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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening. i am jr berry. >> west columbia city council decided to put a redevelopment situation on hold. >> loren thomas was at tonight's meeting and has more on why they are waiting to give a go-ahead for the property. >> reporter: this parcel -- one by one residents voice their concern for the proposed development breanne in west columbia. >> this is a one-time shot. if we goof it up, people will talk about us forever.>> reporter: the preservation speaks about the history. >> the last thing this community needs is another big residential area with its back
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out over the river that compromises the investment we have made in the community. >> reporter: the $60 million development could be mixed with retail and residential units. >> there were glaring loopholes in the things that were being proposed versus the pictures we saw. >> reporter: a local investor from west columbia brought in a rendering of what the property could look like. while it's an extreme take a when the developers could do, they fall in the current planned development agreement with councilman tim i'll says why they have decided not to go forward. >> it's is a and we need to go back and sit down. there are things that need to be addressed which will not harm the developer. >> reporter: council is waiting until after they receive a traffic study. for now the developer remains hopeful.
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is a development with open space, parks and car doors.>> reporter: news19, >> developers are giving more time and council is expected to vote january 20. it's quite chilly outside tonight. we have clear skies with temperatures at 330. the winds are at 10 miles per hour which is producing eight wind chill of 250. we expect the temperature to go down to 240. tomorrow we will see a warming trend and it will be partly cloudy, 490. temperatures will moderate the rest of this week. we will see an increase in clouds on thursday with showerer on friday. more coming up.
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about a proposed project in forest acres that would bring hundreds of apartments where the old cardinal newman sits today. in order for that to happen, property needs to be results.>> earlier tonight the commission voted on whether or not to do just that. news19 chuck ringwald was there. >> reporter: over 100 people were there as the planning commission voted whether to recommend city council to rezone the old cardinal newman school be property -- property. it would allow for the forest acre village's project to move forward. >> obviously something has to go there. i am opposed to the apartments. just because, 300 more residents is more people. >> reporter: most of those who spoke opposed some parts of the project like courtney hamilton.
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traffic issue. it seems irresponsible to put that large of a development on the most congested stretch of forest drive. >> reporter: many were given the opportunity to voice their opinion. some were in favor of the project. >> i think forest acres needs something like this. being the head of the household with three children, we look to stay here for restaurants and shopping. i'm excited about it. >> reporter: he says traffic isn't a major issue.>> if you live in forest acres, there are times that there are traffic issues. it's at peak hours. >> reporter: after listening, it didn't take long for the decision. they recommended city council property. >> i wasn't surprised but it's upsetting.>> reporter: chuck ringwald, news19, wltx.>> the city council will most likely
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the project in february and a first vote will happen in march. now for the latest surrounding tax issues regarding former councilman. washington is charged with not filing income tax returns for 3 years. he is free on a but. his lawyer says they are anning to takekeaction before his next court appearance. if convicted, he could get up to three years in prison. as for brian newman, he was charged with not filing for two check years. he admitted guilt and his attorney said he was remorseful and there isn't a good excuse for his actions. >> he pled guilty to both straight up. it is what it is.
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that's what this is all about. there is not a huge computer and see -- conspiracy. you will see his name come up in any other investigation. >> newman was sentenced to two years' probation but the judge said he would shorten the sentence after he paid the revenue department more than $10,000 in back taxes. there is a developing story overseas as north korea continues to defy un sanctions. earlier this evening, wednesday their time, they conducted a hydrogen bomb nuclear tests. south korea says they protected an artificial earthquake near north korea's nuclear test site. the same area where they conducted those tests previous times.
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korea television reported the country indeed conducted a hydrogen nuclear test. so they're there has been no response from the white house. this woman in this video has some expensive taste for things that are not hers. she is seen in the camera pulling out jewelry using zip ties to restrain two employees inside a store in north carolina. she is accused of doing the same thing including south carolina. including florida, georgia, tennessee. president obama wants to get tougher on gun laws and today he unveiled his plan to crack down on firearms. the president says he wants gun
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licensed. he also wants to hire 200 additional agents to help in the effort. he also is pushing for gun safety technology and aims to spend $500 million on mental health programs. state attorney general alan wilson says the president is attempting to govern with his+++hyt he will review the specifics of the president executive order. and that some items, such as more resources for law enforcement are clearly constitutional. 3 since the charleston church shooting, a group has been formed calling for mandatory background checks for all gun owners in south carolina.grant sullivan of gun sense s-c says data shows that background checks work.... and had one been completed on dylann roof, he would have never been able to purchase a gun.grassroots gun rights s-c has been around since the 1990's.their president believes that background checks would most
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registered, and says most mass shootings happen with stolen weapons. 3 in charleston---representative s for several civil rights groups protested the release of former north charleston police officer michael slager today. he is charged with murder in the shooting death of walter scott last april. this morning, the civil right groups called his bond "an injustice"...and said slager should be put back in jail. 3 we want him back in jail...we're represented out here by several organizations and make no mistake about it we are united and we are going to be united until the end. there's too much that's been happening in charleston from the citadel on down to this - the charleston nine - and we're not taking it any more. we're united in this fight and we will fight...we will be
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trial.3 the solicitor responded today...saying she has no grounds to ask that slager's bond be revoked.court documents show that slager can leave the house to work at a job.... go to the doctor..... meet with his attorneys and attend court appearances. he must also not having contact with walter scott's family. 3 next tuesday--governor haley will be giving the republican response to president obama's state of the union address. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made the announcemnt today. in a statement, haley says she's honored she was asked to deliver it and that the country has great challenges but also great opportunities, and she intends to talk about both. 3 still ahead tonight...sam's choice has a massive recall on
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>> we were just lightning things up a little bit. >> it's a really cold night out there. will we see a warm-up? it will be slightly warmer than today. today are high temperatures were in the low to mid 40s. 410 it was the high temperature in sumter. 43, orangeburg. 43, columbia. 45, augusta. tonight it's chilly and most readings are below the freezing mark. 25, sumter. 33, columbia. rock hill, 38. we have a bit of a breeze.
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170 in some are. skies are clear but notice clouds inland. high pressure to airport is beginning to move eastward. it's beginning to move to the east coast and a lot of the cloudiness off coast represents moisture moving in land. here is our computer model. tomorrow morning, clouds along the coast spreading inland. tomorrow night increasing clouds makes a cloudy overnight. it will stay that way through thursday. tonight, low temperatures for tomorrow morning have been updated. sumter, 210. newberry, 22. 25, orangeburg. tomorrow high temperatures in
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49, columbia. 46, newberry. seven-day forecast looks like this. we will see an increasing clouds on thursday with a high of 560. showers on friday, 610. saturday, cloudy, 640. rain returns saturday night into sunday morning with a high of 630. it's colder next week and dry. by tuesday a high of 520. it's uncertain as to how cold it will be but likely it will be as cold as what we see now. >> it's been so nice. it becomes a shock to the system.>>
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went from 800 to winter. 3 3 3 3 we just told we told you powerball was up to $400 million. now it is $450 million. the winner will have a choioi between a cash payout of $275
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the jackpot was rolled 17 times. the streak conti
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the usa -- usc men. of a pick up their first opening conference since 2011. this is the first half. darrius thoren well and sin city had some the parking lot for 3. he led with 22 points. dennis career on defense lopping it finishes with the easy layout. at one point or burn with a 13 point lead. gamecocks stayed cool. down the seam from the thoren well and he finishes with the slam. he had the first double double. gamecocks go 14-0. clemson basketball headed up north to take on the series queues -- syracuse orangemen. thanks to a double double and a
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won by a final of 74-73. they moved to two in one in acc conference play. switching to clemson football. less than a week away from the national championship between tigers and crimson tide. reggie anderson touched down in arizona to begin coverage. >> reporter: good evening from glendale arizona. we are just outside phoenix stadium where the national championship game, monday night will take place. last year this stadium hosted super bowl xlix between the patriots and the seahawks. we have another showdown monday night. tigers expected to get into town friday night as well as crimson tide. it's a quick turnaround. they are only here for a few
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night. we will keep you covered on news19. follow us on twitter and facebook. we've got you covered. here in glendale arizona reggie anderson news19, wltx. >> the team will head to arizona on friday but will continue to practice at home. four to shawn watson, this title game is almost an expectation. he said even after last season, he has done this team was more than capable of going all the way.>> i thought last year we had the team to do it. we didn't capitalize on those plays. we were probably four or five plays for the whole season.cjpjpjpi)l
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how we worked off-season, summer training in fall camp. we kept our heads down and stayed motivated. we had the mentality to be the best. for us to do the, we have to do the little things. that's what we've been doing.>> for clemson, it would be their second title. the last one in 1981. alabama would be looking for their sweet 16th. their title back in 1992 came with sweeney on the roster. he knows what type of program requires being the best.>> they represent the best. there is no way to argue with the. this is their fourth national championship in seven years.
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-- they one -- won 15 already. there's a family of trophies and tuscaloosa. if you are going to play for a championship and have the opportunity to play against the team that been the standard, i
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>>3 if you pay for water in the city of cayce you'll have a
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if you pay for water in the city of casey, you will have a new place to drop your payment.. the building department will be temporarily relocating to
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continue renovations of city clclson fans
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fired up about the championship game. we found one fan in an unexpected place. george smith is a student at usc. he got his undergraduate from clemson. family is at the usc school of law. he knows it's a weird situation , but he is rooting for the tigers.>> the school is okay. that's about as good as i will get with the school. i can't stand the athletic program. >> while he was a clemson student, usc beat the tigers every year. clemson has won the last two. he even wears a clemson hoodie to school after the win last year. >> he won't be popular tomorrow i there.
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popular show ncis is quitting. michael weatherly has played "di nozzo" and he says this is his last season. we don't know how he will be written off the show for his fate. he just announced it on twitter. is -- season 13 will be his final one.>> do we think he will get killed off? >> i don't know. it will be cold tonight. we are exexcting a low of 240. tomorrow, 490 with increasing clouds. tomorrow night, 350. we are out of time.
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