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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 if you're weren't awake to see the big 5 hundred and 24 point 1 million dollar powerball drawing last night... the 3 winning numbers are 47-2-63-62 and 11 with a powerball number of 17. good morning and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morningi'm mary sturgill. your time is 4:30...sadly though... no one in the palmetto state matched all the winning numbers... or in the country! that means the jackpot will roll over... and is now at an estimated $675 million dollars. that is the largest jackpot of any lottery game in the u.s. history. the next drawing will be held this saturday... and of course you can see it right here on wltx just before our 11oclock newscast.
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3 3 3 taking a look at what's happeneng today....lexington
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their magnet fair tonight. the open house-style event at the center for advanced technical studies from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. it will give parents the opportunity to explore magnet and other programs being offered at 8 schools in the district....and talk one on one with school is free to attend. 3 also happening today... the richland one and two school districts will face off against each other... in a charity basketball game tonight. the nothing for net event... will take place at 6pm... at the keenananigh school gym. that's located on pisgah church road. tickets are $5. all proceeds will go to the palmetto health breast center through the palmetto health foundation walk for life/race for life. 3 and today is the last day to take part in the annual grinding of ththgreens.there are several drop off locations--- they are on our website at wltx-dot-com.then mulch will be available for pickup on saturday at seven oaks park... and the state farmers market.while supplies last.
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3 the south carolina chamber of commerce announced our state's infrastructure is their top concern this year. the group outlined their 2016 agenda at the state house's compiled and prioritized by the board based on the concerns of chamber members.this year... the chamber is asking for lawmakers to diversify the revenue stream... and give the state transportation department $600 million dollars a year.chamber of commerce presidentt... ted pitts... says they were disappointed when a bill to fix our roads and bridges stalled in the senate last session... but it needs to be addressed this year. 3 ted pitts: "all the business community asks is let's debate it, let's do something to work out our differences and that process, the legislative process will work its course. we're hopeful that this is something that's going to happen quickly, but if it doesn't i think we're pretty confident that they'll deal with the issue at some point during the session."
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needs to be held accountable to the governor... to ensure public trust.that trust is a work in progress... after many drivers say they've seen our roads go downhill year after year.news19's... . colby gallagher... spoke to some of those drivers 3 jane hemphill: "i think they're horrible and some of the worst in the country." youseef elammouri: "we do have a lot of problems with the roads that need to be fixed." raymond hunter: "i know where the spots are, but if somebody's from out of state it could be dangerous, i mean they you."it's no secret that the road to south carolina's infrastructure has been a nat: popdrivers like jane hemphill octobererlood only further highlighted issues that for years. jane hemphill: "the roads properly to begin with and it unveiled really what's and we've got a bigger problem that what we thought." nat: "thank you"raymond hunter owns devine street. he says a temporary slab has been the front of his shop for months. hunter: "when cars drive over it, you can hear it all the doesn't have a whole lot of effect on my business, but can't be good for people to be driving over and over and over it again work and stuff like that."the increased maintenance potholes and metal slabs is a concern of youssef says if a tax increase is what needs to fund our roads, he'll support it. youssef elammouri: "i'd rather pay a than pay car maintenance."elammouri says the patchwork sufficient, especially on harden street where he lives.youssef elammouri: "they did about five years work on it and having problems, it floods every hunter and the other drivers say they're hopeful pass a plan, one that will permanently fix the many current system. raymond like it fixed, i mean, i'm not saying i don't. but there's they can do with what they're
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3 3 the canalside lofts in columbia... will soon see some new development.developers
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the canalside a meeting with the columbia design and development commission... members got a chance to look at details to the 56 million dollar project. the development manager says the four buildings in the third phase will house 315 residential units and 30 thousand square feet... for retail space. 3 we've been very successful on the first two phases. there's clearly demand for this type of living and housing preferences have changed. being close to downtown and the parkway is a big draw 3 they are expected to break ground on the project in the spring. 3 a family of 11 additional syrian refugees has been approved for resettlement in south carolina.the family includes seven children... their parents and their december... two syrian refugees were resettled here in columbia. according to lutheran services of the carolinas... there is a
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completed by homeland security. that background check does not end after their approval... but continues until they leave for the united states.the refugees also go through health before traveling.3 3 it's not that they are just coming here because of the economic reasons. they are coming to the united states to find the safety and because this is the land of hope and opportunity and freedom and that's'shat they don't have in their country." 3 there is no word on when or where in south carolina... the refugees will resettle. 3 3 researchers in london say cutting the sugar content in sugar-sweetened drinks by 40 percent... could prevent 1 and a half million overweight and obesity cases... over 5 years. the researchers say reducing the sugar in drinks including fruit juices would also prevent 300-thousand cases of type 2 diabetes. 3 women who take oral
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before or during their pregnancy do not increase their risk of bibih defects. that the findings of harvard researchers. they found the number of birth defects was consistent across all pregnant women... regardless of contraceptive use. 3 a new survey shows americans are spending a lot of time on devices like computers and smartphones... and that is causing digital eye strain. marlie hall has more on what that is and what you can do to keep your eyes 3 healthy.
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3 still to come... 3 investigators are looking into a fatal they believe an airman from shaw airforce base was killed
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3 plus... what some lady gamecocks say about the pressure.... for both the men and the women... to keep the winning streak going... as they head into tonights game.
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efran's weather 3 county... deputies are searching for three suspects in an armed robbery. it happened at the belk store... at the village of sandhill in columbia... just before 7 tuesday night. deputies say four suspects stole 700 dollars worth of merchandise from the of suspects pointed a gun at two employees... and threatened to shoot them before leaving. deputies did manage to get a hold of one suspect. if you have information that can help investigators find the crimestoppers at 1-triple-crime-sc. 3 an airman at shaw air force base has died following a motorcycle collision ....he's been identified as 31-year-old staff sergeant... dallas
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accident happened at around 7:15 wednesday morning.... near the main gate of the base... on highway 378.the highway patrol says pauls was turning into a private driveway when he was struck by a car. that car then struck another vehicle from behind. one driver was taken to the hospital the other did not have any injuries. the accident remains under
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3 student is heading to the state's geographic bee contest.... for a chance of winning 50 thousand dollars. irmo middle schooler... ian bates... won the school's bee yesterday. the bee is organized by the national geographic society for students grades 4 through 8. this will also be the society's 30th anniversary of partnering with college geography professors at universities nation-wide.... in an effort to improve geographic education. 3 we just think in south carolina, we say that were going to provide a world class education and we think about that in terms of math, and reading, social studies etc. but if youre going to have a world class education, i htink you should probably know something about that world, to things related to political instablitity, global markets, social sience and how those things vary accross the globe-thats what geographys
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on to compete in the national championships in washington d.c. this spring. 3 the richland county library wants you to sit back...relax...and color.the program is called the 'coloring cafe'... and it's for adults.different branches of the richland county library are participating in the program each week.all of the materials are can chose from a variety of different coloring sheets... pencils and crayons. 3 "life happens and so when we take our time to figure out how to cope with it. it's better. i figure that anything that is positive that can give us a coping mechanism is a good thing, so why not try it? it's better than sitting around and being sad about your situation." 3 the richland county library on assemby street will hold the program next wednesday at 12:30 p-m. 3 are you looking for a way to give back and make a difference in your community.
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become a fairy god mother to a girl in need. for the 15th year... the s-c bar young lawyers division and alpha kappa alpha sorority... will host the cinderella project. the cinderella project provides clean gently worn formal... bridesmaid... and prom dresses... for teens who can't afford all of the expenses of going to prom. they're also accepting shoes... handbags and jewelry. you can drop items off right here at news19 studios... on garners ferry road.last year we collected more than 250 dresses.other drop off locations in columbia and orangeburg are posted on wltx dot com. 3 coming up on news 19 this morning... the clemson football team arent the only ones preparing for the national championship game... we'll show you how the band is preparing to be on the
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