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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  December 31, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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celebrating new year's. our lauer -- laura thomas is down in the crowd, and this is a family event. plenty of things going on for the children earlier tonight. >> a family friendly event and further down at the end of main street, that's where the carnival took place today, and now it's wrapping up, but a lot of things happening out there. check this out. >> while many are listening to great music on 100 main street, some people are ringing in the new year in a different way, with family fun. >> also had rides, carnival games, food vendors with all the carnival and fair food. >> reporter: kim mitchell is excited to bring out the carnival for the young ones. and people are already taking advantage of the massive ride on main and hampton. >> we're always looking for something free to take our daughter to, and something, she loves rides. she loves to ride the car
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figured we would see if she could handle the ferris wheel. >> reporter: and an ice skating rink. we tend to do things opposite of the northern people. we skate when it's hot. and the kids are loving it, a&f the adults are loving it too. >> reporter: for fanny and her family, they have been waiting all week to hit the ice. >> we're here from out of town. i'm from columbia but live in iowa city. we have been wanting to come ice skating all week. it's been raining. one day the cooling mechanism was down. and we're happy to be skating. >> ment to give my children and grandchildren something to do. go ice skating and on the carnival ride. >> now, that was all taking place in hampton, now over here at main, that's where the party is starting right now as we get
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everyone out here is enjoying the music from lauren hill and family and friends, and bringing in the new year the right way. >> all right. lauren, thank you so very much. just another beautiful night. lots of people down here. i see young and old. i see children. i see adults. just a lot of people down here celebrating ringing in 2016. >> the thing about it, famously hot new year has become on so many different aspects a family event, and you know, honestly, when you look down this main street as you just mentioned jr, it's just, it's everybody. it's a wonderful prospect of what the mid lans look like, and i can't think of a better
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think about how rough 2015 was for us. than being able to do it with friend and neighbors and family and the music is all about empowerment and feeling and doing better. >> we want to check in with our chuck ringwald. he's in the crowd as well. chuck, good evening, sir. >> hey, everybody, it is wild and we are already having a party here at the famously hot new year's right on main. throughout the night we have been talking to people that are gearing up for the fireworks and just having a great time. >> it's new year's eve in columbia. >> we're turning over a new leaf. >> we're going to celebrate the new year with the people we know, and try to keep it in our lives. >> have a good time.
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my daughter is finally big enough to go on the rides. she's experiencing that for the first time, and she's not scared. >> thousands are here on main, some for the first time. >> there's a lot of different stuff down here. >> this is my first year here. they're taking me out to experience the south carolina new year. >> most people we talked to are thankful the weather is holding out. >> i'm glad it's not raining right now. >> very happy it finally stopped. ring it in right. >> and we asked what they're looking forward to most. >> seeing lauren hill. >> some traveled across the country. >> we have come from illinois for the baby to come and see the concert tonight. >> we have been through a whole lot with the floods and everything like that. it's nice to have relief from bad stuff, and we can end it on a good note.
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pretty wild how people from illinois come from different parts of the country to see this show. chuck ringwald, news 19. >> thank you very much. we're going to take a quick break.
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columbia in just a moment. . welcome back, you see the count down there, 16 minutes until 2016. our darci strickland has made her way to the stage. we'll be checking in with her in just a few moments. but right now, we want to check in with savannah down in the crowd with some revelers. >> yeah, that's right. the crowd here is just absolutely phenomenal.
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tell you, there are some people who had to get out here early today, even though the doors opened at 6:30, and those were the vendors and i got a chance to talk to some of them earlier today. take a listen. >> isn't that fun. >> john richardson is one of the many vendors participating in columbia's famously hot new year's celebration. >> we're coming for new year's, selling some novelties, expect to go listen to music and eat food from around here. >> reporter: for a few bucks you can buy a fun piece to help you ring in the new year. >> you get to talk or interact with a lot of people. you have so many opportunities to talk to a lot of people. it's fun. >> reporter: and when your appetite kicks in there are plenty of ongoings. >> come by -- plenty of options. >> reporter: tangy moore brought her food truck, and is excite. >> we're one of the food
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glad to be here. just ready to go. >> reporter: ready to ring in the new year with plenty of reasons to celebrate. >> just glad they got another year, we're new business owners. this is our second year, and we're just happy that god is blessing us and we're prospering. >> reporter: news 19, wltx. >> as you can see, i got my own little trinket to commemorate this awesome day. we're going to bring in the new year with such a great attitude. all the people, all here gathered after a really tough year here in our state, with really high spirits going into the brand new year. all of our vendors ready to serve you. the beer, wine, champagne still going until 12:30 tonight. you have time to make it out as we count down the time. i think we're getting close to midnight. jr, i'll send it back to you. >> all right. savannah, thank you so very much.
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columbia right now as we are right now about 13, 14 minutes away from the start of 2016. a little too late to get in the g5cppb car an$vy9ecome down here right now. stay with us here at news 19. we'll bring you all the festivities as we ripping in the brand new year. the mayor of columbia steve benjamin said earlier tonight, this is perhaps the biggest turnout he has seen. and i know last year we had roughly 25 to 27,000 people. we had bitter cold temperatures last year, but tonight as you heard earlier in our broadcast, temperatures are in the 60s out here this evening. it feels awfully good, not too hot, not too cold, and the rain, thank goodness is gone, at least for now.
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any kind of return appearances. >> jr, of course one of the things i was most excited being new year's eve is the college football playoff game, oklahoma, squaring off at 4:00, followed by alabama, michigan state, and of course being in south carolina, there are a lot of clemson fans around here. a lot of clemson fans who didn't make the trip to miami but did make the trip to the famously hot new year's celebration. i caught up with some of them and got their reactions on the great win. the tigers are national championship bound. take a listen to what gamecock fans had to say tonight. >> fresh off the win, we're ecstatic. no one believed in us. everyone thought oklahoma was going to win, and it hurt that no one felt that number one team in the nation, like had what it takes to win. >> how are you feel. >> we have been the underdogs all season and we're keeping it going. we're taking it to the national championship game. we made it.
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that's all that matters. mama we made it. >> we feel great. we feel confident about our team. undefeated. >> national champs. bulldogs are the state champs. >> first of all, today is my birthday, so this is like the best birthday present ever, but, yes, i'm very very excited. very excited. >> they bent a few times but never broke. and that's what it takes. >> our defense held it together, you know, they really stepped up. they stepped their game up when it counted, and we're in arizona. we're in arizona. that's all that matters. >> go tigers. go tigers. >> so of course you hear some very excited clemson fans out here today, as the alabama michigan state game wrapped up.
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clemson tiger, alabama crimson tide national championship. as those guys said, mama we made it. not a lot of people believing clemson would get by oklahoma like they did last year, two years ago, that they beat the sooners and now they will be playing for a national title. and star quarterback in the upstate, so very exciting news for college football fans. even if you're just a big college football fan in the state of south carolina. gamecock fans got to be pretty happy that the state's being represented on a national level. a lot of excitement, not just for the new year but a potential big trophy to come home to the state. i'll send it back to you guys. >> elizabeth t thank you very much. as the could be down continues we are -- count down continues, we are about 10 minutes away from 2016. only 10 minutes left of 2015. so grab your loved ones, if you can do that. gather around the tv set. we'll count it down live, when
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stay with us. welcome back to columbia, famously hot new year's celebration. we are 6 minutes and 35 seconds away from the start of 2016. just stay with us right mere at news 19 as we continue to count things down. you're going to see a fantastic fireworks show coming up in just a few moments. speaking of fireworks, earlier today, our joyce koh caught up with the people who are making it all happen. >> we look at it as what's going to make the skylight up the most. >> it's the sights and sounds that everyone anticipates come midnight. >> to see the show go off in completion means we have done our jobs right, and we have been able to give the viewing audience what they wanted to see.
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the sky in the first moments o. new year. >> midnight shows are sort of tough shows because we're trying to get it on that exact moment. >> reporter: hours of preparation go into this 8 minute show. >> we have got things almost down to a science with the electrical firing panels and the types of shells that we use. >> reporter: the show is designed. >> we sit down at a computer and make a firing script. >> reporter: fireworks are selected. >> we can match green shells what we like to call scenes. >> reporter: all before the critical moments. >> we will have someone at the stage communicating with us back and forth on the count down. so that at a very specific interval, we will then fire that first shot to where hopefully it will be exactly at midnight. >> reporter: even if 2016 starts off with rain. >> we will keep these covered and the shells are able to shoot through the plastic. >> reporter: the guys of pyro technico says the show will go on.
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roaring and it's that nice feeling of we were able to do this for those people. >> reporter: joyce koh news 19wltx. >> we are less than five minutes away now from the start of a brand new year. four minutes and 40 seconds, as the count down continues. chuck ringwalt is now out and about in the crowd. before we send things over to darcy and the mayor, let's check in with chuck. good evening, sir. >> you can feel the excitement out here. we've got the stage behind. lauren hill wj thousands of people came to see this show. getting ready for the fireworks for 2016 to hit. we have mr. bernard barnes here. hysteresessed up -- he's dressed up, ready to go. tell us what you're excited about. >> first of all, i'm glad to see that the city, you're doing
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looks like to me everyone is having saw great time and i'm excited to be here. >> tell us a little bit about the music. are you loving the type of music they have playing out here. >> the music is phenomenal, i'm +cl thoroughly enjoying, lauren, she's been such an idol for many years. it's great to see her performing. again, everybody is having a great time, and most important it's very orderly. my hats off to the city of columbia. i see a lot of sheriff's department officers are out here as well. doing such a great job. again, it's amaze. >> and one more thing before i let you go. what's your favorite part? >> my favorite part is just seeing everybody have a great time. that's my favorite part. smiles, nothing obscene, just everybody's having a great time. >> awesome. we appreciate you coming out. i love that you're having a good time brother.
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>> once again, happy new eeriest to you. >> -- happy new year's to you. >> just listening to lauren hill. chuck ringwalt news 19, back to you jr. >> thank you so much. we are within three minutes now of the beginning of the brand new year. go. as we reflect on 2015, i know a lot of us are looking back at the !jp'year where we had so much tragedy and sorrow in the state of south carolina, but you know, we also had some good things happen to south carolina in 2015. maybe perhaps you had a birth in your family. maybe you had engagements or weddings. maybe you got a new job in 2015. whatever happened positive to you, that's a good thing for 2015. and it really shouldn't be measured with all of the tragic and heart ache that our state saw from the shooting deaths in charleston to the flooding to
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items here in south carolina. yeah, 2015's going to be remembered for a lot of things. it's also going to be remembered for how south carolinians came together, how they bounced back into time of all of these struggles to just come together as one in south carolina. south carolina strong, and that's what most of us should be proud of as we look back on the year 2015. neighbors helping neighbors, seeing what can be done to help your fellow man. all right, the music is coming to a close for the moment. right now, we are about a minute 20 away, and i believe our darcy is going to be taking things over on the stage with columbia mayor, steve benjamin. we're going to be waiting to hear from darci and mayor
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a minute, 5 seconds away. we are about to have our count down. we'll do this again next year, you all. 15 seconds you-all.
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happy new year.
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[ fireworks ] simply amazing. one of the biggest tree fireworks shows yow going to see in south carolina on new year's eve. stay with us, there is still
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famously hot new happy new year everybody. welcome to the first day of 2016. it is columbia's famously hot new year's celebration. now, we've got revelers from all over the mid lands and all over the southeast here tonight celebrating the beginning of a brand new year. our lauren thomas has caught up with a few of them. lauren, happy new year. >> well, jr, the fireworks just went off. the people are out here, still enjoying this party. it doesn't stop here until 12:30. i'm here with adid. he came here from india with his family. how does it feel to be celebrating in the famously hot city of columbia. >> it's a great city. i have been here the last four years, and every year i come to the square to celebrate the new year, and it's really great, and i'm here with any family, my wife, my friends from india.
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the clock went to 0. but i mean, this is your wife here, it's the new year, are you enjoying bringing the new year in with you. >> we don't kiss each other on new year's, but it's great to be here watching people kiss, and yes, it's really great. >> what's a new year's resolution for you. >> what we have decided, me and my wife is we'll be donating some amount of money to any charity in columbia and all of our friends here. >> there you have it, guys. people are out here enjoying their new year's day now. no longer new year's eve. we brought it in the great way, fireworks, lauren hill, music, fun, a lot of stuff going on behind us. happy new year to everybody in the back. i'll send it back to you jr. >> thank you so much. miss lauren hill is back on the stage performing as we speak. earlier tonight a group from
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called the dead 27's, and we're going to take a brief listen to some of their performance from
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that's the dead 27's from charleston. look who has joined me on stage. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too, buddy. i tell you what, we have made it to 2016, and i just feel
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so many of our friends and neighbors have come out to be a part of this huge celebration. >> yeah, you know, i'm so glad that the weather cooperated. >> yes. >> and people could come out tonight with their children, celebrate responsibly, and have >> exactly. and if we are the first t ones to tell you happy new year's at home, happy new year's to our wonderful wltx viewers, thank you so much for spending part of your holidays with us, and thank you so much for allowing us to come and see your home as we kick off a brand new year. >> it's just a tremendous number of people out here tonight. i think the mayor's right, i think this is perhaps the biggest crowd we have ever had with us. >> initially i was looking down main street, jr, but once i made it back onstage with
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down jervais street. they were way down main street. >> what we're going to do as ms. lauren hill continues to play on stage.
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we'll be back with more with we are on main street in columbia and famously hot new year is going to start winding down in ten minutes or so. >> we have seen crowds start to move out of the area. the good thing is for anybody who may have enjoyed themselves a little too much, there are taxi cabs available. the comet is available. there are ways for folks to get home safely. it seems like the city has thought of absolutely everything. >> alyssa lang is stand big on
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>> you know me, i have been having a ton of fun, making a lot of friends. two friends, angie and ila, they are from clemson. first of all, tell me what brought you down here from clemson. >> we love lauren hill, and we just come to celebrate. >> and of course you also know me, i'm the resident sports lady of the wltx. we started talking some clemson football, you guys celebrating a pretty big win tonight. what's the most exciting part about going to a nanaonal championship? >> they worked so hard, and being dedicated. good job guys, you deserve it. hard work does pay off. >> tell me what's going down between clemson and alabama, who's going to win. >> go tigers. >> these ladies definitely hoping for a national championship coming their way in 2016. they kicked it off here at the famously cjpwfhot city of rmcolumbia, first before they head back to the upstate.
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here talking clemson football. i'll send it back to you jr and darci. >> with the new year comes new year's resolutions. do you have a resolution. >> i actually do not have a resolution. i decided a long time ago i wasn't going to make new year's resolutions because i want to do better every day. so if i have a new year's resolution, which i don't, it is just to be a better person, do better, grow a little bit more every day. resolutions. take a listen. >> my new year's resolution :::2is to become more focused and organized to spend more time with my family during this upcomi:]year. >> just have a great new year. i have a family. i'm blessed. hi i hope everybody has a blessed new year. everybody prospers and do good in life.
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>> my new year's resolution is to face it. >> i'm excited about the new year, obviously. every year it's something great. and brings new adventures, new ` and you meet new people. what else can you ask for. >> feliz nuevos. >> happy new year. >> my resolution is to get our dog fixed and get a boat. >> continue to pray for everybody and just be good at everything and the best at everything. that's it. >> my new year's resolution is financial stability. >> happy new year, all the way from north charleston. >> happy new year. >> oh, lauren hill is singing killing me softly, one of my favorites. >> it's one of one of the songs you think of when you think of ms. lauren hill.
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have a lot of amazing talent in the midlands, thyme talking about group color blind. they were on stage earlier tonight and were one of the groups that opened up to lauren hill. i had a . /zchance to talk to them
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>> all right, ladies and gentlemen, that was color blind, they are release ago new project t6( :this year. 2016 is going to be a big year iuhs for them. if you like what you heard, ryou can get a lot more in 2016. >> let's say hello to chuck ringwalt who has some partyers here tonight down on qmhomain /x street. chuck? >> well, the fire works may be over but this party is getting started for melanie, and they're right here on main with us. we have been hanging out for quite a while now, and you said this is the first year you have come here. tell me about that excitement. >> it was exciting because i never have been out ever for new year's. >> very cool. and you as well, sir. >> yes. it's pretty cool out here, man. better than being at the house. >> and we have been looking at these shirts, it goes up with the music.
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lauren hill's performances, haven't you? >> i didn't hear the question. >> was ms. hill's performances, you know, the t-shirts and improving to the music, tell me a little bit about -- grooving to the music, tell me a little bit about how much fun you're having. >> having a great time. it's really fun. >> one final question, are you guys going to be coming back next year? >> yes, definitely. >> oh, yeah. >> awesome. thanks so much for being with us, and we're glad k+nnzethat you /"fu guys t qare having .( gisuch o 4 jr >> you too. >> thank you. >> we'll be txpwfor a little while longer, until then, chuck ringwalt sending it back to you guys. >> chuck, thank you so very much. everybody seems to have had a great time here tonight. >> exactly. i think everybody who was out here tonight can agree they had an absolutely amazing time, and we just talked to ewe about color blind. there was another amazing local bandanna warmed up the stage -- band that warmed up the stage
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if you didn't have a chance to hear them earlier today, we
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happy new year everybody. happy new year. >> lauren hill was amazing. >> chuck ringwalt you're the first one down here. >> i'm ready for 2016. i have seen people come. now they're heading out. they're looking forward to, after this tough year in 2015, they're ready for 2016 and ready to get off on the right foot. >> let's take it separate sports angle. >> there will be a national
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the clemson tigers going to play alabama for a national title.
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