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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 5, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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3 it's been three months since the historic flood hit our state and destroyed people's homes and livelihood.and many residents are a historic flight hit our state and destroyed homes and livelihoods and many are still in the rebuilding state. >> we are hearing some of their stories. reporter: three months ago homeowners saw devastation the unbelief and are looking elsewhere but they are optimistic that one day they will be able to return. >> sometimes it is hard to believe that it happened. reporter: several feet of water entered her home in october. she and her husband have to raise their house before moving in. >> it is a few feet off the
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wanting to be in compliance so that we have a better resale value was most our minds to-- also. reporter: there members-- neighbors had a different story. >> we were very lucky. we were the highest house on the street. reporter: everyone is taking a different route to get back into their homes. >> someone-- some people are selling their houses as is, some are raising them. most neighbors are rebuilding and are going to move back in. reporter: it could take a few months to get back to normal. they are optimistic about the results.>> we are very hopeful. our faith is what we have climbed 2.-- clung to. reporter: fema has approved $78.7 million in grant money to
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the state. wltx . a majority of the roads and bridges have since been repaired but one church remains untouched. it is just as damaged today as is-- as it was the day of the flood. a nearby dam needs to be fixed. residents in the areaeaare frustrated and use that part of the road as a daily commute and now they have to add more time to take the detour. >> there's a private owner. it may be a homeowners-- homeowners association or individual. once it has been certified by environmental control the department of transportation will go in and make replacements or whatever we need to do to return the road to service. until they establish what has
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certified dot cannot begin road repairs. >> there is still no timetable on when the church will be repaired. it is not too late to apply for fema assistance. you have one hour left until midnight to register online for that federal aid. fema has already approved more than $78 million in grant money to help more than 30,000 applicants. now the most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> you know it is pretty cold out there right now, we have clear skies and the temperature is 36 degrees. winds from the north at 6 miles per hour, wind chill is 31 degrees. for the remainder of tonight we are expecting clear skies, the winds will diminish, 25 degrees. tomorrow will be sunny but
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of 46 degrees. it will be dry through the. but we do expect to see rain coming in on friday. i will have the forecast coming up. the formal police officer is free tonight on half $1 million bond. he is accused of shooting death of walter scott last april. he cannot leave the state and must stay on has to tension. he can only leave his home to go to church and visit his attorney. members of the family are not pleased with the action but said they would respect the judge's first-- decision. the trial is set to begin on the 31st. the columbia housing authority has been given permission by the government to tear down gonzales gardens. they are asking city lasers for -- city leaders for $1 million to do the job. the facility currently has 274
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be given vouchers for new vouching-- for new presidency. -- residency. a shootout sent one man to the hospital which happened late this afternoon along the 2400 block of pelican drive. one person was shot and the victim was taken to the hospital. both were armed with a gun and that friend has been detained. if you have any information that could help call crimestoppers. the fbi is working with authorities in oregon to peacefully and a standoff at a national wildlife refuge. the protesters are angry over the prison sentences of local ranchers who were convicted of arson three years ago for setting fire to federal land in 2001 and 2006.
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prison after a judge said their original sentences were too short. protesters want the government to relax its rules on the use of federal land. >> because we love the government to step outside the bounds of the constitution, they have come down upon the people and are prosecuting them directly. they are coming down into the state and taking over the land and resources putting the people into duress and into poverty. putting entire counties and states into undue obedience. >> the attorney for dwight hammond and his son say they are not associated with the fund a group. president. obama says he's going to move forward on gun-control measures without congress. the executive action has created backlash from republicans who say obama is acting like a king more than a president.
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reporter: with the atty. general. by his side president. obama said monday he would defy the republican-controlled congress and implement new gun- control measures by executive action. this will not solve every violent crime or prevent every mass shooting, it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of the criminal, but it will potentially save lives. >> the president wants to required small gun dealers to perform background checks on buyers and make it more difficult for domestic abusers to purchase firearms. mr. obama will take unilateral action soon. >> we have to do something to address the consequences of congress's failure to act. >> the gop blasted the president and they say his executive orders will not survive if his potential successors are elected.
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my pen has an eraser. >> governor chris christie thinks the government will strike down his plan. >> i'm confident the courts will reject his attempts to do that. >> obama will discuss his plans before he unveils them to the public. mark alberts cbs news the white house.>> the presidents pines called a dangerous executive outreach and says the country will not stand for that. joe wilson outlined his a just-- legislative agenda for 2016. they talked about job creation, reducing spending, energy independence and promoting the military. he also wants to strengthen the separate abilities to protect the nation against cyber attacks. >> our country is under attack every second by persons, governments, individuals,
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infrastructure of our country. at the electric grid, and the capability of interfering with automobiles and how they operate. it has gotten very specific so i'm very grateful working with the department of defense and working closely with secretary carter. >> he will continue to serve as the armed services committee on threats and capabilities throughout 2016. new laws reviews with the sales tax which removes the tax on construction materials for charities like habitat for humanity that for there and houses. they can also help families that have suffered flood jim it -- flood damage is a charity group is doing the repairs. >> a new home is $3000 per house, on a rehabilitation is hard to say.
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run about 35-$40,000 sometimes so a savings there as well. >> another sales tax exemption on from our state put together a package, the sales tax exemption was part of it but that expired last friday so no amazon will charge-- no amazon will start sale texas. with no winning ticket in the last drawing the jackpot has grown to an estimated $400 million. it beats the sixth largest size and powerball history. you may remember $499.4 million one by a south carolinian. your next chance to win that money is right before news 19 at 11 on wednesday. if you bought a powerball
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make sure to double check because a $100,000 ticket was sold at the store on lake murray blvd. the winning ticket matched for white balls plus the winter purchased the power play for an additional dollar. we have the winning numbers posted on our website, grocery shopping could get easier. a company called shift is bringing the grocery delivery service to columbia. it will deliver items from local public stories. the company will hire 150 shoppers to fulfill the orders. the service is going to lunch a week from wednesday.-- it is going to launch a week from wednesday. >> i love that idea. it's a struggle through the grocery store with multiple kids, it's going to be great. >> and you are paying more. >> dragging kids out of the
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good mood is not worth it. [ laughter ] they are undergoing multi-million dollars in expansions and we are going to take you behind the scenes. in case you have not stepped outside it is cold. it's going to be a chilly
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a warm-up is hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe a 36-million you are watching news 19 at 11:00 . a $36 million expansion is well underway at riverbanks zoo. a sea lion exhibit and interactive children's garden are going to be open to the public. asus spokesperson says this is the biggest renovation that
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studies show that they add more than $60 billion to the local economies and that supplies more than 700 jobs in motivating the zoo to grow. >> we want to continue to reach people from all over the region and country. in hopes that we can not only added to everything we have going on but also spread our wealth to the local communities. >> the 3 acre interactive children's garden will have a waterfall junction that will be in the botanical gardens and include a giant waterfall with ponds, a dino dig and tree houses. >> treehouses, i men. -- i'm in. >> they have the otter exhibit open and the new bear exhibit where you get to look at them under and above water, it's really nice. >> the polar bears are enjoying tonight.>> that's the only one
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tonight because it is so cold. >> it's amazing that they finally found something that attracted jr. >> when was the last time you went to the zoo? >> last summer, i zip lined out there. >> i still have to do that. tonight would not be the night. >> it's pretty cold. even today's hike temperatures were on the chilly side, 49 and 51 degrees in orangeburg. in rock hill 45 degrees the high temperature right now is called off to 32. here in columbia 36, same thing in orangeburg. we heard from cedar creek which is north of columbia, they are down to 27 degrees and will go into the low-20s for sure tonight. factor in the wind and this is what it feels like. it feels like it is 25, 31 in columbia, 26 in sumter and down
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degrees. we have clear skies and the wind is bringing the cold air in tomorrow when it dies off we will be seeing some cold temperatures. is over the great lakes region and the northerly winds coming down the have been bring in the cold air. it is pretty dry and everything east of the rockies, it is chilly across the good-- a good part of the country. some of the oldest-- coldest air in new england. 31 in memphis and the cold air has gone all the way to the gulf coast. it is 46 degrees in phoenix at 53 and they will remain cool. we will see plenty of sunshine and we start with clear skies but overnight we see some clouds coming in. we will see partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy times on wednesday but i'm not expecting
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low temperatures dropping to 22 in newberry, 25 columbia and 27 in sumter, 28 in orangeburg. high temperatures in the mid- upper 40s or 46 here in columbia. they begin to come in on wednesday and on thursday it will be mostly cloudy but milder 59 degrees. the rain comes in on friday with a high temperature of 62. we get a break on saturday high of 66 degrees and more rain comes in sunday and we start to turn cold again next week on monday for a high of 55. for everyone who is complaining it didn't feel like christmas you give everyone what they wanted. >> it was a dramatic change starting from new year's day from being unseasonably warm to normal.
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coaching hire today when most think of the some may say this is the biggest test of the season.>> conference play is when things start to get serious and we talked about it a lot today. when most think of south carolina, the basketball town is not exactly the comes to mind that most people outside of columbia, a basketball town is seemingly just what columbia has become with the men and
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combined 26-0 remaining both programs as undefeated. the work they have put in is showing. as they prepare to open, the record does not matter but the progress is nice to watch. >> is pretty neat because a lot of people said you can't do that in south carolina. basketball is awful, you cannot recruit there. i promise you they heard the same things and to know that she has overcome that and had tremendous success and we are trying to build success on the floor and add in our own way to that number, it's pretty neat. >> we will head down south where bryce johnson absolutely
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39 points and 23 rebounds. we had a former player of the week posting the first 30.20 rebound game in program history. shifting to football news, they have announced the hiring of kurt roper as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. he comes to carolina after spending the season with the browns as an assistant coach. he joined them after spending 2014 as offensive coordinator at the university of florida. he brings 19 years of experience including 13 in the secretary and has helped teams appear in 11 games. unfortunately jimmy parker who served as head coach at clemson 1973-1976 passed away after battling her related illnesses in recent months. he was 82 years old and
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director in arkansas following the 2015 season ending a 62- year career as a college and high school coach. the tigers are thinking about a huge national title game next monday. a goals of print five since he has-- deshaun watson since he has stepped on campus, it is new territory for watson who is playing the biggest rival, he said he would be playing for the tigers to come away with it. >> he knows he can contact me and i'm rooting for the skies. obviously. in this game especially being able to play both clemson and alabama, six years ago? golly, i'm getting old. the
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mobile quarterbacks, i think he is right for them. being a person that can be the kryptonite to alabama. >> he is ready for a historic season in the books and the hunt is on. they had a solid 38-10 wind yesterday which put them at the number one seat in the nfc giving them home-field advantage throughout the pair-- playoffs. the road to the super bowl will go through charlotte. >> to get back on track and get the positive energy flowing again coming off of an unexpected loss it feels like, we know what we're capable of and cannot let that happen anymore. >> certainly going to be an exciting matchup and i was in
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panthers fans are more excited than they have been in a long time. >> i would like to see a carolina denver super bowl.>> a legend and an up-and-coming legend. >> i would love to watch. tomorrow i can't wait to watch auburn and the first big game of the year, 7:00 on the network. hard to believe the holidays have come and gone now
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we will tell you how christmas have you done it yet? taken down the christmas tree as a reminder that the holiday season is over? really now it is time to get it done. for a group of goats this is the best time of year. they have one place using their goats to help get rid of the trees. it is called city grazing. not only is a great way to recycle but as you can see the goats are really enjoying it because the trees provide a good source of nutrition for them. >> we have the grinding of the greens underway happening between now and thursday. you pick up the mulch on saturday with several drop-off locations. we have the information on our website on the if you don't have a goat. because a lot of you watching have goats. [ laughter ] it's going to be called. tomorrow morning 25 degrees,
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night and down to 23. headquarters, ammon bundy declared this a fight he's determined to win. >> and it is left to us to decide whether we allow these things to go on or whether we make a stand so they will not happen to other people across this country. >> reporter: the occupation
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demonstration in support of local ranchers dwight and steven hammond. they were convicted for arson after a fire on their ranch spread on to federal land. they arrived at a prison in southern california today to begin a five-year sentence. so you want the federal government to give up this wildlife refuge, give it back to ranchers? is that the demand? >> i want the federal government to abide by the constitution of the united states. >> get out of here, you cowards! >> reporter: in 2014, bundy's father cliven battled government officials over grazing rights on federal land in nevada. that escalated into an armed confrontation. so far in oregon there has been no confrontation. not a single law enforcement officer to be seen for miles around the occupied refuge. here inside the compound there is plenty of heavy equipment, but we don't see any evidence of weapons by the occupiers. frankly, we don't see many occupiers. while there is no evidence of broad local support for the occupation, in this wide-open
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