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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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media ac from the station that is on your side you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. >> good evening. thank you for being with us on this tuesday. two leaders were charged today for not paying tactions. they are -- taxes. they are former columbia city councilman brian dequincey newman and richland county councilman kelvin washington. both men turned themselves in. news 19's sonia gutierrez spoke with washington's attorney today and joins us with the very latest. what did you find out? >> reporter: washington and his attorney hasn't decided what to plead. he turned himself in this morning for failure to turn in tax returns for three years straight. his attorney says she expected to appear -- he is expected to
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appear in court in february. they are planning to take action before then including a possible plea in the case. washington faces three counts of not filing tax returns for 2012, 2013, 2014. that is $400,000 of income. washington says he has been self-employed with his company. and if convicted he faces intos of $10,000 for -- faces fines of $10,000. he has been on the counsel >> thank you. >> meanwhile former columbia city councilman brian dequincey newman plead guilty today the charges that he failed to pay and file his taxes over two years. he appeared this afternoon that courthouse where we find janae frazier with the latest. >> reporter: his lawyers say
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has nothing to do with the penny tax or politics but say it was a huge personal mistake. brian dequincey newman turned detention center. he told the judge he filed the taxes -- he thought he filed the taxes for 2012 and 2013. he failed to report $200,000 worth of income. we learned in court that he found out about the errors in the fall of last year. his lawyers said he is remorseful and there isn't good excuse for his actions. . >> he pled guilty straight up. it is what it is. there was no break in this at all for him. thth is what this is about. here. not going to see his name come
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this ends it for him. >> reporter: he has self- reported his action to the south carolina bar association. he is required to pay $11,000 for the taxes that he owes and also that includes a thousand dollars for legal fees. he has paid that. he also faces up to two years of probation but that could be canceled within six months as long as he paid restitution. reporting live, janae frazier, news 19 wltx. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> cold, dry air settled over the area today. this morning 29 at the airport. 27 in the city. 43 in the city and 44 degrees at the airport. tonight we will see colder temperatures. already is 38 degrees --
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winds are clear. . tonight we are expecting a low of 24 degrees. tomorrow we will warm up to 49. but skies becoming partly cloudy. clouds tomorrow night. a low temperature then of 35. . more the forecast is coming >> thank you. today president obama announced new actions to fight gun violence in america. the move would expand the number of gun sales that are subject to gun sales closing the gun show loophole. and researching smart gun technology. president obama surrounded by families of gun violence victims including the widow of the south carolina pastor and state senator clementa pinckney. he broke into tears when talking about the first graders killed at sandy hook elementary school three years ago. this is an issue that is
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colby gallagher spoke to groups on both sides of the issue. >> if it saves one child but we don't count the upside. >> reporter: they have been fighting to protect gun owners. he said president obama's speech doesn't recognize the positive effect of responsible armed citizens. >> every month in the nra magazine they publish articles where pepele save their lives. >> reporter: they say it is there if you need it. he says his group was created after the emanuel ame church shootings. >> we have no agenda with clip sizes, et cetera.
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firearms that are purchased are done with background checks. >> reporter: he said if dillon roof's background check was done he would never have received the guns. >> as far as the time is concerned 93% of background checks can be completed in 72 seconds. >> reporter: both groups recognize the second amendment and say there are answers to protecting it. >> the solution is to allow people to carry firearms. people that have been trained. >> they do the check. you are done. if you are good you walk out that day. >> reporter: colby gallagher, news 19 wltx. the city counsel held a workship session this afternoon at city hall. the topthic planned demolition of the housing complex. they have requested a million dollars from the city to help
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the mayor supports the plans to remove the buildings. >> i am excited. i mean, it is been a long time coming. gonzales guardsons the second oldest public housing -- gardens is the second oldest public housing complex in the country. the opportunity to relocate everyone to quality housing and rebuild new. >> leaders will hold additional meetings before taking action. today president obama announced -- the city counsel is meeting tonight discussing the proposed brooklyn development. a four acre, $60 million mixed usproject. it has been used as a parking several years. last month they put the project on hold asking developers to rework their proposal while business owners are excited
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are concerned about traffic and parking. and the forest acre planning commission is meeting to discuss a plan for the property on forest drive. the $60 million plan would add center. residents voiced concerns about the project. the potential increase in traffic, the area already seeing heavy traffic. $200 million in grants and loans have been given to south carolina residents after the floods from last october. fema says they awarded $79 million in grants to survivors for housing and other needs. the u.s. smalls beadministration approved -- small business administration approved $122.7 million. if you pay for water in the
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new place totodrop your payment off. they will relocate while they continue renovation. it is in the center building of the city hall complex. there will be signs to direct customers to pay bills and setting up new services. joe riley delivering a message to the city this evening. he is stepping down after four decades in office. he led charleston through atough times. in-- through tough times. he also saw the city grow and prosper during his 40 years in office. still ahead clemson head coach looks ahead to the big game against alabama. and we will talk to a usc
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is like to be ticket sales have pushed the powerball jackpot to 45 ticket sales pushed the powerball jackpot to 450 million and it is expected to
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you can see the you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. with jr berry. monday clemson will be facing off f against the cremson tide for the national championship in college football. he says his guys deserve every bit of being in the title game. >> proud of our team. i mean, to be 14-0 is just special. i mean, something that -- that i think our guys have earned each and every week. we really have -- you know, had great leadership. we have a young team. but we have just tried to approach every week as the biggest game of the year and kind of, you know, put everything we got into winning the game.
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and let's see where we are. our guys answered every challenge. to be the only undefeated team left in the country is special. >> that game next monday in arizona. reggie anderson is there. he will report on the tigers all week long as they prepare for the title game. imagine being a die hard tiger fan, t you are a usc student. robert kittle explains. >> reporter: a third year law student at usc and he might sound confused. >> i hated usc since the first game and probably will hate usc for the rest of my life. >> reporter: why does he hate his own school? he got his undergrad from clemson. so a clemson fafaand a usc student. >> yeah. the school okay. the athletic program i can't stand it.
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i am sure there are great people involved with it. >> rererter: he couldn't be happier his tigers are playing for the national championship. the timing is sweet for him because it was while he was at clemson that usc was beating clemson 5 years in a row. clemson won the last two. he doesn't wear clemson gear around campus very often but has done it. >> i wore a hoody for a couple days. it was good. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> there was a few words. nothing major. >> reporter: he doesn't know whether he will wear a sweat shirt on campus it they win it -- fames if they win it all. -- campus if they win it all. . >> i wish i was there.
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nice walking around doing this for all the fans. >> reporter: news 19 wltx. the sec season has begun for usc men's basketball program. right now the team is in auburn taking on the tigers in their season. the squad is undefeated with the best start to the season in 80 years. they came win a 7-5 record. right now they are that first media time out in the game. it is 11-9. the gamecocks with an early two point lead with 15 minutes to play in the first half. the gamecocks looking to stay undefeated as they begin sec play. jim gandy it is cold outside tonight. >> it is.
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creek -- cedar creek 3 later this week we'll get a closer look at the later this week we will get a look that gamecocks sideline staff for next season. he will introduce assistant
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he brought a number now the most -- now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today temperatures struggled to get into the 40s.
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45 augusta. 42 greenwood. 41 sumpter. myrtle beach 39 degrees. we had clear skies. high pressure is over the central appellations. extends back into the central plains. shower activity in western oklahoma and down in south florida and that is it. the rest of the country is dry with the exception of far southwest. here is what we are seeing at the moment asasar as temperatures are concerned. 38 in columbia. 33 in sumpter. 31 degrees in florence. 35 in orangeburg. factor in the winds it feels like it is 23 degrees right now in the florence area. but 33 inincolumbia and sumpter. 31 orangeburg, 29 in augusta. for tonight we will be seeing clear skies but partly cloudy skies tomorrow with more clouds
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that will be with us into thursday. for tonight still another cold night. expecting a low of 22 in newberry. 24 columbia. 27 manning. and then tomorrow high temperatures from 46 in newberry to 50 in orangeburg and manning and a high temperature of 49 degrees in columbia. looking ahead we will see more clouds coming in on thursday with a high temperature of 56. showers on friday with a high temperature of 61 degrees. we will see a break from the rain on saturday, cloudy, 64 degrees. saturday night into sunday more rain coming back into the picture with a high of 63 and turning colder next week. partly cloudy skies monday and tuesday.
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low of 34 th a high of 52. 3 some of the midlands's newest law enforcement officers are in the midlands, the newest law enforcement officers are serving the community. several new officers are taking part in the beyond the badge program this week. today they were helplpg out at the super kitchen. >> definitely a life changing experience. nothing prepares you than goating out here -- getting out here and doing it. >> they have more events for the week. they will read to students and helping out with meals on wheels. that is our time for now. next. we will be back later on
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p.m. show down at starbucks. >> you come to starbucks to get coffee, not to get robbed. >> the mom that wept ballistic at -- went ballistic at starbucks speaks out. >> what we learned about the teen behind the counter. >> thank you, wow. >> trump mania. >> fireworks. >> get him out, please. bye sweetheart. thank you, darling. >> embattled steve harvey breaks his silence. >> it was my mistake. >> what he is saying about the live tv oops. >> and, message in a bottle. >> i found a message in a bottle. >> sent 27 years ago. >> could he be tracked down after all these years.
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