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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 bitterly cold morning here in the midlands... but we could be in a for slight warm up. good morning and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morningi'm mary sturgill your time is 4:30...i'm joined by meterologist 3 efren aftane with just how cold it is outside ...good morning efren. 3 3 3
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3 3 the jackpot for tonight's powerball is now up to 450- million dollars. it's all because of huge tickets sales as a result... this will be
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jackpot in history.... and there's a chance the number could go even are on sale until 10:00 tonight .... and you can watch the drawing as it happens just before our 11:00 newscast. 3 3 you need to check your freezer this morning... after some beef has been put under recall. the sam choice "black angus vidalia onion" beef patties... are under recall because they may be contaminated with wood particles.they were sold nationwide in 2 pound boxes... with six patties inside.they have use by dates of may 17, may 29 and june 6 of 2016.if you have the ground beef... eat it... and throw it away or return it to the store you bought it from... for a refund. 3 3 west columbia city council once again decided to put a major redevelopment decision on 19's loren thomas was at last night's meeting and as has more on why they are waiting before giving the
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property on meeting street.3 3 "this parcel is more than a piece of land."one by one residents voiced their concerns with the proposed development plan for a four acre property on meeting and state streets in west columbia. "this is a one time shot. if we goof it up people are going to be talking about this forever."michael bendenbaugh with the palmetto trust for historic preservation spoke out about also keeping the history of the mill village district. "the last thing this community needs from our perspective is another big residential area with it's back turned to new brookland just facing out over the river that compromises this investment that a lot of people have already made in this community."the 60 million dollar development could be a mixed use property with both retail and residential units. "there were some pretty glaring loop holes in some of the things that were being proposed versus some of the pictures that we saw."david moye, local investor from west columbia, brought in a rendering of what the property could look like. while it is an extreme take on what the developers could do, these rederings still fall within the current planned unit development agreement. which councilman tem miles says is why they decided not to go forward with the rezoing at this time. "the pud is very very vague and we need to go back and sit down and i think there are a lot of things that need to be addressed with tightening the language up which will not harm the developer and what they want to build."council also is also waiting to vote on the 200 unit property until they receive a traffic study from scdot.until then the developer remains hopeful that "we just want to make sure that we get a development that is filled with open space, parks corridors that connect state street down to the river walk and i think that is what the developer
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3 3 the city is giving developers more time to meet with residents on the proposed propertycouncil is expected to vote on the development's rezoning ... on january 20th. 3 earlier this week we told you
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bring hundreds of apartments along with shops and restaurants where the old order for all of that development to take place.... the property needs to be rezoned.last night the forest acres planning commission voted on whether to do just that.over one hundred people were there.most of those who spoke opposed at least some parts of project.but in the end... the commission voted that city council approve the rezoning of the property.(dont advance super) 3 (dont advance super) the forest 3 acres city council will most likely hold a public hearing regarding the project in february... and a first reading vote in march. 3
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washington university... finds only 10 percent of smokers on medicaid... get anti-smoking medication.researchers also found some states make it harder for smokers to get counseling and medication... that is partially covered by medicaid.the c-d-c estimates smoking-related diseases will cost medicaid $75 billion dollars in 2016. 3 a new study finds workplace programs that financially reward obese people for losing researchers at the university of pennsylvania found the lower insurance premiums are often delayed... and hidden in paychecks. 3 rare identical triplets born in houston... are finally home from the hospital. the preemies were being closely watched by doctors since they were born on december first. before they went home the
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them. brian webb reports3
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3 still to come.. two councilmen turned themselves in yesterday... where they stand in their cases this morning... 3 plus... later in sports. gamecock mens basketball team opened conference play last they faired against auburn coming up in your sports highlights later in t ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting.
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3 we continue to follow the latest surrounding tax issues involving former columbia city councilman brian newman.... and current richland county councilman kelvin washington this morning. washington is charged with not filing income tax returns for three years straight.right now he's free on a $1500 p-r bond.... however his lawyer says they're planning to take some sort of action before washington is set to appear in court again next month.if convicted he faces up to 3
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3 as for brian newman... he was charged with not filing tax returns for two years. yesterday in court he admitted his guilt.his attorneys said newman was remorseful ...and that there really isn't a good excuse for his actions. newman was sentenced to 6 months probation after paying the revenue department over 10- thousand dollars in back taxes. 3 in charleston... activists protested the release of michael slager the former north charleston police officer was released on a 500- thousand dollar bail last night.the national action network... says slager poses a danger to the community... and they want him back in jail. however... the solicitor says there's no grounds for her to appeal his bond release.slager was charged with murder last april in connection with the shooting death of walter scott. court documents show that he until his trial starts on october 31. 3 richland deputies need your help in finding out who shot and killed a motorcyclist.they
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46-year-old... adrian silva... who was found shot to death on sunday.deputies responded to what appeared to be a motorcycle accident on long green parkway and churchland drive. but when they checked on silva... they found he had actually been shot.silva was a husband, father, and a grandfather and most recently a recipient of a kidney transplant.if you can have any information that can crimestoppers at 1-triple- 8-crime-sc. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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are getting 3 fired up about the national championship game coming up next week.... but we found one fan in an unexpected place. george smythe is a law student student at u-s-c... but he got his undergraduate degree from clemson he says he knows it's a weird situation... but he's rooting for the tigers. 3 ( "it is, yeah. i mean, the school is okay. that's about as good as i'll get for the school, but the athletic program, i can't stand it. i can't help it. i'm sure there are some great people involved with it, but i can't stand it." ( 3 while he was a clemson student ... u-s-c beat the tigers every year. but now clemson has won the last two ... and he even wore a clemson hoodie to classes at u- s-c
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3 teacher of the week admits that she wasn't always the best behaved student in the class...but it appears that her less than picture perfect start in education... is the reason for her success today. parents describe her as extremely helpful and understanding.she makes home visits... and unselfishly pays for summer camps for her students when their parents can't afford the fees.that's why dr maxine rice... is today's teacher of the week.
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3 3 if you know an educator who deserves to be recognized for their hard work in the classroom send us an email to... t-o-w at wltx dot com. 3 coming up on news 19 this morning... we'll introduce you
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