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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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[applause]3 from the station that is on your side you are watching friends @ five. good afternoon and thank you so much for joining us tonight on friends @ five for this powerball wednesday. as we are calling it. >> a big day. thank you for joining us. what would you do with say $500 million. >> it is the question many people are thinking about as they are buying their powerball
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winner of half a billion dollars. we spoke with lottery executive director. she says sales in south carolina have sky rocketed. >> it is a half a billion dollars. $500million. you will agree the excitement has far exceeded just the walls of south carolina. this is something that has taken hold all over the country and people are really excited about it and we are excited about it. >> if there is no winner tonight the prpre could be 675 million dollars but if you win tonight the cash pay out is just above $300 million or the $500 million over the course of 29 years. you can watch the drawing just before news 19 at 11:00 p.m. right here on wltx. your chances of winning are one in 292 million.
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inmates last night at the correctional institution. it happened in a -- in one of a half of a housing unit there. the investigation is ongoing. there was no threat to public safety or the safety to officers or staff. and in richland county now dep yaps are investigating an armed robbery at the belk at the village after 11:00 p.m. last night. four suspects stole clothes and one suspect pointed a gun at two employees and threatened to shoot before running out of the store. deputies caught one of the suspects but three others gogo away. $700 wortrtof merchandise was stolen. if you saw anything or know who is responsible call crime stoppers.
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morning accident today around 1:00 p.m. police say the driver went off the right side of the road and thrown from the car after over turning several times. troopers say brown was not wearing his seatbelt. an airman at shaw air force base died after a motorcycle accident after 7:00 a.m. this morning. it happened near the sumper gate on the highway. authorities are investigating the crash that killed 31-year- old dallas pawls. -- pauls. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> we started off with sunshine but we started to see moisture streaming north in the form of clouds. no rain with that. as a result temperatures warmed up a little bit.
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right now a44 in raleigh. 41 asheville. 44 degrees in atlanta. 50 in augusta as well as savannah. columbia it is partly cloudy. temperatures 49 degrees. winds at 6 miles per hour. wind chill not that much right now, 47 degrees. for tonight it will be chilly but not as cold as we have seen the past two nights. it will be cloudy, 34 degrees. partly cloudy tomorrow with a high of 56 and then 42 degrees tomorrow night. a look at the traffic for this afternoon across the area. todadanot too many accidents to talk about. that is a good thing. northwest side of town things are moving. lexington highway, not too bad. and interstate is in good shape across the northwest part of the city. southeast side, not too bad.
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one accident, way out on clemson road. otherwise the interstates are in good shape. downtown to the village 29 minutes. more on the forecast in a moment. h all right. -- >> all right. thank you so much. now an update on news we brought you on news 19 at 11:00 p.m. north korea rattled nations with an unannounced test of a powerful bomb. they said they reached new levels of capabilities but it could be weeks before that is confirmed. kenneth craig has the update from north korea. >> reporter: north korea claims it successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test but the obama administration is not so sure. >> the initial analysis that
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events is not consistent with north korean claims of a successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test. >> reporter: it registered as a 5.1 earthquake. the u.s. intelligence believes a full size hydrogen bomb would have been more powerful. south korea and japan condemn the tests and so did china. diplomats here at the united nations scheduled an emergency developments. >> the members of the security counsel condemn the test which is a clear violation of security counsel resolutions. >> reporter: japan mobilized planes to collect air samples to test for radiation. if the claims are true it could race. >> that means they are close to
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head as -- put thatoon war head and de-- put that on a war head and deploy it. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cbs news. >> they plan to draft a new resolution dealing with north korea but have not said if it will contain sanctions. the fbi made a plea for help to fill in 18 -- to fill in an 18 minute gap follow the san bernardino attack. they said they left the y expire -- inland regional center and then went to a lake. as investigators work to figure out a time line we are hearing from some of the deputies involved in the shoot out that killed the terrorists. >> to see all the officers around you, we are okay, it was an incredible feeling. >> we are all brothers. we want to make sure we all get home safe. that is our job. >> the officers are still
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investigation. so far they conducted 500 interviews, collected 500 pieces of evidence and 29 search warrants. chipotle is now the center of a criminal investigation. the restaurant chain says it was subpoenaed by a grand jury in connection to a norovirus outbreak at a california location this summer. chick-fil-a says sales for 2015 are down after norovirus outbreaks in california and boston. and a separate e.coli outbreak in 2015 as well. u.s. airlines are raking in record profits because of low fuel costs. several marriage airline -- major airlines raised prices by $6. delta was the first and then eastern, southwest and -- american, southwest and then jet blue. you might have noticed these commercials. a new burger battle.
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cheapest deal you can get. burger king is debuting its $5 for four deal. customers can get a burger, a fry, and nuggets and a drink and a cookie for four dollars. mcdonalds and pizza hut debuted their deals earlier this week. we had the wendy's deal they unveiled in the fall. chick-fil-a is adding something new, the super food side. they described it as hand chopped kale and broccoli with a dressing and a dried sowered claries and nuts. -- soured cherries and nuts. 140-calories. and 170 calfreeze the larger -- calories for the larger portion.
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a mom posted this picture with a caption describing how her son takes her out on a date once a month. they talk about their days. they put their phones away. she is trying to teach him out to treat a lady. so sweet. >> she is raising a gentleman. >> love that. [ talking at the same time ] >> he will say i want to pay for it and the bill is $30 and he gives them $1 -- >> no, mommy will get it, you leave a hip. >> i let him pay for it. [ talking at the same time ] >> 25, okay, here is 50 cents. >> wouldn't life be great if it worked that way. >> the tag says 400 but i have 4. >> here you go. >> toddler rules for life.
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[ laughter ] we want to know what you little one. tweet us. coming up next so many options for diets. what actually works? winner.
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3 sixth year in a row, the 'dash' diet is the best overal for the 6th year in the row the diet is the best over all for your health. dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hibber tension, designed to lower blood pressure. you are supposed to limit fats, red meat and sugar. all right. another healthy thing for you. panera is taking its commitment
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the soup category is now free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners. the journey to clean soup was a long one. they went through 60 revisions in preserving the soup. last year they announced a no- no list that it plans to remove from the food by the end of the year. we have a panera across the street from wltx -- [ talking at the same time ] >> keep it in business. >> we do. >> who doesn't love a warm cup of soup on a cold day like today? perfect dinner. >> tonight i am going to have chilly. >> did you make it yourself? >> yes. i made it over the weekend so it has been sitting. >> even better. >> anything with red sauce -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i will end up this weekend making vegetable beef stew. >> you are hungry, look to this guy.
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it was told this morning -- cold this morning. low 20s. the coldest area in the midlands, cedar creek. 18 degrees this morning. newberry and winnsboro 21 degrees. and sumpter 22 the low temperature. 26 columbia. 27 orangeburg. charleston 29 degrees. 32 myrtle beach. greenville 22 degrees. we did warm up. right now it is 42 in greenville. 49 columbia. 48 degrees in orangeburg. the clouds moved back in to the picture. a few areas we have been seeing the clouds on the increase thissen for. they will be with us -- increase tonight. they will be with us tonight. we are seeing the moisture coming back into the area. back into the central part of the country you have more
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moving through the four corners area before too long. we will be watching the showers. already on the increase in texas. here is a look at our computer modern for tonight. we will continue to see an increase in clouds over night. becoming mostly cloudy. tomorrow we will see sunshine and also clouds. right now partly cloudy. clouds tomorrow night. they will be with us tomorrow night and on friday we expect a few showers to come through. a chance for rain but not a big chance. lows tonight not as cold. 30 newberry. 34 columbia. 36 sumpter. tomorrow we will see high temperatures in the mid-50s. 54 winnsboro. 55 aiken. 57 manning. our seven-day forecast we will see our best chance for rain on saturday. yesterday we were thinking
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this system and the next system, doesn't look like there will be a break. rain moves out for sunday. over the weekend high temperatures of 62 degrees and then we get colder, by tuesday sunny with a low temperature of 32 and a high of 49 degrees and sunny on wednesday with a high of 52. >> now over to darcy. >> thank you so much. cool tomorrow but we will be heating it up inside a gym. it is the second annual nothing but net tournament. so good to see both of you guys. representing richland district too. coach, good to see you. i have to say richland district 2 won it all last year but this is a new year. a new season. a new opportunity for richland one. why we are having this tournament tomorrow -- >> i think it is a great event
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awareness and cancer awareness and our partnership. it is an annual event, we are excited about the opportunity to raise funds for a worthy cause. >> last year this was hugely successful. can you talk about how much money was raised through the nothing but net tournament? >> the nothing but net tournament we partner, we get together and raise money for that and we raised both districts raised over $100,000 for the breast center. >> great. let's go over the details about where this happens, the date, the time. >> tomorrow the high school, the time is 6:00 p.m. doors own at 5:30 p.m. tickets are $5. and all proceeds go to the worthy cause. >> you know, this actually was
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obviously we had the historic flood back in october so it has been restaged for tomorrow. talk about -- rescheduled for tomorrow. talk about why it is so important to support nothing but net. . >> i am going to speak as a breast cancer survivor. the funds raised will go towards palmetto health breast center and that will help them come up with modern technology to increase the -- to increase the likelihood that the breast cancer victims will get the best possible care. >> absolutely. this is a great cause. and it actually is entertaining because when you talk about a basketball tournament you immediately think great, the
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but this is not a game for the students. [ laughter ] >> this is between both faculties and we have a couple surprise special guests in there. it will be a very competitive game. hopefully richland one can come up on top this year. we are looking for an exciting game tomorrow. come out, be entertained and support a worthy cause. >> i think the fact the students will know the faculty will be playing you will see a lot of kids in the stands. give us where, when, one more time. >> tomorrow afternoon, the high school, doors own at 5:30 p.m. game time is 6:00 p.m. price is $5. all proceeds goes towards the worthy cause. >> tomorrow i will have a chance to be there again. thank you so much for inviting me again. good time again tomorrow. what is coming up after the break? >> thank you so much. still ahead on friends @
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for a thief who stole a tiger
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your help the mens basketball continues their undefeated stre the basketball team continues their undefeated streak. they beat auburn last night 81- 69. 5 gamecocks reached double figures last night. the fourth time this season. this was the first sec game for the game sox this season. -- gamecocks this season. they continue sec plan on saturday. tip-off is set for 3:00 p.m. and of course the men aren't the only -- aren't the only ones done feeted. the men and women are 27-0. south carolina replains the only school with both --
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both programs undefeated. we asked the ladies if the streak is something they talk about. [ indiscernible ] >> cheering for our men. we are very supported here as students. student athletes. we are big mans of the men's team -- fans of the men's team. they support us just as well on and off the court. >> they know to keep the streak going. come on now. we have to carry our loads. it is exciting. >> the women are next in line to defend the streak as they head to alabama for a 9:00 tip- off tomorrow night. the clemson tigers are already in glendale, arizona, getting ready for the championship game. they will face alabama on monday night. clemson earned a spot in the title game after beating oklahoma in the orange bowl. reggie anderson is already in arizona. he caught up with some of the former players and got a chance
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we will find out what they had to say about the big game coming up in a little bit and you could also follow reggie on twitter on @wltx. police are looking for the thief who stole a tiger statue from a bank of america. this was the statue before it was stolen that corner of college avenue and wall street between 6:00 p.m. yesterday and 9:00 a.m. this morning. the police chief says it would have take-up more than one person to move it. he -- taken more than one person to move it. he said a tip is all they have to go on. a discussion in the news room, it has been getting heated at times. are gamecocks fans cheering for clemson on monday? alyssa lang put up a poll on twitter. the options were if you are
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week -- [ talking at the same time ] >> carolina fans. will you cheer for the home state, yes, heck no or you don't care. 70% said heck no. what do you think? you can answer on twitter on alyssa lang's twitter page. >> this has been a hot debeat. -- debate. [ talking at the same time ] >> going to make us look good on a national level and others saying it is a rivalry and you can never cheer for the other guy. we don't like that other guy. >> i don't know.
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tweet at us, you are watching news 19 friends @ five. >> thank you for joining us for
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infrastructure is one of the many issues legislators will look at this year and they are putting pressure on lawmakers to get it done. yes, and so now the chamber announced its 2016 agenda. morning. it is formed based on member's concerns, number one on the list was the infrastructure and how to fund it. they are asking for the d.o.t. to be held accountable to the government. he says the plan almost passed last year before stalling out in the last second but it needs to be completed through this session. >> at some point we have to do it now because the roads areoon time clock. a -- are on a time clock.
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fix it before you fund it, we heard that, the roads are decaying while we wait. >> the agenda includes work force development and business licensing reform. drivers and businesses agree time is ticking. workers using bandaids and patch work instead of finding solutions are complaints from the public. metal slabs cover holes in the roads. drivers say the heavy rainfall has uncovered more issues that could be dangerous. >> i know where the spots where. these things could be dangerous. they could hurt you. >> the roads were not put in properly to begin with and it unveiled what is under neath and we have a bigger problem than what we thought.
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to be put in place this session but have mixed feelings on whether or not to pay more taxes to do it. if you are a roofer and you are willing to volunteer for flood victims the city is looking for you. there sawait -- is a wait list of 10 families who need help with roof repairs. they have materials to do it but no skilled volunteers. they were collected throughout october and november, enough to help 5 families but until they find a leader the materials are sitting in a warehouse. for this family this could help them finally get closer to moving back in. >> it feels like everything we worked for for the last 7, 8 years is all down the drain. >> well, they are one of the families who signed up for the
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after seeing the mold problem they just want to help find other families in their same position. we will have more on this story coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. duke university is studying the effects of the flooding. students will be conducting interviews with residents about their experiences, losses and stress. if you would like to participate and help the study stop by this week between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. it is located in the parking lot of the vacant piggly-wiggly in columbia. some good news for our economy. a professor is optimistic about 2016. he attributes that to a strong employment environment, health, leisure and hospitality.
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accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> chilly. partly cloudy skies. 49 degrees. winds from the northeast at 6 miles per hour. producing a wind chill of 47. tonight increase in clouds, cloudy over night, low temperature of 34 degrees. tomorrow it will be partly cloudy. we will see sunshine. high temperature 56 degrees. on friday a chance for showers. high 57. right now looks like a better chance for showers on saturday. scattered rains. high temperature of 62. that moves out for sunday. we will get back to partly cloudy skies, 62 degrees and we cool off the beginning of next week, monday, expecting a high temperature of 55. >> an update on the traffic around the area this afternoon. we will start on the northeast side of town. right now most areas are in good shape. we have a low down on i--- slow
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southwest side of town in good shape. northwest side of town slowing down between i-26 and i-20 and a slow down through the malfunction junction area but not too bad. going from downtown it should take you 13 minutes. ladies back to you. >> thank you. students from charlotte were in the midlands today. they took a trip to donate food to the snack pack program that provides healthy food items for less fortunate students. the food is given to students before each weekend. the school offered to help those students effected by the floods in october. >> one of our teachers is a native of columbia. her mother came down for a service day after the floods
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to her about a school we could connect with. >> 20 city counsel members from charlotte made the trip this morning. well, would you brush up on geography? a middle school held their contest today. it is a competition that is similar to a spelling bee. the winner will go on to compete that state level? it is organized by the national geography society for students. this will also be the 30th anniversary partnering nationwide to improve our education. >> just think about in south carolina we say we are going to provide a world class education and we think about that in terms of math, reading, social
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you need to know something about the world to participate in that world. things related to political instability, global markets, climate change. physical and social sciences, that is what it is about. >> the south carolina student who wins the state title will compete in the national championship taking place in washington, d.c. in the spring. circus extreme is coming to the midlands this month. we talked to her on friends @ five yesterday and today she was out in the community. they are escorting her around the midlands throughout the week. today she presented a book about the circus kids that library. >> great program where if the children read 5 books they get a stamp and they could bring
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it is a great program. >> they will be at the arena january 21 through the 24. tickets are now on sale and start at $18. hands down one of my favorite stories of the day. remember that dress that went viral? now it is an animal. take a look at this picture. is this a bear or a dog? whatever it is it is adorable. this was just posted. somebody wrote the caption somebody brought this bear into doggy day care. after a debate the owner confirmed it is a dog. it is a pomeranian mix which i know what it looks like. to me it looks nothing like this bear.
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>> maybe it is a short haired mix -- [ talking at the same time ] >> for the summer, summer cut. because if it had longer hair you wouldn't think it wasn't a bear -- [ talking at the same time ] >> really cute. >> makes me want to talk in my dog voice on tv. >> whatever it is -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i want a dog. can you get me a dog for my birthday? i can say darcy got us a dog -- >> no. [ talking at the same time ] >> the dog is the boundary for you. not ready for a dog. you can raise a boy but you can't raise a dog. no. coming up next, i know all of our holiday fun is over so now it is time to think about things to keep the kids busy on the weekend.
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great walk and now that is a christmas -- now that the christmas tree is down we have to work harder to find things to do with the kids but news 19 is helping you find some fun. this weekend is your last chance to get a good look that work at one of america's best artists. it is the columbia museum of art exhibit. this is the first exhibition to explore the time here in columbia. it celebrates the 100th anniversary of his team teaching at columbia college. friday and saturday are the last days to see 12 of her works. head out to the columbia museum of art and check it out. also if you have somebody in your family who has battled cancer, somebody you lost to the disease this is the weekend
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7:00 a.m. for the 25th walk for life. the walk was rescheduled after the flooding in october but now it is going on saturday. they have one mission and that is beating breast cancer right here in the midlands. registration for the walk is 30 dollars. 35 if you want to do the 5k or the 10k. all proceeds stay in the community and they go to the health breast center. and finally something more wild to do with the kids. it will keep them inside and keep them entertained for sure. "shrek" the newsical junior is here. -- musical junior is here. you can do it this week. go with the kids at midlands tech.
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tickets are $5 and $6 and there are two shows on saturday. plenty of time to get out there and plenty of different shows. check that out this weekend. coming up next, if you are on twitter you know that sometimes you can't just say what you want to say in 140
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well, it looks like you twitter is going long. the site may drop its 140 character limit and allow tweets up to 10,000 characters long. soon after the report twitter ceo tweeted a screenshot with 1,000 characters. the consumer electronics show opened today in las vegas
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greatest in technology. thousands of electronics are on display and high tech ticket items. >> reporter: the massive consumer electronics show provides a peak into the future of high tech. and some items are for the immediate future. indeluding the laundry machine -- including a laundry machine, the washer and drier in one. in the kitchen a fridge you can open with a foot or tap on the door to see what is inside. he says this year hdr is the next big thing. >> high dynamic range. it could show more of the colors your eye can see at once. >> reporter: auto makers are here too. the bolt that starts at
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there is no price tag yet for this concept car. >> comfort and convenience. >> the experimental electric car can drive on its own and comes with a drone that could take selfies of you driving. one of the countless high tech items. cbs news los angeles. >> to find out all the latest and greatest, news 19 will talk to folks live from the consumer electronics show live friday morning. still ahead on friends @ five we are on your side with the details on how to be a
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time for the are you looking for something good to watch on tv tonight? here is what is coming up
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8:00 p.m. two broke girlsch, followed -- girls, followed by mike and molly and the people's choice awards, 9:00 p.m. and then keep it here for all your local, news, weather and sports and the big announcement on news 19 at 11:00 p.m. and of course we are talking about our powerball drawing that you can see right here on wltx before the 11:00 p.m. newscast. we are your lottery nexwork. it could be a -- network. it could be a big day for one lucky person because so many are buying tickets. the jackpot is now 500 million dollars. we went from 400 million and now 500 million. the 4th largest jackpot and people are lining up at the store to get their lottery tickets even though the odds of winning are slim.
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now you can have your cash a couple different ways. cash option, a lump sum of 306 million before taxes are deducted. how many tickets did we buy? >> 22 tickets. >> we are going to win. looking for a way to give back and make a difference, we are helping you become a ferry god mother for a girl who is in need. they will host the cinderella project. the cinderella project provides clean former bridesmaid and prom dresses for teens who can't afford the expenses of going to prom and they are accepting shoes shoes and hand bags and jewelry. last year we collected at wltx 250 dresses. you can drop off items right here at our studio. there are number of other drop
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also in orangeburg county this year. you will find that information posted on and tonight when you join us for news 19 at 11:00 p.m. we will be joined by paula from the state lottery and she will be checking her phone so you will hear if there is a winner and if we won i will buy a beach house for you and i to share. >> appreciate that. can you cheer for lemon is if you are -- clemson if -- 52% said no i can't cheer for the tigers. 18% said yes. state pride.
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we are
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on news 19 at 6:00 p.m., now is the time for lawmakers to take action. >> bond denied for a mother accused of trying to kill her disabled daughter. we will have the details. >> and powerball mania sweeping the country. talking to residents who are dreaming of winning big tonight. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. from the station that is on your side, you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. >> the south carolina chamber of commerce announced the infrastructure is their top concern. they outlined their agenda this morning. it is prioritized based on the concerns of members. this year they are asking for lawmakers to diverse vie the revenue stream and give the d.o.t. $600 million a year.
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