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tv   News 19 Year Ender News  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:30am-7:00am EST

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of entertainment studios.3 scene on this was the 3 this was the scene on garners ferry road on the morning of this was the scene on garners ferry road on october 4 after hours of heavy rainfall creek and ponds overflowed. water swept up cars and rushed through homes. this was the first day of what would be deemed a 9000 year flood. our chopper captured some unbelievable pictures after the flooding from the destroyed bridges roads to homes floating in water. this is a look off of homes from monticello road. you can see the truck sitting in feet of water.
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sadly, images like we were -- where the normal. >> we're going to examine the ongoing recovery process i am darcy strickland along with jim gandy who is going to take us through the events of this historic flood. jim, we were first here on that first day when the rain started it makes sense that we are wrapping this up this year together.>> it's interesting because it took an amount of extraordinary circumstances to produce the rainfall that we saw. let me carry you through what was going on leading up to that. we had been concerned about hurricane walking -- walking -- but, what was happening in the
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it was right here and it was sinking towards the southeast. and it was stationery across the coast. these would change over the course of 24 to 36 hours. by the time we got to friday, the lowell was tapping moisture from the coast. they were producing heavy rain's. meanwhile, the hurricane is beginning to move away from the bahamas and as it did, it began to factor in. by saturday night, this upper- level low was capping the moisture. and as it continued to move away it was able to tab some of the moisture coming from the hurricane. the rains persisted. this is what the forecast
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looking for sunday afternoon, this was amazing. it was not going to hit south carolina, but there is going to o be moisture coming in producing rain, and when all was said and done, this is how much rain fell across south carolina. this is an analysis of the national weather service. you can see here we have heavy rain. but saturday into sunday morning right here, from the child's than area into the columbia area many places saw as much as 15 up to 26 inches of rain. by far, historical by any measure. darcy. >> thank you so much. the irony of us having so much water became the problem. much of the mid-lands could not drink their rain -- water. it prevented it from entering the
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it cost $35 million gallon away . they assisted local officials in repairing the dam by using a helicopter to drop 1 ton sandbags into the breach. the plan worked and they were able to supply customers with clean taking water. that's drinking water. -- drinking water. we had people all over resesing people. because if i apartment rescued over 187 people from buildings and cars and the evacuated 464 people from structures because of the floodwaters. michael crow, was on the boulevard as he rescue people from the cars it's one of the images residents will not forget.>> they've just set a line tween the cars. that guy just waited in there,
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trapped in their cars for two hours after the water pushed them off of the road. a couple of utility trucks, but what you can see is that they are working right now bringing that letter in closer than we have seen him do before. and, in an attempt official somebody else out, i have talked to three people who have brought people out of their cars after two hours. and helping them wade through all of the horizontal pressure, the man that we told you was trapped earlier his s ughter was here he said/-- he was being fist out. they put the latter we think is his car. she was standing next to me. and it looks like they had t latter there.
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looks like they are about to start bringing him down. what we are hearing is that they are still moving and he may be alive. they have that structure ready to bring him over. she says, but they told her that it was him and he was still moving. they got him out of the car at after 3 1/2 hours of being trapped a terrifying situation they were just trying to get to church to work, and they now have to deal with all of this. >> and just down the road and forth acres it water rushed into home on kilbourne roads chris hopper spoke with one of the victims that day. is a pretty dramatic they're putting this woman on a stretcher because she needs assistance in that shows you how high the water levels are they have to get on the roof of a two-story home to get this woman from inside.
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>> the pores and everything were flooded. >> how bad? >> it is about, let me see. >> the water at the top of the fence line which is pretty high, we got everything propopd up on our beds in the brought -- the dogs are propped up. >> were you worried wouldn't be able to get out quick >> yes, we were picked >> my backyard is flooded. >> and your kids are safe? >> yes. thank god for that. >> nobody but the dogs but they're going back. >> who rescued you? >> know these guys we got up and they said they were hungry and my floors were flooded. >> we are glad that you are safe. >> the amount of damage cannot even be explained in words you have to see the pictures to understand lee county suffered an enormous amount of damage
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let me give you an idea of how high this dam was. this is the height of it just about the eye level or probably about the top of my head and i can see the blacktop on both sides, and you can see what you get a wider shot of what happened that the water it came up so high i talked to the sheriff, it came up so high that it was rushing over the road. you can see, that how low the water is because it has really just spread i mean it's gone. >> this is definitely the most stunning image. this road is washed away the sand the dirt, it is all dried up and, it's'seally just a top level. this is the asphalt. this was the centerline of eddie watkins road here in lee county. you can see, where the asphalt has dropped off and it's, it is
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>> i wanted to see what the lake looks like. remember, it has been draining since monday morning. that is when we heard that the dam broke you can see, that there is barely any water about 20 minutes ago site beautiful sunset off that water and it is surreal, this is probably the last sunset reflection that you will see a very long time. again, this time to draining since e nday. there isn't much water left, of the water has really just flown through, when it broke. so, which is headed straight through the woods here. and taking a long sediment. huge rocks huge concrete slabs broken in half it's unbelievable to think that the ter was so powerful l re.
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this is really all that is left. the damage is so bad, that the sheriff says the road might not be able to be replaced. as for the pond in the dam, who knows if it will be replaced. the damage is so expensive. you have seen this a couple of times, and for you to see this on tv, it is not as incredible unless you are here. it is probably unbelievable to see at home. still ahead, we have seen
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the water system. during the flood many were saying this is 1000 year flood that i couldn't get anyone to explain exactly how they arrived at that. i went to our partners, they have statisticians on staff and
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actually broke it down into two areas, this flood of the so extensive we looked at trusting, and it was historic it broke one -- three records. for the trust scenarios, the three-day record came in at one and 750 years. they are also closer to the most resource. for us, it was different we also broke 12, and three-day records. the three-day total turned out to be a one in 9000 your event. they bury rare events. it was an unusual set of circumstances that came together and this is the data for the national weather service in columbia. they came into a three-day total of almost 11 inches of rain. keep in mind on the eastern side of columbia, we saw as much is 21 1/2 inches of rain over the three-day. darcy pick >> thank you so much it has
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hit her in the midlands. some local businesses are beginning to reopen while others, are caught any waiting game. mary took a look back at the recovery process. we have been waiting. >> reporter: your customers are happy to see them back open. it has been two o months since the flood in the pizza and pasta place as one of the first on for a stride to reopen. >> we had what they call a 4 foot disaster everything from 4p down along the walls had to be taken out sheet rock down to bare bones. >> reporter: he says the support of the community, diligent and a lucky 4 feet elevation difference that means that he is serving his customers again>> we work six days week eight until october 5 up until this weekend. and we were able to pull it off. >> the laundry and dry cutting manager says that they are open and operating with the bare minimums.
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basics to get the job done and to make our customers -- to make it convenient again. >> nearby and elevation the floodwater may be gone but it has left remnants behind. >> tracy wells says she is starting over.>> ththwater came upupabove the ceiling so basically, it has destroyed everything. >> reporter: facing $900,000 in damage and not enough insurance, as a small business owner, she was concerned about the people who work for her. >> i wanted to make sure that we took care of them. >> during the demolition process, they got the clinic going all the way down to the studs. meanwhile, they also documented and logged every piece of equipment model and serial numbers along with pictures. now, they wait. >> we are stuck. we cannot move forward until we get our money.
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we get the insurance money. we can't start building until we have money to pay for the construction. we are in limbo.>> reporter: news 19. it's a 19 days but they have a temporary location. there is no word on when they can begin rebuilding the drive location picks cong up next, received a new home after this was destroyed.
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recent anderson and her famimi. 3 3 3 3 anderson and teresa 3 3 anderson and their home and belongings in her family of six lived out of for 2 months recieving a gift and teresa 1. what happened to during the 2. and how living in a hotel 3. and the community raise money welcome back the stories that came out of the flood, stories like trees anderson. thank you so much for joining us. i will never forget the image of seeing you, and your children in that hotel room.
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between where you are in october and where your family is today. >> the difference, is space. we have so much space. we came from a three-bedroom to a five bedroom. >> and so, and then, the hotel we were on top of each other. >> so, it is such a tremendous burden to be out of the hotel room. and back into home getting to normalcy. >> what happened to her house? >> we had three feelings that caved. and so, it all went on a night and it started in my bathroom in my master bathroom and, it went into my friends rooms and they lost everything. and, when we thought that we had it, all of a sudden, the living room ceiling caved in. so we were all scurrying until
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bedroom which had the only dry room and the only room that still had electricity. because, it had knocked out the electricity. it was scary. >> so like nothing you've ever experienced? >> nothing. >> so what you got out of the house what was the next step? >> we went into a hotel, and we been, acutely beset october it does not feel like that. everything is going by so fast. the, we have been at the hotel until last wednesday when we officially moved into our house.>> reporter: talk to me about your family. >> if you let them tell it they think that it has been one big vacation. i told them, that the reality
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they have been tremendous throughout this entire thing. and, i have to say about my daughter, they have all been wonderful. i am so thankful that we all have stilileach other. we were all in one room, but we were all in one room together.>> and that is a blessing. that was then, this is now, thanks to the generosity of the community you are in a new home. >> yes. the one thing, throughout this whole ordeal, my kids see that there are good people in this world. they take nothing else from this, then that is what i want them to take. there are good people in this world. with so much bad, there are so good people. i can see it is an emotional subject.>> it is. >> it doesn't seem like it's been that long, but tell me
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>> it just doesn't feel real. it is so surreal. you see this happen to others but you never thought that she never think that it would be such a whirlwind of so many things and that, it was -- it's just -- just to see where we were and where we are now god has blessed us. i think i will be crying for the next 10 years.>> i don't know if you have had an opportunity, but i want you to be able to look into the camera and to say, thank you, what would you say to them? >> thank you, it doesn't feel like enough. and to say it started off with just a text from the school, everybody has been so wonderful. i can't begin to say thank you to you all.
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seen and haven't seen, my kids will always have you guys. we thank you so much. >> teresa, thank you for sharing your story. and i know, that 2016 has amazing things in store for you and your family.
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there is more.3 example of the tremendous effort that we saw to help victims of the floodheres a look at some other that was just one example of the effort that we have seen from our community. here is a look back at some other ways people pitched in. >> is a -- 6 -- [music] >> i wanted to get out here and volunteer.
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>> there are so many different emotions at a time like this. we want to do whatever we can. they have lost everything. >> we are going to help colombia free heel. we're going to do the right thing. >> with all of the guess you are giving, with all of the pings donating, and people coming in it has been a blessing. >> i like giving more than getting. my friends have lost everything. >> these are 10-year-old students and all of these are just and all. there is so much
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>> to know that you can come out here and make a difference is a blessing. >> we have been in such a tragedy, people can come together and say here is a box of whatever you need, but they beautiful thing. >> to realize how important this community is to us, and to the whole state. >> people have held us in their front yard crying. it's been so extending session so outstanding. our district has given us everything.
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this anymore. as an unbelievable community >> a look back at the recovery process. thank you so much for joining us for this special report.
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>> welcome to our yurt in review for 2015 and sports. what a really dear it has been. as a senior right now who would have thought that once it is ranked number one in football. >> no one saw a lot of the things that happened coming year. everything kind of seemed normal. but we have some shakeups. let's start in the spring. obviously that's where he made some major changes on his staff. i returned to the college ranks after 13 year stint.
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there was also a change under center. we didn't know who the starting cornerback was. there was a little bit of concern going into the fall as we had into the off-season he were confident that this unit would produce. we are so tight is the one that is betttt than the rest. we didn't change one or two games in 13 last year. or always tried to find out who the best player is. if they're pretty close in ability. the new state more than one. we still have a lot of time here were all great friends and great competitors. we just try to make the best of what we could.
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there is a big topic that was on the docket how much longer he would be on the sidelines. he was ready for the question and he have an answer that he thought would silence the doubters. before he quickly reversed course and said he was back on the fortified your plan. >> there is a lot of coaches out there that we are all a similar age. i think there's two people running for president. hillary and trump are both within a year of me. it is just a number that we all had on our birth certificate and so forth. if your ability to think and move around and do what's necessary then you're not too old. maybe i've done it long enough. i've been fortunate to win it so much. but i have a wonderful
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i work for the best people. it's not as stressful as people think. that answer did not satisfy , one list. -- did not satisfy a columnist here in in response to the article they called a news conference he actually went off on a range. they cleared up once and for all. as most of you know, i am a big leaguer he said very simply is a simple truth that the greater your compass making your victories greater opposition your enemies well throw in your path. expect and don't become a victim of it. the enemies will talk bad about us. we finally won an oscar games. we finally won enough that
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that my age has something to do with it. our team doctor told me that about about 85-year-old guy. run the show. i plan on coaching a long time. pace. he would pop over for a few minutes he even went as far as pulling out a stand up route your eye was thinking everybody is undefeated at this time everything is going great. i thought i would give you guys the opposite of what the coach this time of year says.
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sorry fact is today. the quarter backs can't hit the broadside of a barn. certainly it was a different coach. it seemed very confident going into the season. and you talk to him there. i'm confident in what we have here he did give us too many details. he have that air about him. after they go through the preseason they saw them and the regular season. broke loose. they knocked off 17-13. wasn't pretty but was a win. build on.
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that's probably what we need to worry about. we have to a limiting some careless counties and probably try to look like a pretty good team were to go up there on saturday night. a lot of our players have never played here. it will be a wonderful experience playing in front of our crowd. the wind would be a followed by a four-point loss. they were desperate. they hope they can find one. he would get the start at cornerback he tossed a pair of third-ququter touchdowns leading the gamecocks to a 31-14 victory. in the last wind at the time all
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i don't know how much more spirited it was. we all know he was going to be the quarterback. we have some direction and hope. still trying to get him to throw a little bit better practice. he threw better in a game than he have been in practice. the next two games would both be on the road. at two in four record. that is when he held his final
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he was not only at usc but at florida. he essentially fired himself. i always get asked how much loer are you going to coach. as long as we keep winning it is both games like this pretty good. i have several more years. if it starts going south and i need to get out. you can't keep a hedge coat each as long as i had headed in the wrong direction. i'm responsible and i'm the head coach. we have to get out of the way and let someone else have a go at it. with stepping aside. they needed a heavy coach. he tapped him on the shoulder and said it was his show. elliott received the opportunity of a lifetime. it was his program for at least
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regular season. he have to work fast to put his stamp on it. i'm extremely excited about the opportunity that we have here is what i think the coach six years ago he hired me into the cheats. and then brought me here. we've made some great memories. i just want to say thank you for all you've done we are moving forward. we one goal in mind. this week. a win today and win tomorrow. with a lot of great players and support staff. it is not and shambles of some might say. it would great group of
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i'm not sure at this point that the change is what they needed. i'm in a take my opportunity that we had as a coach and we will look forward and we will do everything we can to make the university of south carolina product is football program. with the resignation still in the mind to contest so i'm making his debut. he led the gamecocks with the former. and for elliott was a day that he will never forget. i can certainly tell you that. it's just such a great amount of
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carolina. in the final five games a trademark was the fact that this team was in the game until the very end. we were highlighted by some long odds going in. it was after the loss of the florida gators that there was a sense of the air be left out here perhaps the feeling of disappointment. it was 25 years after his accident with let them turn up that of usc. they rush for hundred 74 yards. they were left with a stunning
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certainly disappointed and efforts. from penalties it was a total disappointment. we just spoke with the football team. really briefly right after this game. there was a lot of disappointed faces in there. we started this contest is to look at a player in the team and see if they are focused and ready to play. and if it was all there. the coach, said told us they out coached us and outplayed us. this is probably the lowest. after that stunning loss it was
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been a more only to have a clemson separate themselves. they did more than keep it close. clinton would answer. it would be of the last game versus john elliott. the players fight there's a lot of great men in that room. into the win loss record probably doesn't. the athletic director got a little bit of a head start in
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they have an up and down. unlike a certain florida he would have total court troll over who he has working for him. they made him a better coach and if he has a history will be your see who benefits in the sunshine state. i do have a competitive edge about me. i do coach with a lot of energy on the field and i want to players to play with relentless effort. i do know that your players generally take the personality of the coach. honestly they want to be a little bit leery there. sometimes the solid hires a workout better.
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will see what happens in 2016. welcome back. our special year in review. what about the clemson tigers. they have a pretty good here. they bring in the new year with a big win. let's show you how it went down with the tigers. they have to struggle a bit. and then in the rain 24-22. the first immediate between the tigers. they saw them and on for the win.
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they were moved to third in the country. the championship there. put the state would jump out to an early leak. they were ranked number one in the country. attackers would come out on top. they keep their national tv chip hopes alive. and then from there they would not a staircase and wake forest before heading to columbia. as we showed you earlier in the show. the process they maintain bragging rights. for the second year in a row. we played for out of our last six on the road. burgundy plank 10 in a row. four of the last six. our team is just to continue to find ways to win. that's the bottom line. we got the result that we came here for. i'm proud of our team for that.
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it is just a blessing to be a part of. what the regular season and the books they had one more game to play before they could rest their tired bodies. they are marking that 15 acc championship and giving him a single-season record of 13-point. i know how hard it is to do it. they will appreciate that when they grow older and wiser. it's so hard to do. the other good 13 and zero are so incredibly slim especially when you played three top 10 teams along the way. these guys found a way to get it
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127 division i teams. they're the last team out there. we have had to earn it. i think that a 16 in a row for us. the 15th title one of the things that we talked about old times you have to earn it. and they have earned their way to the college football playoffs. that is going to be a good one
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we're talking back here i was making. we are talking hoops. the guys have a good year. a great season. the women's program continues to
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the first sec championship you may have been the gold standard. carolina has made it clear that they are now the team to beat. it's the first win over tennessee and columbia since 1980. there would be one more. it was carolina with an even more dominating performance. for the first time in the program's history and they were cutting down a bit nuts at the conference interments. they would defeat the 80 to 74. they advanced to the ncaa final four.
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they deserve to be in the array or air. it would rally from a 12-point second-half deficit. with them clinging to a one-point lead. they could not convert. the irish would escape with a 65-66 win. it included the school record and it would come to an end. we can still take that tough road were not the same south carolina that we were in the past. we are building something great. the experience is just being here. there's a lot of teams that wish they could be in our position. we gave it our all. we never let down.
6:18 am
could have just called it what -- call it quits. it has been picked to win it all again. time will tell. they finished with a 17 and 16 record. they went through stretch. it's the way they are not throwing in the towel. it's very impressive in the preseason. we will see how it works out once the sec starts. coming up next.
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we have seen switching gears to baseball.
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regionals. they will enter the fourth season at the helm of the program. he's more motivated than ever to return the program into deep runs in the postseason. his status have been long a topic of that. they took over the program. the former assistant who was lured to the state from the college trusted. and what of the big year it was. they captured the national chicken chip back in april. it was the third national championship of the program. it has been a crazazyear. can't wait for 2016.
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think you for watching us you are watching a news 19 special report. 2015, the year in review.>> thanks for being with us for this news 19 special report. 2015 in review. we will take a look back at some of the stories that made headlines in the midlands and across the world.
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no one thought could even be possible in our state. it was called 1000 year flood and it ended up causing pain and heartache across the state. lives and homes and businesses were lost after 20 inches of rain fell in early october. our state's infrastructure took a major hit with hundreds of roads and bridges damaged or destroyed. richland county was especially hard hit causing major water problems for the city of columbia. the court of south carolina was brought on wednesday, june 17 when a gunman walked into the whether a manual church in charleston sat in bible study and opened fire killing nine people. the next today the suspect 24- year-old dylan group was arrested in shelby with carolina. six women and three men died they will be church. the youngest was 26 and the oldest was 87. a state e lawmaker died and
6:23 am
shouted racist remarks. family members of the victim told roof they forgave him for his murderous ways. a trial date of july 11 has been set and the state is seeking the death penalty. the tragedy brought president obama to the lowcountry. e first family got to ow the slave master during the 2008 -- slain pastor join the 2008 campaign. >> preacher by 13, pastor by 18, public servant by 23. what a life he lived.>> at the end of his address, the president let the people in singing of amazing grace. the shooting sparked a push to remove the banner from the
6:24 am
where it had flown for some 50 plus years. lawmakers debated for than 15 hours over the past a bill to remove the flag and place it at the confederate relic room in state missing. the governor signed the bill into law on july 9.>> we are a state that believes in history and respect. so we will bring it down with dignity and we will make sure that it is put in its rightful place. but this is a story about action. this is a story about the history of south carolina and how the action of nine individuals laid out this long chain of events that forever owed the state of south carolina was -- what love and forgiveness looks like. >> the flag came down on july 10 were 10,000 people attended the ceremony. many cheered usa as the flag made its way down the pole and
6:25 am
the discussion over how much it would cost to display the flag continues. a no trust police officer was charged with murder in the shooting death of walter scott. michael seger was arrested in april after a bystander recorded cell phone video of him shooting scott during a traffic stop. scott was unarmed and posed no threat when slater shot him. the case left the passage of a law that requires all agencies to cross the state to wear body cameras. the oscar james small jr. first laker has yet to be decided. in october a richland county school resource officer was fired for three a student across the classroom during an arrest. senior deputy benfield was caught on cell phone video clipping a teen backwards and tossing her across the classroom at spring valley high school. goes was called to the class after the sixth your girl if used to comply to requests by her teacher and administrator to meet the classroom.
6:26 am
maneuver was not based on a training or acceptable procedure. when we asked the fbi to initiate the student was charged with disturbing school and recently a push was made by concerned citizens to get those charges dropped. solicitors are waiting for the i to conclude the investigation out before making any sort of position. in january justice was served with the friendship nine who were arrested after stand out for their civil rights more than 50 years ago. a group of college students were jailed 54 years ago after a sit in protest at a white only lunch counter at a rock hill department store. they were arrested and sent to jail because they refused to pay a $100 bond. . move sparked the tail now failed movement during the civil rights movement. a judge threat or sentence and conviction and apologized on behalf of the state. in july
6:27 am
small orangeburg county town of holly hill. four people were found dead inside a home on old state road and an 8-year-old boy who was also shot survived the attack. 36-year-old christopher dean wright is the father of three victims. investigators say he is not the killer they say put the victims in harms way because of the lifestyle that he leads. they say he sold jugs from the home where the shooting took place and no arrests have been made for the murders but investigators believe at least two people are responsible. in february a murder suicide took place on the campus of usc. the richland county coroner says 45-year-old door roger fayed died after he s shot several times by his ex-wife who then turned the gun on himself. the shooting happened at the new school of public health where he worked. in 2015 two midlands police officers were killed in the line of duty. forest acres police officer
6:28 am
while responding to a call at the richland mall on september 30. the 32-year-old left behind a wife and young son. he was the first forest acres police officer to die in the line of duty in 41 years. in november the columbia police department lost one of their own officer stacy case she died in a car accident by responding to a call of shots fired in the vista. the 37-year-old collided with a usc police sergeant who was also responding to the scene. accident has led to a policy change columbia police officers must now stop before entering an intersection when responding to any call. in april the state dmv put new policies in place when it comes to taking your drivers license photo after settling the lawsuit with the transgender update team. chase culpepper was born male but identifies as a female and wears makeup every day. in march she went to get her
6:29 am
told she had to take the makeup off. drivers will be able to wear makeup when they take those photos regardless of their gender. the state's longest-serving sheriff begin serving a federal prison sentence of april. for more likely to share jimmy was sentenced to one year and one day in prison on the federal charge of harboring illegal aliens. he was also pay a fine and will be on the two years probation when he gets out. reported to the government facility in boxer north carolina the all-male prison is the same person that houses bernie madoff. in september former utah police chief richard combs pled guilty to misconduct in office in connection with the shooting death of baby. he was unarmed when he was shot and killed back in 2011. combs shot the 53-year-old doing an arrest. since then, there have been two trial that ended in a hung jury. he was sentenced to 10 years
6:30 am
house arrest and five years probation. in may the former board chairman of south carolina state university was sentenced to by chris in prison for taking federal money from projects. then falsifying paperwork to get more funds. jonathan penton was ordered to pay more than $337,000 in restitution you also have to serve five years of supervised release once he gets out. five other men including the school's former police chief have been sentenced to probation for their part in that corruption scheme. in 2015 another claimed his innocence for more than a year former state senator robert ford guilty to improper use of campaign money. guilty police them from a's senate ethics investigation. ford pled guilty to four of the eight charges he was facing. however, afterwards he said he is not guilty at all. and only pled guilty to save himself from spending money on
6:31 am
he was sentenced to five years probation. in much the president went to the capital city and spoke to more than 1100 people at but it cost about his initiative call my brother's keeper. before obama went to benedict he stopped and grab lunch at brookland baptist church and was columbia. he spent 20 minutes at the church where he chatted with about 100 diners. he also grabbed some lunch and even paid for it with cash out of his own pocket. >> protect and defend.>> the constitution of this state. >> and of the united states.>> so help me god. congratulations, governor. [ applause ] governor haley was sworn in for her second term in january. at her inauguration she said she would spend the next ore years trying to improve on her ideas for the state and continue to make the palmetto state trait.
6:32 am
more jobs to south carolina and the innocent south carolina will be home to their first auto factory in north america. the $500 million facility is about 30 miles northwest of charleston. the new plant should be operating in three years and could eventually employ as many as 4000 people. the plant will build the company's new as 60 sedan. in sports both the usc gamecocks and clemson tigers made national headlines. in october football coach steve spurrier announced his resignation. he said the program have slipped and it was his fault. he cited it as a factor in recruiting and police walking away will help the situation. he was the school's all-time winningest coach with 86 victories from 2005 to 2015. >> this is the best thing for south carolina football and for
6:33 am
building process and we have an accident coach and it is -- excellent coach and it is their turn to have a go at it.>> the man selected was will muschamp the former florida coach. he was introduced in early december and spent four asons at florida before he was fired after last season. he worked as opera's defensive coordinator this past fall his per year with increases every year. he describes himself as a blue- collar overachiever. he says he will bring the attitude to the gamecock football program. while the gamecocks slipped the clemson tigers sort. they posted a undefeated regular season and won the acc championship. the tigers were ranked number one in the college football playoff. dabo swinney was named coach of the year and deshaun watson was a finalist for the heisman
6:34 am
still ahead we will recap some of the top national
6:35 am
that's coming up nex welcome back. the mass shooting in san bernardino california was one of the biggest news stories in the country this past year. jamie you chris has a look back at the biggest stores in the country for 2015.>> reporter: the december attack on a holiday party in san bernardino california was the country's worst mass shooting since sandy hook elementary school. 14 people were killed when he radicalized this has been nyt and opened fire. >> this was an act of terrorism.>> reporter: another must shshting took place at a louisiana movie theater and a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic. police in both death of african- american men sparked outrage across the country. in baltimore freddie gray died
6:36 am
in chicago video of laquan mcdonald 2014 death touched off community protests and charges of murder against police officers. racial incidents sparked protest on several college campuses including the university of missouri. with the president resigned after the football team refused to play. boston marathon bomber and colorado movie theater gunman james homes were found guilty. homes received 12 life sentences and the death penalty. the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage causing solutions and nuptials nationwide. kentucky county clererkim davis than five days in jail after refusing to issue licenses because of her religious beliefs. two escaped killers in upstate new york triggered a massive manhunt the weeks later, police shot and killed one convict and captured the other.
6:37 am
bahamas during a hurricane. eight people died and more than 200 hurt when a speeding amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. california's governor declared a state of emergency as the record drought got worse. and boston had the most snow ever more than 110 inches. pope francis captivated americans on his first trip to the states. is in washington dc new york and philadelphia. the nfl this super bowl tom brady was suspended over deflate gate but a judge reversed the penalty. an american won the triple crown the first to do and 37 years. jimmy you could cbs news. stay with us. when we come back, we will take
6:38 am
2015. in 2015 we said goodbye to
6:39 am
an no doubt 2015 was a busy year in south carolina and it is unclear what the new year will bring.
6:40 am
we will be on your side on air and online and on social media. we leave you now with a sample of why we like calling the
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