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tv   News 19 7  CBS  December 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

7:00 pm ism five hours and counting, good evening, the new year is almost here. we're going to check in with j.r. in a few minutes. the grand finale after if new year. what goes into creating the show. we'll go on a behind the scenes look. >> we look at it as what will make the skylight up the most. >> the sights and sounds everyone anticipates. see the show go off, we've done our jobs right and we've given the audience what they wanted to see. >> light bursting in the sky in the first moments of the new year. >> midnight shows are tough shows, we're getting it on the exact moments. >> hours of preparation. >> we have it down to a science with the firing panels and the shows we use.
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and make a firework script. >> fireworks are selected. >> we can match green shells with green shells and make scenes. >> we will have someone at the stage communicating back and forth on the countdown. at intervals quell fire the first shot, so it will be at midnight. >> even if 2016 starts with rain. >> we'll keep this covered and the shells shoot through the plastic. >> the show will go on. >> there's the crowd roaring and it's that nice feeling of we were able to do this for those people. >> the fireworks company says there's about 1000 fireworks that go into a medium sized show. watching the fireworks is one
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enjoy downtown, you can browse the many venon door -- vendors on main street. what can people see out there? >> let me tell you the celebration is off with a bang, people are filing in. the first band just kicked off and vendors have been setting up the products. you can get damageets, beer -- gadgets, beer, win, champagne. listen to the vendors i spoke to earlier. >> you really get to talk with a lot of people, you have so many opportunities to talk to a lot of people. >> we're one of the food vendors bringing in the new year. just glad to be here.
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>> i got my glasses on, so you get yours. i got my glasses, lots of knickknacks for a few bucks to kickoff your new year. 2016 will be great for us. it looks like theton has begin. many bands performing tonight. one is called color blind, they are opening up for lauryn hill tonight. [singing] >> lauryn hill, several grammys, millions of records, legions of fans.
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together they make up the group color blind that for years have been changing the way the midlands listen to music. we're friends and the music came. this wasn't put together by industry, by design. we've been making music for a decade now. it was the right time for it to come down, it's heartfelt stuff. more than anything, it's not genre mix:00 it's not being afraid to go into different spaces. let's mix rock and rap. it wasn't that. it's being able to step out of our own spaces and feel welcome in someone else's space. >> both are known for their works awriters, composers and performers.
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lauryn hill. >> she's one of the best ever. you don't have to say females, she really gets busy more than most males. in a male dominated field, she hung in there and i can say -- i can't say i purchased a lot of female mcs over the year. salt and pepper and lauren. it means a lot of things to a lot of people. for color blind it's an opportunity to open more eyes and ears to what their music means. >> every day people. anyone struggling, hustling, working, surviving, needing help.
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>> we didn't want to be exclusive, we are inclusive. and color blind is working on a new project they hope to release by next year. hopefully it's a good one. many are out listening to the musical acts that have started. children are gearing up to get on rides. we're at the carnival side. >> well, you know the carnival is way down at the other end of downtown, we're looking at a couple of the bands. there's rides, games, bouncy houses, face painting and ice skating, which is one staple they made sure it's awesome for the city of columbia, it's hot outside.
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it was 70s earlier agvvr3[oa_today. it has been a challenge to keep the ice rink together, it's something everything loves. >> the kids love it. we skate when it's hot and stay indoors when it's cold. >> along with the ice-skating rink, there's the ferris wheel, that's a staple for the carnival, you can ride all the rides unlimited for $10. they are open until 11:00. reporting live from the famously hot new year's eve celebration. i thought you were by the carnival, i knew you were a runner. let's head to jim for a
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>> we've been watching the weather closely, we have not been far from the rain. this is a time lapse of our radar, most of the rain has been to the south. even to our south the rain is beginning to diminish, that will work on through the southern part of the midlands. we've been at the northern edge of the rain. back to my, on the other side of me. there's a batch here, could give us a few sprinkles. but not measurable rain. things are looking good. we picked up .05 at the airport. that added to the total which is way above normal. for the year we're above normal. 67 degrees, winds from the west, southwest. the front is trying to work through the city. it is comfortable outside. we expect the front to come
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of 53 degrees. tomorrow cloudy, 59 degrees. a low temperature of 39, i'll have the rest of the weekend forecast. we'll go to darcy in a few minutes, she's by the stage, it's very loud outside. the new year's celebration is a fun event for the whole family. restaurants and hotels along main street said it's a way for them and the city to grow. >> any festival we have on main street we get people coming in but new year's eve is special. >> that's as thousands fill the street for the knew years celebration, businesses reap the reward. >> we look at what we did last year and the year before that and kind of decide how much, make sure we won't run out.
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make sure we have food to back it up. >> ashley katie said with lauryn hill this year the event will be bigger than ever. >> sheridan general manager said nearly all of the rooms at the hotel have been weeked. >> we see the rates going up year over year and with lauryn hill going in it's there's a bigger interest. nancy wagner said the rooms are $90 more than last year. not all businesses see a boost. >> according to our sales records, no. blocks away, maggie says it's a slow week for them. >> i think main street stays on main street. people have walked over there,
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nearby, they don't wander around. >> she can't deny the economic boost the city gets. >> bring people downtown it should have a positive effect. >> people are coming in from out of state, those tax dollars will help us grow and be a stronger community as a whole. >> the hotels and restaurants say with new year's on a friday they expect the revenue to
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we'll have more of the news ism columbia police have charged a medal of h hor with hit and run. he turned himself, in. it happened on december 8th.
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hit a man crossing the street. carpenter pulled over and turned on his hazard lights. the person hit is strucked to make a recovery. neither the man who was struck or carpenter were under the influence. carpenter's can attorney said he thought the person was injured. carpenter and the man are working with police. president obama awarded the medal of honor to carpenter. for three days police have been looking for suspects they say are armed and dangerous, 21- year-old henry dingell, kevin smith and william spann, four have been arrested.
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fired call on frazier street. detectives think the three on the loose could be involved in other cases as well, all three of the men are believed to be armed and dangerous, if you have information call crime stoppers. coming up, the question on
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outside . >> it is the hottest party of 2015, we're expecting lauryn hill to be on the stage in 2 1/2 hours. as far as the eye can see we have folks who decided to celebrate 2015 with their friends and family in downtown columbia. it's the hot new year event, and wltx is your one stop shot for all things new year. stay with us on social media and online. at 11:00 we are going to be on air from 11:00 to 12:30 bringing the hottest party of the new year. here's the wonderful thing about being here tonight. the weather has improved tremendously. jim gandy told us we didn't have anything to worry about. i trusted you. you can tell from what i'm wearing. >> it's not as cold as it was
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we've been on the edge of the rain. we may see sprinkles or light rain. once we get past nine or 9:30. we're home free. this is a time lapse of the radar, you can see the heaviest rain is south, it's shifting toward the coast. we've watched a batch of light rain through central georgia, it's very light rain. i don't know if it will make it to our area or not. if it does that's about all we'll see is light rain. in orangeburg they've seen a lot of rain. they are seeing breaks from the rain, silt moving out. you can see back to the west, patches of light rain headed our way, if it makes it here i don't know. it won't be enough to put a damper on the celebration. a front is working through if area. the rain shifted to the coast.
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weekend and the beginning of next week. right now temperature 67 in columbia, 67 in orangeburg, 75 in sumter. tonight the rain moves out. we'll be left with clouds, tomorrow cloudiness throughout a good part of the day. finally the clouds move out. here's the forecast for the area. saturday partly cloudy, tonight low temperature of 48 in newberry, 53 in columbia. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s with 59 degrees in columbia. looking ahead, dry over the weekend. 56 on saturday, 57 a sunday. by tuesday a cool of 49. temperature moderate and by
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slight chance . here's a live look at downtown, we're less than five hours away from the ball dropping. this is a live shot. you can watch us on air, online and through social media for "inside edition" is next. but we want to talk about the celebration.
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vendors, live music, we
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>> he's 78 years old and blind. >> the shocking revelation. look at his eyes. >> what we have learned about his loss of vision. then, the affluenza teen, his mom is back in the u.s.a. in cuffs. >> what were you thinking? and how safe are we this new year's eve? >> the disturbing arrest of an isis supporter who was allegedly plotting to open fire on a crowded restaurant. what we really have to watch for right now is the lone wolf. plus, jerry seinfeld takes the president for a spin. >> seem a little nervous. >> i'm a little nervous. >> are you always this nervous? >> no. then the gift that has this granny cracking up. [ laughter ] plus -- >> the bears in the pool. >> reporter: the most outrageous animals caught on tape in 2015, from shark attacks to the bravest little dog ever, even a walking bear.
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