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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. >> i do not want to have to sell sell, i don't want to have to liquidate anything i have. >> the office of housing and urban development is in the process of making the rules for houses -- how this morning can be sent. it can take months to even receive it. the new year brought a couple of new loss to south carolina, they both deal with the state sales tax. one law removes the sales tax on construction materials for charities like habitat for humanity that build and repair homes for low income families. the new law could help low income families of the charities doing the repairs. >> on a new home, we figured at least $3000 per house that we will say. on a rehab, it's hard to say. it's when we do a rehab and move a family and they rununaround $35000 to $40000, i'm guessing around $3000 savings there as well. >> the other law ended the sales tax exemption from
6:01 am now, amazon will c crge of the sales tax. let's meet our mom of the day now, she is linda, she is the mother of four, and she was nominated by her daughter virginia taylor. virginia tells us her mother goes out of her way to help her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren even when she is under the weather. she is always always willing to help others, and she deserves this honor. congratulations to linda, and if you want to nominate the mom in your life or mom of the day, we have a website we have a banner, rather, on that website that you can click to
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[laughter] if you find yourself strapped for cash today, stick around, because, because we are going to tell you how cleaning out your closet could mean money in your pocket. that is right after the break. while you are digging around
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to grab welcome back, we know after the holidays, some of you ujght be strapped for cash, so why not combine your new year's resolution to clear out your closet, organize a little bit and make some money at the same time. sadie from clothes mentor, you guys are located around harbison, and you take cash for people's worn items. absolutely. we look for women sizes zero- 26, petite, maternity, activewear, shoes and handbags. we pay money on the spot for your used items, if they are in great condition and current style. >> what is the process for you guys. how do you go through it? what kind of items deselect?
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bring their items and, not on a coat hanger, folded in bins or bags, our certified our certified buyers will look through each item and assess the condition of them. we have a computer matrix that will price the items for us. >> you said you also take into account the time it would take to sell it on ebay, or some other way? >> absolutely, when you are look at a closet cleanse, and you are looking at getting rid of multiple items at once you can save a ton of time by using a store like mentor because we do all the pricing and you walkway with cash in hand. >> what about the items you cannot take? >> we have a great partnership with the kidney notation -- donation, they pick up from us once a week and they go to good cause. >> talk about some of the items we have here. these are nice items we have here are these are from the store? >> we have a couple of outfits, we do things and address on the left, we have professional where, we also do maternity, we love the bohemian
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are high demand for sr kate spade, and there is ankle boots, they have been a great seller seller for us as we go through those winter weather. >> how do you guys compare to retail? you have this nice coach bag, $88 what would that be retail? >> that bag would be about $320. we tried to put all of the items at least 70% off of retail, so there so there is great savings for all our customers, as well. >> is there a certain style you guys are looking for? winter clothes, summer clothes, what, what are you looking for right now? >> we try to touch on convenience for our customers. we buy all seasons all years. >> what are your peak times? >> january can be really busy for us. january is really busy, and april. anytime around the season changes.
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they bring us 20 items at first he tries out to see how we pricings, and see how comfortable they are with it. usually we can get that turned around for them in about 20 minutes. >> thank you so much. really quick tell the audience your location, and hours. >> we are located on harbison boulevard, we are are open monday through friday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. saturday from ten am until 6 p.m. and sunday from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. >> thank you so much for joining us, for now we will send it over to mr. efran afante for a check on your weather. if you have not gotten rid of your sweater yet, you might want to hold onto it before you decide to send that out and sell it four cash. right now, temperatures are all below freezing at this time. twenty-nine lexington, salida, down in, down in aiken 30 degrees, st. matthew's even colder at 27 degrees, 27 in camden as well, bishopville at
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are sitting right now. 300 in columbia, winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour that is with the windchill filling my 25 degrees, the dewpoint of 14 degrees, it is very dry out there. talking about chapped hands and chapped lips, dress accordingly and use a lot of moisture you head out this morning. our average temperature for this time of year the low is about to be 33, high of 55. we will not be near that at all. sunrise this morning at 730 timetime, and a and a beautiful sunset later on this afternoon at 5:25. there is not a cloud in the sky in the palmetto state. high pressure is pulling and cold and very dry air. the front as well as the coastline, no moisture getting into the palmetto state. a little bit of moisture there but not enough to feel it. thirty-three x ten o'clock, by lunch time 400, winds will continue out of the northeast and by later on this afternoon temperatures will get to 46
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40 degrees by 6 o'clock. forty-three camden, 44 st. matthew's, here in matthew's, here columbia ohio 46 degrees spread a lot of sunshine today. nowhere near as windy as it was yesterday. winds out of the northeast at about 10 miles an hour. overnight tonight, the winds 5 miles per hour with a 23-degree low, windchill could fill like 70 degrees. lowe's overnight tonight, throughout the midlands, 23 camden, sumter, down in manning 22 degrees, orangeburg a low of 26. as of this area of high pressure continues to move off of the new england coast we are watching an area of low pressure that is going in the northern plains it will be a slow mover to get over here. that is our next chance of rain. for tomorrow, a high of 48 degrees, wind chill in the morning of 17, increasing call coverage with a chance for a late struggle possible, very late in the afternoon on
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of rain on saturday. as we get into the weekend the highs will get into the lower to middle 60s with another chance of rain on sunday. back down to 53 by monday. as we get ready for our tuesday morning commute, to either work or school as we beat the traffic. take a look at the road conditions on i 20 eastbound at mile marker 66. traffic has been moving, picking up a little little bit. fortunately, no accidents are being reported on the interstate. coming out of casey in springdale, no issues on 321 heading in both erections from knox avenue all the way down to i 26. on sunset boulevard both directions traffic is moving --
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all the way down to i 26. welcome back, 624 timetime, high-tech restaurant, high-tech restaurant in california is unlike anything you have ever seen before. there are no hostesses, or waiters, not even a cashier at esa, instead customers are greeted by ipads, digital menus and rows of cabbies produce white bureaucratic card on on the ipad any select one of the dishes, at this restaurant are mostly quinoa bowls. the masterminds behind the concept says it's all about getting healthy food to customers on the go. >> observing a need need in the public, to be able to really
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food is delivered. >> in the back, there are employees working to complete the orders, there is also someone out front to help anyone who has trouble ordering. as it turns out, waiters pull pull a lot of weight with your restaurant order, especially if they have a lot of weight. according to a new new study, if your server is overweight, you are much more likely to order more food. researcherat cornell university, found diners who were served by a person with a high body mass index or significant ordered significantly more items that people who were served with a low bmi. diners are by overweight people were four times as likely to order dessert, and they ordered almost 20% more alcoholic beverages. researchers say the waiter sets
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coming up, moneyman, good morning, thank you four choosing news 19 this morning. >> 6:30 a.m. on your tuesday morning pretty chilly one at that. let's. let's send it over to efran afante for a check of your weather. the cold air is affecting everyone, and we can blame it on that. right now we are below freezing. twenty-eight winnsboro, 27 camden, 28 sumter and down and orangeburg 300, salida and lexington each at 29. columbia 30 degrees, clear skies with the winds out of the
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dewpoint is on 214 degrees. at the bus stop it will be very cold, dress appropriately. 270 as they wait for the bus stop. hour by bus stop. hour by hour we will have a ton of sunshine today. winds out of the northeast, 34 degrees by 11 o'clock, 42 degrees by one, 46 degrees by 3 o'clock, down to 40 by 6 o'clock later on this evening. as we beat the traffic, get you ready to head out the door, you may you may need an extra minute or two to warm up your car. no accidents reported on the interstate. i 26 was done over mile marker 105 heading up to piney grove road, traffic is moving along. no accidents are being reported. on the other other side of town coming off highway 76, 378 crossing over i 77 from garners ferry road heading down, traffic has been moving pretty good moving into downtown. i 26 lake mont boulevard 22
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downtown a 17 minute commute. it will be chilly today, but it will be sunny to start off. you will need your sunglasses. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. turning to politics now, the first republican presidential primary is a fast approaching, and and so is the deadline for you to register to vote in it. in order to vote, you must make sure that you are registered by january 20, meanwhile january 27 is the deadline to vote in the democratic primary. meanwhile, gop presidential front-runner, donald runner, donald trump will be in rockville on friday. trump is holding a campaign rally at 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. at the winthrop coliseum. it is is free to attend but keep in mind sees will be limited.
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hopeful, jeb bush, ben carson, chris christie, mike huckabee, carly fiorina, john kasich and marco fiorina, john kasich and marco rubio will all be in columbia this saturday. they are taking part in the jack camp presidential form that is being moderated by paul ryan and senator tom scott. each candidate will be allowed to share their ideas for fighting poverty and expanding it is at the columbia metro convention center from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. california bracing for a series of severe storms brought on by el nio. the system is expected to jump up dumb up to 2 inches of rain in los angeles today and bring as much as 4 inches to mountain and foothill communities. meteorologists meteorologists say some areas are at risk for flash flooding and mud flows. president obama delivers remarks from the white house today outlining new executive actions that he intends to take to tackle gun violence. two key people with mental
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possessing guns. congress, and on the already criticizing the loop the so-called affluenza team who received only probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people is expected to appear in court and mexico for an extradition hearing. 18-year-old ethan couch fled to the country with his mother, a few weeks ago. prosecutors in texas investigated whether he had violated his probation. couches mother who was already back in the states, will also appear in court today in los angeles. do not forget, if you still have not gotten rid of your christmas tree, the annual grinding of the greens continues this week. keep the midlands beautiful will turn your christmas trees into mulch you must drop your trees off by thursday, though, and you have to remove all the lights, tinsel and ornaments from the tree. there are several there are several drop-off locations and
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website the mulch that it is turned to will be available for pickup on saturday at seven oaks park and south carolina state farmers market. a a $36 million pension is well underway at riverbanks zoo. a sea lion exhibit and an interactive children's article open to the public. zoo officials say this is the biggest renovation the riverbanks have ever done for the zoo also plans to open a 3-acre interactive children's garden which will be located in the botanical garden. south carolina restaurant week kicks off this thursday, more than 220 restaurants across the state are participating. fifty-five of them are right here in columbia. here's how it works. restaurants offer special menus which includes multicourse meals at a discounted price. i give you the chance to check out new spots, or old favorites for a great price. for a list of all the participating restaurants into our website
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here's something you might want to be aware of. the new year brought a new couple of laws to south carolina, and they both deal with state sales tax. one law removes the sales tax on construction materials on charges like habitat for humanity that builds and repairs homes for low income families predicted help window -- it could help low income families that suffer flood damage of the charities doing repairs. >> on a new home, home, we figured at least $3000 per house that we will save. on a rehab, it is hard to say. sometimes they run around 35- $45000 on guessing a 2000-$3000 savings there as well. >> the other line to the sales tax exemption from anything you buy from when south carolina put together the package to attract amazon, the sales tax exempt and was part of that package. that expire january expired january 1. now if you buy anything amazon will charge sales tax. you might want to buy your powerball ticket today, or tomorrow. with no winning tickets in the
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million. this beats the sixth largest prize in powerball history. that price was $399.4 million and was won by a south carolina native back in 2013. be. be sure to get your tickets, the next drawing is on wednesday. just before news 19 at 11. someone was lucky on saturdays drawing, you need to double check your tickets. i 100,000-dollar ticket was sold at the jp margin store on lake murray boulevard. the winning ticket matched for eyeballs on the red powerball plus they purchased the power play for an additional dollar but we have the winning numbers on our website this tech tuesday we speed up part of your commute. who would not want that? and, money saved at the same time. >> moneyman, matt granite has the details. >> a huge lifesaver in the event of an emergency and also a money saver in the granting -- scheme of things.
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your devices get powered faster than anything i have ever tested particular, because, it is a 6- dollar 85% off. this is called a power up quick charge. this works with apple and android devices. the reason i love it -- this can improve charge times in your vehicle 75% faster than anything else we have tested. you plug in your phone and you will get the fastest, most reliable charge we have ever tested. the amazing price usd.6 all dollars all caps on to a coupon code which i have listed on our website, you can watch a full demo of me using this and see how it comes to life. free shipping for prime members, sign-up for the free trial and you are good to go. happy savings, back to you. be mac that is a great deal. be mac i know matt looks into how much stock they have before he shows us these products to make sure they have enough. i
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if you want one go to our website up next up recovery from october's flood continues. we will show you how people trying to move forward, coming up.
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dealing with any rain today, welcome back to news 19 on this freezing tuesday morning. our temperatures are well below freezing, 27 in newbury, winnsboro and campton, 30 degrees in orangeburg, 28 in manning, columbia 30 degrees, and the windchill factor feels more like 25. average temperature for this
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33 degrees and a high of 55. we will have a beautiful sunrise this morning at 730 timetime, and a beautiful a beautiful sunset later on this afternoon at 5:29 as all of our communities right now are clear of any clouds, precipitation, functioning area of high pressure bringing in the cold, dry air. a reinforcement a reinforcement of a cold front well out into the atlantic. not only is it going to be dry, but we we will continue with very, very unseasonably cool temperatures as highs today 43 newberry, newberry, 45 lexington, expecting 44 in orangeburg, 41 sumpter and manning, 460. overnight tonight, it is going to be frigid cold, once again as we are expecting temperatures pretty much in the lower to middle 20s with the windchill factor potential of about 17-20 degrees. as we wait for this area of high pressure up in the northern part of the united states to start to move off. it will be replaced by an area of low pressure, this will be the next chance of rain, as it migrates towards the palmetto states, will not have as much
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an opportunity for ray. we will hit a high of 48 degrees 48 degrees, a chance of a sprinkle or two late thursday afternoon with a high of 58. as we start warming up going into friday, and the weekend the weekend as highs get into the lower to middle 60s. a slight chance for rain right now as we get into friday, as well as sunday and when all of the complex moves out of here by monday decreasing call coverage with a high back up to 53. as we get ready to beat the traffic and get you ready for your tuesday morning commutes. we're taking a look right now it i 20 eastbound from mile marker 75, traffic is light right now, it has been picking up. fortunately no accidents reported on the interstate. further south, and our communities, coming south, in our communities, coming out of gaston both directions on 321 from the split up charleston highway two i 26, traffic has been picking up, no accidents reported.
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turning to flood recovery, although many roads are opening back up after the october floods. there are some that are so washed out. he four many of those roads can be taken care of by the department of transportation the dams need to be fixed. one of those dams is the walden place pond damn in richland county. the october flood washed it out and now part of the road that runs over it is inaccessible. we spoke to some who say they are frustrated, they use that road as part of their daily commute and now they are forced to add more time to take the detour. we also spoke to the dot who
6:26 am
when a dam has been destroyed. >> there is a private owner for that damn, it it may be a homeowners association, or an individual. once that dam has been certified by the department of health, environmental control. the dot will then go in and make our road repairs, replacements or whatever we need to do to return the road to surface. until that owner goes through and establishes how they're going to repair, and what has to be done and that dam is certified, dot cannot, dot cannot begin our road repairs. >> dot also said if the owner worse with the d hack to abandon the dam they will allow the stream to travel under the road. it has been three months since that historic flood hit our state and destroy people's homes and livelihoods. many residents are still in that rebuilding stage. news 19's lauren thomas went out
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their stories. >>reporter: three month ago this neighborhood saw devastation beyond belief, and now homeowners are living elsewhere while their homes are being repaired, but they they are optimistic. one day they will be able to return. >> sometimes it's still hard to believe that it has happened. >>reporter: cynthia saw several feet of water in her home back in october. now, she and her husband had to raise their house and extra 5 feet for moving in. >> about 2-3 feet feet off the ground it will be seven-8 feet off the ground. the appearance is what we have thought about. but, wanting to be in compliance so that we would have a better resale value one day, was utmost in our minds, too. >>reporter: are next her neighbor has a different story. both of their home saw severe damage from the flood, they both received help from fema before david richardson, he will not have to racism. >>reporter: we were very lucky. we are the highest house on the street. >>reporter: he says everyone
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get back in the home. >> some people are selling their houses as is, some people are raising their houses, but most of the neighbors i have spoken with our rebuilding and are going to move back in. >>reporter: it can take him a few months for everything to get back to normal, for pierce to it can take a year. they are both optimistic about the results. >> we are very hopeful. our faith has been what we have clung to. >> it will be great, right now, i'm trying to get a plumber in here. >>reporter: so far fema has approved $78.7 million in grants to more than 300,000 people. in columbia, lauren thomas, news 19 wltx. there might finally be some money available to help farmers who suffer damage due to the fiber the community development block grant was passed as part of a federal spending bill. it includes millions in funding for states that have been affected by natural disasters and of course south carolina was one of them. right now, the south carolina department of agriculture does not know exactly how much is going to be
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say it can be up to $300 million. >> i cannot answer the question of what i'm willing to do, but it's day by day right now, and bill by bill, talking with everybody, we are going to have to restructure. i do not want to have to sell. i don't want to have to liquidate anything that i have. >> the office of housing and urban development is in the process of making rules for how the money will be spent a good take months before farmers, or homeowners can receive it though. coming up, i former police officer charged with murder, is now out on bond. how much of the judge made him paper details in your midlands rundown, after the break. i am charlie rose, the new
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it will let us thank you four waking up with a news 19 this morning, it is tuesday, january 5, 2016. >> the time is 6:56 let's let's get to today's top stories in your midlands rundown. the usc men's basketball team will begin conference play today, as as the team travels to auburn to face the tigers. this is the first season in over 80 years that they head to the sec play with an undefeated record for that game will tip off at 7 o'clock tonight on the fcc network. the columbia housing authority has been given permission by the federal government to tear down gonzales gardens. they plan to ask the city leaders for $1 million to do the job or the city council is
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that later tonight. the facility currently has 274 units per the residents will be given vouchers for new housing. this is part of a broader plan to redo not only gonzales gardens but also alan benedict court. former north charleston police officer, michael slater, is out of jail this morning on half a million dollars bond. sliger is charged with murder in the shooting death of walter scott last april. as part of his release, he cannot -- leave this data must stay on house detention. he can only go to church, visit his doctor or visit his attorney. his trial is set to begin on october 31. richland county authorities say a shoot out sent one man to the hospital. it happened around around 4:30 yesterday on the 2400 block of pelican drive. two groups were shooting at each other when one person was shot. the victim was taken to the hospital by a friend who was detained by police. anyone with information that can help deputies is asked to call crime stoppers at 888- crime-sc.
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meteorologist, efran afante, how are the roads looking? traffic has been picking up quite a bit this is i 26, the headlights heading east bound toward saint andrews road, traffic has been picking up excessively we do have a little bit of delays right now as you come down on 321 and casey from knox avenue down to flint road traffic is building up quite a bit. lexington, as well. we have traffic that has been picking up quite a bit from main street and then getting into sunset boulevard heading east towards mineral springs road. be cautious as you are heading out this morning. temperature starting off right now, it is cold out there. 30 degrees in columbia, dewpoint of 14 degrees, -- 29 degrees, winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. all of our temperatures in the midlands right now 25 newberry, 27 saint matthews, camden at 25, bishopville at 29 degrees.
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jacket. 270 as they had to the bus stop, we are looking at clear skies come all throughout the day, and this is going to be the focal points. area of high pressure to the north of dragging in cold,, and dry air. that will settle over us four the next few days. after school today, with the kids get out it will be sunny, but chilly, 44 degrees as we are looking at forecasted highs today only to get up to 46. a lot of sunshine, winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. tonight, 23 degrees. as we go through tomorrow we will have increasing cloud coverage with a high of 48 degrees, chance for a sprinkle late thursday afternoon and evening up to 58, and the showers are possible on friday. 60 degrees, and then into the lower 60s for highs. >> it actually got colder throughout the morning. [laughter] at 4:30 a.m. when we first got on their >> it was 32, and all of a sudden it's 29. it is cold out there. dress appropriately.
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eyes this morning, be careful on the raspberry thank you four joining us on trent one -- news 19 . . >> good morning. it is tuesday, january 5th, 2016 him welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama goes around congress today to tighten gun laws through executive action. unmasking the new jihadi john. sources reveal to "cbs news" the suspected identity of the english-speaking militant in the latest isis execution video. those fast food wars are broiling.
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