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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  January 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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meteroligst 3 efren afante with just how cold it is....good morning efren... 3 3 chat 3
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3 3 it's been three months since the historic flood hit our state and destroyed people's homes and livelihood.and many residents are still in the rebuilding 19's... loren ...went out to kilbourne road in columbia to hear some of their stories. 3 three months ago this neighborhood saw devastation beyond belief. now homeowners are living elsewhere while their homes are being repaired, but they are optimistic that they will one day be able to return. "sometimes it's hard to believe that it has happened." cynthia pierce saw several feet of water in her home. now more than 90 days later she
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closer to moving back in.but before they do that, they must feet. "it's now about two to three feet off the ground and off the ground. so the about, but being in compliance so that we would have a better resale value one day was utmost in our minds too."her next door neighbor has a different story. yes, both of their homes saw severe damage from the flood and they both received help from fema, but won't have to raise their home. "we were very lucky. we are the street."david richardson were hit hard by the flood, but they are all taking a different route to getting back into their homes. "some people are just selling their houses as is, some people are but most of the neighbs are rebuilding and moving back in." to get back in his home, for pierce it could take a year, about the results. "we're very surrounded us with friends and strangers who have helped us immensely." "it will be great, it will be, but right now i'm just trying to get a plumber in here."now so far fema has approved 78.7 million dollars in grants to more than 30,000 people in the palmetto
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3 3 the majority of the roads and bridges that were damaged from the flood... have been repaired.but spears creek church road... in columbia... remains untouched.its just as damaged today... as it was the day of the flood.the reason? the state transportation department says a nearby dam needs to be fixed.residents who live in that area... are frustrated.they used that road as part of their daily commute... and now they're forced to add more time to take the detour. 3 there is a private owner for that dam. it may be be a homeowner's association of an individual. once that dam is certified by the department of health and environmental control dot will then go in and make our road repairs or replacements or whatever we need to do to return the road to service, but until that owner goes through dhec how
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what has to be done and that dam is certified dot cannot begin our road repairs.3 as of this morning ... there's still no timetable on when spears creek church road will be repaired. 3 the new year brought a couple of new laws in south carolina ... and they both deal with the state sales tax. one law moves the sales tax on construction materials ... for charities like habitat for humanity... that build and repair homes for low-income families. the new law could also help low- income families that suffered flood damage ... if a charity group is doing the repairs. 3 on a new home, we figured at least $3,000 per house that we're going to save. on a rehab, it's hard to say. our rehabs, when we do a rehab and move a family in, they run about $35-40,000, so i'm
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$3,000 savings there as well3 the other change ... -ended- the sales tax exemption... for anything you buy from amazon-dot-com. when south carolina put together a package to attract amazon ... the sales tax exemption was part of it. but that expired january first ... so now amazon will charge sales tax. 3 3 scientists at new york university... say *minor* flu strains... pack a *bigger punch* than previously thought. a team examining flu virus samples... from an international pandemic.. discovered *lesser* strains are able to *get around* vaccinin... which target more dominant flu strains... and spread farther... in ways not realized before. 3 a national institutes of health study... finds infertility treatments do not appear to contribute to developmental delays in children. researchers tracked
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born to mothers through in vitro fertilization... and other infertility treatments. 3 doctors in switzerland are linking higher doses of vitamin d... with an increased risk of falling in patients over 70. doctors have suggested vitamin d helps with functional decline in patients who have a history of falling, but this study found it may actually *lead to more falls. 3 the beginning of the new year is usually when people make a vow to t back in shape. as more people hit the gym... an old approach to fitness... is making a comeback. dr. jon lapook... weighs the pros and cons of high intensity... interval training. 3
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3 ms 3 you might want to buy your powerball ticket today or tomorrow.with no winning ticket in the last drawing... the jackpot has grown to an estimated 400 million dollars. this beats the sixth largest prize in powerball history. that prize was 399.4 million
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carolinian back in sure to get your tickets soon -- the next drawing is on wednesday just before news19 at 11. 3 and if you bought a powerball ticket for saturday's drawing... be sure to double check it.a 100-thousand dollar ticket was sold in irmo... at the j-p mart store... on lake murray boulevard.the winning ticket matched 4 white balls.. and the red powerball l number... plus the winner purchased the powerplay for an additional dollar.we have the winning numbers posted on our website 3 mcdonald's has launced its mcpick 2 menu.... allowing 3 customers to choose two items for can choose from the mcchicken, mcdouble, mozzarella sticks and small french fries.and the mc-pick 2 is replacing the dollar menu... so yes... this means that the dollar menu is gone. 3 still to come on news 19 this morning... the judge made a ruling in the walter scott shooting case... whwh the policer officer accused of shooting scott asked the judge
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3 plus... what the city of columbia council will discuss tonight... that may have more than 200 people looking for
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after the break. 3 former north charleston police officer... michael slager... is out of jail this morning... on a half million dollars bond. slager is charged with murder... in the shooting death of walter scott last part of his release... slager can not leave the state and must stay on house detention.he can only leave his home to go to church... and to visit his doctor or attorney.member's of walter scott's family were not pleased with the action... but said they would respect the judge's decision.slager's trial is set to begin on october 31st. 3 the columbia housing authority has been given permission by the federal government... to tear down gonzales gardens. they plan to ask city leaders for a million dollars to do the council is expected to talk
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facility currently has 274 units... the residents will be given vouchers for new housing. this is all part of a broader plan to redo ...not only gonzalez gardens... but also allen benedict court. 3 in richlan county... authorities say a shootout sent one man to the hospital. it happened around 4:30 yesterday... on the 24-hundred block of pelican drive. deputies say two groups were shooting at each other when one person was shot.the victim was taken to the hospital... by a friend.that friend has been word on the condition of the victim.anyone with information that can help deputies... is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crime-sc. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 you still haven't gotten rid of your christmas tree... the annual grinding of the greens continues this week. keep the midlands beautiful will turn your christmas trees in mulch. you must drop your trees off by must remove all lights... tinsel and ornaments from the tree.there are several drop off locations--- we have those locations on our website at wltx-dot-com.mulch will be available for pickup on saturday at seven oaks park...
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farmers market. 3 south carolina restaurant week kicks off this thursday.more than 220 restaurants are participating. 55 of those restaurants... are in columbia. here how it works: restaurants offer special menus... which include multi- course meals at a lower price. it gives you the chance to check out new spots... or old favorites for a great price. for a list of the participating restaurants... head to wltx-dot-com. 3 a 36-million dollar expansion is well underway at riverbanks zoo.this spring a sea lion exhibit and an interactive children garden... will open to the public. zoo officials say this is the biggest renovation riverbanks has ever done.they say studies show that that riverbanks adds more than 60-billion dollars to the local economy... and provides more than 700 jobs. 3 we want to continue to grow, we want to continue to reach people from all over the community, all over the country, in hopes that we can not only add to everything we
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wealth to the local communities3 the zoo also plans to open the three-acre interactive children garden... which will be located in the botanical garden. 3 coming up on news 19 this morning... many of the roads and bridges that were affected by the flood are opening back up.... but some are not...we
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the hold 3 good morning... thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning... im mary sturgilland im savanah levins... your time now is....adlib toss to efran 3 3
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