night of house parties celebrations, what do you cook and how to impress your guests.
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bakery -- rise we're seeing heavy rains moving through the midlands, showers and thunderstorms over the east part, moving into florence, and down to manning, heavy rain showers and storms moving to the eastern part of columbia, that is moving towards the east, all this moving northeast 35 miles per hour.
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rain in parts of lexington, newberry in fairfield counties, near the newberry county line, that has water on the runway. at the roads having problems, we picked up a report of 2 inches of rain to the west of the town of lexington. show you what is going on. the front is stationary across north carolina, back towards the atlanta area, focal point of a lot ofofain this morning, one reason they've seen so much, that has been the main weather feature in the country across the rest of the country, cold, cloudy, but we are getting the rain in and warm. this is a look at the dewpoint temperatures. to measure the amount of moisture, the higher the dewpoint and temperature are more moisture there is an we've seen tropical moisture in the midlands for the day.
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heavy rain, the front you can see, that separates the humid air to the east and drier air to the west. we've also seeing rain to the northwestern half of the state, 64 in greenwood, 74 in sumter, 77 and orangeburg. computer model indicates the rain should diminish this evening, and we're seeing it on radar. this may be aggressive in diminishing the rain, but we expected to diminish and we will continue to seek showers, but by the time it's tomorrow night the range be south of columbia. a slight chance of a shower, but likely it will be cloudy new year's day. lows of 16 newberry,64 for columbia, 67 orangeburg in sumter, tomorrow we expect clouds of showers to keep
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across 68 in lexington, 70 in sumter and 74 and manning. 7 day forecast, drive for the most part, cloudy new year's day and 59, driver the weekend, increasing clouds, 54 saturday, by monday another surge of cold weather, low temperature of 35, 555 getting down to 38 by tuesday morning with a high 52 and warm-up wednesday with a high 57. standing here with my friend sarah simmons,, decio. i'll be honest with you, we need to rise for the occasion for the holiday in new year's eve parties tomorrow. everything you have looks amazing, and we're going -- people to stop by your shop and put in a different container.
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>> we really wanted to have a place where people could swing and get things to put it on the table and pretend they made it. >> i love the way you start from scratch talk about it. >> everything we make us from scratch, the maker on proteins, breads. troester on meats, everything is in the house. we would make the cheese if we could. we believe in buying the best ingredients. i'm making high-quality thanks to sell and 8. >> let's talk about what you brought us to eat. >> so -- a selection of breakfast tastes if you want to stock up for overnight guests, here the dog in the morning. bloody mary or mimosas. if you are celebrating news day and having guests over with a number of things, we make our
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pretzel crisps, fresh break big bright everyday, christini, with some new ones we've added, --. >> talk to me about the spreads. >> chicken liver mousse, chef de cuisine charlie scruggs recipe, most famous for it. beiber coming in for that, tina things we added, caramelized onion dip and spicy artichoke dip. we like to reimagine things that are everyday classic. things that people have an amazing food menu -- memory behind. we both love onion dip and artichoke dip so we made our own homemade arches and all version. >> talk to me about the suites. >> my favorite candy bar is the kick pop candy bar. >> so good. >> -- kick pop. >> we made a blunt he was 6 ingredients. butterscotch, peanut butter cup
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if you like suites that is your jam. >> this is your last big hurrah before your diet tanuary 1. >> in this when i walked over, this was the first thing that caught my attention. >>?; my family has always had a sausage ball, every christmas day, i want to son should -- sausage ball everyday. we turn it into a silicone it -- going, sharp cheddar, house made sausage, fresh herbs, we bake it in a scone instead of the balls you traditionally have. >> i love everything but i also love the spring valley grass. >> sedway, i know you from somewhere, how do we get our hands on these items for holloway -- holiday parties. >> it is across from the july
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>> i can't wait to we go to commercial breaks i can try everything. >> we will send it back over to andrea we details on what is coming up after the break. >> i need a bite of that it looks amazing. speaking of food, no way to watch this video is not smile from ear to ear.
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first time, his response is you may have seen this video on facebook but it is totally worth seeing again, a california babies the layers reaction the tasting bacon for the first time is going viral,
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>> i love that little baby, that goes on and on with the screaming of bacon, and suddenly he realizes he needs another bite and he shows another bite miss mouth. >> this could event even when he had his first taste of bacon christmas morning. he spent about 10 minutes in the bacon, but the mom only grabbed her phone the last 10 minutes recorded. she posted it on facebook last friday, and it is been viewed more than 4 million times. >> i feel like that to baby ethan. >> coming up next on friends at 5, clemson players travel for
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be taken welcome back to the 2nd half our friends at 5, depending on where you are may see what ring. >> could be a mistake in home if you are starting for new year's eve. chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> reporter: if you been north of interstate 25, we're beginning to see changes in the overall weather pattern right now. across the midlands. first well, beginning to see more showers and thunderstorms developing from florence towards columbia area. southeastern part of the midlands not much rain yet, probably will change but the rain of the piedmont area, beginning to diminish the computer said probably start to do some in the fact we're
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occurring through parts of the western part of south carolina into eastern georgia. this whole area is beginning to diminish. i think the trend will continue we'll see more showers and storms developing over the td region. in columbia we have rain falling, temperature 71 degrees, humid, called, for tonight we expect to continue to see rain and maybe occasional thunderstorm otherwise just rain. 64 for low. tomorrow cloudy and a few showers, high temperature of 69 degrees. the time we get to tomorrow in his 50s a slight chance of rain, cloudy for the most part. obviously this graphic was updated it will be dry into the weekend let's take a look at
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this afternoon. northeast side of town, traffic accident has been cleared out and interstates are the jake and northeast side of town. southwest side of town interstates are good shape the slowdown from the swansea highway. northwest side of town, not too bad on the lexington highway but it is raining it will slow you down to it. slowdown through malfunction junction. from downtown to harsin should take you 15 minutes. residence in new york county are experiencing flooding issues, sheriff lee foster says 3. will evacuated on wheeler street because of the high water levels. so the roads blocked off by barricade to the heavy rainfall, if you're in a low-lying area or near krygier to be carrying the aware of the water levels and make a plan to leave quickly they need to. if you're driving can see the
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>> more people are killed in conditions like this, driving towards their homes. they don't recognize the danger of the water in the road. you you hit the water and hydroplaned and get forced in to the body water causing the flood. once you're in the body water, have mercy. >> foster says his offers monitoring the situation and it could get worse, with more rain he is cautioning everyone to stay safe. >> a reminder, you 5 more days to apply for individual assistance through fema, it originally was the 3rd that falls on sunday. fema will extend registration to monday. president obama has declared midland counties the federal disaster which means the entire
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it would cover losses not covered by insurance. if you haven't registered you don't need to reply. if you hear about choices today or heard some, this p&g was conducting siren testing, strobe lights and testing began around 1 pm, sirens want residents of rising water levels, a cng urged residents to monitor the water levels, which is higher because of recent rain. department scott donations to replace equipment used in the flood, fire departments each received checks for $450, money raised in colorado springs, colorado and buford georgia. the funds were given to the departments for replacement of water rescue equipment and supplies used for the floods that needed to be replaced or expanded.
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is for us to go on yesterday was postponed because the weather, customers in the area that you see in your screen don't need to boil their water at this point, they will relocate on saturday from 9 am until 8 pm, customers won't have water during that time. workers are completing a relocation program your middle of -- mineral springs road, once the water is back on he will need to boil it for at least one minute for using it. >> as one saturday the city of columbia will close 3 northbound lanes between cocoa street and for strive, the city is fixing a water main there. and a teacher should be as a cocoa street, a water advisory hasn't been issue but we will let you know for changes. columbia man is celebrating after winning with the south carolina education lottery. the winning ticket, $250,000
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lucky winner says he is getting married in the near but hasn't told his fiancie about the big win, the lottery tells us the top prizes remain and the payday thing, winning the jackpot, one in 693,000. >> powerball jackpot continues, current jackpot is $300 million, cash payout of $184 million. the next ryan is tonight, you could watch the numbers for joining us for news 19 at 11. odds of winning the top prize, one out of 292 million. i just about this columbia man. he hasn't told his fiancie yet that he want? >> is probably waiting to see if it will work out. >> i wouldn't tell lottery officials that. >> no one say anything to her,
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>> you're doing see if she walked a mile. >> he is supposed to get married in the new year. our producer thinks he will use the money for the red. >> if they are engaged he has a ring. >> could be a verbal contract. >> it is his money, he can do whatever he wants. >> but he may be wants to make sure she wants them for more than just his money. >> there was a card for my mom, sent right there. >> following it to his mom about happy birthday. >> coming up next, lauryn hill
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famously hot despite rainy weather crews began building the stage for one of the biggest new year's eve celebrations the state cut
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downtown comey near the statehouse for the famously hot new year celebration tomorrow night. free of charge, parts of downtown columbia were blocked up this morning and streets will continue to be closed during the event preparation. if you are looking for a ride home from a news party's check your yellow, kw beverage to help, annual new year's eve free ride program. the first 10 colors free. deal runs between 10 pm and 3m the you have to be heading home. richmond in lexington county's only got the cavs will be all around the midlands. renew the chamber of downtown, in the vista at the corner of lake street and vector. >> one day away from the famously hot new year event were lauryn hill is the
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south carolina, fans will be there, make insurance as is one of them. >> i'm here with dead 27, opening tomorrow for ms. lauryn hill, welcome, this is trey wallace. >> telmate you are from charleston correct? >> the band is based in charleston, we are originally from scattered parts of south carolina, but the band is big and trust. >> how long have you been performing together? >> 2 or 3 years now? going on 3 1/2. >> you are known for your southern blend of soul and rock. >> right. >> tell me what are you most excited about tomorrow? >> i'm excited to see lauryn hill. miseducation album is one of my all-time favorites. i'm never seen her live before so that is exciting. , so exciting to be back in
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>> were mostly gamecocks fans, it could be nice to be back in front of familiar crowd in place that we came up playing in. >> so what does it mean for you, south carolina with the flood in the events what is it like to come back and play at this event? >> it is really special as trey said, doing it in columbia, with strong roots but we don't come back enough, it is great to participate in events like this and help everyone have a good time. off a difficult but fun year. >> to be written any new songs for the event tomorrow. >> not specifically for tomorrow , but we as new material we've been working on.
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orleans, recorded a full-length album down there is no postproduction stage. we will play a good bit of new material tomorrow. >> we can't wait to see it. again coverage begins at wltx at 11 pm tomorrow, until 12:30 am, head downtown and catch did 27th at the rain or shine event. back to you. they are definitely a great band. after the party, but to be will be eating a specific meal new year's day. amile full of tradition. to know everything on your plate is expected to eat collard greens it represents green cash, black-eyed peas represent coins and wishes, the point is all your wishes will come in -- come true in the coming year. of pork chop the matter how you
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cornbread is the color of gold. >> i like all of those. each january one in 3 americans result to better themselves in some way, 75% stick to their goals for a week, less than half are on target 6 months later. >> the list of the healthiest new year's resolutions. first, lose weight. >> you want to try that with me? >> the most popular resolution but the most difficult to commit to. you can't succeed if you don't access -- expect overnight success. yet understand it won't happen overnight. >> stay in touch, it is good for you to reconnect with family and friends and stay in touch. research suggests those with strong social ties live longer than those that don't have them. >> quit smoking. fuel failed so many times and try again, talk to any axis
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multiple attempts are the path to success. methods to find out what works for you. >> save money by making terrible -- great life changes, explorer biking work, exercising at home couple of videos on the internet, take stock of what you have in the frigid make a grocery list. >> volunteer, or happiness increases when we help others in happiness is good for your help -- health. those with positive emotions were less like he -- likely to develop heart attack or heart disease. you can also make people more resilient and resourceful. >> cut back on drinking alcohol on access, it can lead to depression memory loss or seizures, chronic heavy drinking boost the risks of liver, heart disease, stroke, and mental deterioration.
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2016. you probably already said that and you know a good night's rest can do wonderful things for your mood and appearance but sleep is more beneficial than you might realize. a lack of sleep is one risk to a greater risk of diabetes, and it is crucial for strengthening memories. taken nap, and don't feel guilty about it. >> that is a good resolution, live in the moment. if something goes wrong apologize and move forward. >> that is all he can do. >> you can't feel bad about eating an entire sweet potato pie last month, let it go. >> i will say this, when i got back, and they had this coffeecake on sale for $3.99, and it had this cheesecake icing, i am sure it was meant
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>> brady doesn't eat sweets. >> bigger. >> about like that. >> that is a good deal. >> someone has a resolution they won't waste food. >> i won't feel bad about that. >> but ago. >> coming up next, 3 clemson
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orange clemson head coach sweeney has confirmed 3 players and have been suspended, and sent home from the orange bowl because they violated team rules. sports director reggie joins us with those details. >> reporter: a tell you what, bad news coming out of the
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players get busted for breaking rules and that is the case for the 3 tigers, aj mcculloch, deon cain. the biggest loss you think would be dion cain, coming on strong down the stretch for the tigers. keeon of being the 2nd greatest receiver in terms of yards for the clemson high-powered offense, but sweeney re: schedule a news conference previewing the orange bowl, all about the next man up, and the tigers will move on. >> when you don't do the right thing, there are consequences, that simple. not a complicated matter at all. 115 guys, 12 to what was right in 3 didn't. they forfeit the opportunity and privilege to be a part of the game. i hate it for them, they are
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the consequences, missing out on a great opportunity. >> for jj mccallum and devon, they have been suspended before. he says if you want to come back to the team he can do so busy as to grow up. they will be home watching the orange bowl tomorrow for the tigers take on oklahoma, more and his 19 at 6, see you then before the orange bowl.
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>> a look at what is coming up tonight here and wltx, because off at 8 with i get a lot
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followed by cold lack, criminal minds attend keep it here for your news, weather and sports for news 19 at 11. blockbusters like star -- towards, dangerous world making in a record breaking year at the block off -- box office. billion. in the year, previous record $10.9 billion set in 2013. i to tell you yesterday we went out, the girls and i saw alvin and the chipmunks on the road, newest installment of the chipmunks series and it was hilarious. >> the previews make it look so dumb. >> the best part of the movie was the very end when uptown funk was playing, credits
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front dancing right now, more rain falling across the midlands, we will tell you but the flooding problems and when is expected to stop. >> a scary moment for's mcdonald's employees after 2 robbers forced them into a freezer. >> many of us will either traditional new year's meal, blue-collar, black-eyed peas and corn bread, but you know the meaning behind it all? we'll have the answer as his 19 at 6 starts now. it has been a jury and rainy day across much of the midlands, flood warnings issued in the midlands is heavy rain continues to fall, but not all of those warnings have expired and there's concern over what happened next. thank you for joining us i am darci strickland. for the latest in the direction the rain
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