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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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your site. if you are watching news in 19 at 11:00. one of the largest object .-dot so we have seen in quite some time and you perhaps could have the winning ticket you think you for being with us. one more time you decide that drive. only right here on w. k. l. x.. the powerball number tonight is 17. you will find out first if you are a winner or if south carolina has a winner. window through paula way too soon to find out if we have a winner here.
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we hope we are up against large jackpots. obviously it will be more than that. how about ticket sales today was a pretty good. we always see such an uptick in sales would harvell is this large because the track new players to the game i think we might have exceeded all sales. we are going to give you it here. hopefully you will most thank you so much. a couple in north charleston won the 1 million-dollar prize in the powerball last saturday.
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that money to her part to repair damage. they rarely play at the beginning but the big jackpot at that point was $334 million. it made them go out and take a chance. they are ticket matched five of the six numbers. and now the most accurate forecast. the clouds came in this afternoon and it held temperatures steady tonight. still chilly out there. that's producing a windchill of 38. tomorrow it will be partly cloudy. a little milder up to 56 degrees. and then we will see increasing clouds. a few showers on friday. we will take a look at that forecast in just a moment. we are now getting a better
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development is going to look like. today they discussed the third phase of the property. this is just down the road from adventure and the state museum. news 19 reports. we've been very successful in the first few pages. it held a meeting to discuss a specific designs for the project. this take million dollars is well on its way. housing preferences had changed. and being close to downtown and close to the parkway is a big draw. the current apartments are at
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it's so close to downtown. it is really convenient here. they enjoy living on the it will house 315 residential units with 30,000 square feet of retail space. it's an open field. i like to able to walk outside my front door and look at this. i love having my dog and neighbors dogs run and play. there will be green space just not much of the residents. they are looking forward to breaking down. there has been a lot of positive feedback. the project could take two years to finish. they expect to have it bleats in the summer of 2018.
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the reason a decrease in patients. hospital leaders say they will cut 26% -- positions in all. that's about 3% reduction in their workforce. they're working now to help these employees. if you have ever gotten a speeding ticket and thought they have some sort. they would make sure that that is not the case. they could compare the number of tickets that officers are right for when evaluating their performance however agencies they they don't had quotas to begin with. i don't look at the day write a semi- ticket. lawmakers are expected to take
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up to such an later on this month. now at the federal government wants to note why so much people have gotten sick. the chain as part of a criminal investigation. and central california. they want them to make a broad range of documents. also outbreaks of the nora virus. they tested a hydrogen bomb. they continue to defy.
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the world has failed when it's come to north korea. that hasn't worked. they had figured out that they can meet at nuclear bomb they can probably survive. if they have a hydrogen bomb they can probably change it in a lot of ways. if i was president i would let them know. if you ever tried to develop nuclear technology they would stop it. they are still assessing the situation. they will issue at another
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the family of a love that additional syrian refugees has been approved for resettlement in south carolina. in december two. refugees that were really settled here. there is a multiplayer background check did by homeland security. it does not end by continuous as they leave for the united states. they must be less than six months old before traveling. it's not that they're just coming here they are coming from the united states to find the safety. that's what they don't have in their home country. the ever so popular hoverboards
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university of south carolina now. they treated out today they are not allowed in any of the school residence halls. they are also issues of collision. you will find these. it doesn't look too safe. the library at once it does so to back relax and color.
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they have a parenti up things. it took place. in eastover. when we have the time to figure out how to cope with it. it's better. i think anything that is positive thinking of a psycho -- coping medicine why not try. i think that's a great idea. i will bring you in some colored insults. i'm everywhere. we work on that.
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state lottery director. 3 let's check tonight is the nights we have been waiting for. it is a massive powerball jackpot. we hope we have some good news. a 524 million-dollar check out all i know you just got off the phone you have some breaking news for us. . what is it.
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we don't know about anywhere else yet. let's talk about if it rolls. if no one across the nation wins this 524 million-dollar jackpot will look in on saturday night. we are probably looking at $750 million. it would be the largest jackpot in the history of the game. we probably won't know that for the next hour and a half or two hours. we will see. we still have a chance for $40 million on saturday night. when we first started talking about this it was up 400 million then it was 450 and 500. and now we know it's 524.
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it all depends on sales. we haven't have a big jackpot now for quite some time. it has been a long 2015. people all over the country were just ready. people who don't play the game normally are attracted to it. sales all across this country were really big. and education benefits from this. whether we have a jackpot winner in south carolina or not we always win. education always wins. the last question before we go. e biggest jack someoeo could still have interstate probably $10,000. we will probably have a lot of a lower price was.
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ticket. we know we didn't win. we will check in with you again later to see if there is a nationwide winner. we started a warming trend today. they begin to warm up. it was 48 for hyperion 51 degrees in colombia and orangeburg. they have kept temperatures up just a bit. right now it's 39 degrees in greenwood. it's 42 degrees in sumner. here are the clouds. the temperature has been holding steady for the past few hours. what is happening is the high pressure has moved off the eastern seaboard. there is a lot of moisture here.
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were watching a new system come into the southern plains. it's coming up into texas and oklahoma. that eventually is going to get here as well. here's what our computer model is messed bitching. not much in the way of a chance of rain. it will be mostly cloudy on friday there will be a chance for some showers. a better chance for rain is going to be on saturday morning wisher comes in. will see a chance of showers. we are expecting a low of 30. 34 in colombia. i smile we'll be generally in the mid- 50s. 57 and orangeburg. our seven day forecast a few showers on friday. then we drive out on sunday.
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turning colder next week.
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it will be 3 the last day to take part in the annual grinding of the tomorrow is the last day to take
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we will have the information now from news in 18 sports. we are five days away from college football national tipping chip and richie anderson is there in arizona bring you everything you need to know before monday's game. we will go ahead and send it out to him. here at the university of phoenix stadium at tigers and crimson tide well square off on monday night. the national jupiter. this facility is home to the
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6:00 there are several former clemson tigers who are now on the roster. he was one of the heroes in the 2012 chick-fil-a bowl. they did that a big win. that's up start of four consecutive wins. you could make the case that they are the one that got this little winning streak started. it was a great game and a great memory for me. it was just a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence. it all goes into the clemson team that year. essentially a special memory that i will hold forever. i'm just glad to have a little part in that. the coaches at a great job there. i'm so proud to be a part of it.
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the top kicker. could he follow a similar path. he is a walk-on. he has been nothing but solid for the tigers this year. i am so proud of the kids. i'm proud of break in that field goal unit. he's a great job of watching him all year. i think he is holding. he's done a great job as well. he has been one heck of a job. i'm a huge fan of his. the philco against lsu was the start of full -- four consecutive wins in both games. they will get number five. they will be the national champions of college football.
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coverage be sure to follow the sports team on twitter. another guy reggie caught up with was dj swerved her. he said sharing a locker room has it been so easy for him so far. there is most deadly subtracts -- trash talk. congrats to clemson. that is my come back every time. i am undefeated against clemson.
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the conference play on the road two mark. zero. they remain the only school with both programs undefeated. is it something that the two teams talk about. we are big fans of this. we are proud of what they're doing with the team. they support us in just as well off and on the court. it is exciting. we've got this. our next in line to defend the
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up for a 9:00 prom season is just around the corner and we all know that it can get pretty from season is just around the corner. it can be very expensive for parents we are excited for the lowest -- lawyers division. for teens who can't afford all of the expenses. you can drop up your dress is
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this other job off location whether the other $20 million sadly we know now that we won in south carolina. we don't know that about nationwide.
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that for an hour and a half to two hours. some states are not able to come in as fast. we are looking at the largest powerball jackpot in the history of the game. this is again in it should be fun. this should be played responsibly. we urge that. particularly with jack out this large. we have fun playing. hopefully someone out there wants some money. it will be as cold in the morning.
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