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tv   News 19 Year Ender News  CBS  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you are watching a news 19 special report. 2015, the year in review.>> thanks for being with us for this news 19 special report. 2015 in review. we will take a look back at some of the stories that made headlines in the midlands and across the world. he began with a natural disaster no one thought could even be
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it was called 1000 year flood and it ended up causing pain and heartache across the state. lives and homes and businesses were lost after 20 inches ofof rain fell in early october.r. our state's infrastructure took a major hit with hundreds of roads and bridges damaged or destroyed. richland county was especially hard hit causing major water problems for the city of columbia. the court of south carolina was brought on wednesday, june 17 when a gunman walked into the whether a manual church in charleston sat in a bible study and opened fire killing nine people. the next today the suspect 24- year-old dylan grgrp was arrested in shelby with carolina. they will be church. the youngest was 26 and the oldest was 87. a state lawmaker died and survivors told police roof shouted racist remarks.
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told roof they forgave him for his murderous ways. a trial date of july 11 has been set and the state is seeking the death penalty. the tragedy brought president ama the lowcououry. the first family got to know the slave master during the 2008 -- slain pastor join the 2008 campaign. >> preacher by 13, pastor by 18, public servant by 23. what a life he lived.>> at the end of his address, the president let the people in singing of amazing grace. the shooting sparked a push to remove the banner from the grounds of the state house
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lawmakers debated for than 15 hours over the past a bill to remove the flag and place it at the confederate relic room in state ssing. the governor signed the bill into law on july 9.>> we are a a state that believes in history and respect. so we will bring it down with dignity and we will make sure that it is put in its rightful place. but this is a story about action. this is a story about the history of south carolina and how the action of nine individuals laid out this long chain of events that forever showed the state of south carolina was -- what love and forgiveness looks like. >> the flag came down on july 10 were 10,000 people attended the ceremony. many cheered usa as the flag made its way down the pole and off the grounds. the discussion over how much it
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continues. a no trust police officer was charged with murder in the shooting death of walter scott. michael seger was arrested in april after a bystander recorded cell phone video of him shooting scott during a traffic stop. scott was unarmed and posed no threat when slater shot him. the case left the passage of a law that requires all agencies to cross the state to wear body cameras. the oscar james small jr. first laker has yet to be decided. in october a richland county school resource officer was fired for three a student across the classroom during an arrest. senior deputy benfield was caught on cell phone videde clippingng teen backwards and tossing her across the classroom at spring valley high school. goes was called to the class after the sixth your girl if used to comply to requests by her teacher and administrator to meet the classroom. sheriff leon lott says the
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training or acceptable procedure. when we asked the fbi to initiate the student was charged with disturbing school and recently a push was made by concerned citizens to get those charges dropped. solicitors are waiting for the fbi to conclude the investigation out before making any sort of position. in january justice was served with the friendship nine who were arrested after stand out for their civil rights more than 50 years ago. a group of college students were jailed 54 years ago after a sit in protest at a white only lunch counter at a rock hill department store. they were arrested and sent to jail because they refused to pay a $100 bond. . move sparked the tail now failed movement during the civil rights movement. a judge threat or sentence and conviction and apologized on behalf of the state. in july a quadruple murder rocked the small orangeburg county town of holly hill.
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inside a home on old state road and an 8-year-o-o boy who was also shot survived the attack. 36-year-old christopher dean wright is the father of three victims. investigators say he is not the killer they say put the victims in harms way because of the lifestyle that he leads. they say he sold jugs from the home where the shooting took place and no arrests have been made for the murders but investigators believe at least two people are responsible. in february a murder suicide took place on the campus of usc. the richland county coroner says 45-year-old doctor roger fayed died after he was shot several times by his ex-wife who then turned the gun on himself. the shooting happened at the new school of public health where he worked. in 2015 two midlands police officers were killed in the line of duty. forest acres police officer greg alia was shot and killed while responding to a call at
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30. the 32-year-old left behind a wife and young son. he was the first forest acres police officer to die in the line of duty in 41 years. in november the columbia police department lost one of their own officer stacy case she died in a car accident by responding to a call of shots fired in the vista. the 37-year-old collided with a usc police sergeant who wawa also sponding to the scene. accident has led to a policy change columbia police officers must now stop before entering an intersection when responding to any call. in april the state dmv put new policies in place when it comes to taking your drivers license photo after settling the lawsuit with the transgender update team. chase culpepper was born male but identifies as a femama and wears makeup every day. in march she went to get her first drivers license and was
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off. drivers will be able to wear makeup when they take those photos regardless of their gender. the state's longest-serving sheriff begin serving a federal prison sentence of april. for more likely to share jimmy was sentenced to one yeye and one day in prison on the federal charge of harboring illegal aliens. he was also pay a fine and will be on the two years probation when he gets out. reported to the government facility in boxer north carolina the all-male prison is the same person that houses bernie madoff. in september former utah police chief richard combs pled guilty to misconduct in office in connection with the shooting death of baby. he was unarmed when he was shot and killed back in 2011. combs shot the 53-year-old doing an arrest. since then, there have been two trial that ended in a hung jury. he was sentenced to 10 years but he will spend a year under house arrest and five years
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chairman of south carolina state university was sentenced taking federal money from projects. then falsifying paperwork to get more funds. jonathan penton was ordered to pay more than $337,000 in restitution you also have to serve five years of supervised release once he gets out. five other men including the school's former police chief have been sentenced to probation for their part in that corruption scheme. in 2015 another claimed his innocence for more than a year former state senator robert ford guilty to improper use of campaign money. guilty police them from a's senate ethics investigation. ford pled guilty to four of the eight charges he was facing. however, afterwards he said he is not guilty at all. and only pled guilty to sasa himself from spending money on an expensive trial. he was sentenced to five years
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in much the president went to the capital city and spoke to more than 1100 people at but it cost about his initiative call my brother's keeper. before obama went to benedict he stopped and grab lunch at brookland baptist church and was columbia. he spent 20 minutes at the church where he chatted with about 100 diners. he also grabbed some lunch and even paid for it with cash out of his own pocket. >> protect and defend.>> the constitution of this state. >> and of the united states.>> so help me god. congratulations, governor. [ applause ] governor haley was sworn in for her second term in january. at her inauguration she said she would spend the next ore years trying to improve on her ideas for the state and continue to make the palmetto state trait. one of her goals is to bring more jobs to south carolina and the innocent south carolina
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auto factory in north america. the $500 million facility is about 30 miles northwest of charleston. the new plant should be operating in three years and could eventually employ as many as 4000 people. the plant will build the company's new as 60 sedan. in sports both the usc gamecocks and clemson tigers made national headlines. in october football coach steve spurrier announced his resignation. he said the program have slipped and it was his fault. he cited it as a factor in recruiting and police walking away will help the situation. he was the school's all-time winningest coach with 86 victories from 2005 to 2015. >> this is the best thing for south carolina football and for our university to start another
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accident coach and it is -- excellent coach and it is their turn to have a go at it.>> the man selected was will muschamp the former florida coach. he was introduced in early december and spent four seasons at florida before he was fired after last season. he worked as opera's defensive coordinator this past fall his contract starts at $3 million per year with increases every year. he describes himself as a blue- collar overachiever. he says he will bring the attitude to the gamecock football program. while thee gamecocks slipped the clemson tigers sort. they posted a undefeated regular season and won the acc championship. the tigers were ranked number one in the college football playoff. dabo swinney was named coach of the year and deshaun watson was a finalist for the heisman trophy. still ahead we will recap
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that's coming up nex the mass shooting in san bernardino california was one of the biggest news stories in the country this past year. jamie you chris has a look back at the bibiest stores in the country for 2015.>> reporter: the december attack on a holiday party in san bernardino california was the country's worst mass shooting since sandy hook elementary school. 14 people were killed when he radicalized this has been nyt and opened fire. >> this was an act of terrorism.>> reporter: another must shooting took place at a louisiana movie theater and a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic. police in both death of african- american men sparked outrage across the country.
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of spinal injuries. in chicago video of laquan mcdonald 2014 death touched off community protests and charges of murder against police officers. racial incidents sparked protest on several college campuses including the university of missouri. with the president resigned after the football team refused to play. boston marathon bomber and colorado vie theater gunmnm james homes were found guilty. homes received 12 life sentences and the death penalty. the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage causing nationwide. kentucky county clerk kim davis than five days in jail after refusing to issue licenses because of her religious beliefs. twtwescaped killers upstate new york triggered a massive manhunt the weeks later, police shot and killed one convict and
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the ship el faro and its 30 three-person crew sank off the bahamas during a hurricane. eight people died and more than 200 hurt when a speeding amtrak train derailed in philalalphia. california's governor declared a state of emergency as the record drought got worse. and boston had the most snow ever more than 110 inches. pope francis captivated the states. is in washington dc new york and philadelphia. the nfl this super bowl tom brady was suspended over deflate gate but a judge reversed the penalty. an american won the triple crown the first to do and 37 years. jimmy you could cbs news. stay with us. when we come back, we will take
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2015. in 2015 we said goodbye to
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