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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 3 the usc men's basketball team
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today as the team travels to auburn to face the tigers.but this is the first season in over 80 years that they head into sec play with an undefeated record.despite the success the team is having so far, head coach frank martin said that the team is sticking to their principles. 3 3 that game will tip off at 7 oclock tonight on the sec network. 3 meanwhile... the national championship game is a little less than a week awaythe clemson tigers will face alabama... in glendale arizona next monday. clemson earned a spot in the title game... after beating oklahoma in the orange bowl.our sports director... reggie anderson...
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week... looking ahead to the big game. 3 3 the columbia housing authority has been given permission by the federal government to tear down gonzales gardens. they plan to ask city leaders for a million dollars to do the council is expected to talk about that later tonight. the facility currently has 274 units... the residents will be given vouchers for new housing. this is all part of a broader plan to redo ...not only gonzalez gardens but also allen benedict court. 3 former north charleston police officer... michael slager... is out of jail this morning... on a half million dollars bond.slager is charged with murder... in the shooting death of walter scott last part of his release... slager can not leave the state... and must stay on house detention.he can only leave his home to go to church... and to visit his doctor or attorney.member's of walter scott's family... were not pleased with the action... but said they would respect the judge's decision.slager's trial is set to begin on
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3 in richland ities say a shootout sent one man to the happened around 4:30 yesterday on the 24-hundred block of pelican drive.deputies say two groups were shooting at each other when one person was shot. the victim was taken to the hospital by a friend.that friend has been word yet on the condition of the victim.anyone with information that can help deputies is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crime-sc. 3 3 it's been 3 months since flood waters washed out roads and bridges across the midlands... and the road to recovery continues.the majority of the damage has been repaired... but spears creek church road,,, here in richland county hasnt been 19's,,, chuck ringwalt,,, tells us what's holding things up. 3 "it is very frustrating."kevin stevens many drivers forced to take detours creek church "just the time aggravation of having to go way to go you know to find your way washed away in flood along walden place pond dam that it's just one over 25 other still in the process of many believe department of is responsible dams, but according to leaphart...that'"the transportation does not own
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be a association of once that dam the department of environmental will then go in road repairs replacements road to until that how they're and what has certified dot our road according to d-fullscreen the owner is submit a repair application is the dam is safety and to meets state )the road is will begin the rebuilding.state mainted, homeowners to handle the will
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3 d-o-t also said if the owner works with d-hec to abandon the dam... they will design the necessary structure... to allow the stream to travel under the road. 3 home owners are also continuing to recover and get back on their feet after the flood.for the kilbourne road area in columbia many people are faced with having to raise their homes, tear them down or renovate them.cynthia pierce lived in her home for 27 years and lost in order to move back in she decided to raise her home five feet. 3 "it's now about two to three feet off the eight feet off there will be a so the appearance is what we thought about, but being in compliance
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utmost in our minds too." 3 it could take a year for renovations to be complete before pierce can return home. 3 flood recovery is far from over for many farmers in our state but there might finally be some money available to help.the community development block grant... was passed as a part of the federal spending includes millions in funding for states that have been affected by natural disasters... and south carolina was one of them.right now the south carolina department of agriculture doesn't know exactly how much is going to be available for farmers... but they say it can be up to 300 million. 3 i can answer the question of what i going to do but it day by day right now, bill by bill and talking to one another, i am going to have to restructure but i don want
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that i have 3 the office of housing and urban development is in the process of making the rules for how this money will be spent... it can take months before farmers... or homeowners can receive it. 3 the new year brought a couple of new laws in south carolina ... and they both deal with the state sales tax. one law removes the sales tax on construction materials ... for charities like habitat for humanity that build and repair homes for low-income families. the new law could help low-income families that suffered flood damage ... if a charity group is doing the repairs. 3 on a new home, least $3,000 per save. on a rehab, it's hard to say. our rehabs, when we do a rehab and move a family in, they run about $35- 40,000, so i'm guessing $3,000 savings there as well 3 the other law... ended the sales tax
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from amazon-dot-com. when south carolina put together a package to attract amazon ... the sales tax exemption was part of it. but that expired january first ... so now amazon will charge sales tax. 3 3 an greensboro northcarolina 87-year-old finally gets the chance to walk down the aisle... even though she's been married for 70 years... here's their story and a look into their ceremony. 3 28:26-we've had a good life, and the lord was good to us 28:34seventy years after she said 'i do,' margaret tickle made her first trip down the aisle. her dark brown hair has turned to gray and she now needs a wheel-chair to get around but to curtis tickle, his bride is as ever. 17:28-the vows you make when you get married. i think that's sacred 17:40 the those vows 70 years ago - was home on a furlough from was no wedding then - the couple eloped.35:05-back and her mother came out on the porch, and she quick. you know, where have y'all been? she said we were married. there celebration then -- not even a veil or cake.but tickles celebrated their love, 70 years in the daddy actually talked to my sister joyce know, momma never had a church wedding. and i would really like to have a church wedding and i'd like to give her some stories and we actually let people who congregation tell some of mom and daddy's stories it was really special
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close 3 3 chat 3 still to come on news 19 this morning... ladies... you may now be able to get rid of the fit bit... or the heart rate monitor.... to gauge your workouts... we'll tell you how something you wear every day that can help you stay fit. 3 plus... one paramedic spends his life helping others with their medical needs.... how he helped his wife... when his baby daughter just wasn't going to wait any longer. thats coming up in what's brewing... after efran gives you your full weather
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introduced the worlds first smart bra.they hope women will ditch the fitbit or apple watch... and forget about having to use an accessory... to measure your heart rate and steps.the om-bra aims to measure your numbers through a piece of clothing already worn daily.the bra is expected to start shipping in
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on its website3 chat3 3 a high-tech restaurant in california is unlike anything you've seen before.there are no hostesses... or waiters... not even a cashier at "eatsa." instead, customers are greeted by i-pads... a digital menu... and rows of swipe your credit card on the i-pad and select one of the dishes... which, at this restaurant, are mostly quinoa takes about 30 seconds to place the order...
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cubbies.the masterminds behind the concept... say it's all about getting healthy food to customers on the the back... there are employees working to complete orders... and there is also someone out front to help anyone who has trouble ordering. 3 3 it turns out... waiters pull a lot of weight with your restaurant order... especially
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on them.according to a new study... if your server is overweight ... you are much more likely to order more food. researchers at cornell university... found diners who were served by a person with a high body mass index... ordered significanlty more items than people who were served by someone with a low b-m-i.diners served by overwight people were four times as likely to order dessert... and they ordered almost 20 percent more alcoholic beverages. researchers say the waiter
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meal.3 chat 3 one woman in colorado knew it was time to deliver her daughter. so she and her husband luis headed to hospital..but didn't make it. the couple had to pull over in a parking lot so her husband could deliver their daughter himself. 3 :50 i was just there to catch. sarah's the one that did all the work..all happened within 15 minutes is pretty impressive. 1:083 big sister eliana was in the back seat for the entire thing. her mom and dad say she wasn't scared one bit. she was
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she 3 had a baby sister. chat 3 comimg up on news 19 this morning... the president has his sights on gun control today ... as some candidates took shots at his moves on the campaign trail... we'll tell
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and even the "athlete's foot fungus" killer. discover more ways you can use lysol disinfectant spray
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3 and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning... im savannah levins.and im mary
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to winter... with chilly temperatures... lets check in with 3 meteorologist efran efante. adlib 3 3 3
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3 the first in the south republican presidential primary is fast approaching... and so is the deadline to register to vote in order to vote... you must make sure you are registered by january 20.meanwhile... the deadline to register to vote
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week later on january 27.the gop primary is february 20... and the democratic primary is february 27. 3 meanwhile gop presidential frontrunner donald trump will be in rock hill on friday. trump is holding a campaign rally from 5pm until 9 at the winthrop's free to attend, but seats are limited. 3 meanwhile.... gop presidential hopefuls... jeb bush... ben carson... chris christie... mike huckabee... carly fiorina... john kasich... and marco rubio will all be in columbia on saturday.they are taking part in the "jack kemp presidential forum" that is being moderated by house speaker paul ryan... and senator tim scotteach candidate will be allowed to share their ideas for fighting poverty and expanding opportunity in america it is taking place saturday at the columbia metro convention center... from 8:30am-2:00pm. 3 2nd district congressman joe wilson outlined his legislative agenda for 2016.
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job creation, reducing spending, energy independence, and promoting our military.he also wants to strengthen our nation cyber capabilities to protect the u-s against cyberattacks. 3 wilson will continue to serve as chairman of the house armed services subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities throughout 2016. 3 3 this morning -- president obama will unveil new
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gun violence. the measures... outlined in a conference call with senior administration officials yesterday -- include controversial plans focusing on so-called background check loopholes. brian webb has the latest from new york.
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3 3 president obama also wants to hire more than 230 additional fbi employees... to help process background checks. as part of his push this week - he'll hold a town hall discussion on gun violence thursday. 3 the so-called affluenza teen -- who received only probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people -- is expected to appear in court in mexico for an extradition hearing. 18-year-old ethan couch fled
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a few weeks ago -- as prosecutors in texas investigated whether he had violated his probation.couch's mother, who is already back in the states, will also appear in court today in los angeles 3 3 the powerball jackpot has soared to an estimated 400 million dollars...which happens to be the 6th largest jackpot in powerball history. and in case you are keeping track....the previous 6th largest amount was a $399.4 million payout won in 2013.the winning ticket was sold in lexington but the winner decided to remain annonyomous. the next drawing is tomorrow are 2 dollars and must be purchased by 10 pm. state lottery executive director paula harper bethea says while she's excited about the big jackpot, she looking forward to the 2 to 4 million dollars that will go towards schools in the palmetto state. 3 every ticket we able to transfer 49 cents of every dollar to it's good for everybody when we have these don't have them all that often
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there are a lot of winners besides those who just win the cash in the game.3 keep in mind the odds of winning are 1 in 293 please play can see the drawing tomorrow night just before news19 at 11. 3 and if you bought a powerball ticket for saturday's drawing... be sure to double check it.a 100-thousand dollar ticket was sold in irmo... at the jp mart store... on lake murray boulevard.the winning ticket matched 4 white balls... and the red powerball the winner purchased the powerplay for an additional dollar.we have the winning numbers posted on our website
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3 south carolina restaurant week kicks off this thursday.more than 220 restaurants are participating. 55 of those restaurants are in columbia. here how it works: restaurants offer special menus, which includes multi- course meals at lower price. it gives you the chance to check out new spots or old favorites for a great price. for a list of the participating restaurants... head to wltx-dot-com. 3 a 36-million dollar expansion is well underway at riverbanks zoo.this spring a sea lion exhibit and an interactive children garden... will open to the public. zoo officials say this is the biggest renovation riverbanks has ever done.they say studies show that riverbanks adds more than 60-billion dollars to the local economy... and provides more than 700 jobs. 3 we want to continue to grow, we want to continue to reach people from all over the community, all over the country, in hopes that we can not only add to everything we have going here at riverbanks,
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wealth to the local communities3 the zoo also plans to open the three-acre interactive children garden... which will be located in the botanical garden. 3 3 the world biggest consumer electronics show kicks off later this weekbut the biggest and smallest of companies have already descended on 3 las vegas.some are giving a sneak peek of their newest and coolest tech. tegna noel brennan takes us inside the first big event leading up to the show. 3 this room is packed with media from all around the world.this is ces unveiled the first official media event of ces where global startups share fighting to the room. have been a big part of ces in when it comes to fitness trackers how about a smart and untighten the shoe.count your steps, distance. it a lot more accurate than all these wrist bands you see today because it located right under your foot. french company showed off a toothbrush that actually fun to use.sott kids brush your teeth like they were playing a is just a sign of things to come. more press conferences tomorrow. the show floor doesn open until reporting in las vegas, i noel brennan. 3 chat 3 still to come on news 19 this areas in california are expecting to feel the el nino they are the storm headed their the storm dealing with how they are week...feel the el nino california are on news 19 this 3
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noel brennan.3 3 chat 3 still to come on news 19 this morning.... areas in california are expecting to feel the el nino affect this they are dealing with the storm headed their way. 3 then in sports... why columbia
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basketball town...and the records broken by a midlands native... who's playing in another basketball town... for the tarheels. that's all
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later in the show. 3 residents in california are bracing for the first of a series of el nino-related storms... that could last all
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to bring heavy rain and snow throughout the drought- stricken state.chris martinez... has the latest from glendora -- one of several communities prone to 3 flooding and landslides.
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3 northern california could get as much as 15 inches of rain over the next two weeks with 2 feet of snow forecasted to
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3 many people don't think twice
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one that can be found in toys..button one family in cinnannti found out... the battery almost cost them their son's life.
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3 chat 3 comimg up on news 19 this morning... residents are still trying to rebuild after october's flood. we check in with one hard hit area ... and find out why one road is
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