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tv   News 19 11  CBS  December 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we'll go live out there in just a few minutes. we're counting down the final moments of 2015. jr is downtown and we'll check in with our team in just a few minutes. clempsonclemson is heading to the finals. >> yak i'll yeah, they punched their picture to the final. perhaps the most talked about play tonight will be the fake punt executed tonight. check it out. he got reamed for pulling off a fake punt. well check it out. they got a second chance he connects with the freshman here and that play would lead to a
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the punter talked about how they practiced it. >> i was back there and he was the punter from last year and it's called that and now we call it punter. >> we were working on it and i was excited when i heard the call. i couldn't wait for the opportunity to make this play for the team. >> meanwhile other plays and the second half a dominate, performance for the tigers. they dominated and really took it to oklahoma. the high powered offense that we heard so much about. you can see clemson with that and lamar with a couple of big picks there.
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there and the clemson team is heading to the finals. they will play alabama. let's hear from sweeney. >> it's a special time now and it's been 34 years since clemson has a chance to win a national championship. seven year ago i knew that we would be here. it's just a matter of when and you know this was year seven roof off. win another championship and when you're in our league you get the play for it all and here we are. >> and here they are. >> it's going to be a great game the national championship and you'll be there in. >> yeah we'll be there. .
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watching a stream of rain coming through georgia and into the southern part of carolina. we were on the northern edge here and we saw a little bit of light rain but the good news is it's out of here. since then it has been moving further away from us. still a little bit of light rain in the orangeburg area and sumter and over in manning but the rest of the midlands, finally the rain has move out. we're on to calm conditions for the remainder of the night. so tomorrow will be cool earl 53 and clouds with us throughout the day tomorrow. with a high of 59 and then finally we got rid of the rain and it will be dry for the first week of the new year. we're well into the
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less than an hour until 2016. jr has been down there and joins us now. >> reporter: yeah, good evening. look who i found. good evening darci, how are you? >> well i'm having such a great time. we couldn't have expected a crowd this big but it has out down anything the planning for with the city. >> it's so loud out here. and perhaps this is the biggest crowd they have had for famously hot new year. and upwards of about 32,000 people are out here. >> that's because the people love miss lauren and we're just here just minutes away. and less than an hour left in
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you're sharing the last minutes of the year with us. >> it's not too late to come out and join us. if you can't make it out, we'll be on the air and bringing you all of the festivities. we'll check with here in the crowd, savannah? >> hey, the crowd is real picking up here. doors opened up about 6:30 it's just a really good environment. a new start and new beginnings we have musicians here that kicked off the party here today. we had people here at 2:00 p.m. ready to ring in the new year together. it has been a tough year. we've gone through a lot. so you can tell it's in the air that even is so ready for a new
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they are telling us all of the plans for the new year. the vendors are giving out food here and things that light up here. i've got my own pair here of glasses. you still have time to come out. lauren hill is making our headliner here and everybody is so excited and readiness for this whole new year. >> all right, thank you so much. we've been talking a lot about how 2015 has been a difficult year for us in south carolina. folks are having a real good time and they're helping a great fund. it's the one sled release fund. they have it posted at it each
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financial donations and using the power of social media to talk act it. it's more about than just lauren hill and more than just ringing in the new year. >> we'll talking more about the crowd but we want to give a big thank you to nelson and holly and scarborough and burr bon and they worked with us to give us a live picture to show them the pictures here. so we want to thank them. so a very big thank to you those folks. but that's it for you and we'll send it back to you. we'll be back in a little while.
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continue to update you on the festivities and when she takes the stage. and carpenter was charged with a misdemeanor charges of hit-and-run and making an improper left turn. he stuck a pedestrian on december 8th. the pedestrian was treated for scrapes and a leg injury. his attorney said that he thought the pedestrian was not hurt. he said that carpenter iscooperating and with the police and taking responsibility for it. he was released on bond. he did relieve a medal back in 2010 and he's currently a student at the university of carolina.
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popular apartments about 6:45 last night. they found a man unresponsive outside of one of the buildings. the scene. anyone with information about this crime is asked the call the crimestoppers. also out of sumter police need your help finding these men. four men have been arrested already in this case. police responded to shots fired on tuesday afternoon and the police think they could be involved in other cases as well. all three are believed to be armed and dangerous. if you have any information call the crimestoppers number. the man who drowned in the
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68-year-old thomas drown. he was found by a neighbor. the medical examiner said that a autopsy will be made. the lake is currently as the highest level since hurricane huego. and two people charged were allegedly assaulting a police officer. 21-year-old moody and brendan wallace through urine on him and threw gang slurs at him. this was the second round of arrest just one day after this reported incident and 11
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it's a moment that everybody has been waiting for. miss lauren hill has taken the stage.
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you say it's impossible but i know it's possible i could never be without him [ indiscernible ] [ music ]
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i know it's possible i know it's possible everything is possible
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[ music ] i know it's possible it's possible that i know
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is it possible, i know it's possible well, anything is possible and everything is possible
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know it's possible you know it's possible you know, the people, you know it's possible you know the people, you
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everything is possible
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[ music ] possible, possible, just believe it's possible you believe, you, you, belief it's possible [ applause ] >> well, that was a live look
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stay with here's what our computer model is prompting for friday. we're going to be seeing plenty of clouds over the area and then tomorrow night we'll start
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the sun comes out on saturday, and it will be with us the rest of the weekend. for tonight, we're expecting low temperatures of 48 degrees in new berry. 53 in columbia. 56 degrees in manning and tomorrow we'll be seeing high temperatures generally in the upper 50s. 59 for columbia. looking ahead, here's what we're going to be seeing. for saturday, we're expecting a high temperature of 56 uegl*t:r0@6cj% 57 on sunday. then another surge of cool air comes in on monday. by tuesday, r.qtwe're expecting a low of 29 with a high of 49. but then temperatures begin to moderate by thursday.
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a slight chance for there is less than 30 minutes left in 2015, and that means it's time to head where all the action is, where all the partying and the place to
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that's where we find jr berry and darci strickland. hey, guys. >> hey colby great night, isn't it, weather wise. it's not too cold. not too hot. it's a beautiful evening. >> it really is. you know, i think a lot of people may have stayed away because they were nervous about the weather but honestly things have worked out perfectly. chief meteorologist jim gandy told us last night not to worry about it. it was going to clear up. and that's exactly what happened. when you compare the weather this year to what we had last year, wow, what a difference a year can make. >> yeah, last year, it was just so bitterly cold out there. you know, it may have affected the attendance last year but not this year. i said this earlier this evening, darcy, and i really believe we have gone through so much in 2015, the flooding, with what happened in charleston, with other tragic events in the news this year, and if people are looking
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get out, and tonight is a testament to that, because according to mayor benjamin, this is perhaps the biggest crowd famously hot new year has seen. >> you can see for yourself from the live shot that the crowds of people goes all the way down main street in downtown columbia. jr just mentioned, the largest crowd in the history of famously hot new year. they're using the hash tag fhny, so if you're watching from home, you want to be a part of the social media aspect of this, you can tweet from home, and talk about the fact that you're watching this 2015 famously hot new year right here on wltx. >> we want to thank nelson, riley, mullins in scarboro, and bourbon for the nice overhead shot a few moments ago. we thank them for letting us get on top of the building, and
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