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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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sam had this bag stashed at our place. he wanted me to grab it, then wait for his call. he said he's got money in it, and whatever the hell that stuff is. i read about that thing that he's building, and it says that the people who put it together and who set it off, that they get worse poison than anybody. i mean, he's gonna die. sam's gonna kill a bunch of people, and he's gonna die. what happened to my brother? why's he doing this? i don't know, chris.
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they're looking for some kind of purpose. i sort of feel like i did this to him, you know? what do you mean? sam dropped out so i could go to school. i got the diploma, and he got... what? look, i know you already know this, but whatever sam did for you, it doesn't make what he's doing now okay. you understand, i take that call, let you guys follow me, i'm turning in my brother. you got brothers. how would that make you feel? can't even imagine. look, i need to know what you can do for sam. he's done bad things. he's got to go to jail. but he's not a terrorist yet. is there, like, a program that you can get him in? maybe he can get his diploma while he does time. i don't think so, but i'll check. naz: what exactly does he expect from us? i don't know. but i do know
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so there has to be something we can give. do you know what's in that backpack that sam garper wants? beryllium powder. he needs it to finish the bomb he's building that will render some chunk of this city uninhabitable. people will die, others will get sick, and it will all be to advance the cause of hate and nihilism. there are no reform schools for people planning what sam garper is planning. there's no second chance for people who rig trip wires to kill my agents. i don't know how chris will react to that. well, we can't give him the chance to react to it. so you want me to lie to him. he has to get to that meeting with his brother, and i want you to think about what will happen if he doesn't. you can think of it as a math problem if you have to. however you get there, you have to tell chris garper what he needs to hear. okay.
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i'm better at crunching numbers when i'm on nzt. to the benefits of being a badass. hey, bud. so what'd you find out? can you help sam? as a matter of fact, we can help sam. did i pull it off? yeah, i'm afraid so. i made federal prison sound like a california vacation. in my head, i made mike and ike the prison guards. you get the metaphor. anyway, they were all gonna have so much fun. and sam wasn't just gonna get a high school diploma, he was being set up for a life of success. (paparazzi clamoring) did i lay it on a little thick? maybe. but whatever i had to say, whatever lies i had to tell, they worked.
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chris just got the call-- sam wants him to pass the bag off at east river park, 4:00 p.m. cool. you okay? i've had to manipulate informants before, and... you want to take a silkwood shower when it's done, but it does get easier. it gets easier to manipulate your informants? what about your consultants? that's different. i think you know that. oh, yeah, i get it. it's all in the game. you never saw that show? chris wasn't handing the bag off until 6:00, so i went straight into my training session with casey. but this time would be different. i'm sure casey wasn't expecting me to get the upper hand that fast, or even at all. but i knew he would try after that.
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he got me a bunch of times, i got him a few times. but it was pretty clear i'd know what to do if i got in another fight. casey: okay, so... why'd you hustle everybody? i mean, you've obviously trained before. no one learns that much technique in a day. i'm a quick study. boyle: our people aren't gonna move in until you walk away from your brother. now, we expect everything's gonna be just fine, but we want you clear of the arrest for your own safety. try not to spend too much time talking to sam. just give him the bag and say good-bye. all right.
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tunnel is secure. good by the south pathway. we got it surrounded. you've got two people coming from the tunnel. casey: that's sam garper. he's got his buddy with him. that's norris allen. what's he doing here? two-for-one special's on. sam. hey, bud. you look awful, man. sam: looks like you found my bag. listen, kid, this is... this is all gonna get straightened out, all right? i'm gonna be back home, you know. i don't know when it's gonna be, but... we'll see each other again, all right? why are you doing this, man?
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what is he doing? chris: hey, i'm sorry. this is gonna be a good thing. he brought the cops. let's get the hell out of here. sam, don't run! don't run! don't! stop! move, move, move. sam! hey! i'm going out. no, we're the eyes. we stay here. cover left. go! casey: who has eyes on norris allen? stay down. good? yeah. what happened to allen? don't move! (gunshots)
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ask your doctor or pharmacist
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i'll call you if there's anything, too. thank you. we just got a call from bellevue. chris garper was in hydrostatic shock when they loaded him into the ambulance. they opened him up to operate, but... there was too much hemorrhaging. he didn't make it.
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(sighs quietly) so i told him whatever he needed to hear to get him to that meeting, and... he got killed. i understand how you're feeling. it's awful. his brother sam is gonna be okay. his radiation burns were the worst of his injuries. there's a bomb that won't go off because of what we did today. you saved lives. yep. but not him. (exhales) there had to be way to do both; i just didn't think it through, not even on nzt. this is the worst part of what we do, brian. working a c.i. gets really complicated really fast. we try to avoid it, but sometimes...
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what's best for the world, turns out to be a very different thing than what's best for the person. yeah, but that's how we get through it, right? i mean, we limit morality... (sniffles) draw boundaries, compartmentalize-- like you and casey. what? you say it gets easier to manipulate people, to lie. how can you have an honest relationship? uh, sorry... how do you know about me and casey? his cologne, it lingers on you. your reaction when naz suggested he train me. the way he shows up at your desk every morning. okay, thank you, i get it. (sighs) okay, so when i said it gets easier to lie, that was a lie. but you find a way to live with it. can i give you a lift?
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hey. you heading home? yeah. you? oh, maybe. you doing okay? rough day out there. yeah. our guy finch is a wreck. (breathes deeply) i'm sorry, i got to ask. what are you guys doing with him? i mean, you remember when you and me started training? it took you at least two weeks just get a handle on the breathing. you said i was gifted. yeah, you were. brian-- he's already doing joint locks and chokes that i didn't learn till my fifth year on the mat. it's like he absorbed a decade's worth of technique in a night. so either he's hiding the fact that he had training, or there's something else going on. he's a fast learner. mm. that's what everyone keeps saying. yeah. he learned about us.
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no. (elevator bell dings) i trust him. good night, casey. night, rebecca. brian: if you're watching this, that means you're me-- me on the pill. guy who's been telling me what to do. (sighs) and i know you remember all this, but i'm gonna say it anyway. just because you remember everything doesn't mean you know everything. we are not omniscient, or today would have gone very differently. and if putting myself first means being okay with what happened to chris garper, then i'm not playing. you tell me i've got to be ruthless to survive. but if that means killing the part of myself that makes being alive worthwhile, that is not how i'm getting through this.
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so deal with it. you don't have a choice, really, because by the time i take my next pill, the damage is already going to be done. you okay? i made a copy of this file. i can't tell you exactly how i got it, but i do think you should know what's inside. you deserve to know what's inside. it's about your father, rebecca. can i come in? yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh coming up on news 19 at 11... the deadline for federal aid for flood victims is tomorrow.
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3 the coldest week of temperatures we've seen all season are headed our way. 3 plus some west columbia residents are being asked to boil their water.we'll tell you who's affected. 3 and--the gamecocks women's basketball team crushed arkansas...holding on to their undefeated title. we'll hear from coach dawn staley and fans as news 19 at 11 starts
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3 3 hello and thanks for tuning in to news19 at 11. 3 it's been a chilly weekend and it looks like its only going to get colder.and this week...get ready...we're facing the coldest temperatures of the season. meteorologist daniel bonds join us now with the detials. 3 3 it has been a chilly weekend temperatures only made it to the lower 50s 3 today because of the cloud cover.tonight the clouds should decrease and 3 we're expecting a lot of sunshine tomorrow.3 temperatures tonight are cooling off. here are the current temperatures across the midlands.for tonight, look
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decreasing clouds. tomorrow we're expecting sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees.but then tomorrow night we're expecting lows in the middle 20s and we could see wind chill values in the upper teens and lower 20s. so there is some much colder air moving into the area.we'll take a look at the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes.colby. 3 3 an important reminder for those who have not signed up for individual assistance through fema.tomorrow is your last day to register and the final day to return disaster loan applications to the small business far, 97,000 people have applied for limited financial assistance through fema and nearly $80-million dollars in grants have been awarded.the deadline was originally today, but the agencies extended it to the 4th since the deadline
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3 scdot continues to work on reopening roads damaged by the october more roads were opened on friday, but 39 roads throughout 19 counties remain closed.only one primary route remains closed -- that's s-c 193 in saluda county. workers are also continuing to monitor water levels and bridges following the release of water from the lake murray dam. 3 we've been receiving a lot of calls from west columbia residents claiming their water service is still cut off.the city says if you're still without water, you'll have it back by midnight.scdot began making water main repairs near leaphart road and mineral springs road on saturday.the water had to be cut off for about 200 customers during that time.deputy city administrator brian carter says a leak developed in one of the connections when they turned it back on, forcing them to turn off the water again as it was repaired. 3 meanwhile...a boil water advisory has been lifted for a different set of west
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on lynn drive, bel-air drive, savannah woods subdivision and the 400, 500, and 600 blocks of old barnwell road had to boil their water after a driver hit a water hydrant in the area.they city says the crash caused a water line break.we're told the water line has been repaired and water service has been restored so if live in that no longer have to boil your water. 3 it's been a busy weekend for richland county deputies, who are investigating multiple crimes.what began as a crash investigation is now considered a murderin the county.deputies responded to a motorcycle accident on long green parkway and churchland drive.the motorcyclist was in the woodline, but when first responders checked on the driver, they found the victim had been shot in the upper body.anyone with information on this crime is asked to call crime-stoppers at 1-888-crime- sc. 3 three men were arrested in connection to a stabbing in richland county on saturday. deputies were called to a gas station on broad river road at
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the stabbing happened nearby at title max.there, they found a man lying on the ground suffering from multiple stab wounds.a short time later, deputies pulled over a car matching the description of the suspects vehicle. 29-year-old andrew gathers, 38- year-old marlon gathers and 45- year-old jarvis hurst were all arrested and charged in the stabbing.deputies say andrew gathers's left pinky finger was cut off during the attack and has been surgically reattached -- he'll join the other two in jail when he's released from the hospital 3 the mother of a suspect in a northeast columbia armed robbery returned the stolen item while deputies were investigating the crime.the richland county sheriff's department was called to south hillock court on saturday night for a report of an armed robery.the victim told deputies a man got out of a nearby car, pointed a gun at him, stole his i-phone and then fled -- but not before hitting a nearby parked deputies were at the scene, the suspect's mother pulled up and returned the stolen phone. charges are pending against
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3 one person was killed in a two-car crash on smyrna road near elgin this afternoon. troopers say a chevrolet was driving north, crossed into the other lane and hit a toyota pick-up.the driver of the chevrolet wasn't wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene.the driver and passener in the pick-up were taken to palmetto health richland with non-life threatening injuries.the cause of the accident remains under investigation. 3 3 the gamecock women's basketball team is 13 and "o" after beating the razorbacks earlier today.news19's chuck ringwalt spoke to many of the team's fans. 3 every fan has their reason for cheering. "sandstorm" "the cheerleaders, the girls." "they can drain threes like 3 steph curry" "you hit a three everybody get excited." "i want to see the carolina girls win."and they take their role very "it's an honor." "i'm a big gamecock fan." "we want to support our team." it's a tradition for some. "my husband i really got into the girls basketball team."
11:58 pm
and i love spending time with my friends." "i'm coming here next year. i'm in high school, so i'm really excited tocome here and be there with everyone." "we just have fun and eat food."and it may take some time getting used to. "it's a different enviroment than usual. sometimes i think people are crazy jumping up there, but it's a lot of fun. "each game bring the fans and the team closer together. "everyone in here, we could be a big family and cheer for them and make them proud and coach won't fuss at them in the locker room."for a time they'll never forget. "this is like my first time ever coming to a live basketball game. it's amazing. i get to see the girls actually dribbling the balls not jsut 3 me sitting on my couch at home watching it on my tv. and i just love them."but the bottom line. "because it's fun!"in columbia chuck ringwalt news19 wltx 3 the gamecocks beat the razorbacks 85 to 32. 3
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will kick off his 50-state tour this week encouraging conservative christians to vote in the upcoming election. graham starts the tour with a rally in des moines, iowa on tuesday.he's expected to visit south carolina sometime in february.graham says he's encouraging christians to vote for the candidates who uphold biblical principles, but isn't endorsing a specific candidate because no politican is the answer for the country's needs. 3 gop presidential hopeful carly fiorina will be spending some time in the palmetto state next week.on saturday she will be at the jack kemp foundation--kemp forum on expanding opportunity.that's happening this upcoming saturday at the columbia convention center. 3 3 with no winning ticket in the last drawing, the powerball jackpot grows to $400-million's one of the game's 10 biggest prizes -- and if it reaches 400 million, it could beat the sixth largest prize in powerball history.that prize was 399.4 million and
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back in sure to get your tickets soon -- the next drawing is on wednesday before news19 at 11. 3 star wars: the force awakens continues to dominate the box office 17 days after its just north america it's now pulled in $740 million -- not far off from the current all-time record holder which is avatar at $760.5 million.rentrak analysts say the speed at which the movie is setting records is "unprecendented." globally the movie has pulled in more than 1.5 billion dollars -- could it beat that record as well?it would have to bring in more than avatar's 2.8 billion. 3 3 you've probably noticed that the holiday season is a popular time for folks to get its only right that some of those brides-to-be spent the start of the new year preparing for their big the convention center was transformed into a one stop shop when it comes to all things wedding.we talked with one future mrs...who told
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3 my sister actually went to the one at the fairgrounds when she was getting married and she said it was really helpful to find things for her wedding. so i thought it would be exciting to come and see what they have in store for my wedding. 3 the annual grinding of the grinds is underway. keep the midlands beautiful will turn your christmas trees in mulch. trees may be dropped off through this upcoming thursday. there are several drop off locations--- we have those locations on our website at wltx-dot-com. 3 coming up--grab your jackets and scarves....daniel says we're in for the coldest temperatures we've seen all season this week.he'll break down everything you need to
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